Unique Table Lamps For Under $60

Unique table lamps are a great way to accessorize your home and broadcast your personality to the world. Buying a unique table lamp doesn’t necessarily mean spending hundreds on the latest technology. Sometimes uniqueness can be found in the most basic of things, such as a different color, a different shape, a different style or a different size!  

Unique table lamps can come in any style, finish and shape! There are many one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing table lamps that can be found at a bargain.  The price will depend on many factors like size, materials, and style.  Speaking of which….

Table Lamp Styles

When it comes to style, some of the different styles of lamps are: modern, retro, contemporary, traditional, transitional, mission, Tiffany, colonial, casual, rustic, art deco, tropical, and nautical.

Modern style lamps are what most of us think of when asked to picture a lamp.  The design is simple and functional, with a heavy focus on the latter. Modern style is described as being timeless and iconic, with the form usually staying away from abstract shapes and designs.

Retro style is all about the past! This style is defined as imitative of trends, music, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the past dating back two decades. Retro style lamps can be lava lamps, lamps that resemble old games, fashion, and even theme-specific prints or icons that you can’t find elsewhere.

Contemporary style is ironically defined by it’s ever-changing definition.  This style is entirely dependent on the current time period.  Trendier consumers will love this inherent fluidity, as well as the emphasis on line and form that often accompanies contemporary lamps. Despite being trendy and up-to-date, contemporary lamps still have a minimalistic design that can warm a room.

Traditional style lamps are for those who often miss “the way things used to be”.  While some may see this style as outdated, others will revel in its classic, warm design. Distinctive characteristics of traditional lamps are symmetry, a soft edge, a conservative color, and a wood finish.

Transitional style is for those who want the best of both worlds.  The warm, homey atmosphere created by Traditional lamps meets the more modern design of Contemporary lamps. Common characteristics of transitional lamps include simple silhouettes, neutral colors, and minimal accents.

Mission style refers to Mission Revival Style Architecture pioneered by Spanish architects in Southwestern United States and Mexico. Mission style lamps use a combination of wood, glass, and metal. Key characteristics of this style are simplicity, elegance, sturdy structure (Mission lamps are some of the most durable) and natural materials.

Tiffany style refers to a very specific style lamp created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. This style of lamp reflects early 1900s france and is characterized by its beautiful (and fragile) glass lamps shades.

Colonial style lamps are a branch of the traditional style tree. Like the traditional style, it is characterized by its symmetrical elements.  However, Colonial lamps tend to have a heavier emphasis on simplicity and elegance.

Casual style lamps are for those who are really looking to have some fun with their unique table lamp.  Casual style lamps use exclusively natural and bright colors. Custom prints are also used heavily in this style.

Rustic style lamps are for those who love the great outdoors and nature.  Earthy tones dominate this style, and most are made out of natural wood.  This style uses organic shapes, nature, warmth and organic materials. The materials used in this style are usually weathered, earth-colored, connected to the outdoors, and repurposed.

Art deco style lamps simply cannot be ignored.  “Art Deco” refers to the characteristic style of the 1920s. Glamour is a big signature of this style, however, these lamps are also very elegant and progressive. Most lamps are layered and utilize shiny materials such as chrome or brass and geometric.

Tropical style lamps are, well, tropical! Palm trees, vibrant blues and greens and a comforting, laid-back feel accompany any lamps made in this style.  Tropical lamps are very airy and light and enlist things from the ocean such as seashells, sand, etc to provide the finishing touch.

Finally, Nautical style refers to things characteristic of ships and sea life. Nautical style lamps use designs such as buoys, anchors or a ship’s wheel to dress it up and provide theme. The color schemes are traditionally navy blue and white with some red and yellow worked in.

When buying a unique table lamp, you need to consider what will best reflect your personality, style and taste. Sometimes the seemingly simplest lamps will make the biggest statement! Finding the perfect unique table lamp is simply a matter of matching your personal needs with the aesthetics of your home.

Pre-Buy Checklist

There are many things to consider when buying your first unique lamp.  Use this checklist to ensure you consider all factors before making your decision.

