How to Clean Your LG Washing Machine

How to Clean Your LG Washing Machine?

Although counterintuitive, washing machines aren’t kept clean by just washing loads in them, they are kept in a clean and healthy condition by taking conscious actions to regularly and appropriately cleanse them. The need to clean your washing machines cannot be overemphasized. An unclean washing machine will not only be a breeding room space for Bacteria, but some dirt clogs may also damage the washer. In this light, the sanitation of your washing is indispensable. Not only does a dirty washing machine causes adverse effects on our health, but it also endangers our finances.

About LG  and LG Washing Machines

The rise of LG to prominence is definitely one to teach us not to despise the days of humble beginnings. In 1995, LG was more of an inexpensive, poor-quality Korean appliance brand but not long after, that status changed.  They were originally referred to as Lucky Goldstar before they later became known with the Life’s Good slogan. The company (which we now know as LG) has been in the electronics business since 1958 and has been striving to lead the way in technology since then. Much of their early history is based in Korea, where they achieved a great deal, producing the first radios, automatic telephones, black and white TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners in the country. Since then, LG has evolved from offering low-price and relatively poor-quality appliances into a brand that offers luxury appliances.

LG has a reputation for industry-first innovations, especially in the laundry category. In this category, they have pioneered direct-drive inverter motors, precisely in 2015, they also led the race in the invention of steam technology and Wifi connectivity, among many others. Very notable among their recent washing machine technologies is the SideKick. The sidekick as you probably already know is a 1-cubic-foot washer, operating simultaneously or independently with an LG front-loader. It can very well wash up to 3 pounds of laundry per cycle.

Production Volume in Millions vs. Years

This is a chart showing the production output of LG Electronics from 2015 till date.

All of these factors have culminated in the deep love that Americans and other LG washing machine users around the world have developed for LG Appliances. To buttress this assertion, David Vanderwaal, Vice President of Marketing, LG Electronics USA said the following; ‘LG is among the highest rated in customer satisfaction in 2017, among all types of products and services measured in ACSI’’. He reiterated further that- ‘American Consumers’ love affair with LG home appliances reflects ground-breaking LG innovations that not only outperform other brands but also offer first-to-market technologies that make consumers’ lives easier than they ever thought possible’’.

Differences between a LG front-loader and a LG top-loader

Just like every other washing machine brand. LG has produced the front and top-load washing machines. There are a great deal of similarities in the cleaning of a front-load and a top-load washing machine but despite these similarities, there are few notable differences in their cleaning procedures too. Hence, in order to understand the appropriate application of their cleaning tips, it is important to be able to tell a LG FRONT LOADER differently from a LG TOP LOADER. Moreso, if you are currently at the point of making a decision for either a top-load washing machine or a front-load, this section can be very instructive for your decision making.

When it comes to buying a new washing machine, the implications of your choice will reach far beyond a depreciated account balance at the time of purchase, it may go as far as recurrent imprudent expenditures especially when calculating Energy consumption. Other factors such as efficiency, capacity, size and maintenance should also never be taken with levity. To put into perspective, it will be extremely counter-productive for me as a single man with very little laundry to purchase.

In this Section, I will be comparing the features of a LG front-loader to a LG top-loader. The first notable difference between a front and a top loader is that, a traditional top-load machine spins clothes around in a vertical central axis while a front-load tumbles clothes inside a drum with a horizontal spin around a horizontal axis. Naturally, it takes a lot more energy to spin a vertical drum than to roll a horizontal drum. A Horizontal drum uses gravity to its advantage, therefore it naturally requires less energy to spin. The ultimate effect of this is that Top-load machines will consume much more energy than their front-load counterpart.

Energy Efficiency

Front-load washing machines are more energy-efficient across the board than top-load washing machines.  Apart from the movement of a front-load and top-loader explained above, A front-load washing machine can also save on some cycle time, especially drying, this is so because since front-loads take less water, they drain faster than top-loaders that naturally take more water. In addition to this, a horizontal drum can spin faster than a vertical drum making it easier for it to dry faster.


If you have always wondered how to contribute to the fight against climate, it is not too late. A LG Front loader, just like other front-loader brands, uses less Energy, less water and less power than a top-loader, hence they are considered to be more Eco-friendly. In addition, High Efficiency machines like front-loaders also require less detergent to clean. Consequently, they release less chemicals in the soil and groundwater.

