How To Clean a GE Washing Machine

How To Clean a GE Washing Machine?

The washing machine has been one of the most important appliances of the 21st century since the start of the past decade, and that only shows how much the appliance has evolved over the past few decades to become what people don’t mind spending a lot of money to acquire today.

Back in the stone age, people were limited to washing with their hands, which they didn’t know could be better at the time because it was the only method they had and they adapted very perfectly. However, that concept began to change when the first domestic automatic washing machine was introduced in 1937 by Bendix Home Appliances, according to a Wikipedia post. Washers and dryers have no become “trophy appliances” according to a publication on The Washing Post because these are appliances everyone wants to have in their homes because they lift a whole load of the pressure off their shoulders as far as domestic obligations are concerned.

About 23 years ago, washing machines and dryers became the real deal as the front-loading washing machine became very popular, thanks to its energy-saving features that in turn saved people a lot of money as well as technological upgrades that made all the difference. The United States had adopted the European-style front-loading washing machines for many years, claims the director of home care at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, Carolyn Forte. As much as people loved the front loaders, the machines didn’t enjoy as much fame as large-capacity top-loading machines, and government research claims that the average American family does about 400 loads of laundry per year, which explains why American prefer top loaders.

Top manufacturers like GE understand what it means to have a quality washer in your laundry room, so they’ve always prioritized consumers’ satisfaction, and that explains why they’ve spent so many years staying relevant in an industry that is very easy for people to forget all the good things you’ve done. It’s been an amazing ride to the top for washing machines, but we can’t deny we’ve not always known how important they could be, especially in a world where people now barely have time to attend to their domestic obligations. A history professor at the University of Delaware has claimed that the washing machine is the 21st-century consumers don’t appreciate because things are easier now than they were in the mid-’90s.

The washing machines in the late 19th century were a lot to handle as they required consumers to manually fill water in them for rinsing and washing. These machines were also made of hand-operated agitators and half barrels, so you can imagine how hard things must have been. By the 1950s, washing machines evolved, improvements were made, and they became standard in most American middle-class homes.

Living in the modern world now, it’s hard to imagine how people who lived when these machines weren’t as advanced as they are now coped with the hardship that came with using these machines. Manually filling the old washing machines with water and handling hand-operated agitators? That may sound absurd now, but that was all they did then. The evolution is only proof that the world is advancing and will continue to do so for as long as technology exists because the only way from here is forward.

Washing machines that can be controlled by voice commands now exist, and that’s not even something new anymore because they’ve existed for a while. If anyone had claimed in the middle ‘90s that there would be a time when people could control their washing machines or some of their household appliances from a device on their hands even if they weren’t anywhere near these appliances, people would have dismissed those claims as false and unrealistic, but we now live in a world where the word “impossible” doesn’t exist, and brands like GE have made this very possible. The world has gone from spending the whole day doing laundry to having machines that would only take minutes without requiring your physical presence, and that’s very amazing that we’ve come this far.

As you would expect, these major developments don’t come without downsides as we have to pay more money to be able to enjoy the luxury modern appliances have to offer, which is not bad. Some brands have even made it their responsibility to ensure that their consumers have access to the best appliances without having to break the bank by creating cost-effective washers. GE washing machines are not only some of the best washing machines money can get you on the market at the moment; they’re also some of the most affordable washing machines.

Over the years, maintenance has proven to be a big issue for people with big appliances around the house, not because these machines are that difficult to maintain, but because people are not exposed to effective ways to properly maintain their appliances. Cleaning, as we all know, is a big part of maintenance, so if you have a washing machine you would like to use for a long time, you have to prioritize regular cleaning because that’s one of the few ways to prolong its life. The consequence of not cleaning your washing machine regularly is that it may affect the machine’s efficiency, and the worst-case scenario is that you may find yourself on the market in search of a new washing machine when you haven’t used the current one for many years.

In this article, we’ll be looking at GE washer basket instructions in our GE front load washer cleaning, but before then, let’s take a quick look at some of the most important factors to consider when you’re on the market for a new washing machine.

5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Washing Machine

Think of buying a washing machine as an investment; if you really care about it, which you should, you need to protect the investment at all costs, and you won’t be doing that if you don’t study the market well before going out to purchase a washing machine you know almost nothing about. You might get lucky even if you don’t pay enough attention to the things you’re supposed to pay attention to, but most of the time, people always end up paying the price for being ignorant. You shouldn’t let the same happen to you by considering these important factors we’ll be discussing below.


Maybe we all know this by now, maybe we don’t want to pay too much attention to it, but experts would tell you that this is the most important factor that helps you make the best decision when it’s time to purchase a new washing machine. If your budget is limited to just $200, realistically, you shouldn’t expect a quality of a $1000-rated washing machine because that’s a huge difference between the two washers. However, being limited on a budget doesn’t mean you still can’t get your hands on a quality machine, you should just be prepared to make some little compromises like features or design.

If you’re on a very strict budget and you still want some of the features you’ve always wanted in a washing machine in the washer you’re looking to get, you need to carefully select and prioritize the features you know will be most helpful to you. Thankfully, no matter how low your budget is, you will always find washers that are within that budget range, so you should not be afraid of getting your hands on a below-par washing machine due to not having a heavy budget. Check out our review of some of the best washing machines under $400 to explore if you’re working with a low budget yet want some quality options to choose from.

Washer Type

Another thing you need to conclude before going on the market in search of a new washing machine is the type of washing machine you need in your laundry room because this factor is also very important. The consequence of not knowing what washer type you want before going on the market is that you’ll have to deal with selecting from too many options, which can easily make you land the wrong machine and you don’t need all that confusion. You may love a front-loading washing machine but what’s really needed in your laundry room, for some reasons, may be the top load washing machine.

