Best Washing Machine Cleaner for Front Loader and Top Loader

Top 5 Best Washing Machine Cleaner for Front Loader and Top Loader

Top 5 Best Washing Machine Cleaner For Front Loader and Top Loader Comparison Table


Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner in 6 Tablets

Tide Front Load Washer Cleaner

Hiwill Washing Machine Cleaner

Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner

OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters







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Once a month


Once a month

Once a month

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As much as people hate to admit it, the washing machine remains an essential appliance in the house. It is one of those appliances that are much needed in modern homes, and if you’re looking to make your domestic obligations as easy as possible, you most likely will need to invest in a washing machine. Having a washing machine at home helps ease the pressure and gives you more time to attend to other things around the house, especially when you have kids.

We need potent appliances to keep up with the pace necessary to function effectively in the world we live in today. Imagine living in an era as advanced as this, but we’re still stuck to machines from the 90s or early 2000s. Modern homes require modern appliances to keep everything in check while giving people the time and freedom to focus on things away from home.

Top appliance brands worldwide have invested an awful lot of money, time, and effort to ensure that people have the best appliances available to them to help them achieve the best they can. To make these appliances very easy to get, top manufacturers put their best appliances in one package with prices that are way lower than what you would have had to spend if you were to get them separately. These packages usually have appliances like the refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking range, dishwasher, etc.

If you run your washing machine very frequently, it should not be new to you that you’ll need to clean it regularly to help prevent many things, including damage to the washer itself. People have since been on the lookout for the best washing machine cleaners to help keep their washers clean while performing at the highest level possible. As a result, a simple search on Google will bring you results displaying several topics like ‘best laundry machine cleaners,’ ‘best cleaners for washing machines,’ ‘best washing machine cleaning tablets,’ ‘best washing machine cleaners for hard water,’ and ‘best products to clean washing machines.’

These topics are popular because people are actively searching for the best washing machine tub cleaners to help keep their appliances functioning at the highest level possible. If you leave your washing machine without washing it properly, it won’t run as efficiently as you want it to, and if you leave it for too long without washing it, you’ll get it damaged eventually. The build-up from all the stains on the clothes you wash will prevent the machine from running efficiently, but the worst case is that the washing machine will also house bacteria that can be harmful to your health as well, so you have to do all you can to ensure you don’t create a room for that.

If you invest in the best product to clean a washing machine, you’ll realize that this might be the easiest way to keep your washer fresh, efficient, and hygienic for a very long time, according to Real Homes. For top-rated washing machine cleaners, there are lots of options on the market right now, and people have even gone as far as drawing comparisons between the biggest brands in the industry, hence why topics like “Affresh vs. Tide washing machine cleaners” or “Affresh vs. OxiClean” are so popular online today. If you’ve been looking for the best washing machine cleaners for mold or the best fragrance-free washing machine cleaners, we’ll be discussing in detail the best washing machine cleaners for front loaders and top loaders in our guide.

Top 5 Best Washing Machine Cleaner For Front Loader and Top Loader

1. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner in 6 Tablets

There are many excellent washing machine cleaners today, but not even one can compete head-to-head with this Affresh commercial washing machine cleaner for front loader and top loader. With all the ratings from hundreds of thousands of confirmed buyers, it’s not hard to tell that this is the best front loader washing machine cleaner and can also be used for a top loader. To get the best out of the Affresh washing machine, the manufacturer has advised you to use it at least once a month to help keep your machine cleaner and fresher. The washing machine cleaner cleans deep inside the washer and touches essential parts like the filter, basket & drum, and the pump & valve.

Affresh claims that the washing machine cleaner is designed to “dissolve, penetrate, and remove odor-causing residue,” which can occur when you use the washing machine too often. Unlike other washing machine cleaners, the Affresh washing machine cleaner is available in tablets that can dissolve slowly enough to last throughout the entire wash cycle as it helps break up residue.


Safe to use

People are scared to invest in washing machine cleaners because they believe these cleaners are made with harmful substances that can cause reactions when human bodies contact them. This explains why most folks opt for bleach which, in turn, damages their washers. This Affresh is safe to use, and another good thing about it is that users can use it with different washers such as front Loader, top loader, and even conventional washers.


One thing people pay attention to when purchasing a washing machine cleaner is the scent produced by the cleaner they’re buying. With this Affresh washing machine cleaner, you don’t have to worry about that as this is fragrance-free one of those cleaners. The product doesn’t have harsh chemicals, so it is very safe to use, just like we mentioned earlier.

However, if your nose is so sensitive, you may notice a slight scent of boric acid, but it does no harm, and people don’t generally perceive that smell. If it bothers you, consider doing an additional rinse cycle after the regular wash cycle, after which the scent will go away.


  • It cleans as well as vinegar but smells better
  • It is affordable
  • Effective in getting rid of bad smells
  • Does what it’s supposed to do
  • Loved by many


  • Recently, people complained about the cleaner leaving their machine smelling worse than before using the product.
  • You have to rinse thoroughly after using this product for your washing machine, so it doesn’t leave stains on your clothes whenever you wash.

2. Tide Front Load Washer Cleaner

Tide is a famous brand for cleaning products, and the brand has been at the summit of the game for a while now. When it comes to fantastic cleaning products, many folks don’t mind putting their money on Tide because it is a trusted brand for quality cleaning products. This Tide front load washer cleaner comes in a 5 count box, and if you follow the standard procedure, this pack may last for almost half a year. If you consider the price, you’ll realize this is as great as it can get as reviews even consider the deal a “steal.”

