Guide 101 – How Do You Make Juice?

Guide 101 – How Do You Make Juice?

If you have been following our posts about which juicers to buy, the best juicers for different fruits and veggies and our famous posts about the best vegetables and fruits to juice then read on to enthrall yourself in a more detailed guide on how to make juice. Today we cover the details on prepping your ingredients for juicing and then how to serve them to get the best fresh, homemade juice experience possible. If you prep those tasty, healthy ingredients before juicing properly then you will end up with a tastier juice and with less leftovers that you don’t know what to do with. Here is our list of how to prep what.

BLACK+DECKER  34oz Citrus Juicer, White, CJ625
List Price: $17.99
Price: $15.89
You Save: $2.10
Price Disclaimer
Apples Core your apples and remove the seeds before pushing through your juicer.
Apricots Rinse and slice in half to remove the pit.
Asparagus Rinse the stalks carefully and push through juicer, putting the bottom of the stalk through first.
Avocado You can blend your juices in a blender with an avocado to thicken it up, but never put an avocado in a juicer.
Bananas Similar to the avocado, never juice bananas! But feel free to blend your juices in a blender with a banana to thicken it up.
Beets (Beetroot) Peel your beets before juicing them! This will avoid the “earthy” taste that many people complain about after juicing an unpeeled beet. Depending on the size of your beets, slice to fit your juicer shoot. Juice your beet greens, too!
Bell peppers Rinse and remove the stem, but you can save time and forget removing the seeds – it’s fine to juice them. Cut to size and juice.
Blackberries Rinse in a strainer. They don’t keep well after being rinsed, so best to wash them the day you plan to juice them.
Blueberries Rinse in a strainer.
Broccoli After rinsing, juice it all. From the stalk to the head, you can receive many nutritional benefits from juicing broccoli.
Butter lettuce Rinse leaves individually, checking for dirt and sand. No need to remove the stems. Roll the leaves up and run through your juicer. Leafy greens move best through your juicer when followed by a harder fruit or vegetable, like apples, celery, or cucumbers.
Cabbage Green and red cabbage are great for juicing. Be sure to select a cabbage head that is firm with crisp leaves. Cut the cabbage in quarters, or smaller if needed, so it easily fits into the juicer shoot. If you don’t like the taste of beets, you can substitute red cabbage in any juice recipe that calls for beets.
Cactus pears Peel and cut to size if needed.
Cantaloupe (Rockmelon) Remove the rind, flesh and seeds before juicing this orange melon.
Carrots Rinse thoroughly before passing through the juicer and that’s it! You can juice your carrots with the greens and skins still on.
Celeriac (Celery root) Wash carefully, as grit can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of this hearty root vegetable. As with beets, if you don’t prefer an earthy taste, peel the celeriac first. Cut to fit your juicer.
Celery Rinse thoroughly and add entire celery stalk through the juicer (even the leafy tops).
Chard (Silverbeet) Rinse leaves individually, checking for dirt and sand. No need to remove the stems. Roll the leaves up and run through your juicer. Leafy greens move best through your juicer when followed by a harder fruit or vegetable, like apples, celery, or cucumbers.
Cherries Rinse and use a small paring knife to remove the small pits before juicing. Add a handful to your juicer at one time.
Chayotes Wash and chop to fit your juicer, then juice!
Collard greens These are a great leafy green, and can be used if kale (Tuscan cabbage) isn’t available. Wash the large leaves and roll up before juicing.
Cranberries Rinse and run through juicer. Make sure you juice them with something sweet because these are really tart…not like the commercial cranberry juice you buy in the store!