To make the best decision here, you’ll have to assess your laundry needs – how often do you do your laundry? How is your laundry room built? If you’re choosing a front-loading washer, do you have a platform that will help you support it so you don’t have to bend your back much? You need to find answers to these questions before you decide on the type of washer you should have in your laundry room. You may also have to know the difference between top and front load washing machines to help you make the best decisions as you’ll get to figure out which of the two washing machine types will be perfect for you.

Energy Efficiency

This is another major factor to consider when purchasing a new washing machine, and a lot of people are beginning to realize how crucial this factor is, which is why they’re also taking it very seriously. This is a modern time, so you can’t compare the washers that existed then to the ones that exist now. If you find yourself paying more on electricity bills at the end of the month and you claim to be using a modern washing machine, something is most likely wrong somewhere and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible; you might as well have gotten your hands on a machine that is nowhere near being energy-efficient.

People prioritize energy efficiency, not just in washing machines, but in any household appliance, they get their hands on because nobody likes to spend a lot of money on appliances when they can actually get the ones that don’t consume as much energy with almost the same initial cost. When you’re on the market for a washer, always watch out for washers that carry the popular Energy Star tags, because it means that these washers have undergone and passed the minimum standards set by the government. You don’t have to worry too much about power and water consumption because you’ll save a lot of money if you ever get your hands on an energy-efficient washing machine – the running cost won’t be a burden on you.


A lot of people don’t often pay attention to this, but it’s one of the most important factors to consider and to choose what capacity of washer you need, you have to properly evaluate your laundry needs to know how many clothes you’ll be washing, how regularly you need to wash them, and how many people are going to be using the washing machine in the house. If you don’t take a good look at these things, it’s very easy to go on the market and purchase a washing machine with a capacity that’s not needed in your laundry room, and this may sometimes have some technical consequences you have to put up with for as long as you use the machine. For example, you have a large-capacity washer but you don’t have many people around the house and you also don’t wash a lot of clothes.

If you keep washing small loads of laundry in a large-capacity washer, the washing machine will encounter some technical issues that may eventually damage the washer if you don’t move to correct them as soon as possible. You need to make sure you’re on the market for a washer with the right capacity to avoid future problems with your washing machine and to also protect your investment in the washer. Capacity is a big factor, so you shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking it just like many people do because they don’t think it’s as important as the other factors on this list.

Online Reviews

This may not seem like a big deal because when you think about it, what do these have to do with purchasing a washing machine, but when you take a closer look, you’ll realize how important and helpful online reviews can be in choosing the perfect washing machine for your laundry room. When you take your time to go through other people’s honest reviews about the washing machine you’re looking to get, you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect, and whether or not you need to go through it lies in your court as you’ll be the one to make the decision. Needless to say, things have been made easy as most websites have a section where reviews can be written by confirmed buyers of that particular product.

The general rule of thumb is that when the positive reviews are way more than the negative ones, you should know it is a good product. However, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the negative ones as they may be telling you what you have to put up with if you decide to invest in the product regardless, and it’s left to you to assess the situation and know if you can deal with the cons. On the bright side, these little cons may have been unknowingly caused by these consumers and they’ll think it’s from the manufacturer, so you have to also do your homework properly before making your decision, and online reviews will help a lot.

How To Clean a GE Washing Machine

Cleaning the inside of the washer

The washing machine tub takes all the detergent build-up, odor, and soil that may be produced by the washer, which is why GE Appliances always advises its washing machine owners to clean the washer tub at least once a month to keep it clean and fresh. If you’re cleaning your GE washing machine with a Basket Clean cycle, you’ll find the following steps very helpful;

Step 1

If you have garments or any other objects in the washing machine, make sure you remove them because you don’t want this cycle to run with clothes in it. The basket always has to be empty when running this cycle.

Step 2

Once you’re sure there’s nothing left in the washer tub, pour about 250 ml or one cup of liquid bleach and a washing machine cleaner or vinegar into the basket. For most folks, the washing machine cleaner is just enough, but some people prefer vinegar because it helps add some freshness to the washer tub after the cleaning process.

Step 3

Now that you have everything you need in the washer, it’s time to run the Basket Clean Cycle. All you have to do is close the lid, select the special cycle, and press the Start button to start the cycle.

Step 4

It’s very important that you don’t interrupt this cycle if you want to get the result you want at the end of the day. As soon as you choose the cycle, the washer’s display will show the estimated cycle time left.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s a GE self-clean washer?

Modern GE washers are quite popular for all the modern features they come with and the self-clean feature is one of them. A GE self-clean washer is a washer that can internally clean itself with a special cycle as long as you activate it on the control panel of the washer. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you can decide to add extra cleaning substances like vinegar which can help put some fresh smell in the washer.

2. How do you clean a smelly GE washer?

To clean your smelly GE washing machine, you’ll need to mix ¼ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of water before pouring the mixture in your soap dispenser. After this, you should also add two cups of vinegar into the washer machine tub, although you have to ensure that it’s empty before you run a hot wash cycle to get the result you want.

Wrapping Up

It’s never okay when you leave your washing machine without cleaning it. Things will get a whole lot messy and it’s only a matter of time before the machine that’s usually tasked with cleaning your clothes becomes what stains and makes them smelly. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best ways to clean a GE washing machine if you have one in your laundry room. It is always advisable to clean your washer at least once a month if you use it regularly because it’ll help keep your washing machine clean and fresh so your clothes can always come out nice. You can invest in some commercial washing machine cleaners or you can opt for the rather conventional ones like baking soda and white vinegar, two of the best natural cleaners.





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