Can I dry my Cat with a Hair Dryer

Can I dry my Cat with a Hair Dryer?

Most people are quite familiar with using a hair dryer. Sometimes, I personally wonder why it is necessary since a moment’s wait can help your hair or the hair of your pet to dry. However, I got I developed a different perspective of the necessity to dry hairs after washing when I realized that this process reduces split ends and the general outlook of the hair. It is also a fact that blow-drying your natural hair actually promotes healthy hair growth and volume. It also helps to keep split ends away from your hair strands, in the same way, that reduces tangles.


More importantly, a hair dryer is a pet-friendly machine. Some say that the tickle it gives your cat is stimulating to them, while others hold the opinion that it causes them irritation. However, from experience, a hairdryer will aid in drying your pet’s fur as a soft cotton ball as well as keeping it warm and cushy

The Various Ways in Which You May Dry Dry Your Cats 


It is a popular opinion that some cats should not be dried by a dryer but before you adopt this perspective to treating your cats, you should first figure out the particular reactions of your cat to a hair dryer. Some cats find it really irritating while others find it more irritating when they aren’t dried quickly after they have just had a bath. For the latter category, the quieter the dryer, the better it is for the cat. Regardless, for the most part of it, cats do not really mind being dried they just get a lot of irritation and discomfort from the noise of your hair dryer or the forced air on their face and whiskers. In a nutshell, you need to get familiar with the cat that you grom to understand why the drying method will suit them best. 

Towel Drying 


Towel drying is a healthy alternative to blow-drying. You can use a towel warmer to heat your cat in order to lessen the chill coming straight out of the bath. This process really helps a cat stay calm- All you need to do is, wrap the kitty up in the warmed towel, sit him on your lap for a few minutes,s and when you discover that the towel is saturated, you can replace it with another warm towel. This process will indeed help absorb a lot of water really quickly thereby drying the fur of your cat at a faster rate. 


Towel Drying is indeed effective, especially when you are dealing with certain cat breeds. One of them is a Rex. The fur of a Rex is very similar in texture to a permed human hair, as such, you can only achieve those admirable curls when you towel dry the hair and comb it through with a flea comb. If you were to blow dry their fur in this case, their curls will certainly be blown out; you don’t want to do that. 


More importantly, for cats that appear too fragile for blow-drying- The scared or physically fragile cats, it is necessary to prefer towel drying to keep them happy.


Handheld Dryer 


A handheld dryer has a 5-speed velocity. It also has 5 heating levels. There are flexible groomer arms that can clip on your table and clamp the hand held in place for convenience, acting similar to a stand dryer. You can use this dryer to dry your cat conveniently especially if it is a quiet multi-level dryer for human use.


Stand Dryers


The stand dryer can be your best friend in the salon. Its maneuverability, different heat settings, and adjustable directional drying capabilities make this piece of equipment well worth the investment that you would make in purchasing one. Stand dryers are one of the quietest dryers on the market. However, it may not be a great fit for cats. 


High-Velocity Dryers 


Generally speaking, high-velocity dryers are not good for drying cat furs. The exceptional situations where they are permissible arise when the cat in question is not the kind to be easily fazed by high wind and some dryer noise. Again, it is important that you observe the reaction of your cat to these things to know what conditions they will find suitable. Some cats can be so distressed that they poop all over you if they are exposed to these harsh conditions- don’t put them through such!

Cage Dryers

This may turn out to be an unpopular opinion but I believe cage dryers are significantly more humane than high-velocity dryers. However, this does not suddenly make cats love the wind they avoid in other dryers. Cage dryers in fact produce the same wind but when this happens, the cat can escape the direct range of the wind for another spot in the cage more secure and safe. A defect to prepare for, when using a cage dryer is a little less efficient drying. If you choose to keep your cat on for a longer time, their fur may dry up completely, as you desire but the cat may not like that atmosphere. Hence, to make the condition a bit more bearable for them, turn your heat setting to a slightly low point, and this is a necessary precaution to take regardless of the kind of dryer you use.


As we know, most cats can benefit from a bath, so let’s keep them as calm as possible during the drying process. Take a couple of minutes to allow the cat to adjust to drying by holding and reassuring them. Remember, these kitties have a mind that never forgets or forgives us if we push them past their tolerance level. Take a few minutes and help the cat be as peaceful as possible. Who knows, you may even get a sandpaper kiss at the end

How to Use a Hairdryer for your Hair

A hairdryer seems like a pretty easy device to use but there is a little technicality involved. For you to have a great experience using a hairdryer, there are some techniques you must learn. Below is a step-by-step procedure for using a hairdryer for human hair. The process for using a pet’s fur will be considered thereafter




  1. Endeavour to add a heat protectant to your wet hair, doing this from the very roots and throughout, before exposing your hair to the heat.


  1. Now set your hairdryer on the suitable scale of heating and choose nozzle attachments as per your requirement.


  1. After setting the appropriate heating level, you may now proceed to Blow-dry your hair for a smooth and shiny texture. If you feel you need some styling for your hair, feel free to do that with a comb in the process of blow-drying.


