A Guide To Kohler Kitchen Faucet Parts

A Guide To Kohler Kitchen Faucet Parts

Kohler has come a long way since they first began producing plumbing parts, taps and toilets and let’s be honest – they really are the best. Kohler is a worldwide notable brand that people simply love and we can’t get enough of them. Ever since 1883 they have been the leading brand around the world. They first designed a cast iron enameled bathtub which could also be used as a hog trough. If it wasn’t this that made them famous then it was certainly the one piece bath with an integrated apron which they designed in 1911. Followed on from that their plumbing products were the first sought after and they were the brains behind the first one piece lavatory so we can’t expect nothing else but the best from them.

In 2008 when technology became mixed with bathroom products they designed the first multi-sensory bath which included vibrations and lights with four relaxing music programs. They were the people that brought calm to our washing experiences and they are the brand that made it joyful rather than just a task. Following on from this great invention in 2011 Kohler introduced what is known as the ‘numi’ toilet which has an interactive LED touch screen. A heated seat, a music system and even a foot warmer. Although far off from their pig trough invention it comes with a range of features which we believe are purely ingenious.

People choose Kohler because they offer such a wide variety of styles and designs. Whether you are going for modern or traditional they have you covered and they have a wide array of bathroom tubs, sinks and toilets to choose from in exotic colors like tea green and dune. Kohler uses only high quality materials in the production of their products and their designers are some of the best in the world who bring practicality and form together in one go. The company have been awarded many great awards for design, style, durability and even customer service. Kohler products will perform well and last a lifetime giving you confidence in the product you buy.

The Best Kohler Kitchen Faucets are Here!

ItemKOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Single-hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant StainlessKohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless SteelKOHLER K-10433-VS Forte Single Control Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet with Color-Matched Sprayhead and Lever Handle, Vibrant StainlessKohler K-780-VS Cruette Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless SteelKohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet with 17-5/8-Inch Pull-Down Spout, 3-Function Sprayhead, and Turned Lever Handle, Vibrant Stainless
FeaturesTransitional styling provides sleek, fluid lines that coordinate with wide range of kitchen styles and designs and simplifies maintenance and cleaningHigh-arch gooseneck spout and 360-degree spout rotation offer superior clearance for filling pots and cleaningFeatures MasterClean sprayface that resists mineral buildup and is easy to cleanCompact three function sprayhead with spray, aerated flow and pause functionUnique three-function pull-down sprayhead with Sweep spray, BerrySoft spray, and aerated stream
Other DetailsHigh-arch spout design with 360 degree rotation offers superior clearance for a variety of sink activitiesThree-function pull-down sprayhead with touch control allows you to switch from stream to Sweep spray to pauseHigh-temperature limit stop allows you to preset a comfortable maximum temperature to eliminate scaldingHigh-arch spout design (16-3/4") creates more room for pots/pansSweep spray creates a wide, forceful blade of water for superior cleaning
Price230.99 USD182.82 USD195.98 USD196.60 USD488.99 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping

Kohler Kitchen Faucets

Some of Kohler’s kitchen sinks and faucets were awarded the ‘Best Buy’ seal of Product Excellence from Consumers Digest in March of 2010. These include the STERLING line of stainless steel kitchen sinks, the Delafield and Langlade self-rimming cast iron sinks, and the Kohler Indio line of cast iron enameled sinks.

The simplice kitchen faucet collection was also among the best faucets to buy for your kitchen and they are great value for money. Hands down Kohler should be your choice for your kitchen. Have a look at some of the kitchen parts which we think are made with excellence and are worth their weight in gold.

Kohler K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless Steel

We love this traditional yet sleek kitchen faucet because it is rounded and shiny and goes great with any interior design. It has a high arch gooseneck spout and a 360 degree rotation option. It offers the right clearance to get into the places of pots and pans without struggling. The three function pull-down sprayhead is one to compete with because it has a simple touch control which allows you to easily switch from stream to spray and then to pause with ease. It also features DockNetik, which is a magnetic docking system located within the spout which smoothly glides and securely locks the sprayhead into place and the ProMotion technology used means the pull down sprayhead is quiet and easy to use. You get a lifetime warranty on this tap and for the price we really, really love it and recommend it to all our readers.

KOHLER K-647-VS Simplice Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

From the simplice collection we love this two part kitchen faucet which beats all our expectations of what a kitchen tap should have. We love the sleek, slim design in brushed stainless steel which is modern and more than anything, easy to clean. The steel is nearly impossible to scratch and if you don’t like that look then you can get it in polished chrome and matte black.

This faucet is meant to simplify the way you maintain and clean the tap and to simplify the way you use it – this is just what this faucet does. Its sleek lines offer nothing but simplicity in the kitchen and it will go with rustic, elegant, traditional, classic and even modern and futuristic styles. This faucet is again made with a 360 rotating high arch head and a compact three function spray head to get those dirty jobs done. It also features Masterclean spray face that resists mineral buildup and is easy to clean and a remote valve configuration which provides simplicity of operation. Kohler offers a promise for easy installation of this faucet and a lifetime warranty which we give a thumbs up about and you can’t ignore the five star reviews every time. This is yet another perfect product from a perfect brand.

KOHLER K-7508-VS Purist Primary Swing Spout with Spray, Vibrant Stainless

This faucet is a little different in design compared to the other kitchen faucets which is why we chose it to be on our list of top kitchen faucets (and of course the fact that Kohler is a good kitchen brand). This contemporary style faucet comes in four unique colors – matte black, polished chrome, vibrant polished nickel and vibrant stainless steel so you can choose exactly what style will fit your kitchen and kitchen appliances because we all love things to match!

This faucet again is super easy to clean and has the famous 360 degree rotation spout plus a 9-5/8-Inch clearance below spout for maximum versatility for use with larger pots and pans. We really don’t know how they come up with all this neat stuff. The actual finish resists corrosion and tarnishing and actually exceeds durability standards so you can be guaranteed not only ease of use with this faucet but ease of mind. Solid and sturdy will do the trick in the kitchen and this is what Kohler gives up with this modern looking faucet!

Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Single-Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet with 17-5/8-Inch Pull-Down Spout, 3-Function Sprayhead, and Turned Lever Handle, Vibrant Stainless

Kohler bring us back to victorian times with this awesome faucet which we love for farm kitchens and country homes around the world. This faucet comes again in four colors – oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, vibrant polished nickel and vibrant stainless steel again giving you a choice of style to meet your specific and personal desires. It has a unique three-function pull-down sprayhead with Sweep spray, BerrySoft spray and aerated stream. The sweep spray offers a clean line of forcefully pressured water which helps get even the dirtiest pans clean, the Berry Soft function is there to help you gently rinse off fruit and vegetables and it encloses all of the great technology as the others like the ProMotion and DockNetik technology. Innovating designs at its best – this faucet is worth the investment. This is simply a charming design with charming features which helps your tasks in the kitchen become stress free and easier to overcome. Yet again with a lifetime warranty, customers have yet to complain about this faucet.

A Guide To Kohler Kitchen Faucet Parts
A Guide To Kohler Kitchen Faucet Parts

Kohler All The Way

We say go Kohler all the way for your kitchen and bathroom. Not only do they do great kitchen faucets but they have awesome shower heads too and we love this unique toilet which they have designed. Elegantly classical with a bouquet design on the back which will really finish off any bathroom look and you can even get the matching sink in a circular shape or a rectangular shape too. From bidets to bathtubs and shower curtain rails to shower drainage systems you will be reborn with their amazing products and design. Trust Kohler for all your plumbing needs and you will be covered by a perfect design and a reliable product which will literally last you a lifetime, if not more!

The Best Vacuum Sealers For Food

The Best Vacuum Sealers For Food

Vacuum food sealing is a contemporary way to create a food store or pantry. Everyone knows that food simply cannot stay fresh forever but with the right tools we can prolong this process and today modern technology has allowed us to keep our food fresher than ever. Currently available there are two different types of vacuum sealers, the countertop models and the handheld ones. Countertop sealers are made to be more durable and they offer stronger suction. The countertop models are more expensive than the handheld ones and they also take up more space so whichever model you choose depends on budget, space available and personal specifications.

Vacuum sealing is based on the technique which is called reduced oxygen packaging. This is proven to greatly reduce the deterioration of food by reducing the oxygen and by creating an environment around the food which limits the growth of fungi and bacteria. This storage method extends the life of the food and is similar to what we call the canning method. In general vacuum sealing is used in a combination of other preserving methods, for example freezing. Saying this, it is not a substitute for refrigerating or freezing foods.

