Problems with Samsung Washing Machines

Problems with Samsung Washing Machines

Greatness is not achieved in a day, and that’s exactly what the Samsung brand stands for; a result of hard work, consistency, excellence, brilliance, and longevity. The Samsung brand is regarded by many as perhaps the best appliances manufacturer in the world, a claim that is arguable, but you can’t blame them, can you? Some of them have been using the brand’s products for many years and haven’t had any reason to regret their decision to invest heavily in whatever the company has to offer them.

From Samsung refrigerators to its washing machines, people have mostly had positive things to say about these appliances. We love how the brand is competing on every front, with the appliances industry, not the only sector the South Korean manufacturing company is excelling. According to a Wikipedia post, the company overtook Apple as the world’s largest mobile phones manufacturer in 2011 up until 2021 when Apple took back the top spot.

In the world that we live in today, it’s very important that we have access to the best of everything available to us, and that’s the good thing about living in the 21st century with tech brands doing all they can to ensure that our lives are as comfortable as possible. Many years ago, people didn’t have the chance we have today as they only had to make do with big and bulky appliances that consumed a lot of energy, thereby taking a lot of money from them, but people didn’t mind because that was all they had. Times have changed and the future is looking brighter because improvements will always be made and these manufacturers will always for new ways to implement new things in their appliances that would make life better for people.

Making some repairs on your washing machine is not abnormal, even if you’re the most careful person in the whole world; you just can’t avoid running into some trouble with your washer. However, if you have the right information at your disposal, knowing what could cause some problems, the signs you’ll see when something is particularly wrong with your washing machine, and how to solve these problems, you will be able to use your washing machine for a long time without prolonged issues. Some issues are basic and don’t need a lot of stress before you get to fix them, but, again, you have to have the right information at your disposal before you can solve even the simplest problems you can occur with your washing machine.

There’s a reason why many homeowners and even business owners prefer Samsung appliances, not just the washing machines now. The company has left quite a good impression on its consumers since the ‘80s and that can be traced down to the brand’s taste for excellence and manufacturing reliable appliances that can last so many years without costing you a fortune to run. If a company as successful and old as Samsung continues to do its best to give its consumers the best products possible, that tells you everything about what the brand stands for, and we’ve known that for quite a while now, so do many other folks across the globe.

The arm of the Samsung group was formerly known as Samsung Electric Industries, a name the company adopted when it was newly founded in 1968 up until 1988 when it was ditched for Samsung Electronics. The company focuses on products such as medical devices, home appliances, computer hardware, automation, robotics, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and many others. Samsung was the world’s second-largest tech company in 2019 by revenue when its market value stood at a whopping $520.65 billion, making it the 12th biggest company by revenue in the world at the time.

Samsung Electronics’ plants and sales networks can now be found in over 74 countries with over 290,000 employees from all across the world, once again proving how big of a brand Samsung is, and to think that’s only from one subsidiary from the many the Samsung group has. In 2012, Samsung Electronics contributed to 70% of the total revenue the group recorded, which means the brand is one of the biggest Samsung subsidiaries, playing a crucial role in helping the parent company keep things together for good.

It’s no surprise that the brand’s washing machines are some of the most powerful and reliable washers on the global washing machine market, although the brand has enough competition from the likes of LG (another South Korean brand), Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Amana, and Bosch to mention but a few.

Samsung washer issues are what you should not rule out if you’re using a Samsung washer because it doesn’t matter how reliable or powerful a washer is, you can still count on it to need to be fixed a few times throughout its lifetime. When most people have problems with Samsung washing machines, they don’t even try to troubleshoot and find out if the problems could be solved personally. Instead, they start calling for support, and while that’s not a bad idea, you may end up spending a lot of money on something you could have fixed by yourself if you had the right information available to you, which is what we’re trying to provide in this article.

Samsung washing machine not working doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the end of it, as opposed to what many think. We understand that it may be scary when you’re trying to do your laundry and you can’t seem to power up the machine and get it to function just how you want it. What most people don’t understand is that, when this happens, the problem could be as simple as not having the power cord plugged properly into the power outlet in your laundry room. When you don’t take your time to try to figure out what might be wrong with the machine, you have to be prepared to spend some money on getting a technician to help you figure things out, although this is something you could have comfortably handled.

While many people still regard Samsung washers are some of the best in the industry and they would not even think twice before investing a huge chunk of their money on them, a number of people are now beginning to doubt whether modern Samsung washers are worth the hype after all, according to a report on Worst Brands. Nevertheless, it’ll take stronger claims to get people to change their minds about investing in Samsung washers, but even those who have them must have the right information on how to properly take care of these washing machines like how to clean them and knowing what problems they could run into and how to solve these problems. A lot of things can go wrong if you’re not aware of the problems your Samsung washing machine could have and how to figure these problems out before thinking of a way to solve them.

