Getting Started

Shopping for your hot dog cooker specialty kitchen appliances can be confusing, especially with the wide variety of options to choose from!  Being able to properly identify what you want from your hot dog cooker is the first step in purchasing a hot dog cooker that’s right for you (or your business)!

Below are 5 of the best hot dog cookers on the market today:

Top Hot Dog Cookers

Product/Recipe BookYesYesYesNoNo
NameSmart Planet HDS1 Steam-O-Matic Hot Dog Steamer, RedHot Dog Express Countertop Hot Dog Electric CookerWaring Pro HDG150 Professional Hot Dog GrillerCuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog SteamerRollerDog Big 18 Stainless Steel Hotdog Roller with Drip Tray
BrandSmart PlanetAs Seen On TvWaringCuiZenRollerDog
Max Capacity
(Hot Dogs Cooked At Once)
88 6 24 16

Analyzing Best Hot Dog Cooker Specialty Kitchen Appliances

Now that you’ve glanced over our table and learned the basics about these hot dog cookers, it’s time to get a more in depth look at them. Keep in mind, understanding the differences between each hot dog cooker is essential to picking one that’s right for you.  Let’s jump in!

Smart Planet HDS1 Steam-O-Matic Hot Dog Steamer

This hot dog cooker is one of the highest rated available, with the sole knock on it commonly being the cheap plastic material the cooker is made of.  As for it’s actual function, this cooker has gotten almost unanimously good reviews.  Particularly good for keeping buns perfectly golden brown, this hot dog cooker can make up to 8 hot dogs in just 5 minutes!  This makes it absolutely perfect for anyone looking for a delicious dinner on the go.




Hot Dog Express Countertop Hot Dog Electric Cooker

This hot dog cooker is as multi-functional as it gets. Not only can it make perfectly cooked hot dogs, but it can also prepare things like: hamburgers, kielbasas, sausages, and other meats!  The adjustable 30 minute timer allows for convenient cooking without having to check constantly on your dinner.  It can cook up to 8 hot dogs in an average of 10 minutes, and easy cleaning is one of the most commonly mentioned benefits in customer reviews.

Waring Pro HDG150 Professional Hot Dog Griller

This hot dog cooker can be used both for commercial purposes or for personal use at home!  An easy slide out tray can be cleaned in your dishwasher, and many users have reported that they can make sausages and other meats using this hot dog cooker specialty kitchen appliance as well!  Satisfied customers of this cooker rave about its incredible cooking quality.

CuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog Steamer

If you’re looking to cook hot dogs in bulk in a domestic setting, this is the cooker for you.  Up to 24 hot dogs can be made in just 12 minutes, and consumers have nothing but positive things to say about this steamer’s cooking quality.  Featuring a throwback design, this hot dog cooker specialty kitchen appliance also includes a recipe book for fun and different hot dog dinner ideas!



Roller Dog RDB18SS Big 18 Hot Dog Roller

This is the most expensive hot dog cooker of our bunch, but for good reason.  This is recommended as a strictly commercial purchase. Made of 100% durable stainless steel, this cooker is going to last you a long, long time if you treat it right.  The stainless steel is wiped easily for convenient cleaning, and the non-stick rollers rotate a full 360 degrees for even cooking of all hot dogs.  You can turn the heat down to low and keep the hot dogs cooked and warm for hours so that they’re ready and delicious for any of your customers!

Wrapping It In A Bun

These are 5 of some of the top hot dog cooker specialty kitchen appliances available on the market today, but they’re not the only options.  Doing thorough research on your own and being aware of all your options is always a good strategy to maximize your chance of happiness with your purchase.  Another great strategy is to be positive what you want out of your cooker and to compare those wants with a product’s customer reviews!  Using the information learned here will make purchasing a great hot dog cooker specialty kitchen appliances a breeze!