All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Stove Tops

Electric stove tops

A Ceramic Cooktop

There is a huge difference between cooking on a gas cook top and an electric stove top. Many people choose to have electric stove tops because they are safer and cleaner to use and many homes don’t have the option to install a gas line in. Throughout our research we have come up with many great brands that have designed unique stove tops from the most traditional to the most modern, there is no best rated kitchen appliance brand because it all depends on what you are looking for and what your specifications are. Everyone also knows that after a few cooking sessions your cooktop won’t look as brand new and shiny as it did. We have based our reviews on maintaining looks and their overall performance. If you are looking for some inspiration then read on to find out all you need to know about the best electric stove tops.

Choosing The Right Cooktop For You

When changing your kitchen choosing the right cooktop is a vital point in making your kitchen work for you. There are many things you need to consider first before purchasing. The stove area is the most focal point of the kitchen so you will want to choose a stove top that is sleek in design and fits into the allotted space perfectly. When thinking about the look consider the worktop color and the cabinet color as well because you can choose to have a cooktop in stainless steel, black or even white. The overall look will be one of the things which make or break a modern and contemporary look. Think about the size you really need because if you do a lot of cooking a two top stove might not be enough for what you need. Do you want to go with the smart touch technology or do you want the traditional cooktops with knobs to turn? There are so many to choose from in so many sizes it can become quite overwhelming sometimes. Here is what we consider to be the best.

The Best Electric Stove Tops

We have made a list of the best electric stove tops to help you decide on your next purchase. See the chart below:

ItemLG LCE3610SB 36" Black Electric Smoothtop CooktopVerona VECTIM304 30" Electric Induction 4 Element Cooktop in BlackBosch NET8666SUC 800 36"Bosch NEM5466UC500 24" Black Electric Smoothtop CooktopFrigidaire FFEC3205LS 32" Electric Cooktop, Stainless
Weight43 pounds36 poundsNo informationNo information25 pounds
Size22 x 36.7 x 4 inches25 x 34 x 7 inchesNo informationNo information20.2 x 32.2 x 3.8 inches
Price895.10 USD1,699.00 USD984.10 USD1,078.70 USD537.99 USD
ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingFree ShippingDiscounted ShippingFree Shipping
LG LCE3610SB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

We really love LG’s design when it comes to stove tops and we are really in love with these Smooth Touch controls. It has a child lock and indicator lights which make it really safe and has five different sized burners helping you bring out the professional cook inside of you! If you want something that matches your LG fridge and microwave then you should go for this. A little on the expensive side and will probably be out of your budget but in the long run it is worth the investment because this cooktop gives a clean look to your kitchen and will hide away with the countertops. LG have made their products easy to install and easy to use. Their power options on this cooktop are like no other model before and they strive to prove excellence which they have clearly done with this appliance. It distributes heat evenly and makes every meal a perfect meal.

Verona VECTIM304 30″ Electric Induction 4 Element Cooktop in Black

If you want something even more expensive then go for the Verona. This sleek black cooktop will do all the hard work for you. It has beautiful controls which were designed with true elegance and precision. It also features patented Peacock control sliding bar for power-level selection and fast boil with automatic power reduction. In comparison with the LG cooktop is has a similar style but more features which is what you are paying the extra money for. We love both and both have great customer reviews but if you want to cook a lot then go for the Verona which gives you more options. If you want a larger stovetop that allows you to cook more and one that maybe matches similar appliances then go for the LG.

If you are wondering how to clean a glass stove top without it scratching and deforming then check out this amazing video!

Bosch Electric Cooktops

We really love Bosch as an appliance brand and they seem to make reliable and long lasting products. Bosch have a few cooktops that we love and the first one which stands high on our list is this one. The Bosch NET8666SUC 800 36″ in black. This slimline stovetop has chrome and stainless steel trimming which really finish the edges off. It has five different cooking zones and one of them has a bridge element. It has a zone countdown timer and a heat indicator and we love the controls and the smart display pad. It is easy to use and is a cooktop that is used by beginners and professionals.

Bosch also do a small version. The Bosch NEM5466UC500 24″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop which is perfect for smaller kitchens. This stovetop has the same modern look as the newer models but keeps in with tradition with the knobs and controls which are all detachable and dishwasher safe. We also like the price and think it is good value for money. Really, you can count on Bosch for all your appliances which is why we always recommend them and their stovetops are simply modern and sleek and we can’t get enough of them.

GE JP3030TJWW 30″ White Electric Smoothtop Cooktop

If you want a compact stovetop in white then go for this GE model which is easy to use, easy to clean and will give your kitchen that airy and contemporary look it deserves. This is in the mid price range and we think it is also great value for the quality you get. If you want something a little more regular without all the fancy smart displays then it is worth looking at an appliance like this. This one has just four elements to cook on but is practical and sleek.

Frigidaire FFEC3205LS 32″ Electric Cooktop, Stainless

If you want something in the average price range and something a little more futuristic looking then go for this model in stainless steel by Frigidaire. At 32” you will have enough space to do everything you need to do. This brand is a well-known brand and well we simply can’t help but notice the amazing customer reviews this stovetop has received either. It has four coil heating elements, a brushed chrome surface and ready select controls which are easy to clean.

This model is really easy to clean and really easy to install which is why we suggest it. If you are looking for a stainless steel worktop then this is the one to get and we really can’t find fault with it. We also love the overall look this top emanates and well let’s be honest it is really modern-looking as well.

White, Stainless Steel or Black?

Electric stove tops

If all your appliances are white then go for white. If you have a modern kitchen with black and stainless steel then go for either one.

If you can’t decide on which color and style to go for then check out similar kitchens and have a look round for some inspiration. If all your appliances are white then go for white. If you have a modern kitchen with black and stainless steel then go for either one. You will also want to make sure it doesn’t clash with your counter tops and the color of your cabinets. If you have a traditional wood kitchen then white would go best, if you have granite counter tops with sleek cabinets that are one color then go for black to make it pop. As we said it all depends on personal specifications and needs and there is no one top stovetop but we really like the ones we listed above. They are all trustworthy, durable, reliable and handsome. All these stove tops are great value for money and all the brands are brands which we love overall for appliances. Don’t forget if you can’t install it yourself then call in the professionals as it will save you a lot of headache in the long run.