Cucumbers Cut the cucumber in half and use it to help push leafy greens through your juicer. No need to peel.
Dandelion Juice as you would any other leafy green – wash leaves and roll up. Push through with firmer produce. These have some bite to them, so use sparingly, or round off with a sweet and juicy fruit, like pineapple.
Eggplant I’ve never juiced eggplant and I don’t think I ever will! I think eggplant is best for eating.
Fennel bulbs Rinse and cut them to fit through your juicer and you’ll notice a slight flavor that might remind you of black licorice.
Grapefruit Peel and try to keep as much of the white pith on as possible since the pith contains nutrients that help your body absorb the vitamin C and other amazing antioxidants found in citrus fruits. Cut to fit your juicer and juice. You can keep the seeds in as they contain excellent nutrients too.
Grapes Wash your grapes, remove them from their stems, and add them through your juicer. Experiment with all color grapes.
Jicama Wash, slice, but don’t peel jicama before adding it to your vegetable juicer. The jicama juice will contain nutrients that were near the skin even after the skin’s been pulped away.
Kale (Tuscan cabbage) Use any kind – lacinato, red, green, purple, curly, etc. – and add the leafy green through your juicer after rinsing. It’s best to add 3 – 4 leaves at a time.
Kiwi (Kiwifruit) Peel and run through your juicer, seeds and all.
Leeks Keep the root and the green part on the leek, and slice in half the long way. Gently separate and rinse between the layers. Check for dirt or sand hiding between the layers.
Lemons Peel and try to keep as much of the white pith on as possible since the pith contains nutrients that help your body absorb the vitamin C and other amazing antioxidants found in citrus fruits. Cut to fit your juicer and juice. You can keep the seeds in as they contain excellent nutrients too.
Limes Peel, and try to keep as much as the white pith on as possible (you can use a peeler for that), since the pith contains nutrients that help your body absorb the vitamin C and amazing antioxidants found in citrus fruits. Cut to fit your juicer, and remove the seeds. If you have a centrifugal juicer, you can keep the seeds in. They contain excellent nutrients too.
Mangos Peel and cut spears of mango from the core. Makes a great tropical juice when mixed with pineapple! Also lends a great creamy texture to your juice.
Melons Cut into wedges and remove outer skin with a knife or peeler. You can juice these with seeds.
Mustard greens Juice these like you would any leafy green but definitely choose a small amount of mustard greens. This potent green will give a very strong taste and adds lots of spice. It will literally warm your insides.
Onions Go easy on these, as they can give your juices a super strong flavor. Some people prefer not to juice these at all. Peel papery skin and slice to fit your juicer, if needed. Onions are another one to start with a small amount, taste your juice, and add more if you like it. If eating raw onions bothers your stomach, you probably want to skip juicing them.
Oranges Peel and try to keep as much of the white pith on as possible since the pith contains nutrients that help your body absorb the vitamin C and other amazing antioxidants found in citrus fruits. Cut to fit your juicer and juice. You can keep the seeds in as they contain excellent nutrients too.
Papayas Cut in half and peel the skin. You can leave the seeds in to juice them.
Parsnips These are super easy, like carrots, especially if you have smaller or skinny ones. Just rinse and run through your juicer! If they’re larger, you may need to slice in half lengthwise. Use these to run leafy greens through your juicer.
Peaches Cut in half to remove the pit and juice.
Pears These can be juiced whole. Just wash and slice to fit your juicer, if needed.
