How to keep your room smelling good


  • Nobody likes to have unpleasant odors in their room. It can change the atmosphere and you probably won’t be in a good mood until it goes away. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different things that cause unpleasant smells in the house and how to keep your room smelling good.

The room is meant to provide you with comfort but this can be ruined if unpleasant smells start to build up to a point where they become unbearable. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting home after a stressful day at work only to find your room smelling bad. You’ll want to do all you can to make the smell go away and the first solution that comes to your mind will be air fresheners. These expensive products are sometimes not safe because they are filled with toxic chemicals. The more you inhale them, the more health risks you expose yourself to. Naturally, as humans, we have a strong sense of smell. A recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that humans have the natural ability to distinguish, according to them, “at least 1 trillion olfactory stimuli.” That’s huge!

This shows how much smell our noses have the ability to perceive. This is why we feel most comfortable where the smell is pleasant and sweet. The bedroom is where we spend most of our time if we ever find ourselves at home. At a time where most people are being forced to work from home, we don’t have a choice but get used to what now seems like the new norm. As a result of that, we should all try to make the home as comfortable for ourselves as possible, and one of the best ways to ensure that is to make it free of bad smells. It’s not going to be easy to maintain that good smell for a long time. A lot of people clean their rooms on a daily basis but the bad smells always seem to linger somewhere around the house every time. The best solution to this is to get to the bottom of the problem, which we’ll be discussing later in this article.

Always try as much as possible to get rid of the bad smells as soon as you can. Like we said earlier, air fresheners offer a quick-fix but the harmful chemicals they contain will even put your health at great risk. The most important thing is to identify the source(s) of the bad odors, and every other thing can come right after that. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can cause your room to have bad smells.


The truth is that it is very easy to assume air fresheners can get rid of the smell. Matter of fact, air fresheners can get the job done but how long will it last? Air fresheners can only reduce the smell and it’s only a matter of time before the smells get out again from their real source. Don’t ever make the mistake of covering these smells up with air fresheners, but instead, get to the bottom of it. Why opt for temporary solutions when you can get to the source and eliminate it once and for all?

Here are the few causes of bad smells in the house;


This mostly happens when you don’t have proper ventilation in your room and the smell grows worse with each day that passes by. When air is trapped, it carries unhealthy particles like dust and this can be very dangerous when you breathe it in. It doesn’t have anywhere to go so it begins to expand its territory throughout your room and that’s when things start to get really uncomfortable. Cigarette smoke can also be trapped in the air in a room where there’s not enough ventilation. That is why you should do well not to do this in the house if you have to do it at all. The air can absorb these pollutants and that will cause your room to start smelling in an odd way sooner or later.



Walking straight into your room with your shoes can also be a major cause of unpleasant smells in the room. How so? Shoes can also absorb dirty things and leaving them in your room without cleaning them will only pave way for these bad smells to take over your room. So, if you realize your room smells musty, one of the things you should look into is your shoes. They can even take on bad chemicals from on the main road, and if you take them right into your room, it’s only a matter of time before the smells grow strong. It’s better to always leave your shoes nowhere near your room when they haven’t been cleaned. This will ensure your room remains a safe and comfortable place for you to be in.



Sleeping in those silky, soft, and clean bedsheets is nice. You will always feel comfortable when you sleep. However, they can also make you feel uncomfortable when they’re dirty because they can easily absorb your sweats. This can make your bedroom smell sweaty and this smell can be so intense sometimes. Apart from causing unpleasant smells, it can also cause some skin reactions if you have allergies. Always try as much as possible to wash these sheets regularly, especially if you have pets at home and they have access to your bedroom. Changing your sheets as well as your pillowcases every day will leave your room with a fresh scent and that will make it a very comfortable place for you.



If you don’t have a laundry room and you have your laundry baskets in your room, you should always try to get your laundry done as soon as you can. Leaving your laundry for days will create a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in and that can in turn make your bedroom smell like mildew. Dirty laundry is one of the first things that comes to your mind when your room smells bad. This is not a strange thing. Sweaty clothes can get really smelly if you don’t pay quick attention to them. Dirty laundry can attract up to six volatile organic compounds according to a study found in the Journal of Chromatography A on Science Direct. You need to always pay proper attention to your laundry and ensure to get your dirty clothes washed regularly to avoid a smelly room.



