Frigidaier Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Frigidaier Washing Machine Troubleshooting

You may have seen documentaries or movies depicting the Ancient Western world and their Laundering practices. If you have seen any of such clips, you will agree with me that we have come a long way in our incessant advancement in Home Appliances technological innovation. Washers certainly do not need to take their laudries to a knee-deep stream anymore, beating their clothes against the rock. Laundering is now so easy that they can’t even get in the way of your cherished sleep.

The Frigidaire washing machine brand is one of the few reputable washing machine brands out there currently.However, they manifest some faults once in a while, just like every other wahing machine brand. Some of these faults ma require you to get a professional for fixing while others can be properly fixed by you if you possess knnowledge on troubleshooting your wahing machine to discover where a particular fault may have stemmed from. This article will help you towards achieveing this end and handling frigidaire washing machine repairs but before we go into details, let us learn a little about the Frigidaier brand itself.

About Frigidaire

The Frigidaire Appliance Company is an American consumer and Commercial home appliances brand subsidiary. The parent company is The Electolux. Frigidaire has been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of refrigerirators. Frigidaire Refrigerators became so popular in the United States that almost any refrigrator was now called Frigedaire. The company has been a leading manufacturer of Household Apppliances for years. However, it did not venture in the washers line till 1970 when Frigidaire develops the first laundry center with a family-sized washer at the bottom and dryer on top. It was all about 24 inches wide. Due to ever growing demand for a higher capacity washing machine, frigidaire develped the Frigidaier Washer/Dryer High Effieciency Laundry machine which allows you to fit more in every load

Troubleshooting a Frigidaire Washer

The presence of a washing machine in the house will bring incredible convenience and its absence may cause untold hardship, especially when you have to attend to your laundry. Hence when it is faulty, all that often comes to mind is how to get it fixed.

Frigidaire makes a range of high-quality products like washing machines, refrigerators, and dryers. Although they have a sterling reputation for excellent quality, they are not immune to mechanical faults and malfunction. Here are some of the problems you may run into while using your washing machine and possible fixes to these problems.

Frigidaire Washer Not Working

There are a few options to consider when your washing machine stops working. But before we go to those options, you must first check some basics. You must ensure that your door is properly shut, your washing machine stops working if the door is not latched shut properly. Check again to make sure it is not a faulty door switch that is keeping the washing machine from starting. The door switch is responsible for alerting the washer, and when it is open, it sends the signal to the machine, hence it does not work.

As a basic routine check, it is also important to look inspect the power supply unit to make sure that there is power supply to the washing machine, and this is also an important tip for when your Frigidaier washing machine won’t start If some of the led display lights aren’t lit, then it may be a problem with electricity. It is important make sure of these before you proceed to the following;

Test the User Control and Display Board

This is the best place to start if iyou frigidaire washing machine is not working. You need to ensure that it is functioning properly and to do that, you should;

a. Test the buttons on the control panel to make sure they are functioning properly. Note that the lights on them should be lit as soon as it is connected to power. You can easily detect a disconnection from power source the lights are not on or the buttons are not responding

b. All of should be working perfectly but if any of the buttons on the control panel is not working properly, you may have to get a new control board.

c. If the display as a whole is not working at all, there may be need to check the power to the board and ensure it is working properly. If not, get a replacement.

Check the Power Chord

Sometimes, the solution to a firigidaire washer that is not working properly is just as simple as the Power Chord. The power chord is the carrier of electric current into your Frigidaire Washing Machine. Once you discover that it can no longer carry electrical current into the washing machine, then you know it needs changing. Although this fault is rare with Frigidaire washing machines but it is necessary to be thorough still. Here are some steps to follow in your inspection of the Power Chord.

a. Ensure first of all that power is reaching the electrical outlet and that the outlet is properly plugged in.

b. If the power chord is receiving power from power source but the washer is still not working, you need to troubleshoot by using a multimeter to confirm continuity in the power chord. If there is continuity, the washer will surely work but if there is no continuity,

c. Get the Power Chord replaced. Lack of continuity in the power chord may be due to the fact that it is damaged, cut or frayed. Hence, you need to look out for burns on the chord.