Pineapples The heavier a pineapple is, the riper it is. Grab hold of the top and twist off. Slice into quarters, cut out the woody core, peel the skin, and juice.
Plums Wash and slice in half to remove the pit. These give your juice a gorgeous color with an antioxidant punch.
Pomegranate Here’s a trick for this tricky fruit: Fill a bowl up with water. Slice pomegranate in half without pulling the halves apart, and then submerge in the bowl of water to break it apart. This keeps the juice from squirting everywhere. Then, keeping it in the water, break the pomegranate into chunks and tease the seeds out. The white parts will float and the seeds will sink. Remove all the skin and the white parts from the top of the water and use a slotted spoon to remove the seeds. Then juice the seeds!
Radishes Just rinse and run through your juicer. Leave the root and stem on, but remove the leaves if they have any. Watch out! These can spice up your juice in a flash, so add small amounts at a time. If you’re feeling cold, adding these to your juice will warm you right up.
Raspberries Just rinse and juice. Add a little bit of lemon to a juice made with raspberries, or combine them with fresh peaches for a peach melba juice.
Romaine lettuce (Cos) Rinse leaves individually, checking for dirt and sand. Roll the leaves up and run through your juicer. Leafy greens move best through your juicer when followed by a harder fruit or vegetable, like apples, celery or cucumbers.
Scallions Just rinse and juice! No need to remove the roots or dark green parts because you can juice it all. These have a strong flavor, like onions, so start small.
Spinach Wash well because some bunches can have a lot of grit on them. Roll into a ball and run through your juicer using firm produce, like apples or carrots to help push the leaves through.
Squashes This goes for all squashes, including pumpkin and summer squashes: scrub and remove stem. If the skin is really tough and thick, you might want to peel it. Otherwise, slice and keep the seeds in (you get those extra cancer-fighting chemicals by keeping in the seeds), and juice.
Strawberries Delicious and sweet, they have a powerful flavor when you juice them – so just mix them with other berries, or maybe one or two other fruits. Just rinse and pop right in the juicer.
Sugar snap peas Rinse and run through juicer. These don’t have very high water content, so they’re not going to yield a lot of juice. Juice along with carrots to drink your peas and carrots!
Sweet potatoes Scrub and cut into chunks. Sweet potatoes make a delicious dessert juice.
Tangerines Peel and try to keep as much of the white pith on as possible since the pith contains nutrients that help your body absorb the vitamin C and other amazing antioxidants found in citrus fruits. Cut to fit your juicer and juice. You can keep the seeds in as they contain excellent nutrients too.
Tomatoes Wash and remove stem and any leaves. If they’re large, you may need to slice to fit your juicer. No need to take out the seeds. Fresh tomato juice is worlds away from that canned stuff!
Turnips Scrub and chop in chunks to fit your juicer. Turnips in a juice make a great drink for cooler weather when those tropical fruits aren’t in season!
Watermelon Makes an amazingly refreshing juice, especially in hot weather. Cut into wedges and remove the skin and rind. You can keep the seeds in.
Wheatgrass Some juicers are better at doing wheatgrass than others. If you’re just doing a small amount, any kind of juicer should be able to handle it. Rinse the wheatgrass, twist or roll into a ball, and push through with something juicy and firm, like apples. Gives a nice and strong green flavor to your juice, and provides lots of great green chlorophyll energy.
Zucchinis Scrub and cut off stem, but leave the other end on. These are great for pushing through greens.

