Ninja vs Vitamix Blenders

Ninja vs Vitamix Blenders

Ninja vs Vitamix Blenders Comparison Table


Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-grade Blender

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender


Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Kitchen









1100 watts

1500 watts








Special Feature

Large Capacity

Dishwasher-safe Parts

Self-cleaning Feature

Built-in Wireless Connectivity

Editor’s Rating





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Truly, the blender may not be as popular as a refrigerator or microwave oven, depending on what your definition of “popular” is, but from all indications, the other kitchen appliances we mentioned earlier get the nudge ahead of the blender when it comes to ranking the best kitchen appliances. What’s also true is that the blender or the brains behind its production are not in any competition with the other kitchen appliances because the blender is such a simple machine to use, and that’s where its strength lies. Its popularity perfectly coincides with the increasing demand, making it one of the most demanded kitchen appliances on the market.

If there’s any competition in any industry, the biggest winners are always the consumers who always seem to get the best out of the situation. Different brands will be kept on their toes, feeling the intense pressure to manufacture quality products that will be more appealing to the consumers than what their competitors are making. We guess that’s where the popular saying “you snooze, you lose” comes into play because you can’t afford to be complacent in a competitive market like the blenders market.

When people discuss the best blenders on the market, the discussion is always not genuine without mentioning Vitamix and Ninja blenders. For the past few years, these two brands have consistently produced quality blenders, earning a great spot in the hearts of global consumers. Today, the hottest competition between two blender brands is Ninja versus Vitamix blenders, and for more than 6 years, the healthy competition has pushed both brands to be at their very best.

Without being too sentimental, both brands are quite famous for manufacturing quality blenders that pose direct competition to one another in the market, and while that may not be acknowledged by both brands, the competition is there. They both put out their products irrespective of whatever criticism they’re likely to get from experts and consumers alike. In terms of bravery, Ninja takes the most risks because the brand doesn’t quite have the reputation Vitamix has, thereby making it have not as much to lose when compared to Vitamix.

What Ninja is doing to win over people is that the brand knows how to attract more consumers by offering cheaper products without compromising on the quality of their products, so if you’re looking for affordable products, Ninja blenders are worth looking at. According to Nava Foods, this strategy has worked quite alright for Ninja as the brand has forced its way into the market. Things have become more heated since Ninja released new models that come with full metal blades.

Are you wondering if a blender can be used as a food processor? Check out this detailed article to find out more.

The competition has heated up in recent years, and that’s why topics like “Ninja blender vs Vitamix”, “Vitamix vs Nutri Ninja”, “Ninja mixer vs Vitamix”, and other similar topics have trended heavily lately. Our Ninja professional vs Vitamix review will cover different products from the two powerhouses, but before then, let’s quickly look at the brief history of both Vitamix and Nutri Kitchen.

About Vitamix

Vitamix, or Vita-Mix Corporation as it is officially called, is a privately owned company founded in 1921 by William Barnard, and today, it continues to be run by the Bernard family. It’s quite funny how William Barnard began the business because he only realized how important whole-food nutrition was, and as a result, he began traveling around the country selling kitchen products. The name “Vita-Mix” was inspired by “vita” which means life, as Barnard wanted to help create durable blending machines that would aid easy preparation of healthy meals.

The 100 years old brand has become one of the most important blender manufacturers in the world today, serving worldwide. According to a Wikipedia post, the company controls about 700 employees, spearheaded by Jodi Berg who has served as President and CEO since 2009 (president) and 2011 (CEO). Today, Vitamix appliances and products are marketed and sold in over 130 countries around the globe, and history has it that the company was first to produce and broadcast an infomercial for a manufactured product.

About Ninja Kitchen

When it comes to tech integration, affordability, and innovation, only a few brands can match Ninja’s commitment, and the hard work is telling on the brand’s popularity over the past couple of years. After enjoying so much success in the United States, the brand extended its reach worldwide, replicating the same success on the international scene, and today, the brand is part of JS Global, “the world’s 3rd largest small household appliances-focused company” according to Ninja. The brand is now known globally for its unrivaled commitment to making food preparation very easy, and that’s exactly what people need.

Ninja kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the affordable products Ninja manufactures to make quality more accessible to people than ever. Ninja believes “every product is engineered in-house and designed for speed, power, ease, and incredible results.”

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying A Blender?

We would not be having discussions like the difference between Vitamix and Ninja blender or Nutri Ninja Duo vs Vitamix if top manufacturers didn’t invest a lot into making sure quality appliances are produced. As much as people think purchasing appliances online is very easy and convenient, over 30% of all the products purchased online are returned according to a study by Invesc Pro. The problem can be traced to so many reasons including human behavior, and some other important things.

Although putting some of these factors into consideration doesn’t automatically guarantee purchasing the right blender, it’ll help reduce the chances of you purchasing the wrong one. If you’re looking to get a new blender sooner or later, make sure you put some of these factors into consideration before deciding on which blender is ideal for your kitchen.


The modern-day shopping style has ensured that things like warranty scams don’t exist as much as they used to back then, but despite that, it’ll be wrong to close our eyes to the possibilities. Most e-commerce platforms are aware of the consequences that come with not including warranties in their products, so rather than risking their reputation over something like that, they just dance to the tune of their consumers. So these brands manufacture their products knowing that they need to assure buyers that whatever products they’re selling to them are of good quality.

If you’re purchasing a new blender, you’ll need all the assurances you can get that the blender will be a quality one, and that means the blender must come with a warranty. If anything happens to the blender within the given period, you can be confident that the blender will either be fixed or replaced if there’s proof that you didn’t directly cause the damage.