Questions to ponder:

  • What style is the lamp?
  • What is the finish?
  • How much does it weigh?
  • Are there other color options?
  • What is the source of power? (batteries, cord, etc.)
  • What is the wattage and voltage?
  • What is the switch style? (toggle, power cord, etc.)
  • How many come in one package?

Using the information in this article, as well as the checklist above, will drastically improve the chances of you being happy with your new lamp.  Happy Hunting!

What Is A Range Kitchen Appliance?



The Question Of The Day

What is a range kitchen appliance?  Countless consumers in the market for new kitchen appliances can be easily confused by this, especially with all the options on the market.  Traditional kitchens will have both an oven and stove, however a kitchen range combines both!  It performs both functions in one convenient appliance, with the upper part of the range acting as a stove, and the lower part acting as the oven!  Most kitchen ranges are made of stainless steel and are accordingly durable.

Best Range Comparison Chart

List Price$1,239$1,799$3,199

NAMEGE PGS950SEFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Double Oven Range - Convection
LG LDE4415ST 30" Freestanding Double Oven Electric Range with 5 Cooking Elements in Stainless Steel
Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36" Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 5 Sealed Burners, 2 European Convection Ovens, Multi Function Programmable Ovens and Storage Drawer: Stainless Steel
BRANDGE (General Electric)LGVERONA
H x W x D
47 1/4 in x 30 in x 29 1/2 inches47 9/32 x 30 x 28 15/16 inches35 3/8 - 36 1/4 x 35 7/8 x 24 inches
COLORStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
FUEL TYPEGasElectricGas
RANGE TYPEFreestanding RangeFreestanding RangeFreestanding Range
OVEN TYPETraditional Upper
Convection Lower, Double Oven
Conventional Upper,
Convection Lower,
Double Oven
European Convection,
Double Oven
Upper Oven Capacity2.5 cu.ft.3 cu.ft.2.4 cu.ft.
Lower Oven Capacity4.3 cu.ft.4.3 cu.ft.1.5 cu.ft.
Oven Modes2Upper – 6
Lower - 12
Cooktop Capacity
Left Front
Right Front
Left Rear
Right Rear
11,000 BTU
19,000 BTU
9,500 BTU
5,000 BTU
10,000 BTU
1,400-3,200 watts
1,100-3,000 watts
1,200 watts
1,200 watts
100 watts
12,000 BTU
12,000 BTU
6,000 BTU
6,000 BTU
Up to 16,000 BTU
WarrantyLimited 1-yr
Parts and Labor
1 year
Parts and Labor

The essential question to ask when considering purchasing a kitchen range:  what is a range kitchen appliance for you? If you spend most of your time baking or cooking in the oven, there are brands which sell kitchen ranges with double ovens.  Spend most of your time cooking on the stovetop?  Try a range with EZ Clean.  Deciding what kitchen range is best for you is all about personal preference.  Identifying your cooking habits is the first step towards getting the perfect kitchen range for you.


According to Amazon, the GE PGS950SSEFSS is the #1 Ranked full kitchen range (not including range hoods sold seperately or other add-ons). Speaking of range hoods, what is a range kitchen appliance without a hood?  Make sure to purchase one separately if one isn’t included in your order.

This range was the most positively reviewed, as well as the most purchased!

What sets the GE PGS950SSEFSS apart from the competition?

  • It’s 2-oven capabilities are a dream for people who want to cook multile things at once. A larger oven takes up the bottom part of the appliance, while a smaller oven is placed above it that is perfect for cookies, small cakes, or even your own pizza!  
  • The oven is self-cleaning (if you want)! What does that mean? There is no need for manual cleaning when it comes to leftovers from cooking or baking. Any residual food is instantly burned by the high temperature of the oven and turned to ash. However, for those on a budget, this range will definitely increase your electric bill.
  • Ovular burner at the center which can also be converted into a grilling station. The griddle is made of cast iron, and is perfect for those who like barbeque without going outside.


