Washer and dryer bundles under $1000

Top 5 Best Washer and Dryer Bundles Under $1000

Top 5 Best Washer and Dryer Bundles Under $1000  Comparison Table

ImageLG WM3488HW 2.3 cu. ft. Compact All-in-one Front Load Washer and DryerWhirlpool WTW4955HW 27-inch Top Load Washer with Front Load Electric Dryer Laundry PairAmana NTW45156FW 28-inch washer with NED4655EW 29-inch Electric Dryer Laundry PairDanby DWM120WDB-3 2.7 cu. ft. All-in-one Ventless Front Load Washer Dryer Combo

LG WM3488HW 2.3 cu. ft. Compact All-in-one Front Load Washer and Dryer

Whirlpool WTW4955HW 27-inch Top Load Washer with Front Load Electric Dryer Laundry Pair

Amana NTW45156FW 28-inch washer with NED4655EW 29-inch Electric Dryer Laundry Pair

Danby DWM120WDB-3 2.7 cu. ft. All-in-one Ventless Front Load Washer Dryer Combo

GE GFQ14ESSNWW 2.4 cu. ft. Front Load Washer/Condenser Dryer Combo














2.3 cu. ft.

3.8 cu. ft.

3.5 cu. ft.

2.7 cu. ft

2.4 cu. ft.

Control Type

Digital and Knobs



Digital and Knobs

Digital and Knobs

Product Dimension

33.5 x 24 x 25.25 inches



33.46 x 23.03 x 23.46 inches

33.25 x 23.44 x 25.63 inches

Maximum Spin Speed

1400 RPM



1300 RPM

1450 RPM


156.5 lbs

250 lbs

265 lbs

171.96 lbs

183 lbs

Editor’s Rating






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It’s that time of the year where people are constantly on the lookout for mouthwatering discounts and sales programs offered by dealerships and manufacturers across the country and the rest of the world. We can take away from people’s excitement to get the best deals during this season because the price has always been a significant factor in deciding the quality of the appliance people get their hands on at the end of the day. For many decades, it has been like that, especially in the appliance industry. Top manufacturers have also noticed this, and that’s why they always try to edge one another by offering consumers what the other brands can’t.

Another thing these manufacturers have done to make some of their products affordable to their consumers is to offer them in bundles and packages. So, rather than purchasing some of the significant appliances separately, which often costs more, you can now buy them in a single package to save a lot of money. This is an approach many manufacturers have adopted. The most popular packages often include the refrigerator, dishwasher, cooking range, and microwave oven.

Check here to read more on all the top appliance packages you can get your hands on.

If you’re looking to buy a washer soon, you should know a dryer is also needed, except you have solid alternatives to make up for the lack of a dryer in your space. Rather than purchasing those appliances separately, you can explore the best bundle deals, including washers and dryers in one package. They often don’t cost as much as if you were to purchase them individually, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

If you’re on a budget, the chances are that you’re looking for the best washer and dryer sets under $1000 – a common theme among those that fall under the budget category. However, it’s also generally believed that the idea of the best washers and dryers under $1000 is not realistic because, individually, these appliances cost as much. If you think it that way, you may have a strong argument, but what these appliance manufacturers are doing these days is way beyond anyone’s imagination, and that’s only to have a spot in history.

The truth is that exploring the best washer and dryer combo under $1000 doesn’t mean that you’re looking for an unrealistic deal. These deals exist, and it’s what most of these brands do to win their consumers over. If a washer and a dryer cost $1000 combined, some people are always skeptical about the deal because it seems “too good to be true.” It takes more than just a leap of faith to invest in such a deal, but if your budget already limits you, it’ll almost not matter because you just want to get the next best available deal.

If you’ve been looking for the best washer and dryer pair under $1000, our washer and dryer bundles under $1000 review will provide you with the best options. While some of these products may not directly fall under $1000, they’re still within that price range of up to $1500, but they’re the best things you can get on the market. Without further ado, let’s explore the best washer/dryer combos for around $1000.