Check the Thermal Fuse

Just like you’ll find a line fuse in a circuit breaker, there is a similar fuse in a washing machine, called a thermal fuse. The only difference between these two is that the thermal fuse monitors the temperature in a wahing machine unlike a line fuse that basically supplies electrical current and checks voltage. You need to make sure the thermal fuse is in good condition, if the thermal fuse has gone bad or is failing, the machine may not work. To make sure the thermal fuse is working fine, do the following;

a. Firstly, turn the washer off at the wall

b. Test the thermal fuse for power continuity, using a multimeter

c. If it does not have continuity, the fuse must’ve been damaged and needs replacement.

Check the timer

One of the least likely causes of a Fridgidaire washer not working is a faulty timer. Hence, it can be your final resort if you are done checking other possible faults listed above. You can check the timer by;

a. First, turning your waher off, at the wall

b. Find your washer’s wiring diagram and locate the timer

c. Test the timer for continuity, using your multimeter

d. The timer is defective if it does not have continuity and it should be replaced.

Finally, make sure the door latch has not failed. IN a top-lod machine, the door latch engages when you pit the lid down. It brakes easily, so avoid slamming the lid down in the future.

The front door latch may also stop the machine from operating when the door is open. If the latch has failed, it will engage a safety protocol that will not allow the machine to run.

Frigidaire Washing Machine won’t Spin

Just Imagine you left your clothes in the washer over the night expecting it to have washed and dried with the Wash&Dry Cycle for an important occasion the following morning. Then you wake up in the morning to discover that your clothes are still dirty and wet. Not many occurences can be more frustrating.

This disappointment could have been orchestrated by a number of factors. To begin with, you may inspect the drive belt to make sure it is not damaged, if it is apparently torn or cut, it should be replaced. Another possible cause of this problem could be the motor coupling that links the washer’s transmission to the motor is broken. If so it will need to be replaced as well.

If the problem for your Frigidaire Washer not spinning is not from a drive belt or motor coupling issue, it could be due to another faulty part. This includes problems with the lid switch assembly and the rotor assembly.

Check the lid switch with a multimeter to see if it is defective. To see if the drive motor is malfunctioning, check if it is getting power and is humming normally. Finally, to check for rotor assembly problems, inspect the rotors for damage and replace them accordingly.

However, If the problem happens to be with a loose transmission pulley, you may need to score off the transmission input shaft which is irreparable. Your best bet in this case is to install a completely new transmission pulley which could cost as much as the price of a new washer. Hence, you may just need to purchase a new washer.

Frigidaier washer not draining

It can be disappointing to suddenly discover that your washing machine, after years of efficient service has stopped draining. The problelm of a non draining Frigidaire washer usually comes from a clogged drain hose/pipe. Hence, it is important to regularly inspect the drain hose of your Frigidaier washing machine for obstructing pieces of clothing. That underwear you have been looking for may have been abducted by your drain pipe, thus you will need to unplud the drain pipe, inspect it and remove any obstruction lurking.

The next thing to check if your Frigidaire Washer is not drinnig normally is the door lock or switch assembly. The door lock and the switch assembly are respponsible for keeping the washer door shut because only then can the washer run its regular spin cycle and without the spin cycle, water can not drain from the washer. Hence, if the door lock fails to work, it could be due to lack of electrical contack or a that the door itself is faulty.

The next thing to check if your Frigidaire Washer is not draining normally is the door lock and switch assembly. This keeps the washer door shut and allows the washer to go through its normal spin cycles to let the water drain out of the washer. If the door lock has failed, it could either be a problem with the electrical system or with the door lock itself.

A good way to check the door lock or switch system is by inspecting their wiring for continuity, through a multimeter. For a quick guide through the wiring connections, you may go through the wiring diagram in the user’s manual, this way, you are certain thay all circuits and switches involved are in good place. Make sure to check all of your Frigidaire washer settings too, to make sure that there is no abnormality that is preventing normal drainage.