The  LG LDE4415ST is a brand new freestanding range by LG released in October 2015.  This electric range has become an instant favorite of consumers, becoming wildly popular due to their low price (Lowest selling price as of today is $1,239 only!) and new innovative features. This range also includes a double oven, however special infared heat technology helps cook your food faster. The LG LDE4415ST is a range kitchen appliance that strives constantly for innovation.  Examples of this passion include:

  • The LG ProBake Convection™ is LG’s trademarked and patented heat dispersal system. Baking is now made easy without having to worry constantly about burning cookies or pizza. This oven has its heating system in the back, as opposed to the bottom like most traditional ovens. It is the first oven to offer such a feature, allowing your food to be cooked more evenly.
  • What good is a range kitchen appliance without a grill? The  LG LDE4415ST has LG  InfraGrill™ which decreases cooking time by 20%. The technology makes cooking faster as compared to other leading kitchen ranges without losing any of the tenderness.
  • A self-cleaning system that burns off excess food as well an option for manual clean, the LG EasyClean®. If you want your oven looking brand new at all times,  the EasyClean® system will be perfect for you. Simply spray water, click the EasyClean® button, and then ten minutes later all the excess food can be wiped off effortlessly. What is a range kitchen appliance good for if it’s too dirty to use?  You’ll never worry about that again.


Lastly, we come to the Verona VEFSGE365NDSS. This kitchen range is also a double oven appliance, however, the two ovens are side by side as opposed to top and bottom.  Those who cook all the time, including professionals, will love what Verona has to offer.  This range is the most expensive, but for good reason.

  • This kitchen range has four oven racks which allows for simultaneous cooking for recipes. The bigger oven has a 2.4 cubic foot capacity while the smaller one has a 1.5 cubic foot capacity.
  • Custom back guards! Normally, the Verona VEFSGE365NDSS model has a back guard that extends the depth at 1 5/8 inches. If you require more, you can contact their Verona kitchen range team for a custom depth.
  • The surface of the oven is made of porcelain (a great feature for anyone looking to impress!) and is extremely easy to keep clean with it’s own EZ Clean system.


What is a range kitchen appliance?  Well, depending on the brand, it could be many things.  Identifying your cooking habits and future needs will help you pick a brand (and a range!) that’s right for you.

Top Rated Appliance Packages

Have you been looking into all the top rated appliance packages but feel lost with the wide array of selections?  An easy way around this is to figure out which brand best represents your individual interests, and then look into the bundles offered by your brand.

Properly researching and vetting each individual kitchen appliance can take hours, even days depending on the level of research.  Buying your appliances in package form not only saves you time, but potentially quite a bit of money.

Kitchen appliance brands often offer packages at a discounted price. The brand gets to sell more product and move more of their inventory while the customer reaps the benefits of getting quality products at a lower cost.

Keep in mind, as with all things in life, you typically get what you pay for.  The top rated kitchen packages are rated thusly for a reason, they offer quality products that –when treated well– could last the customer years.  Additionally, the more you spend, the higher the rebate offered usually is.

Bundles vs. Individual Selection

When buying your appliances, especially on a budget, you may be tempted to simply research the cheapest individual products regardless of brand.  While you may be able to save money short-term using this strategy, you are paying far more in the long term.  First, brands set up their bundles purposely so that all your appliances are aesthetically pleasing.  Having all of your kitchen appliances share the same top rated brand is a good way to broadcast how much effort you’ve put into your home.  Secondly, despite the variation in appliances, most brands’ appliances work in generally the same way.  The more informed you are about your appliances, the more confident you are if something does go wrong.  Lastly, while the short term price may be lower, you also will have to replace those appliances sooner.  Wouldn’t you rather buy a bundle of appliances for $1000 at once than spend 700 dollars per year regularly replacing your appliances?

Now that we’ve outlined the advantages of shopping in bundles, let’s take a look at some of the best bundles currently available on the market. We’ve already written about the best rated kitchen appliance brands (for those who aren’t sure what brand is for them!), but many other viable options exist as well. One brand, Samsung, known for being a prominent player in the electronics and technology market, also makes quality kitchen appliances!

Keep in mind when looking over some of these top rated appliance packages, all quotes and figures are accurate through Dec. 2015. Most brands have sales, discounts, and rebates throughout the year.