Top 5 Best Washer and Dryer Bundles Under $1000

1. LG WM3488HW 2.3 cu. ft. Compact All-in-one Front Load Washer and Dryer

This may not be the best front-load washer and dryer under $1000 because it’s not even under $1000. However, if you can raise your budget to match the asking price set for this combo, it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as far as purchasing a washer/dryer combo is concerned. From the reviews the product has amassed online, you can tell it’s a perfect washer/dryer combo and will be worth every penny of the price tag. The fact that you’ll have two appliances in one form makes it an ideal option for money, and the price is not all that outlandish for an all-in-one machine.


Compact Design

People love the washer/dryer combos because they can have two appliances in one form. This space-saving design has been cited as the main reason people invest in this combo. The extra convenience you’ll enjoy having an all-one-one washer/dryer without compromising capacity.

Ventless Drying

If you’re investing in a separate dryer, you need to access external venting. However, since this dryer is built with a washer to make it one machine, you don’t need external venting to dry your clothes. The machine uses ventless condensing to dry your laundry, eliminating any need for external venting.

6Motion Technology

The 6Motion technology is a unique feature that uses up to 6 different wash motions to give you an excellent cleaning experience. It gently washes your clothes while also keeping a maximized washing performance.

Other Features

  • LG SmartDiagnosis
  • 14 wash programs
  • TubClean cycle
  • White finish
  • Digital and knob controls
  • End-of-cycle signal
  • Internal water heater
  • Load balancer


  • Fantastic customer service from LG
  • Space-saving design
  • Convenient washing
  • The machine comes with enough features


  • High maintenance
  • The manual is not straightforward.

2. Whirlpool WTW4955HW 27-inch Top Load Washer with Front Load Electric Dryer Laundry Pair

If you’re ranking the top appliance manufacturers today, you have to rank Whirlpool as one of the top 5. The brand has broken many barriers to get to where it is today, so we’re not surprised by the success it’s enjoying, as sudden as it may look. The brand has managed to stay at the summit of the industry with productions like this Whirlpool laundry pair which includes a top-load washer and a front-load electric dryer. Despite being a pair, it surprisingly comes with a very reasonable price, which has earned it a top spot amongst the most affordable laundry pairs on the market.


Timed Dryer

With this feature, you can now time how long you want the dryer to operate. The feature helps you run the dryer for a specific period to synchronize the drying and washing process. You can save a lot of time with this fantastic feature.

Dual-action Spiral Agitator

If you’re a big fan of washing machine agitators, you will love everything about the top-load washer in this bundle. The washer comes with a dual-action spiral agitator to help you combat the most demanding loads possible.

Stainless Steel Drum

If your washer has a stainless steel drum, you don’t have to worry about internal stains because the drum itself is rust-resistant. It also helps deliver premium performance so you can always have the best results all the time.

Other Features

  • Powder coat drum
  • Wrinkle shield option
  • Side-by-side configuration
  • Vented drying
  • 14 dry cycles
  • 12 wash cycles


  • The machine operates quietly
  • One of the most efficient laundry pairs at the moment
  • It is ideal for small spaces
  • The installation process is very straightforward
  • It is energy-efficient


  • You may have to rinse correctly not to be left with soapy clothes
  • This laundry pair can be better with more exciting features

3. Amana NTW45156FW 28-inch washer with NED4655EW 29-inch Electric Dryer Laundry Pair

Numbers don’t lie, and if they’re anything to go by, this laundry pair might as well be the best laundry pair money can get you on the market right now. If you’re looking for a perfect laundry pair under $1000, you may not come across it quickly because there are not too many of them. Amana has made that breakthrough by producing this washer and dryer two-in-one for less than $1000. We’re not surprised that the washer/dryer set has accrued many positive reviews online. It only explains why people are heads-over-heels for the machine.


Reversible Door Hinge

One of the things you’ll have to find an answer to when purchasing a washer or dryer is where to place the machine in the house. You have to put it where you can easily access it for convenience. To help you achieve that, Amana has included a reversible door swing to give you more flexibility in putting the unit in an ideal place around the house.

Dual-action Agitator

The purpose of an agitator in a washing machine is to bring the effect of handwashing into the machine. While the agitator may operate aggressively, many people still love the component because it helps them tackle tough stains better.