Check out the best vacuum sealers here:

ItemFoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Built-in Retractable Handheld Sealer, Starter Kit, Heat-Seal and Zipper BagsFoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter KitFoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Built-in Retractable Handheld Sealer & Starter Kit, Black FinishSeal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer with compact design, hands-free, seal indicator lights, FSSMSL0160-000Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer, Black/Silver
ColorBlack and GreyBlackBlack and GreyWhite and GreyBlack and Grey
FeaturesBuilt-in retractable handheld sealer seals zipper bags, canisters, containers and marinates food in minutesCrushFree Instant Seal helps protect delicate foods during sealing processAutomatic bag detection and vacuum sealing means two quick and easy steps to seal and savePress/Hold Release SystemOne touch operation and turns off automatically
Other DetailsStarter Kit includes: (1) 11"x10' Roll, (3) Qt Heat-Seal Bags, (2) Gal Heat-Seal Bags, (3) Qt Zipper Bags, (2) Gal Zipper BagsStarter kit includes; 11"x10" Heat Seal Roll, Quart Heat Seal Bags (3), Gallon Heat Seal Bags (2), Accessory HoseWhen sealing zipper bags, containers and canisters, the convenient handheld retractable sealer eliminates the need for additional attachmentsFits 8-inch, 11-inch, quart and gallon heat-seal bags and rollsSwitch to extend seal time for tighter sealing
Price159.95 USD78 USD137.50 USD31.44 USD56.99 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping

Why is Vacuum Sealing so Popular?

There are many pro’s to vacuum sealing produce and one of those top reasons being that it is so economical. Sealed foods will last three to five times longer compared to traditional storage methods. Foods maintain their texture longer this way and will keep a fresher appearance than if not vacuum sealed. By using this method at home food can be purchased in bulk which works out cheaper and then stored correctly using the vacuum method. You can double up on certainty and use vacuuming in conjunction with other methods. For example you can vacuum seal dry goods and then for extra effect seal those vacuum packed goods heavy duty Mylar bags. Vacuum sealing isn’t only used for foods but can be used for medication, matches or even oxygen absorbers. Vacuum sealing also saves on space and makes the item more compact. You can literally put anything in your vacuum sealer from fruits and vegetables to meats and cheeses. A great way is to make soups and stews in bulk and then seal them and pop in the freezer. Did you know you can also marinate meats within a matter of minutes rather than hours? If you seal meat with a sauce which you want to be marinated the air is pulled directly out meaning the marinade gets pulled directly into the meat.

Top Vacuum Sealers for 2016

Our team have compiled a list of the top vacuum sealers on the market this year. We have taken into consideration style, size, value for money and quality when picking these sealers for you so that when you make your purchase, you know you are making the right purchase.

Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer, Black

This vacuum sealer from cuisinart is powerful and compact that is fully capable of preserving fresh, raw and cooked food to help you save time and energy. This is a stylish and very professional looking appliance with stainless steel accents and a unique design which will give your kitchen a modern look.

This device has been designed with only three buttons which make operation easy and quick. You can choose from option one, seal only. Option two, vacuum/seal and option three, canister only. Each option can be cancelled only by the press of a button so you can get perfect and exact results every time you use it. All you need to do is simply prepare and bag your food, place the bag under the easy locking lid system and choose the option which you want. The wide sealer strip prevents freezer burn and extends the life of your food.

We also love the drip tray it comes with which will catch any dropped food or liquids so you can keep your workspace clean. You also get plenty of accessories with this sealer such as accessory port which allows you to seal larger canisters, two 11-inch by 10-inch rolls, two 8-inch by 10-inch rolls and a bag cutter. If you want a vacuum sealer which is of high quality, durable, easy to clean, easy to use and has a range of options to seal food with then this is the option for you.

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

For an even easier to use vacuum sealer we love the foodsaver range. This model in particular caught our attention, one because of price, two because of size and style and three because it comes with a starter kit for the novice sealers! This model is popular because it efficiently preserves fresh food both quickly and quietly. The bags are provided in the starter kit so you can get right into it right away. They have a set of easy instructions to help you get on the way as well if you aren’t sure of what you are doing.

All you need to do is put the bag in sealing area, lock the lid and choose from the two convenient options which is seal only or vacuum and seal. It is designed with an extra wide sealing seat which uses heat to get a secure seal every time. The starter kit comes with an 11″x10″ Heat Seal Roll, three Quart Heat Seal Bags, two Gallon Heat Seal Bags and an accessory Hose. We also love the five year warranty it comes with when you purchase this sealer.

Again it comes with a drip tray which is dishwasher safe, the unit itself is easy to clean and is both compact and stylish which is something we are always looking for in new appliances. If you want something inexpensive but practical then this sealer from foodsaver is the one to get.

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer, Black/Silver

At even better value we love the Nesco VS-02 sealer. It comes in black and silver and also white so you can get it to match your other kitchen appliances. It is totally automatic so with one touch of a button you can vacuum seal your food and it is a big enough device to seal larger quantities of food at once. For simple operation all you need to do is open the lid, place the open end of the bag in the chamber, close the lid and then press on both sides until you hear the click. We also love that it comes with a piston pump and a seal-only switch, which prevents the crushing of delicate foods. You can get an even tighter seal if you wish with the extended seal mode and with these variety of options you can create a perfect custom seal every time.

The Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer is larger in size compared to others and this also means that it will take up more countertop space or storage space. Saying this, the roll holder and cutter offer an added convenience, and this sealer is more automated than any others around which will give you an easy seal. As an added feature, it has a high quality polished, professional look when sitting on your kitchen counter which we love. This is a perfected selection for an easy-to-handle and easy to control vacuum sealer to add to your kitchen gadgets.

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit
List Price: $97.23
Price: $96.51
You Save: $0.72
Price Disclaimer

Try Vacuum Sealing Today

For convenience, to save money and to save space we recommend vacuum sealing everything from clothes to food. It is great that technology has designed a way for us to preserve food in a unique and different way which helps in many aspects of our busy lifestyles today. We recommend these three options which are durable and perfect for beginners and professionals and of course, for everyday use. If you haven’t tried a vacuum sealer yet then today is the day to try and we guarantee you won’t look back after starting!

All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Stove Tops

All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Stove Tops

Electric stove tops
A Ceramic Cooktop

There is a huge difference between cooking on a gas cook top and an electric stove top. Many people choose to have electric stove tops because they are safer and cleaner to use and many homes don’t have the option to install a gas line in. Throughout our research we have come up with many great brands that have designed unique stove tops from the most traditional to the most modern, there is no best rated kitchen appliance brand because it all depends on what you are looking for and what your specifications are. Everyone also knows that after a few cooking sessions your cooktop won’t look as brand new and shiny as it did. We have based our reviews on maintaining looks and their overall performance. If you are looking for some inspiration then read on to find out all you need to know about the best electric stove tops.

Choosing The Right Cooktop For You

When changing your kitchen choosing the right cooktop is a vital point in making your kitchen work for you. There are many things you need to consider first before purchasing. The stove area is the most focal point of the kitchen so you will want to choose a stove top that is sleek in design and fits into the allotted space perfectly. When thinking about the look consider the worktop color and the cabinet color as well because you can choose to have a cooktop in stainless steel, black or even white. The overall look will be one of the things which make or break a modern and contemporary look. Think about the size you really need because if you do a lot of cooking a two top stove might not be enough for what you need. Do you want to go with the smart touch technology or do you want the traditional cooktops with knobs to turn? There are so many to choose from in so many sizes it can become quite overwhelming sometimes. Here is what we consider to be the best.

The Best Electric Stove Tops

We have made a list of the best electric stove tops to help you decide on your next purchase. See the chart below:

ItemLG LCE3610SB 36" Black Electric Smoothtop CooktopVerona VECTIM304 30" Electric Induction 4 Element Cooktop in BlackBosch NET8666SUC 800 36"Bosch NEM5466UC500 24" Black Electric Smoothtop CooktopFrigidaire FFEC3205LS 32" Electric Cooktop, Stainless
Weight43 pounds36 poundsNo informationNo information25 pounds
Size22 x 36.7 x 4 inches25 x 34 x 7 inchesNo informationNo information20.2 x 32.2 x 3.8 inches
Price895.10 USD1,699.00 USD984.10 USD1,078.70 USD537.99 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingDiscounted ShippingFree Shipping
LG LCE3610SB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

We really love LG’s design when it comes to stove tops and we are really in love with these Smooth Touch controls. It has a child lock and indicator lights which make it really safe and has five different sized burners helping you bring out the professional cook inside of you! If you want something that matches your LG fridge and microwave then you should go for this. A little on the expensive side and will probably be out of your budget but in the long run it is worth the investment because this cooktop gives a clean look to your kitchen and will hide away with the countertops. LG have made their products easy to install and easy to use. Their power options on this cooktop are like no other model before and they strive to prove excellence which they have clearly done with this appliance. It distributes heat evenly and makes every meal a perfect meal.