Frigidaire Basic Stainless Steel Package

Frigidaire’s Basic package provides consumers with quality products that last at an affordable price.  Those who can afford higher end items might be better served with a different package, but reliability at an affordable price works for most consumers.  If that works for you, then so might this package.

This stainless steel package includes an 18 cu. ft. refrigerator, electric or range, stainless steel dishwasher and an over-the-range microwave.

The package has a coordinated, uniform look for consumers determined to have the most aesthetically pleasing kitchens!

The appliances offered in this package:

-18 cubic foot refrigerator

-Choice of electric or gas cooking range


-Over-the-rage microwave oven

Price for the package with electric range: $1,699

Price for the package with gas range: $1,849

Total rebates offered with this package: $100

Frigidaire Advanced Stainless Steel Package

This package is identical to the basic package offered by Frigidaire, save the increase in refrigeration space.  The 18 cubic foot refrigerator offered in the basic package is improved to 21 cubic feet.

The appliances offered in this package:

-21 cubic foot refrigerator

-Choice of electric or gas cooking range


-Over-the-range microwave oven

Price for the package with electric range: $1,869

Price for the package with gas range: $1,869

Total rebates offered with this package: $120

Maytag Basic Stainless Steel Package

Maytag is all about reliability.  With the only 10 year warranty on the market, buying Maytag means not having to pay to replace your appliances every few years.  The prices can be on the higher end of the spectrum, but with your appliances you’re also getting peace of mind.  The strongest performer for Maytag is their line of dishwashers, known for being extremely efficient and reliable.

The appliances offered in this package:

-19 cubic foot top mount refrigerator

-Convection cooking range

-Dishwasher (stainless steel interior)

-Over-the-range microwave oven (2.1 cubic feet)

Price for the package with electric range: $2,399

Price for the package with gas range: $2,499

Total rebates offered with this package: $400

Samsung Basic Stainless Steel Package

Samsung is indisputably one of the trend-leaders on the market. Their devices are attractive for many tech-savvy customers looking for more control over their kitchen. If you enjoy using technology and the thought of making ice from your smart phone sounds like fun to you, Samsung might be your brand.

The appliances offered in this package:

-26 cubic feet French door refrigerator

-Convection range


-Over-the-range microwave oven

Price for the package with electric range: $2,899

Price for the package with gas range: $2,999

Total rebates offered with this package: $345

Maytag Advanced Stainless Steel Package

A step up from the basic Maytag package, a larger refrigerator with a bottom mount allows easier access to your appliance. It also comes with an upgraded dishwasher which runs more quietly as well as more efficiently, and a convection range equipped with a warming drawer. A warming drawer is a handy feature allowing busy customers to keep their cooked food warm up to 3 hours.

The appliances offered in this package:

– 22 cubic feet bottom mount refrigerator

-Convection range


-Over-the-range microwave oven

Price for the package with electric range: $3,399

Price for the package with gas range: $3,499

Total rebates offered with this package: $299

Electrolux Stainless Steel Package

Another great choice is Electrolux. They currently offer an advanced package deal with corresponding top rated appliances. One of the few brands to offer a convection microwave, it can cook in a similar fashion to a convection range.  They also have one of the more stellar deals on the market currently: Buy 2 Appliances Get 1 Free!

The appliances offered in this package:

-26 cubic foot side-by-side refrigerator

-Convection Range


-Convection Microwave Oven

Price for the package with electric range: $4,099

Price for the package with gas range: $4,199

Total rebates offered with this package: $1,189

If you still feel lost after reading all of this, don’t worry.  Buying top rated appliance packages isn’t an exact science because it all comes down to personal preference.  The first step is to determine exactly what you want out of your appliances, and then match your wants with a top rated brand who can accommodate.  

Happy Hunting!

When Are The Best Appliance Sales?

When should I buy my new appliance?

Time to upgrade.  Just like you might choose to buy your snowboarding gear in the middle of the spring to save money, choosing to buy or replace your kitchen appliances at the right time could save you thousands. So, when are the best appliance sales?