See below the most recommended juicers in the market today:

ItemBreville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice ExtractorBLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup, BlackHamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor, BlackOmega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer - Black and ChromeJack Lalanne's 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer SLH90
ColorStainlessBlackBlackBlack and ChromeBlack
FeaturesExtra-wide 3-inch feeder chute can create 8oz. cup of juice in just 5 seconds. Stainless steel cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter to extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers.A high quality strainer and stainless steel blades, pulp is separated out while nothing but natural, nutritious juice is effortlessly strained into the 300-ml pitcher belowEasy to assemble and store - just insert the strainer and lock on the lid with latches. No special tools neededHigh juice yield; auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicingExtra large feeder accommodates most fruits and vegetables, removable, adjustable non-drip spout
Price145.99 USD34.98 USD52.96 USD269.10 USD64.79 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping

Different Herbs and Spices – How to Prep and Juice

Basil Carefully wash the leaves, removing any grit. If your basil seems very gritty, submerge in a bowl of cold water and swish around. Remove and rinse. To juice, tear the leaves off the stems and roll up. Push through with firmer produce.
Chinese 5-spice powder Don’t put this through your juicer!! Just sprinkle into your juice.
Cilantro (Coriander) Wash thoroughly. You can juice the stems and the leaves.
Cinnamon Don’t juice this either! Sprinkle ground cinnamon on juices with apple, pear and sweet potato.
Dill Rinse and pull the delicate fronds off the stem to juice.
Garlic The flavor is strong, and so are the benefits. Use fresh garlic and peel before running through juicer. Start with a small amount and taste your juice before adding more. Better to start small and add more than the other way around!
Ginger Peel your piece of ginger by cutting the size that you need for the juice and then take a spoon to peel the skin back. You can also use a knife to cut it but a spoon does the trick. Ginger doesn’t produce much juice but it does add a rich flavor so be careful not to go overboard.
Jalapeno (Chili pepper) Wash and juice. As you probably know, these are pretty spicy, so use with care!
Mint Wash thoroughly and remove leaves from stem before juicing. Goes great with pineapple, grapes, watermelon or strawberries.
Tarragon Gives a nice herbal flavor to vegetable juices. Wash and tear leaves off their woody stems before juicing.
Parsley Carefully wash the leaves, removing any grit. If it seems very gritty, submerge in a bowl of cold water and swish around. Remove and rinse. To juice, tear the leaves off the stems and roll up. Push through with firmer produce.

Serving Freshly Squeezed Juice

There are many ways you can serve juice but we prefer these tall, large glasses so you can really get a dose of healthiness. We also couldn’t help but be charmed by these neat glasses which look hand painted and will set off your mornings with a smile. If you want to go the extra mile then add a tropical stirrer like these below.

Always add some crushed ice to your juice and a slice of lime or lemon. Serve chilled and everyone will love your homemade juice and will want you to make it every day of the week, whatever the weather.

If you want to try something interesting then add some soda cans to the table to mix with the fresh juice. In addition to sodas, offer an array of fresh fruit juices during breakfast and lunch. In addition to the serving pitchers, display the actual fruit alongside the beverages. It offers a beautiful visual presentation and showcases the flavors in a fun way. We also love small shot glasses brimming with different juices. If you are having a party then this a great way for everyone to have a taste of something. Do some quirky recipes and mix and match different ingredients. Line them up on the buffet table and let everyone choose from yellow and green to pink and blue. You will be the talk of the neighbourhood after you try this! Whether you’re serving energizing juice shots in the morning or bold tequila shooters in the evening, individualized sips are a great grab-and-go option. They also give guests the chance to branch out and try new flavors and libations while networking.

If you want to go the extra mile then serve freshly made juice in coffee mugs on a saucer and add a slice of strawberry or an orange slice on the plate. This was taken from the idea that when you order coffee you get a biscuit with it so why not order juice and get a slice of fruit with it?

The Best Microwaves Under $100

The Best Microwaves Under $100

A good, powerful microwave can make all the difference in how a kitchen works and usually high-end priced microwaves can offer a lot of functions for the modern day kitchen. If you can’t afford the more expensive models then there are still some sleek, practical and affordable options available on the market. Today we are going to walk you through some of our favorites which are reliable and under the $100 budget. We have come up with a list of the top microwave which come under this price range and our team tries to test the products out before we actually post our reviews so you can trust us if you are looking for an honest opinion.

How To Choose A Microwave

If you already have budget in mind then there are still some things you need to think about when it comes to making your final choice. You need to think about the location, if you are looking for above the countertop or built in model then you will need to double your budget. For $100 consumers can find some compact microwaves which will fit onto the countertop. Think about the space you have left on your counters and where exactly you want to put. An inch or so can make a huge difference on space if you don’t have a lot of it.

Check out our list of the best microwaves under $100!