It’s not a bad idea to have a trash bin in your room. It is actually a great idea, especially if your kitchen is a bit far from your room. It’s all part of the move to promote comfort. However, it can also serve as a perfect environment for bacteria to grow if you don’t take care of it properly. Leaving a bin filled with rubbish in your room for days can cause a very terrible smell, and that can make you feel very uncomfortable in the room. Things can even get worse if you have leftover food in the bin. Leftover food can fill your room with unpleasant smells in no time and this will continue for a longer time if you don’t dispose of it as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you think your trash can contain smells, always try to get leftover food items out of your room quickly.

Alternatively, you can get a trash can that has a lid so unpleasant smells can be kept right inside, with the exception of leftover foods. Don’t forget that a trash can with a lid can’t keep out smells from spoilt food items.



Now that you know the things that can cause your room to always, let’s now take a good look at how to make your room smell better.


We mentioned it earlier that one of the things that come to your mind when you have a smelly room is your laundry box. It is always ideal to have it (your laundry box) cleared out regularly so your dirty clothes don’t get smelly. Naturally, sweaty clothes will always release unpleasant smells. To make sure your room stays free of unpleasant odors, you should always try as much as possible to empty your laundry basket regularly.

Another thing you can do to keep your room smelling good is not to keep too many sweaty clothes in your laundry box, these include your bedsheets. Wash your bed sheets regularly and change your pillowcases daily if you can. Wash your sweaty clothes immediately you take them off to reduce the chances of bacteria building up, thereby causing unpleasant smells.



Pets can’t look after themselves and it’s your responsibility to take good care of them. They are beautiful and it’s nice to always have them around. As easy as taking care of them may sound, you have to do it with the utmost tenderness. Things can turn messy pretty quickly if you leave you don’t clean up your pet regularly. Try as much as possible to make their own little spaces for them. Cages, boxes, and many more will help you make the house look more organized. These spaces will also make cleaning easier for you. You have to make sure you clean them regularly because they can easily turn smelly as a result of your pets’ wastes. If your pet has its own bedding, make sure you clean it up frequently.



Other things that can harbour dirt and dust in your space are your furniture. If you have kids in the house, they can easily mess up the couches with food spills and that can make them really smelly. Once they start to produce a bad smell, you can combat the smells with white vinegar which is a natural substance to battle bad odors. The good thing about cleaning your furniture is that it doesn’t have to be every day. If you would clean it very well whenever you do, then once a month is fine. Also, try as much as possible to wash your curtains because they can also harbor stains that can make your room smelly.



This is one of the natural ways to make your room smell good and it doesn’t really cost much. Instead of spending your money getting expensive air fresheners that have toxic chemicals that pose a threat to your health, why don’t you invest in these risk-free fragrant flowers to keep your room fresh all the time? You need to make sure you’re getting the ones that are not poisonous. You can choose the one that’ll give your room a different feel. All you need to do is to take care of them properly so they can keep distributing sweet scent to your room.



  • Make your own homemade air freshener
  • Use what absorbs odor like baking soda or white vinegar (these are things that make your room smell good)
  • Do general cleaning regularly
  • Ensure your room is properly ventilated
  • Get a vacuum cleaner
  • Spray up your air vents with your homemade air freshener

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my bedroom smell?

Your bedroom can be smelly for different reasons. You might have sweaty clothes up in your laundry bag that need to be taken out as soon as possible. Also, if you have a trash can in your room, it might be that there are a few leftover food items in there and that might cause your room to smell bad if you let it stay longer than it normally should. We’ve highlighted some of the reasons why a bedroom can become so smelly.

2. What is the best thing to absorb odors?

The truth is that the best odor absorbers are natural, and most of the time, they are things that can easily be seen around the house. Baking soda is a great, natural odor absorber, and so is vinegar. Other odor absorbers include salt, hydrogen peroxide, and coffee among many others.

3. Can coffee absorb smells?

Yes, coffee can absorb smells. It is one of the natural odor absorbers we listed earlier and this is because coffee itself has a sweet scent that can oust other bad smells in your room.

4. How do I get rid of the bad smell in my shoes?

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the bad smell in your shoes is to expose it to direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can add a natural odor absorber like baking soda to your shoes. Just make sure you’re adding the right amount and the smell is going to go away in a matter of hours.


There are steps you can take to make sure your room is free of unpleasant smells. These smells are not good for a reason and they can affect something as important as your mood, if not more. Thankfully, we’ve been able to highlight a few steps you can prevent your room from these unpleasant odours. Without doubts, the steps we’ve outlined will definitely take out the unwanted smells in your room and the good thing is that they are simple!





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