Verona VECTIM304 30″ Electric Induction 4 Element Cooktop in Black

If you want something even more expensive then go for the Verona. This sleek black cooktop will do all the hard work for you. It has beautiful controls which were designed with true elegance and precision. It also features patented Peacock control sliding bar for power-level selection and fast boil with automatic power reduction. In comparison with the LG cooktop is has a similar style but more features which is what you are paying the extra money for. We love both and both have great customer reviews but if you want to cook a lot then go for the Verona which gives you more options. If you want a larger stovetop that allows you to cook more and one that maybe matches similar appliances then go for the LG.

If you are wondering how to clean a glass stove top without it scratching and deforming then check out this amazing video!

Bosch Electric Cooktops

We really love Bosch as an appliance brand and they seem to make reliable and long lasting products. Bosch have a few cooktops that we love and the first one which stands high on our list is this one. The Bosch NET8666SUC 800 36″ in black. This slimline stovetop has chrome and stainless steel trimming which really finish the edges off. It has five different cooking zones and one of them has a bridge element. It has a zone countdown timer and a heat indicator and we love the controls and the smart display pad. It is easy to use and is a cooktop that is used by beginners and professionals.

Bosch also do a small version. The Bosch NEM5466UC500 24″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop which is perfect for smaller kitchens. This stovetop has the same modern look as the newer models but keeps in with tradition with the knobs and controls which are all detachable and dishwasher safe. We also like the price and think it is good value for money. Really, you can count on Bosch for all your appliances which is why we always recommend them and their stovetops are simply modern and sleek and we can’t get enough of them.

GE JP3030TJWW 30″ White Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

If you want a compact stovetop in white then go for this GE model which is easy to use, easy to clean and will give your kitchen that airy and contemporary look it deserves. This is in the mid price range and we think it is also great value for the quality you get. If you want something a little more regular without all the fancy smart displays then it is worth looking at an appliance like this. This one has just four elements to cook on but is practical and sleek.

Frigidaire FFEC3205LS 32″ Electric Cooktop, Stainless

If you want something in the average price range and something a little more futuristic looking then go for this model in stainless steel by Frigidaire. At 32” you will have enough space to do everything you need to do. This brand is a well-known brand and well we simply can’t help but notice the amazing customer reviews this stovetop has received either. It has four coil heating elements, a brushed chrome surface and ready select controls which are easy to clean.

This model is really easy to clean and really easy to install which is why we suggest it. If you are looking for a stainless steel worktop then this is the one to get and we really can’t find fault with it. We also love the overall look this top emanates and well let’s be honest it is really modern-looking as well.

White, Stainless Steel or Black?

Electric stove tops
If all your appliances are white then go for white. If you have a modern kitchen with black and stainless steel then go for either one.

If you can’t decide on which color and style to go for then check out similar kitchens and have a look round for some inspiration. If all your appliances are white then go for white. If you have a modern kitchen with black and stainless steel then go for either one. You will also want to make sure it doesn’t clash with your counter tops and the color of your cabinets. If you have a traditional wood kitchen then white would go best, if you have granite counter tops with sleek cabinets that are one color then go for black to make it pop. As we said it all depends on personal specifications and needs and there is no one top stovetop but we really like the ones we listed above. They are all trustworthy, durable, reliable and handsome. All these stove tops are great value for money and all the brands are brands which we love overall for appliances. Don’t forget if you can’t install it yourself then call in the professionals as it will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

All About Cooking Brown Rice in the Pressure Cooker

All About Cooking Brown Rice in the Pressure Cooker

brown rice pressure cookerNot many people know that brown rice has huge health benefits. Most people think of rice as a carb which fills you up and makes for an easy meal. If you think that then think again because brown rice is known to reduce the risk of common illnesses like cancer, heart disease and arthritis because it is high in selenium. Brown rice is also rich in manganese which helps our nervous and reproductive system. It is also high in fiber and rich in antioxidants. Brown rice also makes for a great baby food too. Check out some of tasty recipes which you can make with brown rice and even recipes which can be done in the pressure cooker. Mix it up with one of your corned beef pressure cooker recipes and you will have a tasty meal which will keep you going. Don’t forget that cooking brown rice in the pressure cooker will significantly reduce your cooking time.

How to Cook Brown Rice in the Pressure Cooker

4 cups water
2 cups long brown rice
4 chicken bouillon cubes
3 dashes Mrs. Dash seasoning mix, original
3 tablespoons butter

Spray pressure cooker with cooking oil.
Add all ingredients to pressure cooker.
Once pressure is achieved, set timer for fifteen minutes.
let pressure drop by its own accord and keep lid on until ready to serve.
This will yield a rice that is not dry, maintains a nice consistency and is far better than any stovetop version.
If you want to try something with some meat then have a go and this healthy and tasty recipe.

2 chicken breasts, diced, uncooked
1 T. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 T. smoked paprika
2 T. Tuscan sunset
4 cups Vegetable Stock (can use chicken stock)
28 oz. can crushed fire roasted tomatoes
3 cups long grain brown rice, uncooked
1 cup corn, frozen

Turn on an electric pressure cooker to high heat to begin heating up.
Put in the chicken with the oil and start browning.
Add in the seasonings and cook for a few minutes.
Add in the rest of the ingredients and stir to combine.
Place on the lid and lock in place.
Make sure the valve in closed and cook for 20 minutes.

Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 Quart - Silver
List Price: $99.99
Price: $89.99
You Save: $10.00
Price Disclaimer

Our Chosen Pressure Cookers

If you don’t have a pressure cooker then it is a neat idea to get one. They really reduce the cooking time and provide a clean and efficient way to cook literally everything and anything! There are so many sizes, designs and types to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming so have a look at the top rated pressure cookers on the market today and what they feature.

The Best Pressure Cookers for your next Pressure Cooker Hunting

ItemInstant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000WInstant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel and Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers, 9", Stainless Steel BundleCuisinart CPC-600 6 Quart 1000 Watt Electric Pressure Cooker (Stainless Steel)Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and CookerElite Platinum EPC-1013 Maxi-Matic 10 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker, Black (Stainless Steel)
ColorBlack & StainlessBlack & StainlessBlack & StainlessStainlessBlack & Stainless
Functions7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker--Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer. Please refer the user manual before use.Program and monitor cooking with a free app from Android/iPhone/iPad; Expand functionality by upgrading the free app and adding other recipe apps.Push button control for cooking options and programmed settings: Low and High Pressure, Browning, Simmer, Saute and automatic Keep Warm SettingsDoubles as a boiling-water canner for preserving fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, and salsa; Handy as a large capacity pressure cooker8 multifunction's: rice, potatoes & yams, meat & chicken, pork, fish & vegetables, beans & grains, soup & stews and desserts
Other DetailsIncludes 3-ply bottom stainless steel cooking pot, stainless steel steam rack with handle & manual and recipes in English, Spanish, Chinese and French14 built-in smart programs, dual pressure, automatic keep-warm and 3 temperatures for saute, slow cook and keep-warm6-quart capacity; Cool-touch side handles; Nonstick cooking pot; Dishwasher-safe cooking pot and trivet; Trivet includedExtra-large size is great for big canning jobs; Includes canning/cooking rack and complete 76-page instruction and recipe bookRemovable nonstick 10 quart interior cooking pot for fast, easy cleanup. Kndly refer the user manual for trouble shooting steps
Price119.95 USD202.79 USD69.30 USD76.49 USD92.00 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W
We love this multi functional pressure cooker which is super stylish and super easy to use. You can purchase it in three sizes, a five quart, six quart or eight quart. The thing we love about this is it can be a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, saute/browning functions, yogurt maker and a steamer and a warmer. You can cook all your meals and snacks in one simple place. It has a large control panel with fourteen controlled programs, it features dual pressure, an automatic keep warm function and three different temperatures for saute and slow cooking.

brown rice pressure cookerIt is certified and has ten safety mechanisms, is highly energy efficient and kitchen and cook friendly! It includes a 3-ply bottom stainless steel cooking pot, a stainless steel steam rack and a manual with recipes in four different languages! The safety features include a safety Lid Lock which prevents accidental opening while cooker is pressurized, a pressure Regulator ensures working pressure is under the safety limit of 15.23 psi, a leaky Lid Smart Detection (eg. steam release is at open position), an anti-Blockage Vent prevents food debris from blocking the vent, a magnetic Sensor for Lid Position Detection which monitors whether the lid is in an unsafe zone for pressure cooking, an automatic Pressure Control which keeps pressure in a safe range, an excess Pressure Protection which releases excess pressure into internal chamber in the event of a dangerous situation, an automatic Temperature Control which regulates temperatures based on the type of program selected, a high Temperature Monitoring which prevents food from burning and a fuse which cuts off power when electrical current or temperature exceeds safety limits.