ItemRCA RMW733-BLACK Microwave Oven, 0.7 cu. ft., BlackDanby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave, Black/Stainless SteelWestinghouse WCM770B 700 Watt Counter Top Microwave Oven, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Black CabinetHamilton Beach 0.7 cu ft Microwave Oven (1, Black)RCA RMW733-WHITE Microwave, 0.7 cu. ft., White
Features700 Watts Output: 10 Power Levels
Glass Turntable
700 watts of cooking power, 10 power levels, Simple one-touch cooking for 6 popular uses10 cooking power levels provide great cooking flexibility
6 convenient quick cook settings include popcorn, baked potato, pizza, beverage, reheat and frozen dinner
10 power levels | 6 quick set menu buttons
Child-safe lockout feature | Kitchen timer/clock
RCA 0.7 Cubic Foot Microwave with Electronic Touchpad
700 Watts Output: 10 Power Levels
Price54.99 USD66.89 USD61.24 USD59.99 USD50.27 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping

You need to have a look at the different functions which microwaves offer. Even the most basic of options will have a time, a defrost mode, cooking time and various power levels. If you find one which has default settings then this could be better because it has settings programmed in such as pizza, popcorn and frozen dinner for example.

Always look into the design and the controls. Choosing something that is practical and easy to clean is always a better option and will cause a lot less stress. Look for something that doesn’t have small knobs as grease and dirt can get trapped and then they won’t function as properly over time. Here is what we have come up with, our teams top choice for microwaves under $100.

Kenmore Countertop Microwave 73092 Review

Voted as number one on our list we chose the Kenmore countertop version. Although this is a low-priced model it has been made with durable and high quality materials. This is average in size and will fit onto any kitchen top with ease. This has actually been designed by the company Sears but is powerful with a 900 watt motor and will even defrost large amounts of frozen meals.

In white, black or stainless steel this offers a different design for any kitchen decor. This model has ten different power levels which you can cook and heat various types of food in. The door can be opened with the traditional simple push-button and there is even a top rated feature, multi stage cooking. We fell in love with this model by Kenmore because they offer a modern design, easy to clean buttons and controls and have all the functions one looks for in a microwave and all around the $80 price range.

Danby Countertop Microwave Review

Coming up second on our list is the Danby countertop model. This is great because it is compact in size but not too small to get everything done that you need doing. Although less in power, only 700 watts it still offers enough heating power to heat your meals so you won’t be waiting too long. They have colored versions and a stainless steel model. The only difference is when you purchase the stainless steel model it comes with a door handle rather than a push button. The glass turnable inside is really easy to clean and dishwasher safe and it is fool proof with the easy controls. If you don’t want the smallest model at just $40 dollars then you can choose from four different sizes all under the price range of $100.

Danby DMW7700BLDB 0.7 cu. ft. Microwave Oven - Black
List Price: $89.99
Price: $52.87
You Save: $37.12
Price Disclaimer

This microwave has the one touch cooking option and again ten different power levels which make it even more popular. Danby make affordable equipment and appliances for the kitchen and we can’t find fault with the simple, stylish and affordable microwave.

Panasonic NN-SN651B Black 1.2 Cu. Ft Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

We chose this model as third on our list of runners-up because it comes only $5 above the $100 price range. Saying that Panasonic is a reliable and high quality company who have happy customers all around the world. This sleek microwave comes in black or white and is superb for the money. It will fit into any kitchen with ease and has a powerful wattage to get the heavy duty tasks done with 1200 watts. The inverter technology keeps the flavor in the food, doesn’t dry it out and has a turbo defrost option. The controls are set on a flat panel so you don’t have to worry about dirt and it comes with all the modern settings and power control options that one needs in a microwave. Panasonic offer affordable quality for the whole family and have designed extra features like a child safety lock, a keep warm feature and even a delay start feature. We have talked about this model in one of our previous posts, we really can’t get enough of it and the constant repetition is a hint at our boss to buy us one for the workplace!

Westinghouse WCM660W 600 Watt Countertop Microwave Oven, 0.6 Cubic Feet, White

If you are looking for something simpler, even more affordable and somewhat traditional then go with the Westinghouse model. You can buy this in either white or black but is a lot more reliable than the computer programmed microwaves. The only thing we don’t like are the knobs but they can be taken off to clean. This model has six convenient cooking levels and a simple 30 minute timer. The grip handle makes it easy to open and close the door with ease and it offers still enough power for your needs at 600 watts.