It has been one of the best-selling washing machine cleaners for a long time, and this only shows how much people love the product, as should you. The product is also available in tablets like most washer cleaners out there, but unlike some fragrant-free products, this Tide front load washer cleaner has a fresh scent that leaves your washing machine clean and fresh after every wash cycle. It doesn’t matter if your washer is high or non-high efficiency; the cleaner will work perfectly and give you the best result.



If you take your time to look at some of the most popular cleaners in this niche, you’ll realize not all of them are meant to be used with top load and front load washing machines. A reasonable percentage of those who have bought this product in the past loved the fact that it is an ultimate solution for top loaders and front loaders regardless of the brand of these machines.

Patented Active Ingredients

If you want a washer that can efficiently battle mold or any odor-causing residues in your washing machine, this is the washer to put your money on. It is packed with patented surface-active ingredients that serve their purpose effectively. Also, if you’re looking for the best front load washer cleaner to help battle pet hair, stinky molds, detergent residues, and hard water, this is the perfect option for you.


  • Does the job cleanly and efficiently.
  • It leaves you with a fantastic smell after cleaning
  • Reasonable price for its efficiency
  • It is highly rated


  • It may not be all that ideal to be used for LG washing machines
  • It may leave an odd smell if you don’t rinse properly after using it.
  • The odors produced by the cleaner may last for days if you don’t move to clean it as soon as possible.

3. Hiwill Washing Machine Cleaner

Hiwill washing machine cleaner is one of the best washing machine cleaners for mold. Its popularity has risen over time, making it a popular choice for those looking for a washing machine cleaner that helps knock off bacteria and mold. According to Love to Know in the cleaning section of the website, it is advised that mold and bacteria can cause significant problems in your laundry room, and they need strict actions to be conquered.


Best value for your money

On the market today, either you find cheaper options that are not all that efficient, or you invest in the ones that get the job done but cost a lot more. This Hiwill washing machine cleaner gets the job done, but you will also get the best value for every penny you spend on it. This is how you know a quality cleaner.

It is also versatile

Since this article covers the best washing machine cleaners for front and top loaders, it’s no surprise that this Hiwill cleaner also ticks every box perfectly. It is suitable to be used with high-efficiency front loaders and top loaders.


  • The 32 tablets can last you a whole year
  • It is easy to use
  • It is practical and versatile
  • It helps remove odor-causing residues effectively
  • It works just as described


  • A little pricey for some folks

4. Clorox Washing Machine Cleaner

Finally, we have a product that is not a tablet but liquid-based for those who want to get hard water buildup and dirt off the rubber gasket in their washers. Its high ratings on most platforms show just how effective the Clorox washing machine cleaner is, hence why people don’t always hesitate to leave positive comments at every chance they get to do so. Even if you have washing machines that drain right into septic tanks, you don’t have to worry about whether or not this product is safe to use as it is entirely secure. It is also one of the few products you can purchase if you don’t like strong scents, as this product doesn’t contain perfumed fragrances.



It’s hard to see a washing machine cleaner that manages to be both efficient and versatile, but that’s what you’ll enjoy if you invest in this Clorox washing machine cleaner. It is one of those washing machine cleaners that work for top loaders and front loaders.

A great washing machine deodorant

Getting rid of harsh smells in your washing machine can be daunting, and it’s even more annoying when you’ve spent an awful lot of money trying to get the perfect solution for that purpose. Clorox cleaner is designed specifically for getting rid of smells in the safest way possible. It features a chemical formula that helps kill bacteria and hard water buildup.


  • It helps fight machine odors
  • It is easy to use
  • It helps reduce buildup and debris in your washing machine
  • The cleaner can use it to combat mold spots


  • The brand you’re buying from may deliver the product in a container of a different color.
  • People have also complained about the product being old
  • You can’t return the product

5. OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters

Suppose you have a high efficiency (HE) washer, and you’re worried about how to get it cleaned every time. In that case, this is arguably the best high-efficiency washing machine cleaner available on the market. OxiClean washing machine cleaner comes in a 4-count box, with each of these counts being advised to be used per month, meaning the whole package can last up to 4 months. If you invest in this washing machine cleaner, you should expect your appliance to be perfectly clean without mold or gunk.


Great deodorant

Are you looking for a cleaner to help you get rid of that rotten egg smell in your washing machine? This OxiClean washing machine cleaner is just what you need. It is designed to help eliminate odor-causing residues in your washing machine, leaving you with a clean and fresh appliance at the end of the day.


  • You can use it to remove odor-causing residues in your washing machine
  • It is versatile as you can use it for both standard and high-efficiency washing machines
  • It is bleach and phosphate-free
  • It is not harmful to septic tanks


  • It may leave a heavy and disgusting smell if you don’t rinse well after use.
  • A little more pricey than seemingly better options

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best washing machine cleaners for top loaders?

If you’ve been looking for the best washing machine cleaners for top loaders, we’ve discussed the best 5 washing machine cleaners you can get your hands on at the moment. All these cleaners are perfect for both front load and top load washing machines, and you can be confident of getting the best result.

2. Do washing machine cleaners work?

This is a question people have found themselves asking a lot, but the answer to the question is, yes, washing machine cleaners work. Manufacturers of these products have it in mind that people want only quality products as they’re tired of using bleach-based products, which will only get their appliances damaged.


Every modern home needs a washing machine to help reduce the manual workload, and that has been the theme for a while now, especially in the United States. However, people haven’t had luck maintaining these appliances, which often causes them to start thinking of replacements almost as soon as they get their hands on some machines. Maintenance, they say, is a big part of keeping an appliance for as long as possible, and the sooner people realize that, the better. This article discusses some of the best washing machine cleaners for front loaders and top loaders.





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