Just Heating Up

Consumers looking to diversify their kitchens may one day ask themselves this classic question: what is an induction cooktop?   This alternative cooking appliance has slowly gained a reputation as not only the most energy-efficient way of heating your food, but also the most thorough!  Having an induction cooktop as opposed to an electric or gas range is becoming an increasingly popular trend.

What Is An Induction Cooktop?

An induction cooktop is an alternative, far more energy-efficient cooktop for those looking to change up their kitchen.  Induction cooktops work in a pretty cool way!  These cooktops use ‘magnetic induction’ as opposed to the more conventional ‘thermal conduction’ to heat and cook your meals.  While this may sound technical and confusing, it’s actually easy to understand when broken down into steps:

  1. A copper coil is placed in the burner beneath your pot
  2. Alternating electric current is passed through the coil, causing the coil to start emitting a magnetic field.
  3. This magnetic field causes things called “eddy currents” to hit your pot.  The higher setting you turn your induction cooktop to, the more eddy currents you’re unleashing on your pot!
  4. When eddy currents meet materials with extreme resistance (like stainless steel, what most of our pots and pans are made of), heat is created!  How much?  That depends on the amount of eddy currents and the exact resistance of your pot.  Rest assured, it’s enough to bring water to boil in under 5 minutes!

Great…But Which Induction Cooktop Is For Me?

Finding the right induction cooktop can seem overwhelming at first, especially since most people aren’t entirely familiar with induction cooktops to begin with.  However, this stressful and overwhelming feeling doesn’t have to be there.  The first step is to identify what you plan on using your induction cooktop for, and what you want out of your new appliance.  Once you have those things, you’re ready to start researching online and compare!  Here are 5 of the top rated induction cooktops on the market to get you started:

Top Induction Cooktops

ColorStainless SteelBlackBlackBlackBlack

NameGE Profile PHP9036SJSS 36" Built-in Induction Cooktop with 5 Elements Digital Touch Controls Keep-Warm Setting and Kitchen Timer in Black with Stainless Steel
Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop
Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction Cooktop, Black
True Induction S2F2 Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient
Ivation 1800 Watt Portable Induction Countertop Cooktop Burner, Easy Clean Glass Top w/Touch Button Control
BrandGEBoschOventeTrue InductionIvation
Weight44 lbs41 lbs13.3 lbs11.2 lbs7.4 lbs

GE Profile PHP9036SJSS 

This induction cooktop is one of the highest rated and best reviewed on the market.  Parents are constantly praising it for its clever child lock safety feature, but far more people are talking about its remarkable cooking times.  Most induction ovens will leave its electric and gas range counterparts in the dust, but this particular induction cooktop is as speedy as it gets.  Thorough cooking in no time, this induction cooktop is for the serious cook who will be using it often.  Cleaning is also extremely easy on this cooktop according to customer reviews.

Bosch NIT5066UC 

This range’s most oft-quoted perk is its consistent dependability.  Many of the customer reviews are from people who have had this induction cooktop for years and it continues to serve them as faithfully as it did the day they bought it.  The cooktop wipes off easily for an extremely convenient clean and the sleek, modern design is sure to impress anyone who passes through your kitchen.  While this is one of the more expensive cooktops on our list, its many cool features like RapidBoil technology make it worth the investment.

Ovente BG62B

The Ovente BG62B  is a dual-burner portable induction cooktop perfect for those with a smaller home or those who need a dependable and quality cooktop on the go.  Ovente is a smaller company but what they lack in market share they more than make up for in customer service.  One user left a review on Ovente’s website and received a new induction cooktop with her recommended modifications made.  Free! If that’s not customer service, I don’t know what is.  Their stoves are equally as impressive at a price most people can afford!

True Induction S2F2

This cooktops smooth ceramic glass cooktop defines easy to clean.  One washcloth wipe and this cooktop is going to shine like the first day you bought it.  True Induction has a policy of making their controls (for all their appliances!) simple and intuitive so that anyone can operate their new appliance with ease.  The power maximizing technology truly highlights the cooking speed of most induction cooktops! The sole knock on this cooktop is the cooling fans are a bit noisy, so be aware of that if this cooktop seems like it could be for you!

Ivation 1800

This cooktop is for those typically cooking for one.  This cooktop is a single burner portable cooktop weighing in at a shockingly low 7.7 lbs, which means you can take this anywhere.  The touch screen display is ultra high-tech and convenient for those with an aptitude for understanding technology.  The fan and motor are constantly praised for their low level of noise, and consumers rave about this cooktops several top safety features.  Just remember this cooktop only has one burner, so it may not be the best for those who need to prepare large meals for families.

Putting Out The Flame

So, what is an induction cooktop?  It could be the answer to your cooking needs.  Although induction cooktops can sometimes seem expensive in comparison to their electric or gas counterparts, the outstanding energy efficiency will save you far more in the long run.  Each of these outstanding induction cooktops can help you find a cheaper and more thorough way to create amazing dinners for you!