How to reset a Frigidaire washer

Washing Machines are great innovations. They are a total shift from the ancient times of washing in knee-deep water and slapping clothes against rocks in a bid to get the dirt out of them. With recent washing machine technologies, waahing could even be as easy as a few taps on your Android or iphones. However, this is not to say that washing machine do not have their problems. Just like every other machine, they do not work perfectly all the time.

Regardless of the Frigidaire washer you use, resetting your washing machine can be pretty easy and quick. Your Frigidaire washer may have stopped working mid-cycle or not even responding to commands anymore. It is nothing a few resetting can not fix. This section will take you through a few steps to do your washing machine reset.

Is there a reset button on a Frigidaire Washer?

If all one needs to reset any machine is just one button, there is no doubt that this process will be found very convenient, however, in most cases, resets aren’t done at the hit of just one button and Frigidaire washing machine is no exception. You may need to press a sequence of buttons and turn some control knob to achieve your washing machine reset. This is not to say however that this is a difficult task, its not!

Before you run a reset on your washing machine, note that any interruption in power can cause the Frigidaire washer control board to stop and become unresponsive. Power surge and other factors like an unbalanced load too may cause your waher to stop mid-cycle or become unresponsive. Hence it is important to check these things and ensure they are not the reason your washer is unresponsive before you run that reset.

How to Return Your Frigidaire Washer to Factory Reset

Factory reset as complicated as it sounds, isn’t the most difficult thing to do on your washing machine. Understandably, this process may be quite delicate and intricate, especially for a washing machine that uses knob control instead of controls and for this category, it is advised that the process for factory is followed studiously.

To reset a Frigidaire washer without a dial control knob factory settings, simultaneously press an d hold the ‘Spin Speed’ and ‘Soil Level’ buttons. Keep pressing the buttons the Display panel beeps. When the dispplay panel beeps, the washer has now been reset to default factory setting.

However, if your Fridigaire washer uses a dial control knob instead of just buttons, you can run your reset which a few turns of the dial knob. There is a series of clockwise and counterclockwise turns to do here and the steps provided below will guide you through.

Step 1: Turn your washer off.

Step 2: Turn the control dial to ‘normal’ setting.

Step 3: Turn the dial counter clockwise once.

Step 4: Turn the dial clockwise 3 times.

Step 5: Turn the dial counterclockwise once.

Step 6: Turn the dial clockwise once.

Step 7: Hit the ‘Start’ button.

Step 8: As soon as the cycle indicator lights are on, press the ‘Start/Stop’ button.

Step 9: Turn the dial clockwise until the ‘Rinse’, ‘Wash’, and ‘Stop’ command lights are all illuminated.

Step 10: Turn the washing machine off for a few seconds.

Step 11: Turn the washing machine back on. The washer would have been reset to its default factory settings.

To comfirm that your just concluded factory reset excercise is successful, run any cycle other than the ‘Spin’ or the ‘Final Cycle’ with an empty washer. If the washer starts up, then the factory rest process has been successful. However, if the washer does not respond to new commands, you may repeat the factory reset steps or unplug the washer from the power outlet and replug it.


1. What are Frigidaire top load washer problems?

The problems usually encountered by a Frigidaire washing machine are; How to clean them, when they are not sarting and when they are not working at all.

2. How do you reset a Frigidaier washing machine?

A Frigidaire washer can be reset by pressing the cancel button located on the washer’s display and turning the knob or pressing the button to select a new cycle. Pressing the start button finishes the reset of the washer.

3. Whashould i do if my Frigidaire washer spin cycle is not working?

If your Frigidaire Washer Spin Cycle is not working and there is some water in the washer’s tub, check if there is any obstruction in the drain pump that is at the bottom of the washer. Take off the bottom front access panel and pull off the hoses to remove anything plugging it up.





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