Sanyo deep freezer – good or not

Sanyo deep freezer – good or not?

While VIP technology is an irresistible selling point, it is by no means the only attractive feature. 


The Sanyo Deep Freezer has enhanced storage, class-leading insulation, and excellent cooling that combines performance with efficient energy management. The Sanyo cooling technique uses high surface condensers that significantly reduce operating costs and increase temperature reliability by up to 99%. The freezer is fitted with PHC compressors and VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) for an overall uniformity of +/- 5°C throughout the cabinet. The vacuum insulation offers outstanding efficiency, added environmental benefits, and maximum capacity.


How good is the Sanyo deep freezer?

Sanyo has put a premium on designing and bringing to the market freezers that can meet the growing demand for energy efficiency while at the same time not compromising freezer performance. The VIP technology of Sanyo products deploys compressed layers of open-cell foam insulation under vacuum to reduce freezer wall thickness, and the outcome is compact freezers with spacious interiors. Insulation can be thick, but with Sanyo’s technology, storage space is no longer wasted because of insulation layers.


While VIP technology is an irresistible selling point, it is by no means the only attractive feature. Sanyo freezers boast superior cooling technology that provides the most accurate interior storage conditions possible. Alarm functions and status alerts monitor ambient and system conditions issuing periodic notifications. The leakage of cool air is prevented by insulated doors, which ensure that the inner temperatures are stable. In practical terms, cooling efficiency, insulation characteristics, and door-open recovery times are now cutting-edge through exclusive Sanyo innovations: a capillary tube heat exchanger, next-generation VIP PLUS insulation, and the Cool Safe compressor. All these innovations mean that more excellent temperature uniformity throughout the freezer and faster temperature pull-down contribute to industry-leading conditions.

The door latch is one-handed, making access super simple.

Revenue bilion USD a year

The graph above shows freezer revenue in the US in billion USD


Sanyo Deep Freezer Reviews:

The Sanyo deep freezer rating is relatively stable, receiving good reviews overall. A reviewer who ordered and had a Sanyo freezer delivered was pleasantly surprised when he found the appliance on Amazon. He could not believe that Amazon would have it. He had searched many websites and stores for a freezer only to come up with nothing other than freezers that were very expensive on laboratory appliance websites. He then decided to change tactics and check if Amazon had them; they did for a very reasonable price. The complete transaction was smooth as silk. The courier company dropped his freezer at his front door in about four days, and he did not have to pay for expedited shipping. The shipping fee was nominal, and the functional features and the low energy bill required to operate it made this the perfect purchase for him. All he wanted was a freezer accessible from the front and counter-height to access their old home’s built-in cupboard above the freezer. This freezer fits the bill perfectly, and he didn’t have to compromise with the inconvenience of a chest-style freezer. The only feature that he noticed the Sanyo freezer did not have was automatic defrosting. 


Another reviewer noted that the freezer is small but perfect for them. They already had the freezer for more than a month. He gives the Sanyo appliance a rating of “very satisfied” and would recommend it. 


A third reviewer found the freezer an excellent product, perfect for their use and well priced. The reviewer received this appliance with slight damage to it. A small dent on the back right side panel, and the metal trim piece was missing on one end. They were disappointed.


Best deep freezers:

A deep freezer will give you more storage space for frozen foods and meats that you buy in bulk, it will handle your excess produce that you can then enjoy all year round, and it will also allow you to preserve your prepared meals. The hunter loves a deep freezer because he doesn’t have to worry about his bulky supply of game. 


If you are in the market for a deep freezer, here is our list of the best deep freezers

Best Upright freezer: 


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  • This unit has many shelves and drawers for storing your produce and meats.
  • The door can be installed to open according to your preference, whether this is to the right or left.

This upright freezer will give you 13 cubic feet of storage space, four adjustable wire shelves, a deep basket on the bottom, and five full-width door racks. The base of the door racks is rounded and closed, keeping smaller items from sliding out. The door of this Frigidaire can be installed with the handle to the left or right.

This freezer comes fitted with an audible open-door alert system, and this is a feature you will love because when the door is left open, the freezer experiences heat loss. Moisture is harvested from the air flowing in while ice accumulates inside. Another winning feature is its automatic defrost function which prevents ice build-up. This unit will intelligently monitor its internal temperature, triggering an alarm when the freezer’s internal temperature rises, helping you quickly troubleshoot so that your food stays safely frozen. It is fitted with a bright interior LED light and exterior light to indicate a power outage. The manufacturer claims this freezer will keep your food frozen for two days during a power outage. 

Dimensions: 25.6 x 67.8 x 27.8 inches

Capacity: 13 cubic feet

Best Chest Freezer:



  • This unit gives you a lot of storage space
  • It is fitted with wire baskets and shelves to organize your produce


  • This unit is not fitted with automatic defrost

​​The Kenmore KLC019MWD 18.5 CF chest freezer makes available to you loads of space. It is just what the doctor ordered for stockpiling your cooking essentials. It is also garage-ready and can be used indoors if you so wish. Defrosting on this appliance is manual and fitted with a drain to collect melting water during defrosting easily. The freezer has a removable wire basket and top-shelf that are great for organizing and storing smaller or frequently used items. This appliance has an illuminated power switch that lets you know when the freezer is up and running, and the handy cord caddy keeps the excess cord tidy and prevents tangling.