The best time to buy your new appliances revolves entirely around market demand and product updates by the biggest brands. As every new innovation causes more and more products to be considered “outdated”, prices on relatively new products can drop quickly.  Those who are comfortable not having the newest technologies can save any time of year by simply looking at former models.  However,  what if you want to buy the newest products and still save money on a good kitchen appliances sale?

While this is a little trickier, it is not impossible.  There’s no routine “off-season” for kitchen appliances, due to the manufacturer-oriented yearly promotional sales as well as their rebate schedules and various discounts.  Basically, kitchen appliances aren’t seasonal, so consumers don’t drive enough of the market on a regular schedule to have a corresponding schedule for deals, discounts, or rebates.

Kitchen appliances are typically a need-driven purchase, as they are well outside of most people’s’ budget for a typical gift.  Any time a product is mostly need-given, manufacturers instantly have the power to raise prices.  Again, this makes seasonal rebates virtually non-existent.

The way around this is to take the power out of the hands of the manufacturer.  Start shopping for your new appliances before they stop working.  Doing this allows you to pounce on the sporadic, unpredictable deals and rebates that do exist, and trust us, they do.

Although the deals are sporadic and never a sure thing, there are some noticeable trends, or a range of time, in which they tend to crop up.  For example:


As stores change their inventory while transitioning from the older models of the previous year to the newly presented ones, the remaining appliance’s price must be discounted competitively to still move these older products..

Although the pricing deals might seem incredible at times,it is typically a result of a very limited selection of products that the store is specifically trying to move out of their inventory.  This may not be the best option for those who like a plethora of options.


It is most common for kitchen appliance brands to unveil their newest products in January, the lone exception being refrigerators. Due to lower heating control system durability, most major appliance manufacturers come out with their newest products in summer. This results in last year’s models getting discounted and added to different sales and bundles during spring.

September (continues through early October)

September and early October are also cheaper options for those looking to replace their appliances. During these two months, kitchen appliance brands unveil their autumn line of products, inevitably outdating others that get discounted.  

Holiday Weekends

Retailers sometimes have strategical sales corresponding to holidays. Whether it’s Memorial Day, Labor Day or Columbus Day, retailers are always offering discounts in the spirit of the holiday.  Some of these are deceiving and feature prices barely discounted from the normal ones, however there are exceptions.  A big one is  “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving), when deals on a wide variety of products can be had.  Note:  These sales are almost always for a predetermined quantity and sometimes require serious commitment to obtain.

Emergency Options

Now, an unlucky few may be asking: what options do you have when you need your appliance now?

Unfortunately, your options are most likely limited unless your appliance needs to be replaced at precisely the right time.  However, you should absolutely try and get your new appliance during the…


Appliance stores are one of the many selling facilities getting swarmed by shopping-hungry people on the weekends. Not only it is uncomfortable, but retailers price higher on weekends when the most consumers will be in the store with pressing needs.

In order for you to get the best customer service, individual salesperson attention and possibly also a better deal – especially when purchasing kitchen appliance bundles – make time for your appliance shopping during the week. Even if you have to adjust your schedule by taking half a day off the work or simply by going shopping in the evening, prices are going to be more competitive if you avoid the weekend rush.

Wrap Up

Many people will use their kitchen appliances – whether it’s the big ones such as refrigerator or ranges, or the small ones such as microwave ovens – to the very end of their functionality. While this schema ensures the maximum possible usage of the product, it does very little in the way of planning and cost-effectiveness.

We recommend always to check the estimated lifespan of your product, as most appliance brands tend to give you the idea of how long you might be using your brand new appliance. It is important to keep track of the information of this kind, as your appliance may start miss-performing when getting closer to it’s maximum estimated lifespan. This can also drastically raise your water and electric bills, another reason to shop before you’re forced to.

Speaking of raised bills, new appliances are much more energy efficient, especially dishwashers.  Look for the best energy efficiency stats to save money now and in the future!

