How Refrigerator Wheels Guarantee Mobility and Balance for Frigidaire Refrigerators

How Refrigerator Wheels Guarantee Mobility and Balance for Frigidaire Refrigerators 

Mobility is a crucial aspect of life. Things are just a lot easier to manipulate when you can move them. And when it somes to your household appliances, you may have to reposition them occasionally to either clean them or fix them. Some cleaning process like removing rust from your steel-made fridge may be really tedious that you will need to completely tilt the fridge over and trust me, some cleanings are crucial to keep the room smelling fresh. A refrigerator can be really weighty to move but with wheels attached, you find this daunting task completely easy. Hence, Whether it’s time to move or you need a new refrigerator, figuring out how to transport your existing appliance can be tricky but Frigidaire refrigerators with wheels will prove significantly easier to transport. 


These wheels will be on the back end of your refrigerator and should also be adjustable. With these wheels and/or some refrigerator adjustable legs, at the bottom of your fridge,  it can be properly leveled. In a nutshell, apart from easy repositioning, fridges with wheels also allow for better balance. 

Why Is It Important to Level your Frigidaire Refrigerator


The need to level your refrigerator can not be emphasized enough. There are several reasons why you must level your refrigerator. And the bottom line is that your Frigidaire refrigerator will not work properly if not properly leveled. The proper operation of your fridge depends largely on the positioning of your Refrigerant. Refrigerators work by causing the refrigerant circulating inside them to change from a liquid into a gas. This process, called evaporation, cools the surrounding area and produces the desired effect. You can test this process for yourself by taking some alcohol and putting a drop or two on your skin. As it evaporates, you should feel a chilling sensation – the same basic principle gives us safe food storage. 


This refrigerant exists in the liquid state in the condenser coils and if the appliance is not level, It may pool in certain areas where gravity is working against it. This can make your fridge work harder than it needs to, the condenser then works a lot harder than it needs to and this consequently affects the performance and raises your energy bill. Another reason it is important for you to find proper leveling for your refrigerator is that it ensures the proper draining of the water dripping from the freezer or that which condenses on the coil. The drain opening is in the back of the refrigerator, so Frigidaire specifies a 1/4- to 1/2-inch slope from the front of the refrigerator to the back. If you don’t do this, water will spill from the front, and who wants a pool of water on the floor under the refrigerator?


Here is a third reason for leveling your refrigerator. A refrigerator not properly leveled may make some gurgling sound when it works. Although, it is understandable that other factors may contribute to the noise coming from a refrigerator when it is not leveled items inside may be constantly knocked against the body of the refrigerator from the inside, causing some unpleasant noise while the refrigerator works and vibrates.


A fourth reason is that the refrigerator doors won’t open properly if the appliance is not balanced. The doors could swing open by themselves, which is something you don’t want if you’re trying to keep your food cool. Leveling your Frigidaire refrigerator to change the door swing is something you might have to do after moving it or making changes to the floor.

How to Adjust Refrigerator Levelling Wheels 


Properly leveling your refrigerator with its wheels have great advantages. Not only does this process allow the door to close automatically without slamming shut, it also prevents unnecessary tilting that may harm the proper functioning of your Frigidaire refrigerator. And again, if a fridge leans too much to the front or to a side, this can cause the coolant to pool in the pipes and this makes the pump work harder, consequently increasing energy consumption as well as causing the refrigerator to prematurely wear out. 


Before you can adjust your Frigidaire refrigerator wheel, you may have to remove the metal strip mounted at the base of the refrigerator to gain access to the wheels. Depending on the model of your Frigidaire refrigerator, this metal strip is usually held in place by screws or even clips. You may need to consult your Frididaire user manual here  in order to learn the proper way to do this. However, a necessary safety precaution to take would be cutting out your power supply before you remove the metal stip, or better still, you can take out the circuit breaker supplying power to the refrigerator. 


It is important for you to know your refrigerator, if your refrigerator has high adjustable wheels, for example, you have to locate its adjustment screw. It is located somewhere near the top of each wheel. In most cases, you can simply adjust the wheel by turning the screw to lift the frontal part of the refrigerator and you can also lower it by turning it counterclockwise. 


You may find it easier to turn the adjustment screws if someone else helps you by gently pushing back on the top of the refrigerator to take the weight off the legs. It will also save you from standing up and crouching back down again if a helper checks a level placed on top of the refrigerator to make sure the fridge is still level from side to side after you adjust the back-to-front tilt.

Things to Consider before Buying a Frigidaire refrigerator or any other refrigerator


Buying a refrigerator is a big deal. I say that because most top-quality refrigerators are quite expensive realizing your money’s worth significantly depends on your ability to make the right purchase. Even if you are the kind that does not mind splashing some dollars, you’ll not mind realizing optimum satisfaction regardless. This section will provide you with a Refrigerator Buying Guide, and discuss the style/ configurations available, and the things to consider while buying a refrigerator so that you could select your most suitable refrigerator without shelling out all your cash.


The moment you make the move to get a refrigerator whether online or in a physical store, you may be confronted with a plethora of options that make your selection process a daunting task, but do not worry, here is a guide to help through;


1. The Size of the Refrigerator 


Whether you are looking to buy a refrigerator on an occasion like moving to a new house or you are just making some post-renovation arrangements. In any case, at all, you have to consider where you will place the refrigerator. This is important to determine what size to buy. Refrigerator location gives you the idea about spatial restraints such as the width of your doorway or any blockage to the doors of the refrigerator where it may bump when opened. 


