Top 5 Enther Bots And The Experobot C200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Top 5 Enther Bots And The Experobot C200 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

People find robotic vacuums attractive because they are time-saving and easy to use. 


This is the decade for robotic vacuum cleaners. If ever there was a time considered the best to buy these intelligent workers, then this is it. Enter the Enther experobot C200 robot vacuum cleaner. This machine uses smart gyro LiDAR navigation with a gyroscope. It is also fitted with infrared sensor functionality. The C200 will clean your home in an efficient zigzag path while avoiding obstacles. It is designed with a low 3.15″ height, giving the C200 the valuable ability to go under a lot of furniture. The C200 will beep and return to base to charge whenever it is low on battery.

The robot vacuum is ideal for picking up hair and fur on hardwood and low-pile carpets. The dustbin is quite generously sized.

Other things the C200 can pick up:

  • Dust
  • Crumbs
  • Screws
  • Powder
  • Particles

This robot features the following cleaning modes:

  • Auto: the default mode
  • Edge: to clean along walls and corners
  • Max: to increase suction when encountering carpets

Additionally, the C200 packs state-of-the-art anti-collision and anti-dropping functionalities.

Experobot C200 Review

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Robovacs have come a long way since the first intelligent cleaner debuted on the market. People find robotic vacuums attractive because they are time-saving and easy to use. The rising demand has seen an increase in the number of brands making a pitch and the variety of models available to the consumer. This has come with beneficial increases in features and a reduction in prices as the competition in this sector heats up. Going through the Enther robot vacuum manual you will notice that this machine has the following features:

Intelligent Gyro lidar Navigation & Infrared Sensor – It is the Gyroscope Navigation that enables the C200 Robot Vacuum to thoroughly clean your home by following an efficient Zig-zag path across your floors. Its Smart infrared sensors allow it to identify and avoid obstacles. The C200 is 30% more efficient than other robot vacuum cleaners, covering a more extensive cleaning area.

Easy to Use One Touch Clean – This robotic vacuum cleaner is easy to operate. It is supplied with remote control, or you can opt for its auto clean feature, which allows you to clean your house with a single touch. Its low height design of 3.15” enables the robot vacuum to go underneath furniture quickly, cleaning thoroughly under beds and sofas. It is simple to use and suitable for elderly parents.

Double Layer Washable HEPA Filter – The C200 Robot Vacuum uses a double-layer washable HEPA filter to achieve a clean home. The robot provides 1300Pa of intense tangle-free suction that efficiently picks up dust, crumbs, and dirt. This robot vacuum has been specially designed for cleaning hair and furs, making it the ideal tool for cleaning hardwood floors and low-pile carpets.

Durable and Intelligent – The robovac is equipped with a 2600Amh rechargeable battery. That means the C200 robot vacuum can continuously work for 120-min. It will then automatically return to its charging base when power is low. An automatic beep will be issued on low power, and this level of intelligence ensures it’s always fully charged and ready to clean.

In the Box – When you purchase the C200 robot vacuum, you will realize the package includes phone technical support, AC power adapter, and a charging base. Also in the package there are 4x side brushes, 1x main brush, 1x remote controller (2AAA batteries included), 1x HEPA filter,1x cleaning tool, user manual, and a worry-free 18-month warranty.


When you Set up the C200 for the first time, you will be amazed at its simplicity. The robot is not noisy and it provides good suction. The rubber/silicon-like implementation ensures there is no hair entanglement.

The C200 will rarely bump into things, obstacles, or gets stuck. When it gets stuck, it is usually on high-pile rugs, which the C200 is not supposed to clean. The only con we noticed is that it takes a long time to charge.

Robot Vacuums Global market revenue 2015 2025

The graph above shows Robot Vacuums Global Market Revenue 2015 – 2025



Experobot EX503

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The Enther model Experobot EX503 has a height of 3.1 inches and a net weight of 2.4KG. It is power rated at 25w, with an input voltage of AC100~240V, Adaptor Output Voltage: DC24V, Adaptor, Output Current: 600mA. The battery is 14.6V with a battery capacity of 2150 mAh. This robot takes between 240-300 minutes to charge fully, and when fully charged, it has a working time of 110-120 minutes (Approx).

All the dust and dirt it cleans is stored in its dust bin which has a capacity of 500ml. The dustbin also doubles up as an electronic water tank with a total of 250ml/200ml.

The EX503 has a recharge system that allows auto recharge where the machine charges itself when it detects a low battery, or you can opt to recharge it manually.

It is fitted with a touch screen from which you control the appliance, and it features four cleaning modes: Auto/Max/Mode/Plan, complete with a high-efficiency filter.  When you first unbox it, you will find a neatly packed 1 Experobot EX503 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and the two in-1 dust box and water tank. As well as the Experobot Manual. 