Dimensions: 33.5 x 72.6 x 27.6 inches

Capacity: 18.5 cubic feet

Best Convertible Freezer:


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  • This appliance easily converts from freezer to fridge and back
  • The Galanz comes equipped with a light


Your storage requirements will vary from time to time over the year. Sometimes you may need more freezer space to store meats or other favorite foods or more refrigerator space for fresh produce. This is where the Galanz convertible freezer slash refrigerator comes in: At the press of a button, you can turn the upright freezer into a fridge.

You have the option of adjusting the thermometer, which gives you a range from 33℉ to 45℉ for refrigerator mode and from -8℉ to 5℉ for freezer mode. The Galanz single-door unit comes fitted with a slide-out, adjustable glass shelves, and a transparent crisper drawer for keeping fruits and veggies fresh. This unit has an LED light that is useful when grabbing items. The Galanz has a narrow shape that is great for smaller kitchens. 

Dimensions: 27.7 x 64.7 x 23.6 inches

Capacity: 11 cubic feet

Best Large Capacity Freezer:

KENMORE 22202 


  • The machine comes with many shelves and drawers to keep food organized
  • It will offer you so much storage space you could fit an elephant inside.

Kenmore has built a reputation for reliability spanning 100 years. During this period, the brand has churned serviceable machines into the kitchen appliances market. The Kenmore 22202 freezer sticks to this well-beaten path. It comes with a 21-cubic-foot capacity, four adjustable and sturdy glass shelves, two see-through slide-out bins, and four-door bins, which is a ton of storage. You will notice the temperature control panel is easy to read and use. It includes a high-temperature alert light, a digital temperature display, a quick-freeze key, a freezer-to-fridge conversion key, and a control panel lock key to prevent accidental changes to your selections.

With this machine, it is possible to adjust the temperature to convert the freezer to a refrigerator and back, and this is achieved by activating the quick-freeze function that reduces the temperature to the maximum freezing point of 11ºF. This Kenmore freezer comes with an automatic defrost function that will prevent ice build-up and save you the trouble of thawing and cleaning this giant freezer.

Dimensions: 32.6 x 76.8 x 31.1 inches

Capacity: 21 cubic feet

Best Compact Freezer:

WHYNTER CUF20SS Upright Compact Freezer

Buy it at Amazon


  • This unit will easily fit in small spaces
  • The Whynter comes with two removable shelves that accommodate items of various sizes.

This Whynter is Energy Star–rated, has a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet, and will fit in small or tight spaces. It will store your ice cream and quickly chill your beverages. It is a sleek stainless steel unit with a reversible swing door that allows you to choose to have it open from either the right or left side. The Whynter is factory fitted with a recessed handle that gives it a clean look. The shelves are removable and slide-out, making it easy to access and organize food. The manufacturer rates it highly for low noise levels, features a cylinder lock, and comes with two keys.

Dimensions: 20 x 27.5 x 17.5 inches

Capacity: 2.1 cubic feet

How to buy the best deep freezer:

The market for deep freezers has been growing. The number of people preparing meals at home has kept increasing, creating a massive demand for these appliances. Manufacturers have introduced bigger and better models to their lineups. Many people have realized the value of bulk buying, especially considering the covid restrictions over the past two years. I want to buy a Sanyo deep freezer here.


Take stock of the amount of food you can realistically need and want to store. The options available range from 3.5 to 20.4 cubic square feet of storage.


Deep freezers are manufactured with different ways of organizing space. There are units with removable drawers or baskets, which are ideal if accessing smaller items is a priority.


Deep freezers are made for general use, ideal for the basement or garage. Other freezers would work well in dorms, others better suited to use by chefs and other food industry professionals, and ones that can be used in travel settings, like RVs.

With the cost of energy rising, it is essential to consider the energy consumption of the unit you want to purchase. Many modern deep freezers are energy-efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the temperature of a deep freezer?


Conventional wisdom dictates that any freezer should be kept at 0 degrees F (-18C) or below. Deep freezers will be much lower (at least 20 degrees below zero) to further preserve food.


Q: What is a deep freezer?


A deep freezer is simply an appliance that maintains low temperatures and that is solely designed for freezing food that does not include a refrigerator compartment. It can freeze food at low temperatures for longer and is usually a stand-alone appliance.


Q: How long should raw meat be stored in a deep freezer?


You can store meat in a deep freezer as long as possible or as long as needed. How long is it possible? This depends on the temperature in your freezer, how well the meat is packed and what kind of meat it is.


There are times when a household needs a bit of extra freezer space for long-term cold storage. That’s where the stand-alone freezer comes in. When the time comes to choose the best freezer for your needs it will be necessary to look at several factors, such as the space you’ve got for the new appliance, how many frozen foods you intend to store, and how you feel about energy efficiency.





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