If you want safe, fast and flexible cooking at great value then this is the pressure cooker to get.

Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel and Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid for Electric Pressure Cookers, 9″, Stainless Steel Bundle
If you want to take cooking to a new level then try out this pressure cooker again from instant pot but with smart functions and a bluetooth device. The actual cooker comes with a monitoring and cooking app and has 14 built in smart programs. You can also download other recipe apps too. It has all the programs and features like the previous version we talked about but also comes with a transparent glass lid so you can watch and see how your cooking progresses.
All the instant pot pressure cookers come highly recommended by customers and we love their efficient customer service team who are experts and will help with any problems, questions or queries. Check them out here.

Other Recipe Ideas

It can be great fun experimenting with your pressure cooker and we love the way that brown rice tastes when cooked in such a cooker. Have a look at this other neat recipe we found which will give you a side meal with a bit of middle eastern flavor and is an interesting dish which you will soon become addicted to.

2 tablespoons (30 ml) butter or canola oil
2 tablespoons (30 ml) minced onion
1 cup (250 ml) rice
2 cups (500 ml) chicken or vegetable stock
2 tablespoons (30 ml) pine nuts
2 tablespoons (30 ml) golden raisins
1 teaspoon (5 ml) thyme
1 tablespoon (15 ml) minced parsley (or 1 teaspoon (5 ml) dried)
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Melt butter (or heat oil) in the pressure cooker and sauté the onion until softened. Add the rice and coat it with the butter. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Lock the lid in place and bring to pressure, then lower heat and cook for suggested time. Allow the pressure to drop by the quick release method or automatic release method. Open pressure cooker and drain off any excess liquid. Dry in oven before serving.

We Love Pressure Cookers

brown rice pressure cookerWe love pressure cookers because they offer a versatile and safe way to cook various dishes. They are great for an kitchen and provide an efficient way to cook meals. If you are catering for a dinner party and need to make three courses for ten people then a pressure cooker could really come in handy because it gets the task of cooking done quicker than with a standard oven or range. If you get a pressure cooker which has multi functions then you can do even more with it because they act as a slow cooker, a warmer, a pressure cooker and even a rice cooker or browner.

We really can’t fault the modern day pressure cookers which are out on the market today and we love the way they incorporate technology such as bluetooth and smart pads. Cooking has never been more fun and with so many recipes to choose from you won’t know where to start. Why not have a go and begin with cooking a tasty and spicy brown rice dish which is healthy and super quick, add some bacon and chicken bits and you have a meal which you can even eat cold on the go. Change the way you cook today.

All About Electric Cooktops and Downdraft Options

All About Electric Cooktops and Downdraft Options

Downdraft ventilation is all in and range hoods are all out, so what are really the pros and cons of downdraft cooktops and are they worth buying? Our experts have answered all the questions here. Downdraft cooktops are designed to maximise space in your kitchen and give your room an overall modern look without having hefty appliances like range hoods taking up room and space. A downdraft electric or gas stove top works in the same way as a range hood does with a few exceptions. Downdrafts come in two different versions but they work in the same way by pulling smoke and grease through an exhaust fan in the stove as opposed to pulling it from above.

Active Downdraft Exhaust System
Some of the downdraft vent systems are active. A button gets pushed when the vent is going to be used and the vent lifts from the rear of the stove between and around 8 and 10 inches high. As soon as the vent completes its movement it automatically turns on. The smoke, grease and cooking fumes get pulled through the vents out through a series of ducts that go down below the cooktop and outside. For safety reasons all vents should lead outside.

Central Downdraft Exhaust System
Another version of downdraft cooktop is setup with a central venting system running vertically down the center of the cooktop between the left and right burners. This type of vent does not move, instead the exhaust fan is under the cooktop surface and leads the exhaust outside. You can also turn on this version of the downdraft vent with a switch if you need it so it isn’t on all the time.

Downdraft Cooktop Ventilation Concept
The concept behind either of the downdraft options is a circulatory expulsion of the pollutants that occur with cooking. Even though heat rises, the pull of the exhaust fan in the downdraft ventilation system sucks the gas and grease back down into the vent ducting. Because the vent continues to pull the air down, those same pollutants continue down the ventilation ducts, follow the 90 degree bend and move out of the house.

Downdraft ventilation systems on ranges and cooktops have both their pros and cons. If you have a range hood then it will work more efficiently and you can have a lighting system with it above your cooking space. If you choose a downdraft system then you will be able to maximise on space and style. You will either love it or hate it and here are a few unique stovetops that have the downdraft vent system if you are thinking of purchasing one.

The Best Electric Cooktops with Downdraft Options

ItemGE Profile 30" Black Electric Cooktop With DowndraftFrigidaire 36" Smoothtop Electric Black Cooktop with Built-In 500 CFM Downdraft Exhaust RC36DE60PBGE Profile 30" Downdraft Electric Cooktop Glass Top with Stainless Steel Trim PP9830SJSSBosch NET8066SUC 800 30" Black Electric Smoothtop CooktopWhirlpool W5CE3024XB 30" Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop
Weight58 pounds75 pounds45 pounds35 pounds45 pounds
Size33.5 x 25.5 x 22 inches22.1 x 36.8 x 18.6 inches22 x 30 x 2.2 inches37.4 x 22.4 x 7.6 inches21.8 x 30.8 x 3.8 inches
Price1,184.99 USD1,258.99 USD1,279.99 USD949.49 USD398.85 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping


GE Profile 30″ Black Electric Cooktop With Downdraft
GE might not be such a notable brand like samsung and LG for cooktops but they offer a unique design and a cooktop with great features at an affordable price. The choice for electric cooktops with downdraft vent systems aren’t that many because consumers prefer range hoods but there are a few on the market which we love.

At 30” this black electric cooktop is great for everyday use. It has two 6 inch elements and two 9 inch elements which gives you enough space to be versatile with your cooking. The downdraft is 800-300 watts and the powerful system pulls all smoke, grease and odours out. It has a power boiler and a bridge element which makes this model even more popular than the others. This cooktop has been designed to give you a clean and sleek look while making it easy for using and easy to clean. The detachable knobs can be easily washed and it is really easy to install. If you want an affordable, practical and modern option then the GE cooktop is the one to get.

Frigidaire 36″ Smoothtop Electric Black Cooktop with Built-In 500 CFM Downdraft Exhaust RC36DE60PB
Frigidaire offer a lot more features when it comes to cooktops compared to the GE and we think this model is worth the extra cash. The expandable element allows you to utilize the way you cook, whether it is with large or small pans and cook efficiently for that matter. Cook multi course meals with ease with the four spacious elements and the design allows for easy cleaning. With amazing heating power this heats quickly and evenly making your job of cooking a whole lot easier and like never before. The hot surface indicators let you know when the surface it too hot to touch which is a safety feature we think all cooktops should have.

This is another electric cooktop which has a downdraft system which works exceptionally well in getting rid of steam, smoke and odors when cooking. If you want a modern, sleek and classic look plus a guarantee for flawless results every time then go for the 36 inch frigidaire.

GE Profile 30″ Downdraft Electric Cooktop Glass Top with Stainless Steel Trim PP9830SJSS
GE also do a newer model at the higher end of the price range which has a modern stainless steel trim. Again with four elements and the bridge function this will do every cooking task to its best. It is attractive and streamlined with different options and variations on the fan speeds and element temperatures. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to clean and the downdraft is so quiet you barely know it’s there.

If you aren’t into the black and stainless steel look then go for the white version of the cooktop with downdraft ventilation system. It has four elements which two of them can become a bridge element, detachable knobs which are easy to clean and a guarantee that the white glass won’t scratch or discolour after use.

Both of these models are great and are really practical and great value for money. They have all the important features which you need from a cooktop and the downdraft works well. Although they don’t work as efficiently as range hoods they will get rid of the steam and odor which you get from boiling and cooking. GE are a classic company who make high quality products every time so you know you will choose right if you choose them.

Electric cooktop with downdraft

The Maintenance on a Glass and Ceramic Stovetop

Don’t forget, as with any appliance you buy for your kitchen there will always be maintenance which you need to make sure to do so you can ensure the appliance is kept clean and looking like new. The modern glass and ceramic cooktops need a little extra care and you really need to invest in a type of cleaning product made for your appliance. We recommend this cleaner – Link 5 because it is one of the best on the market and is great value for money. This gentle formula won’t scratch the surface but will cut its way through grease and easily remove burned and baked food. It is safe to use on all ceramic and glass worktops and will leave your worktop shiny and looking like brand new. Weiman also do a great selection of scrubbing pads and they also work great on pots and pans which easily scratch.

