Garage Air Conditioner to Cool Your Garage and Beat the Heat

Once the hot summer months come around, you will need different sources of cooling systems to keep the temperature low in your home.  Shopping for your new garage air conditioner now could save you a ton of money and stress in the long run.

If you’re one who does a lot in their garage, you want something that will adequately cool your garage, save money on your electricity bill, and not cause too much stress on your wallet. There are a few things to consider when making major purchases to ensure that you meet your budget and keep your purchase for a long time.

Below are five great options for garage air conditioners:

Top Garage Air Conditioner Choices

Customer ratings3.9 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 starsN/A

NameNew Lifesmart LS-WAC5 5,000 BTU Home/Office Window Mount Air Conditioner AC
Koldfront 12,000 BTU 220V Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner
Portacool PAC2KCYC01 Cyclone 3000 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit with 700 Square Foot Cooling Capacity, Black
Koldfront 18,500 BTU Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner
Koldfront 220V 25,000 BTU Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner - White
ManufacturerNew LifesmartKoldfrontPortacoolKoldfrontKoldfront
Product Dimensions19 x 15 x 14 inches16.1" H x 22.6" W x 23" D38 x 30 x 29 inches17.9" H x 23.6" W x 25.4" D25.4 x 23.6 x 17.9 inches
Shipping Weight40.2 pounds90 pounds113 pounds131 pounds145 pounds
Item Model NumberLS-WAC5WAC12001WPORPAC2KCYC01WAC18001WWAC25001W

There are certain things you need to consider when making a major purchase such as a garage air conditioner:

  • Budget
  • Controls
  • Energy saving option
  • Size
  • British Thermal Units
  • Longevity

These are very important because you don’t want to raise your electricity bill and want to keep this purchase for a long time, and find the right air conditioner to meet all or almost all of your needs.

Mistakes To Avoid

According to Steve Graham of Networx, there are 10 air conditioner mistakes to avoid when thinking about installing an air conditioner in your garage:

  • Buying too big an air conditioner
  • Putting the air conditioner in a hot spot
  • Hiding the air conditioner
  • Ignoring air conditioner maintenance
  • Leaving the air conditioner running all day
  • Closing unused vents
  • Turning the temperature all the way down
  • Heating up the thermostat
  • Not using ceiling fans or running them backwards
  • Using the wrong fans

Buying Too Big An Air Conditioner

The size of your garage air conditioner matters because you don’t want to get one that is too big and will cause problems with maintenance, your electricity bill, or the functionality of the air conditioner.



Putting The Air Conditioner In A Hot Spot

It’s best to put an air conditioner in a shaded part of the garage instead of in a spot that receives direct sunlight because if it has to work too hard, it won’t last very long. You want to make your air conditioner do less work to save on energy and early maintenance issues.



Hiding The Air Conditioner

Hiding the air conditioners can block ventilation and clog condenser coils. This will cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently and no one wants early maintenance issues that may cost a lot of money, especially when they can be easily avoided.



Ignoring Air Conditioner Maintenance

The goal for all your appliances is longevity and your garage air conditioner is no different. You have to take care of what you purchase or you’ll have to replace it sooner than you’d like and perhaps sooner than you can afford.

Graham states that you have to clean and replace filters every two months, check the filters for dust, hair, and other particles often to improve efficiency.  She also says to check the evaporator coil once a year, and check the window seals around your air conditioner each year as well.

Leaving The Air Conditioner Running All Day

A lot of people like to keep the air conditioner on because they fear the house heating up quickly from the heat outside and making them sweat. Running your air conditioner all day puts stress and wear on it so to ensure longevity leave the air conditioner on auto, or leave it on long enough to cool your house and then turn it off until you need it again.



Closing Unused Vents

This has the same effect in a car as well. If you close a vent because you feel like you don’t need the air on you or it isn’t doing anything, you’re causing problems for that cooling syste. Closing unused vents causes the air conditioner to work harder and less efficiently.

Turning The Temperature All The Way Down

Make sure to find a comfortable temperature that suits you and your household. Turning it down to its lowest can waste energy, raise your electricity bill, and make the air conditioner work harder and wear it out faster.

Heating Up The Thermostat

According to Graham, if you place any light sources or heat generators such as lights, lamps, or televisions, it could trick the thermostat into thinking it’s hotter than it actually is so keep those things away from your thermostat.

Not Using Ceiling Fans

Fans and air conditioners work together, according to Graham. Graham states that you should turn on your fan to to push air downward to create a “wind-chill” effect.

Using Wrong Fans

Okay so you’ve learned about using fans along with your air conditioner and you expect it to work. However, it can’t work if you don’t have the right fans. Graham says specifically not to use exhaust fans because they push cool air out of the house.

Take Away

Now that you know how to use an air conditioner efficiently in your garage, make sure to watch for your budget, best time to buy, and energy saving capabilities before purchasing. Also remember the tips from Graham about ensuring that your garage air conditioner runs efficiently and smoothly during the hot, summer months. Stay cool!