However, Avoid:


  1. Excessive blow-drying as it can ruin your tresses and eventually cause hair breakage- Nobody wants that. So give your hair a break every now and then to avoid inevitable breakage.


  1. As you blow-dry your hair less, use your styling comb a little too in the process as this too can cause breakage.


  1. Maintain a significant distance between your hair and the dryer. Beautifying your hair by trying glamorous hair looks with your hairdryer requires the right methods and steps to avoid unwanted results. Following these steps and avoiding the don’ts of hair drying will lead you to good results. 

Some of the Bes Dryers for Drying Cats

There is a range of products to pick from. Tariff hairdryers are good but you may want to look into dryers that are specifically for pets. look no further than below in the next section.

Go Pet Club Grooming Double-Motor Hair Dryer For Dogs and Cats


This hair dryer is one of the best for drying cat hair. It measures exactly 11.4 inches in Length, 13.8 Inches in Width, and 19.9 inches in height. And it weighs about 17 pounds. It is indeed a state of the art design pet dryer designed by Go Pet Club Incorporations. o Pet Club’s Pet Dryer is designed for professional-style grooming for your pet at home! Powerful airflow dries quickly and thoroughly, saving you time. This dryer features 2 adjustable speeds and 2 adjustable temperature controls and low noise technology. This unit has a puncture-resistant, double-reinforced flexible hose for controlled spots of drying on your pet. This machine has a 4-step wind speed and a 2-step independent heating switch. It is built with an initiative heating function that is attributable to the independent electrical,l heating technology- with this feature, the machine can be used in almost any season so that your pets can keep warm even in winter and this makes the machine very efficient.


The Go Pet Club Grooming Double-Motor Hair Dryer is made of one adjustable hose and three air outlets of varying sizes. The lowest wind speed of these outlets can be achieved at 35m/s, while the machine can reach the high speed of 100m/s or above. The wind impact can be as strong as 1040g or above at the air outlets at the highest wind speed. With a specially-designed air duct, the largest noise of the machine is kept below 82db, which is significantly lower than other products- The importance of this feature cannot be emphasized enough as a fairly moderate sound will make the drying process less irritating to your Cats.  Double-Motor 4 speeds and 2 adjustable temperature controls.

The CHAOLUN High-Velocity Dog Dryer Blower


The CHAOLUN High-Velocity Dog Dryer Blower is a high-velocity hair dryer with adjustable speed. The adjustable speed makes it a good fit for pets. Depending on the ability of the pet in question to take the heat, this dryer adjusts accordingly. It is built with immense strength as it has at least 3.8 HorsePower. This Dog and Cat blower is equipped with a powerful and stable motor. Voltage: 110V-120V and its adjustable speed lets you choose different wind levels with your pet size. 


Just like the Go Club Product reviewed above, this pet dryer has a heating function that heats up airflow when the heating switch of the dog dryer is turned on. It is also equipped with 4 Nozzles and Flexible Hoses, providing you with a lot of options to select from. The flexible is even adjustable, it can be expanded to at least 90.6 inches.  This feature makes it suitable for varying pet sizes.


This pet dryer has a highly thickened filter, the thickened filter on the back of the dog dryer can resist debris inhalation. However, this needs regular cleaning, to avoid clogs. It comes with an extra filter in its package, hence, do not hesitate to get a damaged filter replaced as soon as possible, otherwise, some debris will find its way into the motor of the dryer, causing it graver harm.

YOUTHINK Pet Hair Dryer


Another impressive pet dryer you could use is the YOUTHINK Pet Hair Dryer. It is a two-in-one pet dryer that serves both Dogs and Cats efficiently and it has the function of a hair dryer and pet comb; With it, you can dryer your pet’s hair and comb shape their hair easily at the same time; Making your pets more comfortable, and reduce the likelihood that they get sick; It is ideal for styling show dogs. It is a portable 300Watt Powerful fur blower with an incredibly sleek design. Its ergonomic design helps for perfect handling to enable you to move back and forth over your pet’s body. 


The YOUTHINK Pet Hair Dryer is equipped  with a low motor. The working noise is less than 65 dB and this is much quieter than most pet Dryers on the market. This feature is highly necessary as it creates less fright for your pets. This pet dryer is also easy to control with two adjustable temperatures which allow hair to dry quickly and also weakens wind force in sensitive areas. 




What is a Pet Hair dryer?

Pet hair dryers are often used by professional groomers and they are indeed nothing new, despite the that they have not been around for too long. Because they are used by professional groomers, you barely find them using human hair dryers as those ones are not just good enough for drying pet’s fur. This is also true for clippers, you need professional-grade equipment. In short, a pet hair dryer is a more powerful, quieter, robust version of the human hair dryer. Not only do they have better temperature control and a range of different speeds, but they are also designed to dry thicker more course pet hair. 


Are Pet Hair Dryers Safe?

This is a popular question pet owners ask, “are pet hair dryers safe?” this is valid consideration before opting for a pet dryer if you are concerned about the safety of your pets. Pet Dryers are generally safe but important to study the reaction of your pets to noise and heat. For some cats, these things may cause serious irritation while for others, it is an enjoyable experience but this does not change the fact that pet dryers are good for your pets.





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