Don’t forget that whatever choice you make on a downdraft cooktop will save loads of space above. You can maximize that space and have an extra built in oven or even install the cooktop on a kitchen island. With this ventilation option you can create beautiful and elegant kitchens and they will also save you the extra money of buying a range hood.

Check out this video which shows Kitchenaid downdraft cooktops.

The Top Tent Air Conditioners

The Top Tent Air Conditioners

When going camping the one thing everyone dreads is humid weather and hot tents. Tent air conditioners are the answer to your problem but you are probably asking yourself two questions, how do I choose the right one and which one do I buy? Don’t worry – your trustworthy appliance experts are to the rescue. We have come up with the most affordable and reliable solutions when it comes to air conditioners for your tent. If your campsite is powered then almost any air conditioner you buy will get the job done. For obvious reasons you will also want a compact unit as well. The general rule is for about 150 square feet of tent you will need a unit that is 5000BTU rated because any less than that, it will really struggle to keep you cool. Logic days that a tent isn’t insulated like a home so it is harder to keep cool and the nylon will soak up the heat and UV rays from the sun more if you don’t have solar reflectors attached.

When using an air conditioner you will also need a sturdy stand if the air conditioner is a window style unit, a milk or beer crate works great for this and an outdoor power cord that is at least 15 amps rated because you don’t want it to overheat next to the tent as this could cause a fire hazard and if this happens you might set alight a LOT of tents and will probably end up going home early. Yep – it has happened before. If all of this seems a bit too much too handle then just get yourself a good quality tent fan but first let’s look at the portable air conditioner units which work great in tents.

Looking for the best Air Conditioner for your tent? See your best options below:

ItemLifesmart Indoor/Outdoor Single Port Air CoolerFrigidaire 5,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner with Full-Function Remote ControlTripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner Stand Alone Spot Air Cooler 120V, 60Hz, 12K BTULG 10,000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control, WhiteLifesmart Indoor/Outdoor Dual Port Air Cooler
FunctionsIndoor/outdoor use5,000 BTU mini-compact air conditioner for window-mounted installationRequires no floor drain or water collection tank and offers 12,000 BTU of cooling power10,000 BTU portable air Conditioner Uses standard 115-volt electrical outletIndoor/outdoor use
Other DetailsNo assembly requiredReady-select electronic controls allow you to easily select options with the touch of a buttonFeatures top-mounted control panel with LCD temperature readout and LEDs2 fan speeds and 2 cooling speedsNo assembly required
Price370.71 USD225 USD579.99 USD329.00 USD175.99 USD
ShippingDiscounted ShippingDiscounted ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingDiscounted Shipping


Air Conditioners for Tent

Lifesmart Indoor/Outdoor Single Port Air Cooler
This grey air conditioner doesn’t look very pretty but it will certainly get the job done and it will get it done well. These conditioners are perfect for camping and it is an evaporative cooler so your tent doesn’t need to be insulated to be able to keep cool and it has open ports which keep the air flowing correctly. This is an option most campers choose because it is affordable and works well on every type of tent.

One gallon of water will deliver up to ten hours of cooling time from the unit and it uses less energy than a lightbulb. The airflow will keep up to 250 square meters of area cool and we love the compact design. It measures 21 inches tall, weighs ten pounds and has an inbuilt carry handle for easy transportation.

The one thing that makes this specific air conditioning unit so popular is that it runs on 12V so if you don’t have any power to where your tent is pitched you can run it off a battery. This unit is a really good affordable option which campers have been raving about even since it came on the market. You know when you buy this unit you are guaranteed it will get the job done – with or without power!

SPT SF-614P Evaporative Air Cooler with 3D Cooling Pad
List Price: $145.00
Price: $94.99
You Save: $50.01
Price Disclaimer

Frigidaire 5,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner with Full-Function Remote Control
As we come to the Frigidaire portable air conditioners we stumbled across this portable and affordable unit which we love. It has been a best-seller ever since it came on the market and it is simply perfect for a tent. It is a 5000 BTU unit and is strong enough to cool most tents and works on a low voltage start up to conserve power. It is quiet and strong and weighs only 35lbs – you need to make sure it is lightweight because of transportation. It uses a standard 115 v output and will cool easily up to 150 square feet of space.

Its width is 15.2 inches, its depth is 16 inches and its height is a compact 12 inches. As far as air conditioning units go we class this as stylish and we love the select options which can be chosen by the touch of a button and the remote control option too. Lay in your tent while watching the stars and have the convenience of being kept cool. We also love this unit because the comfort control 4-way air direction allows you to direct the air where you want it, while the washable mesh filter reduces bacteria, room odors and airborne particles for a cool, comfortable environment. Although there is a newer model available we love this trustworthy and durable option.

Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner Stand Alone Spot Air Cooler 120V, 60Hz, 12K BTU
Although more expensive than the Frigidaire we also love this option for many reasons. It is really powerful at 12000 BTU and has actually been designed for cooling data centers so you can trust this model to say the least. It has a cold air outlet which can be easily ducted into your tent and it has a timer so you can have it automatically switch off in the night if you want it to. No stand is required for this model so you don’t need to do any DIY modification when setting it up. All you do is connect the ducts into the tent, switch it on and away you go. We like this model for easy setup and the perfect way it keeps us cool on those humid days when stuck in a tent.

It is compact and portable and requires no drainage system or water collection tank. It also features a top mounted control panel with LCD temperature readout and LEDs. It can cool an amazing area – up to 500 square feet and is safe to use. You can also buy this model in four different capacity sizes – depending on the size of your tent. We also couldn’t help but notice the amazing customer reviews this model has.

LG 10,000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control, White
When on the go and especially when camping you want a portable air conditioner unit that controls the climate around you and that is exactly what the LG model does. It uses a standard 115v output and will cool an area of up to 300 square feet. It has a snazzy LED display panel and an LCD remote control so you can really bring technology with you wherever you go.

It has two fan speeds and two cooling speeds which we love and let’s be honest, it looks really cool. It allows for continuous use without removing any water and it has a 24 hour timer on it so you can control the temperature of your tent even if you aren’t there. This is really worth the money if you have a larger family tent and you are going car camping because you can’t really attach an air conditioner to your backpack when hiking!

air conditioners for tent

So Much Choice….

There are so many models out there on the market today but these are the top four. They all have amazing customer reviews and the brands offer unique warranty and customer service options. If you are going on a camping holiday to somewhere hot and humid then don’t worry because these units will keep your tent cool so you can enjoy your time away.

These are really worth their weight in gold and you can use them at home or in the office if you need to keep somewhere cool and they can be moved about really easily. You aren’t just investing in an air conditioning unit for your tent but your life.

Check out this review on the amazing LG portable air conditioner unit.

All About Under The Counter Microwaves

All About Under The Counter Microwaves

Microwaves were invented to make reheating and cooking a simple pleasure in life. Under the counter microwaves are designed to keep your kitchen as modern and simple looking as possible while still being practical. There are many reasons why you should think about putting your microwave under the counter or built into a cabinet, but there are also many things you need to consider beforehand. It is not as simple as just slotting it into the wall. You have to think about ventilation and other aspects before installing your microwave.

Why You Should Integrate Your Microwave

All About Under The Counter Microwaves
All About Under The Counter Microwaves

Having a microwave in your kitchen is a necessary appliance that most people once used can’t do without. Microwaves in general are bulky and not very nice looking if they are sitting on the counter top. They also take up valuable space in your kitchen and let’s be honest, it is just another appliance which will need dusting and wiping down. Today with custom built kitchens being affordable it is possible to integrate all your appliances into practical and compact spaces giving your kitchen a clean and streamlined look.

Get the best Under the Counter Microwave here

ItemSharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven, StainlessGE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless Steel Countertop MicrowaveGE PEM31DFWW Profile Series 1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave OvenGE PEB7226SFSS Profile 2.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop MicrowavePanasonic NN-SD945S Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology, 2.2 cu. ft. , Stainless
Features1000-watt microwave drawer oven with 1-1/5-cubic-foot interiorSensor Cooking ControlsConvenience Controls - Allow cooking and reheating at the touch of a buttonOptional Built-In Trim Kit , Control LockoutEnjoy faster cooking times with 1250 watts high power
Other DetailsSensor Cook; Short Cut options; auto defrost; concealed louvers for a sleek look10 Power LevelsWeight and time defrost Simply enter the weight of the food, and the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level or set your desired time for defrostingSensor Cooking ControlsMicrowave Inverter technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power
Price829.00 USD299.00 USD442.29 USD314.95 USD206.60 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingDiscounted ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping


How and Where You Can Integrate Your Microwave in the Kitchen

Build your microwave around your cabinets. An affordable and easy solution for integrating your microwave involves creating a shelf or a space opening into which to slot your microwave. For safety reasons it is recommended to finding somewhere with counter space below so you can remove the heated items quickly without burning yourself. This is an easy and inexpensive option but the only downfall to doing this is you won’t get a perfect fit meaning you might have gaps in between the microwave and the cabinet.