Quality against Quantity

The tumbling mechanism of a Front-loader makes its loads come out cleaner. The tumbling motion of a front-load washer relies on gravitational pull to turn its tub, therefore tossing its contents (clothes) over each other, resulting in a higher cleaning performance while saving a lot of water.

A top-load washing machine on the other hand may not be able to wash as clean as a front-loader but it can wash a lot more clothes at once. Although, you may not be able to save a lot of water with a top-loader but at least you may not need to repeat cycles and begin your washing process all over because you will be able to add items even when the wash cycle has started as opposed to a front-loader door which must lock to prevent water from spilling out mid-cycle

Compact spaces as opposed to bigger spaces

Front-loaders are stackable, meaning that they could be stacked with a dryer, thereby saving space in your laundry room.  A top-loader on the other hand is not stackable.


Because water can’t evaporate as easily from a horizontal drum, front-load washers are also more susceptible to mold and mildew. Remember to always leave the washer door open when not in use. You can also follow our tips for doing a regular deep clean of your washer.


Front-load washers are more susceptible to damage from overloading the machine because of the horizontal drum. This can require more maintenance, which can add to the lifetime cost of the machine.

The Dangers of keeping an unclean Washing Machine

Household appliances, especially washing machines can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. It is indeed convenient to assume that washing machines must be clean because water constantly runs through them but this is not the case as things such as detergent and food crumbs easily form mold after a while if they are not cleared off the machine.

Low temperature can also aid the breeding of bacteria in your washing machine. Bacteria is naturally deposited in the machine through your laundry. An underwear can have up to 100 Million E.coli bacteria attached to it, hence washing at  60º or less will only help them thrive. What is worse is the fact that these bacteria are transferred to subsequent loads, hence, they are carried around on clothing, bedding and towels and may cause illness, especially in the more vulnerable age groups such as the elderly and young children whose immune systems are not as strong.

Dr. Bruce Hirsch, attending infectious disease physician at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, has this to say regarding the cause of bacteria

“For those of us who use cold or warm water wash and efficient short-drying cycles, some hardy germs will be left on our linens and clothes, [but] the possibility of dangerous, resistant bacteria in our washing machines causing disease is very remote,”.However, it is unnecessary to despair. Dr. Bruce Hirsch offered some statement of hope

“We’re all exposed to bacteria all the time without illness. This story suggests that if a household has a family member with a recent prolonged hospitalization, hot water and prolonged drying should be considered,”

Energy-saving cold and mildly warm water is now preferred over steaming hot water in recently manufactured washing machines because of the of the ever increasing desire to make washing machines consume less Energy, hence, the perfect environment for these bacteria to flourish are in the rubber seal and detergent compartment of a domestic washing machine, researchers have found that only temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit are sufficient to kill off these particular bacteria

It is no news now that living bacteria on your clothes will almost certainly cause skin irritation  and if not taken care of, it could lead to a skin disease, especially to individuals in relatively more vulnerable age groups like children and the aged. However this is not the only implication of dirty washer, built-up mold have been discovered to also significantly cause nasty odors that is dangerous, especially for those who already suffer a respiratory illness like asthma

It is the bacteria in your washing machine that also causes mold to build up, causing nasty odors and mold is particularly dangerous for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Another problem encountered by a washing machine not regularly cleaned is limescale. When limescale develops on the inside or on the pipe of the washing machine, such a machine is vulnerable to breakdown. Therefore, timescale often causes white chalky residue to appear on the drum of a washing machine or other things such as taps or pipes. It may also appear as black or white marks on your clothes when they are washed offloaded from the machine. Timescale can be prevented by using a water softening product or a descaling product to remove the build up

In summary, research has shown that washing machines may contain as much as 100 million E. coli. E coli is a very harmful bacteria that could potentially cause illness within and outside of the digestive tract. Hence, washing your clothes in an infected washing drum may result in serious illness to the wearer. Therefore, the cleaning of your washing machine is absolutely indispensable.

How to clean your LG Washing Machine

It is convenient to assume that a machine that washes other items will itself be in a clean state but this is not the case because most washing machines are a natural habitat to Bacteria. Our underwear has been discovered to carry more germs than any other apparel. Furthermore, clothes that harbor bits and pieces of food can also cause germs.

In order to not fall victim of the dangers already discussed in the previous section to be the consequences of an unclean washing machine, there are measures to be taken regularly to make your washing machines germ free and they will be discussed thus;

There are several ways to keep a washing machine clean, the major methods include- Cleaning with Vinegar and Baking Soda and running a Cleaning Cycle on a washing machine that has the feature. Apart from these, there are other cleaning methods specific to certain machines and they’ll all be addressed.

