Month: October 2016

A Guide To Kohler Kitchen Faucet Parts

A Guide To Kohler Kitchen Faucet Parts Kohler has come a long way since they first began producing plumbing parts, taps and toilets and let’s be honest – they really are the best. Kohler is a worldwide notable brand that people simply love and we can’t get enough of them. Ever since 1883 they have been the leading brand around the world. They first designed a cast iron enameled bathtub which could also be used as a hog trough. If it wasn’t this that made them famous then it was certainly the one piece bath with an integrated apron...

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The Best Vacuum Sealers For Food Storage in 2017 (and more!)

The Best Vacuum Sealers For Food Vacuum food sealing is a contemporary way to create a food store or pantry. Everyone knows that food simply cannot stay fresh forever but with the right tools we can prolong this process and today modern technology has allowed us to keep our food fresher than ever. Currently available there are two different types of vacuum sealers, the countertop models and the handheld ones. Countertop sealers are made to be more durable and they offer stronger suction. The countertop models are more expensive than the handheld ones and they also take up more...

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All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Stove Tops

All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Stove Tops There is a huge difference between cooking on a gas cook top and an electric stove top. Many people choose to have electric stove tops because they are safer and cleaner to use and many homes don’t have the option to install a gas line in. Throughout our research we have come up with many great brands that have designed unique stove tops from the most traditional to the most modern, there is no best rated kitchen appliance brand because it all depends on what you are looking...

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All About Cooking Brown Rice in the Pressure Cooker

All About Cooking Brown Rice in the Pressure Cooker Not many people know that brown rice has huge health benefits. Most people think of rice as a carb which fills you up and makes for an easy meal. If you think that then think again because brown rice is known to reduce the risk of common illnesses like cancer, heart disease and arthritis because it is high in selenium. Brown rice is also rich in manganese which helps our nervous and reproductive system. It is also high in fiber and rich in antioxidants. Brown rice also makes for a...

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All About Electric Cooktops and Downdraft Options

All About Electric Cooktops and Downdraft Options Downdraft ventilation is all in and range hoods are all out, so what are really the pros and cons of downdraft cooktops and are they worth buying? Our experts have answered all the questions here. Downdraft cooktops are designed to maximise space in your kitchen and give your room an overall modern look without having hefty appliances like range hoods taking up room and space. A downdraft electric or gas stove top works in the same way as a range hood does with a few exceptions. Downdrafts come in two different versions...

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