Experobot MasterClean X5

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The Experobot Master Clean X5 is an ingenious robotic vacuum cleaner that features multiple cleaning modes, intelligent detection, obstacle overcoming, and automatic wireless recharge. It has a scheduled cleaning program and a dust detection system to ensure your cleaning job is done thoroughly. This robot has been upgraded with additional intelligent capabilities, including a more potent suction. The robot vacuum cleaner uses noise reduction technology that ensures ultra-quiet cleaning with low decibels. The X5 has a height of 3.1 inches, meaning it can run under the furniture while automatically adjusting suction strength to either carpet, tile, hardwood, or marble. From the design of the robot to its mechanical housing and hardware to software, it is clear that a lot of engineering investment went into testing and deciding what technologies can be applied to ensure this robotic vacuum cleaner delivers the best. 


Below is a list of some of the critical features of the Experobot MasterClean X5:

Automatic Recharge: The robovac will return to its home base to recharge itself after it has finished cleaning or the power is low. In a nutshell, this machine is always ready to clean.


2600mAh Li-ion battery: It is fitted with a large-capacity battery that supports long-term work and higher Suction.


One Key to Start: Its ease of use is refined to the extent that with just a touch of the screen or one key on the remote control, you can instruct the robot to begin a work program with no complicated setup required.


Anti-bacterial HEPA: This appliance comes with a large dust box, a triple-filter, and anti-bacterial HEPA. These will effectively filter hair, dust, pet hair, and allergens and prevent secondary pollution.


Spot Mode: When this mode is activated, the robot will focus on a small area that is extra dirty or dusty and clean it thoroughly. Spot mode works wonders on corners.


Zig-zag Mode: This makes it possible to clean a large area regularly by employing a Zig-zag route without interruption. This makes cleaning quicker and more efficient.


Edge Mode: When activated, this feature ensures that the brush is inclined at a 27-degree angle to sweep debris away from edges and corners.


Random Mode: This effectively cleans odd places with the automatic detection of cross lines and ensures cross multiple cleaning.


If you are looking for variety and choice, then feel free to check out the Experobot Mini Robot Vacuum Cleaner, another model made by Enther. Buy it on Amazon.


Experobot APP 

The Experobot APP is a mobile application developed by Enther to control Experobot brand robot vacuum cleaners. As the owner of an Experobot, you can use the APP to remote control your robot vacuum cleaner to do cleaning, recharge, and other tasks. These include:

Device operation: The app allows you to control the robot, including its direction and cleaning power.

Schedule setting: With the app, you can set different timers for every day of the week and schedule cleaning sessions to your preference.

Mapping: This app allows you to create a map of your house, check the cleaning area, and set the duration of cleaning.

Personal setting: The Experobot app lets you personalize your robot. You can name the robot, set the time on the robot clock, or even delete the device.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do robot vacuums work?

Robot vacuums automatically clean the floors of your house and are intelligent enough to navigate your corridors. These innovative machines will clean on demand, on a schedule, and will still get the job done when you’re not home. They run on rechargeable batteries, and the robot will automatically return to its charging point for a recharge when it is low on batteries. High-end models come with docking stations that empty the robot’s dustbin when it’s filled.


Q: How long do robot vacuums last?

A Robot vacuum should give you multiple years of service and can last as long as the traditional vacuum cleaner, considering that they are more complicated machines than your ordinary vacuum, with more moving parts, electronics, and software. Like every machine, they still need regular maintenance and replacement parts such as batteries, brushes, and filters.

Q: How well do robot vacuums work?

Overall, robots clean hard floors very well. But when it comes to carpet cleaning, different models score differently. How well a robot vacuum cleans your home will inevitably depend on many factors. 



The best robot vacuums are clever works of art that will leave your floors sparkling clean. They’ve grown beyond their teething problems of running out of juice halfway through a job, missing large areas, or losing a battle with a chair leg. Today’s Robo vacs are smart enough to return to their base to recharge, and if they get stuck, they can call for help.

There are enough models with the capability to map your home using variations on a technology called simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). This ensures they won’t miss spots; you can tell them where you want them to go and where not to bother. With the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity, they can be commanded by a smart voice assistant and an app. Increasingly intelligent, some robots can prevent getting stuck on common robot traps such as cables and socks. 

The auto-empty dock is the most convenient and applauded robot vacuum invention. The beauty of this feature is that it turns the charging base for your robot into a motorized empty station, which sucks out the dirt from its bin, saving you the need to empty it for weeks. 

As with every technology, you’ll pay more for those with the extra features that make your life a little easier. Robot vacuums vary in price from under $200 to well over $1,000; you won’t miss a bot fit for your pocket or your specific and unique needs.





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