Add a trim or custom kit. This option is similar to building your cabinets around your microwave but to be able to get a flush look either side and above and below a trim kit is used to fill in the gaps. A trim kit will add to the expense and requires a more difficult installation but it finishes off the kitchen with a professional and expensive look. Most trim kits can be purchased online or in stores for your specific microwave.

Install into a drawer. If you are looking for a more discreet look then installing it under the counter in a drawer is a perfect option. This option although can be expensive is the safest because it offers reliable space above for food coming out the microwave. There are only certain types of microwaves made for this variant though which is why it is not seen that often. The prices jump up a little with this type of microwave and we have found one which we have listed below which we think is great value for money and is a reliable appliance.

Hide it behind a door. This works well because it can be hidden when not in use and is perfect if you don’t use your microwave all that often. Tampour doors work great for this option because they lift up won’t get in your way when the microwave is in use. If you want to hide your appliances then this can work well but can add up in costs because of extra doors and installation costs.

We love all these options but we like the look of a built in microwave where it is flush with the wall or cabinets. When you are planning your kitchen make sure to think of the safest and most practical place to put your microwave and then work from there. Following on, we have picked the best microwaves for under the counters and we have also included some from under our list of The Best Microwaves Under 100.

Sharp KB-6524PS 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven, Stainless
Probably one of the most expensive options but one we love is the drawer type microwave which really merges well into any kitchen. This model is available in 24 inch size and a 30 inch size. This push to open technology makes it easy to use and has an auto touch control panel as well. It has a sleek look and comes with a one year warranty. Also available in black and white you can choose which one suits your style and install into your kitchen accordingly. This particular microwave although costly offers safety, convenience, versatility and durability when it comes to heating appliances and we give this product a five star review.

GE PEM31SFSS Profile Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave
This company isn’t well known as a brand but they have some awesome microwaves with some unique styles. This specific model comes in black and silver and has a slimline look about it. It features sensor cooking controls and ten power levels. If you want then you can also buy the hanging kit which goes with it.This microwave is one of the simplest yet but is very reliable and customers have very rarely complained. The size of the microwave makes it perfect to be fitted into cabinets either above or below the counter tops.

Samsung MC11H6033CT Countertop Convection Microwave with 1.1 cu. ft. Capacity, SLIM FRY Technology, Grilling Element, Ceramic Enamel Interior, Drop Down Door, and Eco Mode in Stainless Steel

Coming back to our well known and trustworthy brand for appliances, we set on Samsung. They are known to create inexpensive but really good quality appliances and we love this well-rounded convection oven which can literally do everything. Of course they do a normal microwave at half the price but this has some great features which we think every kitchen should have, however big or small! Literally this has everything a cook needs in one neat, compact space. It includes a convection oven for cooking, a toaster oven, a broiler and microwave oven. It has Slim Fry which allows you to prepare great-tasting and healthier foods without the use of oil; and works so that your favorite foods, like french fries and chicken nuggets are cooked to crispy perfection in minutes. It also has a grilling Element with a ceramic plate for preparing crispy foods including foods like pizza. Aside from this we love that is has an LED display and is scratch resistant! This is a great microwave to own and if you have a smaller stove then using this as an alternative when cooking large meals is great.

Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology, 1.2 cu. ft. , Stainless
If you are looking for an inexpensive but professional and high quality microwave then check out Panasonic. They are a well known brand who are noted for their affordable but luxury appliances. This model is really slick and comes in black stainless steel. Some of its features include 12 Preset Auto Cook Menu Items, 13.5-Inches turntable; Delay Start and Timer; More/Less Control; Quick Minute, Popcorn Key, a membrane keypad and 5 menu buttons for easy programming, 10 Power Levels and a push-button door release. This model is also compatible with a trim kit for a 27 inch cabinet opening.

The Panasonic ranges are great value for money and with their sleek controls, keep warm feature and turbo defrost option cooking can become enjoyable for the whole family.

Heat it All Up

Under the counter microwave
If you haven’t got a lot of counter space in your kitchen then use your space wisely and try an under the counter microwave.

Overall we really think that built in microwaves offer kitchens a convenience like never before. Keep out from the children’s way, add up on your counter space and create a modern look that is fresh and clean. The models chosen on our list were hand-picked by our expert team. After reading tried and tested testimonials on them we can’t find any better ones. We love all the models and brands listed above but the Samsung has to be our favorite out of them all. If you are going to use a space for a microwave then invest a little more money into it and buy a multi-functional microwave that can do a heap of tasks. It can be really handy to have somewhere to cook your chicken while you are boiling the potatoes, especially if the stove is already jam-packed with food. For all your toasting, grilling, defrosting and heating needs we think a convectional oven is the best way to go.

All You Need To Know About Mirro Pressure Cookers

All You Need To Know About Mirro Pressure Cookers

If you are wondering as to how a pressure cooker works and what it actually is then here is your answer. It is basically a simple technique which was invented to produce amazing cooking results. It works on steam pressure, it is a sealed pot which has a lot of steam inside which builds up pressure and therefore cooks food. It was originally invented in the 1600’s by a man named Denis Papin who found out through physics that such an invention could change the way people cook. You can cook almost anything in a pressure cooker from rice to chickpeas and the great thing is it cooks a lot quicker. A pressure cooker works really well for roasts and meats and things that need to be tenderised as well. The one issue which many cooks have found with pressure cookers is that you need acquire a certain skill to cook with it because it works on a whole new basis of cooking, the same as if you are cooking on an open fire, you need to learn how to cook well with what you have.

We Love Mirro Pressure Cookers

After a lot of looking we have come to the conclusion that the best and most affordable pressure cooker to use is the ‘Mirro’. Mirro was in fact founded around one hundred years ago which really puts them up front with the neighbouring competition. They are one of the top leaders in the cooking industry and professionals from all around the globe use their products. We love their safety features and the stability with which their products are made and of course you can’t forget their ten year warranty on all pressure cookers. Other pressure cookers available on the market really don’t meet the requirements and although Mirro is a notable, well-known company their products rise above others on the quality meter.

Here are the Best Mirro Pressure Cookers you can choose from

ItemMirro 92160A Polished Aluminum 10-PSI Pressure Cooker Cookware, 6-Quart, SilverMirro 92122A Polished Aluminum 5 / 10 / 15-PSI Pressure Cooker / Canner Cookware, 22-Quart, SilverMirro 22-quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/ CannerMirro 92122A Polished Aluminum 5 / 10 / 15-PSI Pressure Cooker / Canner Cookware, 22-Quart, SilverMirro Aluminum 4.2-Quart Pressure Cooker
FeaturesFeatures pressure monitoring device in handle, sure-locking lid system, and overpressure release valveThe pressure canner is constructed from rustproof heavy-gauge aluminum; holds 16 pint jars or 5 quart jarsSafety features: Locking handle, overpressure release valve, gasket release windowThe pressure canner is constructed from rustproof heavy-gauge aluminum; holds 16 pint jars or 5 quart jarsFeatures safety release plug, sure-locking lid system, and overpressure safety window
Other DetailsThe pressure cooker is made of rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminumMaintains steady pressure with 3 cooking-pressure options--5, 10, and 15 PSIRustproof Color: Silver Hardware finish: Black Care instructions: Dishwasher safeMaintains steady pressure with 3 cooking-pressure options--5, 10, and 15 PSI7-1/2-inch, 4.2-quart pressure cooker quickly and healthfully cooks foods
Price19.99 USD57.41 USD105.00 USD57.41 USD37.82 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping


They come in different styles and both the newer and the older models work extremely well and replacement parts are easy to come by. Here is a list of the two best models to buy.