How to run tub clean cycle on LG washer

Before any major cleaning, check your LG washing machine or any other brand, to see if it has ‘Tub clean’ or LG ‘Tub Clean cycle’. You may have to use your discretion if they don’t have these exact titles. On a regular LG front-loader, this option is on the top right corner of the washer’s ‘dashboard’. it is necessary to run the Tub Clean cycle because it removes detergent buildup and other residues and it keeps your washer tub clean. However, some steps have to be followed before the cycle can be run, they include the following;

  1. All attachments should be removed from the washer. All attachments include the dispenser.
  2. Gasket and inside door should be cleaned separately with a solution of 3/4 cups of bleach or Vinegar. This is what to use for tub clean cycle and you may use either of these but never both together.
  3. Drain and clean the drain pump filter of front-loaders

Once you have completed these stages, start the Tub Clean cycle using a washing machine tub cleaner. For tablets, add them directly to the drum. Powders can be poured into the main wash compartment in the dispenser. Liquid cleaners go in the main wash compartment.

NOTE: LG recommends that the tub cycle is run at least once every Month, in order to remove detergent buildup.

How to clean LG Washing Machine with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Cleaning LG top-loading Washing Machine with Vinegar and Baking Soda

1. Add Vinegar to the washer and run a Cycle.

Add at least four cups of Vinegar to your washing machine and let it run on your hottest setting. However, do not let the cycle run immediately, pause and let the Vinegar sit for about an hour.

2. Wipe Down the Lid and the Rest of the Washing Machine

While waiting for Vinegar and water to settle in the tub, you can start cleaning other parts of the washing machine too. Spritz vinegar onto a microfiber cloth, use the cloth to wipe all parts of the machine, from top to bottom of the lid, the sides and the front of the washer. Make sure to rub through and through.

3. Focus on the Detergent and Fabric Softener Dispensers.

The detergent and Fabric Softener dispensers should be treated with special attention. Make sure to scrub the dispensers through and through with a toothbrush or any other equally effective tool.

4. Run Another Cycle With Baking Soda

Once the first cycle has ended, pour in a cup of baking soda and turn your washing machine back on for one more powerful cycle (still on those hottest/highest settings).

5. Leave the Lid Open and Let It Air Dry Out

As with a front-loader, you want to give your top-loader a chance to dry. The easiest way is to just keep the lid up until it’s nice and dry, or you can wipe it out with a dry microfiber cloth

NOTE: This process should be repeated for a LG front-load washer.

How to clean an LG Washer Gasket

The rubber gasket on front load washers provides a tight seal to prevent leaks when the door is closed. However, it can also be a catch-all for odor-causing dirt and detergent residue.

It’s been envisaged by LG Manufacturers that Even when washing machines doors are locked, there may still be room for leaks and this is why Washer Gaskets are attached to the door of a Washing Machine to guide against leaking. The Gasket of a Washing Machine can also harbor odor-causing dirt and detergent residue, hence it is necessary to run an overall cleaning that affects the Washer’s Gasket too. Below are the steps to effectively clean a washer gasket.

  1. Open the washer door and remove the gasket so its interior is accessible.
  2. Remove any visible objects like coins, paper clips or hair
  3. If your LG washer smells like mold, you may notice black spots on the  gasket.
  4. Spray them with a mildew cleaner or hot soapy water and wipe down the gasket with a clean cloth until they’re gone. For persistent mildew, scrub the spots with an old toothbrush dipped in a 10% bleach solution.


What are the advantages of the LG Direct Drive washing machine?

The LG Direct Drive washing machine has a longer service life than most washing machines. This is because it barely shakes during operation, consequently, its engine wears slowly. This LG washing machine also washes clothes better than standard machines because the drum turns faster. Apart from these benefits of the LG Direct Drive, it consumes less energy than most washing machines. Note that, for this machine to serve you well, you need to undertake a regular LG inverter direct drive washer cleaning.

What do I do if my LG washer does not have a tub clean cycle?

If your LG washing machine does not have a clean cycle, you can achieve the same cleaning effect by running the machine with hot water and a cup of beach. Any LG washer tub clean beach will do the job effectively.

Why do i see mold in my washing machine tub?

The reason mold appears in your washing machine is because over time you have used excess detergent or left food crumbs on clothes while they wash in the washer.





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