Best Juicers for Whole Fruits and Vegetables

Juicers are different to blenders and give a whole new meaning to smooth juice. When choosing one there are so many things to consider it can become quite a daunting and exhausting experience. As ever, our team are here to help and we are committed to making your experience as stress free and easy as possible.

First of all we have actually come to the conclusion that juicers that work on a slow juicing process are better than the quicker ones because they help keep the nutrients in the juice. We also have worked out that a quieter model is better if you have a kitchen space which is near other areas because the noisy models can wake up sleeping babies, drown out conversation and get so annoying that they end up being left in the cupboard and never get used.  When you buy a juicer you want something that is practical, has different juicing functions, has a wide spout for whole fruits and vegetables, has a good warranty on it and is good value for money. You might not believe there is such a juicer out there but we have come up with more than one! Read on to find out more.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

Coming up first on the list is Breville Juice Fountain. The first thing that grabbed our eye is the design and the price. At first we thought maybe the retailers had made a mistake but they proved us wrong and at an amazing 4.5 out of 5 star review from over 2000 customers we thought we had to try it out for ourselves.




See the Best Juicers for Whole Fruits and Vegetables

ItemJack Lalanne's 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer SLH90BELLA 13694 High Power Juice Extractor, Stainless SteelKitchenAid KVJ0111OB Maximum Extraction Juicer, Onyx BlackCuisinart CJE-500BW Compact Juice Extractor, Black WrinkleThe Nutri-Stahl Juicer Machine - 700W Multi-Speed Easy to Clean Fruit & Vegetable Extractor
FeaturesDishwasher safe parts- 800 Watts and Chute for fruits and veggies is 2.8 inches wideNon skid feet prevent the juicer from sliding on countertopIncludes 3-in-1 adjustable pulp screen, ceramic disc, BPA-free juice pitcher with foam control lid, pulp container, cleaning brush; 1 year warrantyJuice Pitcher holds up to 16 ounces of juice, and can be replaced for uninterrupted juicingHigh Efficiency Stainless Steel Micro Blade for Speedy Juicing
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To wrap up this juicer in a few sentences we love that is has centered blade assembly, it operates for maximum extraction but on a slower setting, it has an extra large three inch feeding tube so you can get chunks of fruit and veggies in there and it is dishwasher safe with a one year guarantee.

We also couldn’t help but notice that is compact in size compared to other models meaning it will take up less counter space but gets the task of juicing done just as well. The cutting discs are made from titanium which makes it extra durable and has an added stainless steel micromesh filter. It doesn’t leave the pulp as wet and soggy but more like sawdust which really helps for clean up after juicing but also means you are getting the best out of your food produce. The overall stainless steel appearance makes it modern and classic for any kitchen decor and is easy to wipe down in the event of a juicing disaster!

Try this juice drink that will give you wings – For a quick boost try this juice packed with some superfood ingredients! Great for those mornings when you don’t feel like going to work!

Ingredients –  

  • 1 medium beet (beetroot)
  • 1 cup (150 g) blueberries
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 handful of arugula (rocket)


Wash all produce well. Peel the beet. Juice spinach and arugula first then add berries, cucumber and lastly beet. Enjoy!

You can also use these substitute ingredients as well –

  • Beet – red cabbage, tomato
  • Blueberries – blackberries, purple grapes, red grapes
  • Cucumber – zucchini, celery
  • Spinach – chard, kale, romaine
  • Arugula – kale, collard greens, mustard greens

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Rose Gold

We are totally in love with this golden rose slow juicer by Hurom. They design their juicers with function and health in mind so you can get the best out of juicing. We also couldn’t hide the fact that you can make ice cream from frozen ingredients with this model! Although more expensive it is worth the investment if you are planning on using it several times a day and you need it to be durable, long lasting and able to get through your fruits and vegetables produce.

If you are looking for both modern and stylish beauty then this is the one to go for because its streamlined look which is slimmer at the back means it will fit perfect onto any countertop space. It is designed with smooth curves which give it a unique look and it is made from materials which won’t rust. It rotates at a speed of 43 revolutions per minute which will ensure that your juice retains all the healthy ingredients and natural nutrients it should. Hurom have spent decades optimising their juicers so you can get the best tasting juice when using them. This particular model comes with a control lever and both fine and coarse strainers so you can control the amount of pulp you want depending on personal tastes. You will get bone dry pulp every single time which means no extra waste either it is a juicer that is versatile. It will juice fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and even soybeans so you can create healthy juices, milk and even tofu. Did we mention it also makes ice cream?


Did we mention it also makes ice cream?

Make Ice Cream in your Juicer – To make the banana ice cream, you freeze bananas and then, through a marvel of your juicers homogenizing function, transform them into a miraculously smooth, ice-cream like treat. With no sugar or cream, it’s all banana in flavor and texture, with even that fun, slightly gummy mouthfeel of a fresh banana. So simple, brilliant and good. Then you can move on to bigger and better things like these.

1) The Choco-coco: Mix in coconut and carob chips or powder.

2) Berry Banana: Mix in whole berries to the banana ice cream or freeze them too, adding them to the juicer the way you do the bananas.

3) Nutty-B: Process cashews and/or peanuts through the juicer just after you process the bananas. It will make a nut butter topping.

4) Pecan Pie: Add whole pecans as a topping, a drizzle honey and sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

5) Peachy cream: Chopped up peaches mixed in the whip makes a super nice dessert.

6) Apple Pie: Mix in chopped up fresh apples and mashed graham crackers.

7) Banana sundae: Since we’ve already got the banana down, top it off with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and whipped cream.

8) Raisin craze: Mix in raisins, prunes and your favorite dried fruit for a fiber filled treat.

9) Pineapple-Lime: Chopped up pineapples, a squeeze of lime and a drizzle of honey on top of the whip go together nicely.

10) Strawberry-nana: Top your whip off with some strawberry chunks, and a drizzle of brown rice syrup as a sauce.

So Much to Make With A Juicer

If you do decide to get a Hurom model juicer then be aware that it is basically the mercedes benz in the juicing world and there is so much more you can do with a juicer than just juice. We have already stated above that you can make ice cream with it – it will come out the pulp tube though and aside from this and juice there are also so many other great things you can make. A good way of making use of the leftover pulp is to make face masks with it. You can make salsa dips, milk from nuts and even dog treats. Pulp burgers are also becoming more and more popular and sorbet and evening cocktails won’t go amiss either.

Best juicer for whole fruits and vegetables

Best juicer for whole fruits and vegetables

Keep on following us because next week our team is going to post some great ideas on how to use the pulp to make these wonderful things and they are currently working on different ways to use the pulp so you don’t have to throw it in the trash can. Who ever thought that a juicer could do something other than juicing? Don’t forget that blenders work differently to juicers and if you are trying to choose between the two then we recommend both because they both function in two entirely different ways.

Check out this demonstration of a hurom juicer so you can see it in practice before you purchase!