This straightforward version of the microwave is incredibly easy to maintain and keep clean which is why it is such a popular option. This is our top pick for no fuss microwaves.

Finally Making The Choice…

We chose these four microwaves out of about twenty because of a number of reasons and we based our choice on design, function, power and other customer reviews. We try to offer equality when it comes to reviewing products and we also try to not listen to the negative reviews. We go into the process open minded so we can offer our readers an honest opinion. If you are now finally making the choice then trust our picks which will give you the best value for money but still offer you a modern design to your kitchen. A lot of hotels and bed and breakfasts like these more affordable versions and next time you drop into a hotel then check out to see if the room has a microwave. More often than not you will find one of these models there – this is a great way to try before you buy!

We do think that if you increase your budget to $200 then you will probably get an even more modern, reliable model microwave and sometimes the thing to do is pay more to save more in the future. Many people like to buy the cheapest appliances they can find but end up disappointed. Don’t forget that the more you pay, the more you get. A microwave needs to be durable because of the heating process, it needs to be made of high quality materials so it doesn’t warp or even explode. Be assured though that all electrical appliances have to be certified before being set on the market so you know you and your family will be safe with whatever choice you make. We hope our article today has been of use and don’t forget to come back because our next posts are even more interesting!

The Best Blenders To Crush Ice

The Best Blenders To Crush Ice

During the time that we spend reviewing and testing various blenders we have come across many questions which our readers ask us, like what is the blender for money? What is the best blender for milkshakes? We try to answer every question professionally and with a lengthy post which gives you all the details you need to know about whatever it is you are asking us.

Today we are going to be talking about the best blenders which crush ice. It is great to have a powerful blender anyway to get through those hard carrots or cabbage heads but ice seems to be a popular thing to blend. We have even got some some great recipes for cocktails with crushed ice, milkshakes and blended smoothies with ice for those hot summer months. You can check those out on our previous posts. It might sound a little strange that we actually want to help you choose the right products but that is why we are here and we want to provide you with valuable information which is actually of use to you. Today we have looked into various blenders which claim to blend ice, but here comes the million dollar question. Do they? Find out more below.

Come and check out the top blenders to choose from as listed below:

ItemMagic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer SystemHamilton Beach Stay or Go Blender with 32-Oz Jar, 2 Personal Single Serve 16-Oz Jars & 8-Oz Chopper, Black (52400)BLACK+DECKER BL1110RG FusionBlade Blender with 6-Cup Glass Jar, 12-Speed Settings, Red BlenderOster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed NickelHamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, Black (51101BA)
ColorGreyBlackRedBrushed NickelBlack
FeaturesEffortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakesPulse action for chopping control, All of the included containers are made of shatterproof Tritan that is crystal clear, lightweight, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free12 Speeds + Pulse - Find the perfect blending power for everything from sauces to smoothies with 12 speed settings. The pulse function lets you create the perfect consistency700 power watts/450 blending watts
Crush Pro 4 Blade uses stainless steel, 4-point design to pulverize and chop with precision
14-oz. blending jar also functions as portable travel cup that fits most car drink holders
Price79.99 USD22.39 USD26.93 USD42.72 USD16.21 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree Shipping


How Do I choose The Blender which I know Will Crush Ice?

This is an important question and one which we have asked ourselves. It all boils down to the fact that the blender in question has to be strong and have durable blades to crush its way through ice. Basically it needs to withstand the pressure – out of all the blenders we reviewed we only found two which beat the ice crushing test and those are the Vitamix and the Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004. Sadly to say we actually tried one that claimed to blend ice but it all just fell apart at our hands. We will show you that model so you can avoid it! Let’s begin by explaining to you how we tested our blenders and the results we got.

Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004)

When we talk about Ninja Master Prep we are talking about something amazingly affordable at around $40 and something amazingly awesome which actually gets the job done. We weren’t too sure how reliable this blender would be when it came to crushing ice because of the price but it exceeded our expectations.