You know the features you want in your ideal blender. One of the things that motivate people to opt for a particular blender is the features the machine is packed with the features they want in the blender. If you’re looking to purchase a new blender, you need to prioritize the features you want in a blender and opt for the one that has some of the most important things you want in a blender.

Sadly, the more features you have in a blender, the more money you have to pay for it. However, if you’re not on a budget, you should consider a blender that has just all the features you want since you’re not limited by money.

Blender Type

Another important thing you should know before going on the market for a new blender is the type of blender you want. On the market today, there are hand blenders and countertop blenders. You need to look at which blender type best appeals to your kitchen needs before going on the market to make a purchase.

Your Kitchen Space

Your kitchen space is another thing that can affect your decision, so if you go on the market to purchase a new blender without putting it into consideration, you may end up returning the product and requesting the one that’ll fit perfectly. If you know you have limited space, you should consider purchasing a blender that won’t take up space in your kitchen. Purchasing the right blender doesn’t necessarily mean the one that works perfectly fine. You need to also have a proper maintenance plan which involves keeping it.

Your Budget

This is the most important factor on the list because it determines whether or not you’ll be able to land your ideal blender. No matter how great the features in a blender are, if it is beyond your budget, you’ll have to reach a compromise that involves stretching your budget or going for a product within your budget. Thankfully, there are lots of great options on the market at the moment that are also very affordable.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Vitamix, you can opt for the Ninja Foodi blender. Read more on our Ninja Foodi blender review here.

Others Things To Consider When Purchasing A Blender

  • The size of the blender
  • Online reviews
  • Blend settings
  • Power
  • Efficiency
  • Quality of blades
  • Speed

Ninja Versus Vitamix Blender

Ninja Blenders

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja has managed to stay relevant in a competitive industry like the appliance industry by offering cheaper alternatives to high-powered blenders by other brands without compromising quality. The Ninja BL660 is one of the blenders that are keeping Ninja at the top of their game at the moment. With 1100 watts of professional performance power, it is one of the most powerful Ninja blenders at the moment so if you’re looking for an affordable powerful blender, this is a great choice.

Total Crushing Pitcher

If you have a large family to cater to, this is such a great blender to have around because it comes with a 72-ounce total crushing pitcher that can help you crush ice for your frozen drinks and smoothies.

Easy To Assemble

Apart from being a great functional blender, it is also one of the easiest blenders to clean because it comes with BPA-free parts that are also safe to be washed in the dishwasher. When you disassemble before cleaning, it is easy to put back together. If you ever get confused, you can refer to the user manual that comes with it, and you’ll be shown every step involved in assembling it.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Underestimate this Ninja mega kitchen system at your own peril. Rating is a game of numbers, and when it comes to numbers, this Ninja kitchen system has everything in its favor. If we don’t go by the numerous ratings across several e-commerce platforms, the positive remarks people are giving about the machine are more than enough. “You won’t be disappointed, it’s well built,” a satisfied user commented; such is the efficiency of the machine and how well it’s regarded on the market.

Recipe Book

The recipe book is another underrated tool that comes with many Ninja blenders, but those who love to try different cuisines will appreciate it. The recipe book comes with different chef-designed recipes you can try with your Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

4 Speed Settings

The 1500-watt base is packed with 4 different dedicated blending speeds that put you in total control of whatever ingredients you’re processing with the machine.

Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional-grade Blender

Ninja doesn’t rank well beside Vitamix because the Vitamix brand has enough rich history coupled with the production of quality kitchen appliances to claim a top spot at the summit of the blender industry. This E310 Explorian is everything the Ninja BL660 is not; power, blades, speed variables, and efficiency. The only reason people might think the BL660 should edge is the pricing as this E310 is outlandishly priced, but justifies the price tag with quality features.

Variable Speed Control

If you’re looking for more options to keep you in total control of what you process in your machine, this is the best option. The E310 Explorian comes with ten variable speeds that help you refine every texture when you blend your ingredients.

Pulse Feature

The E310 Explorian also comes with the popular Pulse feature that helps you make smooth purees and healthy soups in seconds/minutes.

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

When it comes to integrating the latest technologies into blenders, no other brand does it better than Vitamix. The blender comes with built-in wireless connectivity that allows the motor base to automatically adjust the maximum blending times to the size of the container you’ve chosen. With this smart feature, you’re in total control of how your blender processes every ingredient you put in it, leaving you to always get great texture at the end of every blend process.

Connects With Your Phone

This feature allows you to unlock your blender’s full potential as it comes with 17 programs and over 500 recipes you can access via your iOS or Android app.

Built-in Digital Timer

With this feature, you can kiss over or underprocessing goodbye as it helps you automatically stop the machine once the time you set elapses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Vitamix worth the money?

People think Vitamix blenders are slammed with unnecessarily high prices, and while that may be true, Vitamix blenders are still always worth whatever money spent on them.

2. Is Vitamix better than Ninja?

Each brand edges the other in some categories so it’s hard to tell which one is better overall. When it comes to price, Ninja is the best option as the brand produces the most affordable blenders. However, when it comes to tech integration, Vitamix is the better option.

3. Where are Ninja blenders made?

Ninja blenders are manufactured and packaged in the United States.

4. Is a Ninja blender worth it?

The fact that Ninja blenders are very affordable makes them great options when you compare them to the ones produced by Vitamix. Yes, Ninja blenders are always worth it.


People drawing comparisons between the biggest brands in the industry has become a norm and that’s why topics like “Ninja versus Vitamix blenders” are some of the hottest topics on the internet right now. Honestly, both brands offer great blenders so it’s hard to tell which brand makes the better blenders of the two brands. We’ve reviewed two of the best blenders by each brand, so if you’re looking for great options to consider buying, you should seriously look into purchasing any of the blenders reviewed in this article.





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