Another crucial consideration to make before buying a new refrigerator is user size. If you are buying for the whole family, for instance, you may need to consider some heavy-duty refrigerator but if it is for personal purposes, you very well know that you don’t need to be elaborate in your choice of purchase.

2. Style or Configuration of the refrigerator  


The configuration of a refrigerator is pretty much the most important thing to consider when you are going for a new refrigerator. The configuration of a refrigerator has to do with where and which door facility you are dealing with. There is four basic refrigerator configuration that exists; Top Freezer, Bottom Freezer, Side by Side, and French Door. 


Top Freezer Refrigerator


Top Frigidaire Freezers and infact other top freezers are the oldest configuration you will find out there. At some point in time, you would have sighted this refrigerator in a kitchen and this is why they are usually called the classics. In such refrigerators, the freezer is on top and the fridge is below. Top freezers are pretty basic in their form, you may not find extra features like an in-door water dispenser or an automatic ice maker and they are relatively affordable. Lastly, this refrigerator consumes minimal energy.


Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 


The bottom freezer has its own pros and cons. In comparison to the French door Bottom door, it saves space. The bottom freezer utilizes the lesser-used space in the basement of your refrigerator. Pricing is higher than the normal fridge.


Side by Side Refrigerator


As the name suggests, this refrigerator has doors on both sides, enclosing the fridge and the freezer on both ends. If you are one who stores a lot and pre-packs and pre preps then this is for you. If you aren’t so tall or you don’t want your kids to necessarily grab a stool before they can reach items in the refrigerator. They are also good for those who use wheelchair and have difficulty reaching high or low spaces.This model will certainly keep your drinks cold at a party. 


French Door Refrigerator


When you see side-by-side fridge spaces and a bottom freezer, then you know you got yourself a French Door Refrigerator. This refrigerator offers everything basically; enough space and features such as platters.

3. Your Family Size


Here, you gotta ask yourself a few questions and the answers you provide will determine the best choice for you. If you are a bachelor, you know you don’t need so much space,  if you are married with kids, not only will you need space, you may also need to get something like a side-by-side that your kids can easily reach. Have you got any physical issues, maybe a backache or you are just ‘too young’, you may need to go for a refrigerator that will not require you to grab a stool before you are able to get things. Bye and large, a large family can better opt-in for Side by Side or French door refrigerators that have more storage space.

4. Exterior and Interior Look 


The Exterior and Interior look of your refrigerator is also has its important in the list of things to consider while buying a refrigerator. Looks too matter and also which metal are you planning to get to your house. Don’t you want to match it with your interior??? Our Refrigerator Buying Guide suggests you choose a finish that looks great in your kitchen.

Moving Your Frigidaire refrigerator

This strictly depends on what you feel about interior designs but it is sometimes important to alter the positioning of a fridge not only to get a good look but also to make cleaning easy to do. Many fridge owners move this appliance into place in their homes and don’t think about it again until they move out. However, this philosophy leads to a thick build-up of dust and grime beneath the fridge which is neither hygienic nor sanitary.


It is recommended to move the fridge out of its space for cleaning at least once a month for two reasons. Firstly, you can mop and disinfect the floor beneath the fridge to remove built-up grunge. Regular cleaning extends the life of your kitchen floor. Secondly, you can vacuum away dust and cobwebs clogging up the vents around the base of the fridge. The removal of this debris leads to a more energy-efficient fridge because refrigerator coils covered with dirt can’t quickly release heat. This dirtiness means the coil needs to work harder to keep the fridge cold. A fridge with smooth-gliding wheels makes the regular movement of a fridge a non-issue.


If you are thinking that your Frigidaire refrigerator may move recklessly when you have its fixed, you are mistaken because it’s possible to lock the wheels of your fridge. Once you move the refrigerator to its desired location, a mechanism for locking the wheels in place can be utilized to effect a standstill for your fridge.


There are two ways to lock refrigerator wheels to stop the appliance from moving. One mechanism is similar to a bed frame wheel. A latch on the side of the wheel is pushed down and against the wheel which stops the wheel from moving. The second option is to use the leveling screws on the fridge to lower the legs to the floor. Once the legs are on the floor, they are lower than the wheels, so the wheels no longer touch the floor at all.



How Do I Know If My Frigidaire Refrigerator has wheels?


The wheels of a refrigerator may not be conspicuous as they are attached to the bottom of the fridge but a good way to tell if your Fridge has wheels is to slide it out of its current position and tilt it or bend it over. If your refrigerator has wheels, you will see them easily when you do this. For most Frigidaire models, they are located at the lower back.


Why Is my fridge Wobbling?


It is very likely that you hear a wobbling sound when your refrigerator is not properly placed. A wobbling sound is a sign that the surface underneath the fridge is uneven and it needs to be evened out. A refrigerator is off-balance if it rocks, wobbles, or tilts with a little bit of pushing. This is why the use of tires is strongly encouraged. Not only does a tire makes the movement of a fridge pretty easy, but it also provides evenness at its base.


Do refrigerators have adjustable wheels?


Many refrigerators have adjustable rollers that allow you to move your refrigerator away from the wall for cleaning quickly. The roller (or leg) adjusting screw is located behind the bottom grill or on each side. Most require a 3/8″ wrench or pliers to adjust the screw.



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