Mirro 92160A Polished Aluminum 10-PSI Pressure Cooker Cookware, 6-Quart, Silver

This is a great choice if you haven’t used a pressure cooker before because it is really easy to use. This particular model comes in three sizes, a four quart, a six quart and an eight quart. It comes in a simple, stylish stainless steel design with a sleek black handle which makes it easy-peasy when it comes to cleaning it. It has been designed with rust-proof, heavy-gauge, incredibly durable aluminium. It features a pressure monitoring device in the handle, a sure locking lid system and an overpressure release valve. It is dishwasher safe which is something we all love and it has been tested and tried to cut cooking time down by two thirds. Mirro offer a ten year guarantee and a one year guarantee on all replacement parts meaning you can get the most out of your money. Parts are easy to find such as the gasket or the pressure control knob.

Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum 5 / 10 / 15-PSI Pressure Cooker / Canner Cookware, 22-Quart, Silver

If you want a pressure cooker that is bigger and can hold a rack for canning then try the bigger version which is 22 quart. It can hold up to 16 pint jars or 5 quart jars and maintains a steady pressure with three cooking pressure options. It comes with a cooking rack and a recipe guide if you are looking for some inspiration on how to use your pressure cooker and includes all of the features and more like the similar smaller models available. This model can be easily found in appliance outlet stores and online.

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
List Price: $44.15
Price: $42.40
You Save: $1.75
Price Disclaimer

Pressure cookers can make cooking fun and can reduce the time you spend waiting for a meal. There is so much you can do with them as well, read below for some ideas on how to use your pressure cooker.

Mirro pressure cooker parts
This unique and ultimate tangy recipe will take about twenty five minutes to cook and covers a serving of eight.

Pressure Cooker Barbeque Chicken

  • 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 teaspoon ground paprika
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 onion, minced
  • 1/2 cup chile sauce
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar

This unique and ultimate tangy recipe will take about twenty five minutes to cook and covers a serving of eight. Tasty and tender, you should really try this amazing recipe and impress your whole family. You can also freeze this meal if you have any leftovers.


  • Heat pressure cooker over medium heat; cook chicken until browned, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Sprinkle paprika, salt, and pepper onto chicken.
  • Combine onion, chile sauce, water, and vinegar in a bowl; pour over chicken.
  • Cover pressure cooker with lid and cook according to manufacturer’s instructions, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and release pressure through natural release method; open pressure cooker carefully.
Presto 1755 16-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner
List Price: $109.99
Price: $72.88
You Save: $37.11
Price Disclaimer

Pressure Cooker Italian Chicken Recipe

  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 4 Italian turkey sausage links, casings removed
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup pearl barley
  • 1 cup green lentils
  • 1 bone-in chicken breast half, skin removed
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 3 cups chicken stock
  • 1 (15 ounce) can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained
  • 1 (16 ounce) bag fresh spinach leaves, chopped
  • 1 cup mild salsa

This tasty and nutritious meal is certainly one to try on those cold, winter evenings. It is also great to freeze down and then reheat when needed. This recipe takes about fifty minutes to prep and cook and serves eight people.


Heat 1 teaspoon olive oil in a pressure cooker over medium heat. Add sausage meat, and cook until browned, breaking it into crumbles. Remove sausage to a plate and drain oil. Add another 1 teaspoon of olive oil to pressure cooker; cook onion and garlic until onion is transparent. Add barley and stir 1 minute. Return sausage to pressure cooker. Add lentils, chicken, parsley, and chicken stock to cooker, adding enough stock to completely cover chicken. Close cover securely; place pressure regulator on vent pipe. Bring pressure cooker to full pressure over high heat (this may take 15 minutes). Reduce heat to medium high; cook for 9 minutes. Pressure regulator should maintain a slow steady rocking motion; adjust heat if necessary.

Remove pressure cooker from heat; use quick-release following manufacturer’s instructions or allow pressure to drop on its own. Open cooker and remove chicken; shred meat and return to soup. Add garbanzo beans, spinach and salsa; stir to blend and heat through before serving.

Presto 01241 4-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker
List Price: $25.53
Price: $25.00
You Save: $0.53
Price Disclaimer

Helpful Links

Mirro pressure cooker parts
If you need some direction on where to go to get replacement parts for your trustworthy pressure cooker then have a look at these sites.

If you need some direction on where to go to get replacement parts for your trustworthy pressure cooker then have a look at these sites.

For genuine replacement parts go here, these are trustworthy and affordable people to buy from. If your one year warranty has run out on replacement parts then be sure to get in touch with these helpful guys. If you want to look at their other cooking products and accessories made by Mirro then go here. If you need to read the instruction manual for the 22 quart model then check out the downloadable file here.

If you need to get in touch with Mirro direct then here is the information for calling and mailing. Their customer service is great and if you want to mail products to them which are on warranty then be sure to call them first. They are happy to direct you and instruct you on how to proceed to return, purchase or use items.

Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm (EST)

Mailing Address for Letters only:
WearEver® Consumer Center
2121 Eden Rd
Millville, NJ 08332

Products in Warranty
should be mailed to:
WearEver® Warranty Assistance
2199 Eden Rd
Millville, NJ 08332

Youtube Video – Check out this great video which instructs you on how to use your Mirro Pressure cooker.

All About the Boss – Bosch

All About the Boss – Bosch

Bosch is literally a leading company when it comes to innovative technology and reliable appliances. It is a German multinational engineering company and it is currently classed as the world’s largest supplier of household appliances, power tools, garden tools and heating and hot water necessities. Founded in 1886, Bosch has been growing and growing and is today one of the most trustworthy brands to buy for appliances for your home. They do everything from electric stove tops to incorporating new microwave oven technology into their appliances. Their products are made in Germany and Switzerland and everything is tried and tested before sale making sure that you are only getting the best possible. Check out their company website.

Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers have been created with the customers needs in mind. They have been designed to be energy efficient, spacious, efficient and stylish. They are made to give you maximum flexibility when loading it and is has been proven that they take 30% more dishes than other regular dishwashers. They come in all types of sleek designs such as ones with custom panels so they can’t be seen, ones with top controls, ones with front controls, built in options and slimline fits if you are cramped on space. Bosch has thought of everything right down to the noise level and lights.

Bosch SHP65T56UC 500 24″ Black Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star

We are really in love with this snazzy dishwasher at 24 inches in a full black design. It is great value for money, has five different wash cycles and wash options available and it has an adjustable rack. It is really quiet when running a cycle and has a light indicator to show you when it is in use. This model has some great reviews and customers are raging over it. You can also order in stainless steel if you don’t want plain black. This specific model is slim as well so you can make the most out of your space in your kitchen. It is really spacious inside and can fit bulky pans and large plates in it as well making it super practical even though it is small.

Bosch Refrigerators

All About the Boss - Bosch
Whether you choose freestanding or built in, you really can’t go wrong when choosing their fridges.

Bosch experts have created fridges with the most up-to-date technology such as innovative refrigeration features such as the hidden door hinge, premium tempered glass, and beautiful LED lighting throughout.

Bosch Refrigerators Comparison Chart

ItemBosch B26FT80SNS 36" 800 Series French Door Refrigerator with 25.9 cu. ft. Capacity in Stainless steelBosch B36BT830NSBenchmark 19.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Built-In French Door Refrigerator - Energy StarBosch 24" Counter-depth Bottom-freezer 500 Series - Stainless SteelBosch B10CB80NVB: 24" Glass Door Counter-Depth Bottom Freezer B10CB80NVB 800 Series - Black GlassBosch B10CB80NVW: 24" Glass Door Counter-Depth Bottom Freezer B10CB80NVW 800 Series - White Glass
ColorStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelBlack GlassWhite Glass
Dimensions85 x 91 x 177 inchesNo informationNo informationNo informationNo information
Weight278 pounds551 poundsNo information280 pounds280 pounds
Price2,499.99 USD7,598.00 USD2,798.35 USD2,244.10 USD2,019.00 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping


Whether you choose freestanding or built in, you really can’t go wrong when choosing their fridges. They offer everything you need from a fridge and freezer space as well as combining your needs into their design making it energy efficient, easy to use, practical and stylish.

Bosch B26FT80SNS 36″ 800 Series French Door Refrigerator with 25.9 cu. ft. Capacity in Stainless steel

When we saw this model new out we couldn’t help ourselves. This is a stunningly beautiful fridge with state-of-the-art features and amazing technology. Soundly engineered these fridges are made to keep your food fresh for longer while being energy efficient and affordable at the same time. It comes with adjustable glass shelves which are spill-proof, an exterior ice and water dispenser, a superfreeze section and a VitaFresh section plus LED lighting throughout. It works at a low noise level and will give your kitchen a beautifully classic finish. We love all the neat drawers included in the bottom of the fridge so you can easily store vegetables, dairy and meat in different areas and keep them separate.