We decided to try blending frozen food first and it did so with speed and less noise than others we have tried. We gave the first test a thumbs up. Our team then decided we would make some cocktails (don’t tell the boss) in which we added a lot of ice and huge hard chunks of them. Needless to say everyone on the team was a bit sceptic. We had this small, compact blender which is great for money and we had just overloaded it with ice. It actually worked and we all enjoyed a round on the boss. We love this blender for so many reasons apart from the fact that it got through ice and several times at that.

There is so many great features that we just can’t fault it. All the parts are dishwasher safe and with the purchase of the blender you get three different sized jars. It has an anti-spill splashguard, easy flip pour spouts and is designed with a super modern blade technology. It has actually never been easier to chop, blend and store all those yummy ingredients. It has a unique design which looks great in any kitchen and is compact enough that you can store in under the counter when you don’t need it.

Customer reviews are all top reviews and many say that this is a professional gem hidden amongst household appliances. We totally agree and we will be using ours for all our ‘work’ drinks, milkshakes, smoothies and soups. If you want something practical, something sturdy, something safe, something well designed, something that crushes ice with ease and something super affordable then grab the Ninja.

Vitamix 1782 TurboBlend, 2-Speed

The Vitamix turboblend is another blender that gets the job done but is more bulky and more expensive that the Ninja Master Prep. If you want a blender that you are going to use every day and keep it in one place – on the countertop – then the Vitamix is probably the right choice. This model comes with a 2 peak horsepower motor so depending on what you are blending or mixing you have two options to choose from. It has a locking lid design, a massive 64 ounce container, a patented tamper tool for mixing thick or hard ingredients and a cool recipe book.

Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed Blender, Black
List Price: $378.95
Price: $378.95
Price Disclaimer

Again all the parts are dishwasher safe and it comes with a five year warranty. The blades are stainless steel which make them super durable but the design itself could be a little more sleek. Some people like this style, black and tall. This is great if you are blending, crushing and mixing for a family of five but is probably a little too big if you are doing the solo blending thing.

Our team enjoyed testing out this blender and probably because we got more cocktails out of it but besides the point it did what we set it out to do and that was crush ice, a lot of it.

The Blender That Didn’t Work

As it goes we always fail in our review and don’t always choose the best ones to write about and this was one of those moments. The Bon Appetit Dual Action Power Blender with Metal Drive 1.3HP 8 Blade was a disaster and there was just too much wrong with it. We thought this would come out tops when it came to crushing ice but looks can fool my friends. This is one of those mid-range priced blenders which claims to do more than what your normal blender would do. This blender was a huge failure and left us with massive chunks of our ice in our smoothies. They couldn’t really be called smoothies though as they were full of chunks of fruit and veg as well. The cleaning up process on this model was even more difficult and it had a lot of nooks and crannies that you could probably only get into with a cotton bud.

For what we paid out on this model we were really disappointed with what it gave us and we were really surprised that the blender priced beneath this was a hundred times better. We have come to the conclusion that Bon Appetit do some great stuff for the kitchen but they lack in their blenders. Either way we say don’t go for this model because you will end up having a huge headache. We called the company and explained our situation, they were polite and friendly and did apologise but sadly they couldn’t do anything about it. They couldn’t return our money or swap it for another product so we now have a blender which is gathering dust in our cupboard at work. Anyway, we shall just move on to bigger and better things.

At Least We Had Fun!

Our team had great fun reviewing these blenders and every one of us came up with something to chuck in the blender. Some of the mixed cocktails tasted a bit funny though. We had a weird mix of kiwi, whiskey, vodka, ice, spinach and blueberry as one of them. We even thought that we could do this on a more regular basis – have everyone bring in one blending product, blend it all together and enjoy the effects of it after! Please do take note though, we don’t actually recommend using that recipe as it need cause an alcohol fueled debate between two colleagues!

Have fun and enjoy blending, but make sure you buy the right one!