Best Rated Kitchen Appliance Brand

Different kitchen appliances can be found in each and every kitchen around the world today, but many faced with purchasing new appliances in today’s competitive market must ask themselves: What is the best rated kitchen appliance brand?  Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, cooking ranges and dishwashers can be found in most households, and for many, are considered a basic necessity for living.

In the last decade the market for kitchen appliances has escalated exponentially, and competition has made the market all the more confusing for consumers.  This competitive, dog-eat-dog atmosphere has caused all players—big and small—to invest heavily into innovation in an effort to not only entice new customers, but keep old customers interested.  This is undoubtedly great news for consumers as it means higher quality kitchen appliances at lower prices.

Best Rated Kitchen Appliance Brand Available

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest sharks in the kitchen appliance tank. Different appliance brands such as Maytag, LG, GE, Electrolux, Viking and others are currently putting out their highest quality products in years in an attempt to claim the biggest share of the market. All the brands mentioned have something to give, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each brand is important when considering the best rated appliance brands!

We are going to take each brand separately and delve into those strengths and weaknesses to help you make the most informed decision possible.


One of the fastest upcoming kitchen appliances brand today is indisputably Maytag.

Maytag offers its clients four different types of refrigerators, French door, side by side and both top and bottom freezer. They also have four different kinds of cooking ranges, those include wall ovens, cook tops, freestanding rages and of course microwave ovens. The dishwashers of Maytag range from portable dishwashers all the way up to stainless steel.

Offering such a wide variety of kitchen appliances has allowed Maytag to win a significant portion of the market, as the kitchen appliance consumer market values customization and personalization above all else.  Another great feature offered by Maytag is an interactive demo on their website that allows you to preview their appliances before you buy!


LG is another large player in the kitchen appliance market.  LG is a prominent appliance brand known for its higher end specialty products as well as its focus on innovation.  For example, one cook top not featured by Maytag is the radiant cook top, which can be controlled by touching the glass surface alone.  This prioritization of innovation reflects a large priority shift in the company, now focused on being the groundbreakers of the industry.

As the size of businesses and families have increased, so too have refrigerators made by LG. Double ovens have also started becoming more and more popular in industrial cooking, as they allow the preparation of entrees and desserts simultaneously.  These double ovens by LG are one of their featured products.

The ‘Golden Goose’ of LG, however, is the cooking sensor implemented in their microwave ovens. This sensor ensures the food you are about to consume is neither undercooked nor overcooked.  However, with great quality comes great price and LG’s higher end kitchen appliances, while rated highly, have their prices matched accordingly.


If variety is the end all be all for your personal appliance needs, GE is your go-to.  GE has the most options, period.  Most of their options are at prices affordable by the average consumer, which has allowed GE to stay competitive in the market.  They offer cash back, multiple rebate opportunities, and even offer significant discounts for those looking to buy multiple appliances at once!

GE also has personalization down to an art, one of the strongest reasons they’ve managed to maintain their spot as one of the top rated kitchen appliance brands.  GE is the only brand offering its customers custom appliances such as refrigerators for premium wine collections.


One of the more prominent European kitchen appliance brands is Electrolux. Electrolux products are made with the use of extremely high end technology and are marketed exclusively for the well-to-do, while being priced slightly higher than competitors.  This allows them to stay true to their marketing but still stay competitive in the market.


The main advantage of Viking kitchen appliances is the pricing. Those on a budget who are looking for quality products that will do the job and last should check out Viking.  The pricing is reflected in their differently assembled products, such as their cooking ranges that use knobs as opposed to the sensor technology in the higher-tech cooking ranges offered by competitors.

What Kitchen Appliance Brand is Right for You?

In the end, the brands listed here are just some of a large pool of companies all competing for your money.  It’s understandably difficult to differentiate between these companies, but understanding that the industry is built around satisfying the customer’s personal needs.  Identifying what those needs are is the first step in choosing which of these brands is right for you.

While any number of companies may be able to satisfy your kitchen appliance needs, this comprehensive list of the best rated kitchen appliance brands will allow you to differentiate between which brands make sense for you, and which don’t.  With the ever growing innovation in the industry, as well as some truly inspired deals, the market doesn’t forecast to be any less competitive any time soon!