Bosch B11CB50SSS 500 12.5 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator – Energy Star

If you want a simple half and half fridge/freezer then this is the appliance to get. It is available in stainless steel with glass shelves. It also has a wine rack and LED lighting. This is one fridge which customers love and it has great write ups and reviews on it. Sometimes simpler is best and this certainly goes for this appliance. With the fridge section on the top and the freezer section on the bottom, it has been designed so that you can fit as much as possible into it. It has two shelves and a bottom drawer, all of which can be adjusted accordingly to your needs. There are three freezer drawers and one of them is a ‘big box’ size. We couldn’t choose between these two fridges which is why we listed them both.

Bosch Slide-in Ranges

Alongside their cook tops, built in ovens and microwaves we love their unique and hard to beat slide in ranges which are great for any kitchen. We love that they make their ovens with a purpose, they are really, really stylish and deliver faster cooking performances than ever before. They like to keep things simple and have designed them with amazing features like quiet close doors, a dual stacked burner, adjustable oven temperatures, dual and single fuel types and a design which makes it easy to keep clean. We also love their control pads on the front which are so much more reliable than the traditional knobs generally used on ovens.

Bosch HGI8054UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range – Convection

Although not the newest model on the market we love this slide in oven at 30 inches because it gives you just enough space and room to cook different dishes and has some great features as well and all at a really affordable price. It has five sealed burners, nine different cooking modes, a self-clean option and a nifty computer display pad on the front. You can’t beat an oven that has a warming drawer as well. It is also made so that it easily slides in and over countertops so you don’t get any gaps where grease and fat can drop into making this is a super-clean and efficient range.

Bosch HEI8054U 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range – Convection

If you are looking for an electric range rather than gas then we would go for this model. It has an amazing eleven cooking modes and dual elements giving you the precise cooking temperature you need. Although this is a convection oven it isn’t as noisy as other average convection ovens usually are. It comes in the same style as the gas range, stainless steel and they haven’t missed adding the warming drawer on this one either! Don’t forget that the cooktop has a safety feature on it which shows you when the plates are hot – this is great if you have children or young ones around the house.

Fit Out Your Whole Kitchen

Bosch Appliance Reviews
The one great thing that we love about Bosch is you can fit out your whole kitchen with their appliances.

The one great thing that we love about Bosch is you can fit out your whole kitchen with their appliances. From kettles and toasters to fridges and ovens, their products will literally change the way you cook, store and prepare food and drink. They offer microwaves, ovens, cooktops, fridges, freezers, dishwasher, washing machines and many more appliances which are designed to make your daily routine stress free. Bosch even do package promotions if you buy several appliances in one go and if you are a returning customer then you might even get a discount.

Their customer service is one to beat and they have a really helpful team of experts ready to give you advice on what you need. Check them out at – Link 7. We also love the fact that complaints are dealt with swiftly and they are quick to give returns on warranty products. You can choose from a range of styles in black, white and stainless steel and you can even order a custom made fridge or dishwasher to suit your personal specifications. Bosch offer support you can depend on, appliances you can rely on and all at a price which is simply unbeatable. When choosing Bosch for your appliances for the home you will be guaranteed satisfaction.

Where to Shop – Our Choice of Appliance Outlet Stores

Where to Shop – Our Choice of Appliance Outlet Stores

Are you in need of appliances but don’t know where to shop? Do you need something simple like an under the counter microwave or something a little more complicated like an electric stove top or a gas cook top? If you do then don’t stress, we are here to help make the journey of purchasing appliances that little bit easier.

When going shopping you will probably shop around first looking for the best prices. You will then consider the cost of delivery and probably the shops and stores with the best reviews. You are looking for expert service and unbeatable prices. You want an expert to help you make an important choice. To make the whole procedure stress-free and exciting we have come up with this list of what we believe to be the best appliance outlet stores in the United States.

NutriChef PKPZM12 Pizza Maker Pizza Oven - Black
List Price: $29.99
Price: $29.99
Price Disclaimer

Why Choose an Outlet Store Compared to Online Buying?

Online buying is convenient, you can do it anywhere and at anytime. Consumers from all around the world buy all types of appliances from the comfort of their home BUT many say the traditional shopping method beats it hand down. If you are buying for small appliances then online shopping from amazon.com and other large companies are great but for the more technical items it is best to see them before you purchase them. For example if you are buying a washing machine it is great to see it in front of you, kneel in front of it, open the door, feel it and in general get a taste of what it would be like if it was in your home. The other great thing about choosing stores is that there are experts on hand who can help you make your final decision. If you are looking for the latest deals then online is the way to go but you can also get amazing prices in store if you go at the right time. Another way to go is to go window shopping to get a feel for the appliance you want and when you have chosen the right model, look online for great deals and better prices.

The other great thing about choosing stores is that there are experts on hand who can help you make your final decision

Outlet Stores with the Lowest Prices

On the top of the list for stores with the lowest prices we have found that Best Buy is amazing for larger appliances and Costco for the smaller appliances. We love this innovative LG fridge. We love the look, the price and all the great features like space inside the door for easy access to drinks and other items. We found the price to be the cheapest at best buy because they match and beat prices elsewhere. If you buy in store you can literally save nearly $1000 when purchasing this fridge. Their customer service in store also can’t be beat and you can be guaranteed advice from only the best specialists when shopping. They will answer all your questions and offer you different options within your budget. Costco are great for the smaller appliances because they again match prices and you can shop both online and offline with them.

Best Buy have a whole web page designated to customer service where they can help with all your issues whether it is before ordering or after ordering. Check them out here.  Costco also dedicate them company on having great customer service, you can check them out here at.

Outlet Stores with the Best Selection

Some of the bigger retail stores with the lowest prices don’t have such a great selection as other places. If you are looking for a company that has a huge choice of appliances to choose from the hit HHGregg or Pacific Sales. HHGregg do regular deals on certain holidays and they do large and small appliances, furniture, bedding and a range of other household items. Check them out here. We also love Pacific Sales because they offer free delivery on higher priced products and they have the latest appliances to the less expensive and traditional appliances. This is another store which deserve a lot more credit for their customer service and expert team. Pacific Sales are also notable for creating dream kitchens around the world and many celebrities have been seen shopping at their stores.

Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
List Price: $39.99
Price: $35.54
You Save: $4.45
Price Disclaimer

All About Service and Easy Checkout

After looking at many consumer reports and researching the subject we have found that if you want an easy service and an easy checkout then choose your local stores like Target and Walmart. They don’t have the in store professionals at hand who can give you detailed information on the appliances but they do help and you can literally walk in, choose, buy and walk out in a minimum amount of time compared to elsewhere. If you are looking for attentive and knowledgeable salespeople then choose stores that specialise in white good appliances or the specific item you are looking for. If you want a really easy shopping experience then shop online at the stores or go on Amazon. Amazon is great because you can see real-life consumer reviews and pictures which can really help you when choosing a product.

Current Sales and Great Deals to Grab

This week we have been shopping around on the net to help you find the best deals on appliances and after scrutinizing every single one here are the best on show this week and ones not to miss.

Current Sales and Great Deals to Grab
Current Sales and Great Deals to Grab

Sears outlet have currently 40% off all washers and dryers! We got all excited over this and one of the top discounts we found is this. The Electrolux front load washer with steam at 64% off. Customers rated this as an awesome washer and we have been waiting for it to pop up somewhere on sale and low and behold it has! Not only do we think this beats prices elsewhere but they have a sale on literally every appliance this month. If you are need of something whether it is a kettle or a fridge then check them out for some unique deals.

If you can’t find what you are looking for at Sears then check out WDC Appliances. The great thing about them is they do discount packages all year round and if you buy four appliances from the same make then you could save some serious money. Sign up on their site to get some extra special discounts as a member or browse their stores for the latest deals.

Shopping at the Right Store For you

So, now you are probably even more confused than you were to begin with. There is no perfect store to shop at and again it all depends on personal specifications and desires. If you go shopping and you know exactly what you want, choose a store that offers an unbeatable price. If you aren’t exactly sure what mark and model to get then choose a store that has help in-store who can advise you on what would be the best option for you. If you really don’t want the hassle of going out shopping then sit down one evening with a glass of wine and read through customer reviews on amazon on the products and appliances you are considering.

Think about the three important things when choosing where to buy your product. Customer service and help, price and location (for delivery of course). Some stores will deliver for free within a certain area and others will charge per the mile so always ask before you buy something because it could shoot the costs up a lot more than you expected. If you need help installing your appliance then a lot of stores offer this either free of charge or for a small charge when delivering so put forward your queries when in the store.

Always shop around for prices and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts, especially when buying more than one item. Most items are priced in store at their highest prices so when you ask they can afford to drop the price a little. The most important thing is to have fun shopping and come out the store satisfied and pleased with your purchase!