Whether you’re having Samsung front-loading washer problems or Samsung washer VRT problems, it’s always ideal when you’re on top of every situation by knowing what to do to figure these problems out. Thankfully, modern Samsung washers will always give signs of a specific fault; you just have to be observant enough to know what the machine itself is trying to communicate with you, and maybe that’s the perk that comes with most modern washing machines, not just Samsung washers now. To help save you some stress and money, we’ve compiled a list of the most common problems with Samsung washing machines and the best ways to get rid of them.

Problems with Samsung Washing Machines

It’s super great if you have a washing machine you can always count on for your laundry needs, especially when it’s made by a giant manufacturer like Samsung because you can be confident you’re getting one of the most reliable washers in the world. However, problems are somewhat inevitable even with the most reliable washing machine, but before you make that costly repair call, you might want to personally troubleshoot your washer, find out what the problem is, and maybe find the right solution to it. We’ll be exploring some of the most common Samsung clothes washer problems and the possible ways to tackle these problems.

Bleach Spotting

This is one of the most common problems with Samsung washers, and it happens after you must have added bleach in the bleach dispenser to properly clean your laundry or washing machine, but the residue can cause stains on your future loads of laundry. Using bleach to clean your washing machine and your laundry is not a bad thing as long as you’re using the right product and you’re applying it as you should. However, if you don’t run a rinse cycle properly after using bleach in your washing machine, the residue in the tub will most likely cause bleach spots in your future loads and you won’t like what you’ll see on your clothes at all.


The first thing you need to ensure you’re doing properly is using the bleach dispenser correctly because if you don’t, you will begin to see some bleach spottings on your future loads of laundry and you won’t like it at all. To make sure you’re using the bleach dispenser correctly, ensure to not fill the dispenser past the MAX line. Also, ensure you rinse the washing machine properly after using bleach in the washer tub to avoid having residues that can later stain your laundry in the future. Lastly, cleaning the bleach dispenser after every use is very important. To do this, take out the dispenser cup and clean it by rinsing and drying it with paper so you don’t have some part of the bleach in the cup dripping back into the washing machine.

Water Pump Problem

This is another common problem with Samsung washing machines and it is when the washer pump tries to pump water out during the spin cycle, disrupting the cycle in the process. This can be very annoying for you as it might take a while for the spin cycle to finally end, and every time wasted in between is caused by the water pump as it tries to pump water into the washing machine when it’s not needed. Although, some modern Samsung washers automatically add more water to your load during a spin cycle to try to help balance your load. This mostly happens with small loads, so you just have to be on the lookout to protect your machine.


It might be the right time to put on your detective hat and do some sniffing around to truly found out why your washing machine might be working like this. If it’s a large-capacity washer, you may experience this when you put small loads in them because these washers are built for people that need to wash large loads, so when you put smaller loads in them, they don’t usually handle them well.

To also protect your washing machine from damaging itself during a spin cycle, Samsung has included a special feature that helps correct imbalance in your small load by adding more water. All you have to do in this case is to evenly redistribute the clothes in your washer to keep the washer balanced. However, if this problem occurs when you’re washing large loads, it is very unusual, and it might be that the electronic control board in your washer is faulty and needs to be repaired, which is usually very expensive.

Samsung Washer Tripping Electrical Circuit

Have you ever turned on your Samsung front load washing machine and as soon as you did, it affected the electrical circuit in your house, disrupting power in the process? Well, you’re not alone as many Samsung front load washing machine users have had to deal with this in the past. This has caused some Samsung washers to be recalled to be fixed because it has become a common thing amongst Samsung front load washers these days. This problem usually happens with there’s internal water leakage in the washing machine, leaving water spills on the electrical connections. This problem usually causes the circuit board to burn and this poses a fire hazard in your home, but so far, no injuries have been reported.


As soon as you notice your Samsung washer tripping the power in your house, all you need to do is to unplug the washer from an electrical outlet and don’t attempt to plug it back until you receive a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt breaker from Samsung.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Samsung washing machine explodes?

Washing machines tripping the electrical circuit around the house may cause a fire outbreak, but it hasn’t been recorded yet with Samsung washing machines. To help avert this problem, Samsung has introduced a new ground fault circuit interrupt breaker that will prevent a potential fire outbreak.

2. Are Samsung top load washers good?

Samsung top load washers are highly regarded on the global washing machine market, with many folks preferring them to front-loading washing machines. With top load washers, you don’t have to worry about bending your back to load and unload your washer, which is why many people don’t mind spending their money on them.

3. What Samsung washers are recalled?

According to The Spruce, many Samsung front load washers have been recalled in the past few years because of the water leakage on the electrical connections of the washer, causing an electrical short in the process. This is a big problem for many consumers as it could ignite the circuit board, leading to a possible fire hazard.


There’s a lot more to washing machines than knowing just how to operate them, especially the modern ones. Knowing how to operate your washer in a way that you’ll be getting the best out of it is very important, but what’s even more important is getting familiar with some of the signs you’ll get from the washer, indicating that something might be wrong with it. Early detection can save you from a lot of trouble as you’ll get to know what the problem is and get the right way to solve it as soon as you can. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the problems with Samsung washing machines and what to do to solve them.





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