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Kitchenaid Induction Range Stoves For Everyone

In the heart of every home, where memories are crafted and meals are shared, Kitchenaid stands as a beacon of trust. A name whispered through generations, Kitchenaid, under the protective wing of the Whirlpool corporation, has been a loyal companion since 1919. From the moment their first stand mixer graced our kitchens, they’ve been more than just appliances; they’ve been timeless storytellers. Over the eons, with the gentle hum of innovation, they introduced creations like the “Kitchenaid Induction Range Stoves” – a symphony of durability and elegance. These stoves, like all their offerings, are not just tools but heirlooms, designed for the passionate dance of everyday culinary art, be it in the grand halls of professionals or the warm embrace of our homes.

Did you know that it was only recently in 1994 that they came up with the idea of colored kitchen appliances? You could get mixers in all colors of the rainbow and this is where they became even more popular. From then on in 2007 they spread their wings and moved on to Europe where their products first appeared in France and then Italy. They are now one of the leading brands worldwide and we love them.

They create recipe books with their products and range from kettles and toasters to ovens and stovetops. To prepare, to preserve and to cook Kitchenaid is at your aid. They pay close attention to every single detail and don’t miss out on the latest technology either so you know you are simply getting the best.

From Little to Large – A Huge Choice of Ovens

It is quite rare that a kitchen brand comes up with an option to suit every budget but Kitchenaid have done exactly that and they have created a huge choice of ovens from built in to singular compact ones to the large and professional ovens which are needed in catering businesses. Here are the ranges that we know provide flawless cooking results every time.

The Best KitchenAid Ovens Are Here!

Looking for just the right amount of oven size for your kitchen? We have gathered the best KitchenAid Countertop Ovens. See the comparison chart below:

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KitchenAid® 36'' Smart Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range with 6 Burners30-Inch 5-Element Electric Convection RangeClassic Forged 16-Piece Triple Rivet Cutlery Set


KitchenAid 36-Inch Smart Commercial-style 5 Burner Dual Fuel Range

30-Inch 5-Element Induction Electric Convection Range

KitchenAid 12-Piece Stainless Steel Base Induction Aluminum Cookware Set

KitchenAid Classic Forged 16-Piece Triple Trivet Cutlery Set


Avocado Cream

Stainless Steel

Onyx Black


Special Feature

Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant

EasyConvect conversion system

Strong stainless steel base

Diamond grit sharpener

Handle material



Stainless Steel

German stainless steel

Editor’s Rating





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KitchenAid 36-Inch Smart Commercial-style 5 Burner Dual Fuel Range

This model is a commercial-style range with a double fuel. This powerful range has a number of features no-one else can compete with which is why we love it so much. Currently it can only be purchased through Kitchenaid. It comes with a steam rack which offers a little more moisture to the oven when needed which really enhances cooking results. It has even true heat convection technology and a convection fan which ensures you that the temperature inside the oven will stay evenly heated while cooking. 

The top of the range is designed with induction elements which offer a quicker response than to those on electric and gas. They work electromagnetic energy which generates instant heat a quicker and precise results. As for the design and style we couldn’t love it more. It has satin textured handles and an amazing display panel where you can control the oven from. Still on the design, we are very confident that apart from this range serving you in a great way, it will also add a touch of class to your kitchen, giving it a whole different look. This commercial-style range is available in four colour variants; Avocado cream, Misty blue, Passion red, Yellow pepper, and Scorched orange. It is durable and really easy to keep clean. Go effortless cooking and cleaning with this outstanding, sleek and modern design which is the best on the market this year.

30-Inch 5-Element Induction Electric Convection Range

This range is more expensive than the previous model but has a lot more features which can’t be competed with. It features the even heat true convection technology and the induction elements on top of the stove. The elements on top include two seven inch cooking zones with a bridge element to create one large cooking space. Additionally it has a 6.4 cu. ft. oven capacity, making it a very ideal option when it comes to choosing an electric convection range. Kitchenaid guarantees that this slide in range will fit because it is designed just perfectly and you can even buy the optional trim kit which will cover damaged countertops and unfinished edges from your previous oven.

This oven also has the aqualift feature which is a self cleaning system used which combines water and low heat so you can get rid of any nasty spills with ease.

Yet another design which is sleek and will fit in with any style and interior in any home. The touch control panel perfects the art of setting temperatures and its clean design allows for easy cleaning. The highest quality stainless steel crafts this masterpiece. It resists the cruel advances of rust and denies the scars of scratches.

Complete Your Cooking Needs With Kitchenaid

You have now chosen the induction range to purchase then why not try out some of Kitchenaids cooking tools and accessories which will complete everything off flawlessly. We love some of their products from pots and pans to spatulas and here is what you need to get started and to create a tasty meal in style.

KitchenAid 12-Piece Stainless Steel Base Induction Aluminum Cookware Set

This set of sleek onyx black non-stick induction 12-piece cookware is great to make a meal in on those chilly winter nights. You can purchase some of the cookware, including skillet, grill pan, and stock pot separately but it is safe to know that purchasing individually, rather than in set will definitely cost more than when you get these pots and pans together. These kitchen items are made from hard aluminum, making them take on the title of a ‘premium set’ when you compare them with other cookware in the same class. They are also dishwasher durable, oven safe up to 500 degrees and can be used on the stove top as well. We can’t help but love things that are versatile and of course, easy to clean.


  • Solid stainless steel base
  • Aluminum-made pots and pans
  • Non-stick interior
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Oven safe
  • PFOA-free

KitchenAid Classic Forged 16-Piece Triple Trivet Cutlery Set

If you get anodized induction cookware in black or red then grab this tool and gadget set at a really unique price. It has everything you need to bake, stir, boil and cook and we love it. The tools include different cutlery types and a diamond grit sharpener that are dishwasher-safe and also safe to use.

The tools are safe to use and are non-stick and can withstand heat of up to 450 degrees. The gadgets are constructed from sturdy and durable material with stainless steel components so they are long lasting and trustworthy for any serious cook. They are all dishwasher safe and are high quality kitchen items which will make your task of cooking that much easier.


  • Diamond grit sharpener
  • German stainless steel and plastic construction
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Silver sleek knife block
  • Non-stick items

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is KitchenAid considered to be a high-end brand?

KitchenAid is one of the most reputable brands in the world, and they haven’t achieved this feat simply by doing nothing. Many people consider them to be high-end because of the price tags slammed on their products. However, despite the high prices, people still opt for their products on a larger scale because they know KitchenAid offers them the best value for their money.

2. Is KitchenAid owned by Whirlpool?

KitchenAid is one of the few appliances brands owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. It was previously owned by Hobart Corporation before they passed it on to Whirlpool as part of a mega deal.

Go Kitchenaid All The Way

Kitchenaid continues to create products and appliances which are of high quality, long lasting and simply the best for the kitchen. If you already own a kitchenaid product but need to download a manual, call a technician or ask for some expert help then you can find them here. Their amazing customer service team will help you with everything from parts, guides, manuals, warranty issues and product help. Email, call or message them on their live chat and you will be guaranteed to be treated like royalty. Kitchenaid strives to offer the best and that is exactly what they do. Kitchenaid is worth every penny when it comes to your kitchen, you can rely on them for all your cooking needs.

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