Automatic Dryness Control

The automatic dryness control is a unique feature that uses sensors to help monitor the temperature in the drum and automatically stops the cycle when the fabrics are dry.

Other Features

  • Wrinkle prevent option
  • Timed dry cycles
  • White porcelain basket
  • Side-by-side configuration


  • The machine has an extra-deep basin if you ever need it
  • Easy to set up
  • It washes efficiently
  • An excellent all-purpose washing machine
  • It is very reliable


  • It doesn’t have the most straightforward controls to use
  • It may take multiple cycles to dry your laundry correctly.

4. Danby DWM120WDB-3 2.7 cu. ft. All-in-one Ventless Front Load Washer Dryer Combo

Danby is not the most popular brand on the list, but you’ll be wrong to judge its products by their popularity. In-home laundry has been made better with Danby’s 2.7 cu. ft. ventless washer/dryer combo. With only 24 inches in width, you can count on the machine to fit into your small space, while you can also trust it to handle heavy laundry because of its capacity. You’ll also choose between 14 wash cycles and 2 dry cycles to attend to your different laundry needs.


Compact Sizing

For a dryer/washer combo, this is the smallest size you can think of, and it’s ideal if you don’t have enough dedicated space for a washer and dryer. Rather than having two appliances taking a lot of space in your house, the two appliances have been built together to give you the best performance possible.

14 Wash Cycles

Some of the convenient wash cycles you’ll get to enjoy include Normal, Sportswear, Heavy Duty, and many others. You can choose the perfect wash cycle for different laundry needs.

My Cycle

You can customize a cycle to set and remember your favorite wash program. The appliance can automatically set itself to operate with the custom cycle without any external intervention.

Other Features

  • 2 dry cycles
  • Stainless steel drum
  • LED lights
  • 1300 RPM dryer spin speed
  • Emergency door release
  • Time delay function
  • Overflow protection
  • Child lock


  • Reasonably priced for a washer/dryer combo
  • It takes a while to dry, but it dries well
  • It is packed with enough features to help make washing convenient
  • Child lock feature
  • It last longer if maintained properly


  • It’s slow to dry clothes

5. GE GFQ14ESSNWW 2.4 cu. ft. Front Load Washer/Condenser Dryer Combo

The final product on our list is the GE GFQ14ESSNWW 2.4 cu. ft. front-load washer/condenser dryer combo. Everything about the product, from pricing to compactness, is plausible. If you don’t want to purchase a washer and a dryer separately, this is a great option to consider because it’ll save you some space and a few bucks.


Ventless Operation

GE has included a standard 120v plug-in to make installation very easy. This will help you conveniently install the appliance in a closet without any external vent.

Steam Wash

The GE washer/dryer combo also has a unique feature that penetrates deep into your fabric to help loosen tough stains while giving your materials the protection they need to last longer.

Detergent, Bleach, and Fabric Softener Dispensers

Save a lot of time during laundry with these dispensers that automatically fill your machine with the right amount of detergent, fabric softener, and bleach.

Other Features

  • All-in-one wash and dry
  • Auto wash + dry
  • Sanitize cycles
  • 5 soil level selections
  • 5 wash temperature levels
  • 5 spin speed choices
  • Inlet fill hoses


  • The machine will complete a full wash and dry cycle in over 2 hours.
  • A fantastic choice for compact space
  • It operates quietly
  • It is effortless to operate
  • It washes very effectively


  • You have to wash the machine after use to avoid a bad smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best front-load washing machines under $1000?

Some of the best front-load washing machines under $1000 don’t often come with agitators. Read more about them here.

2. What are the best washers under $1000?

Since people are now searching for the most affordable deals, it’s no surprise that many appliance manufacturers have now made most of their products affordable. Brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, Amana, and Danby have all adopted this particular approach over the past few years.

Wrapping Up

Finding the washer and dryer bundles under $1000 can be very hard because they’re not too many options. However, we’ve tried to widen the range to go a little above the $1000 mark, leaving us with a broader range of products, some of which were picked to feature in this article. If you’re looking for the best washer and dryer bundles, we’ve reviewed the best 5 options you can get on the market.





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