• Kitchen space is one of the most difficult spaces to manage in the house. It’s even more difficult for people whose kitchens are too small to take a pantry. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry so all your things can perfectly fit into that small space.
  • We’ll be exploring the different kitchen pantry alternatives you can try out if you don’t have a pantry in your small kitchen.

One of the qualities of a good home is a well-organized kitchen. Sometimes, the kitchen is a reflection of a person’s taste and to an extent, way of life. It is one of the most visited spaces in the house and it means more to some people than others. It doesn’t matter if you don’t spend as much time in the kitchen like other people. Even if you don’t cook much, or use the kitchen more often, there are things that can still be found in your kitchen and that’s because they’re basic. Having a small kitchen space might be a problem; especially for people who love to cook a lot. The kitchen can also serve as a storage room for cookware, dry goods, and food, but how do you survive if you have a small kitchen space without a pantry? The simple solution is for you to know how to organize your small kitchen even without a pantry.

If you have a small kitchen space, you don’t have to worry about making more room for other things to fit in, even without a pantry. Although your creativity will be put to test, that shouldn’t be a problem because different methods can. There are different methods that can help you maximize your kitchen space no matter how small it is.

If your kitchen is disorganized, it won’t only make your kitchen look rough. It’ll also make finding common things a little bit difficult. Imagine you have a small kitchen and things are not adequately placed where they should be, and everywhere just looks disorganized. You’ll be frustrated because you might find it difficult to even get even a cup out of the messy arrangement. Having a pantry in your kitchen will save you a lot of stress, no doubt. However, having no pantry in your kitchen shouldn’t deny you the best arrangement you can give to your kitchen space. If you stick with us to the end, you’ll know the different ways to organize a small kitchen even without a pantry.

Before we explore the different ways to organize a small kitchen without a pantry, let’s look at what a pantry is and why it’s a very essential thing to have in the kitchen.


Pantry is regarded as a very essential part of the kitchen and it can either come in form of a small room or a cabinet. It usually serves a storage space for your household items, cleaning items, cookware, beverages, food, and even dishes. Sometimes, a pantry is not always found in the kitchen but near it. It is always very close to where food preparation often goes down and that’s because of convenience. Everybody wants a kitchen where the kitchen items are just in an arm’s reach and this perfectly explains the pantry’s close proximity to the kitchen.


A pantry’s importance in the kitchen has increased of late and that has made this topic even more catchy and interesting to discuss. People who have small kitchen spaces without a pantry in them have often wondered how to correctly arrange their kitchen items.

Below are the several different ways to organize a small kitchen without a pantry or cabinet:


If you ever want something versatile in your kitchen that has no pantry in it, the first thing that should come to your mind is a pegboard. You might not even miss a pantry if you get the right pegboard. Initially, pegboards used to be primarily for garage storage because of the predrilled holes that can easily accommodate different hooks of different sizes. These days, they have now been redesigned for indoor use, with kitchen being a major beneficiary of the instrument’s versatility.

A pegboard in your kitchen space means you now have a place to hang some of your kitchenware like your utensils. This creates an extra space for you to store other things, and even makes your kitchen look more organized. It adds an extra touch of class to the whole kitchen space and you’ll be surprised at how much changed your kitchen will look with this simple yet effective method.


Azar Displays 70-piece Pegboard Organizer Kit, White


Sometimes, a kitchen with no pantry solutions requires a certain level of creativity which is always sparked by what you have around you, and in this case, your wall space. Too common? Perhaps it is but we neglect the best solutions sometimes because they are too common to be special, and of course, we always want something unique. People often overlook this but it’s one of the best ways to put your kitchen in order and maximize the space you have at your disposal.

Check out this space-saving bookcase to add some extra spice to your kitchen space

Magnetic strips will look great on the wall and you can hang your utensils on them. They can also hold fruit baskets and other kitchen items while you have enough space for other things in the kitchen to fit in. To make things even more convenient, you can install the wall storage close to the food preparation area so getting your go-to kitchen items will be easier than ever. You can also decide to mount an extra shelf on the wall and this will even give a different type of look to your kitchen as a whole.


We discussed maximizing your wall space earlier and installing float shelves is one of the best ways to achieve that. Apart from leaving you with enough space for other things to fit in, floating shelves give your kitchen a touch of style. Its versatility is why a lot of people opt for it so if your own kitchen is small and pantry-less, no worries; you can still make out enough space with these floating shelves.

A good floating shelf is always built to last long and is mostly affordable; very affordable as a matter of fact. If you get yourself a good and strong floating shelf, you can store those fragile dishes on it without fears. Who says your kitchen has to look boring when you have floating shelves? You can spice things up by installing plants on the shelves to give your kitchen a different kind of feel.

The good thing about these shelves is that they do not have visible signs of installation, so the whole installation process is neat and classy.


You’d be wrong to think bookshelves are only meant for book storage. In a small kitchen without a pantry, adding a well-sized bookshelf will provide that versatility you need in your kitchen and will provide an extra storage option for you so you can save space and keep your kitchen well-organized. A bookcase can serve as home to several of your kitchen items including utensils, cookware, containers of cooking ingredients, and even cookbooks.

A bookcase doesn’t take too much floor space and the good thing is that it saves you more space by taking all those kitchen items on. It’s one of the best alternatives for a pantry and surely, you’ll almost not realize you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen if you put your bookcase to good use.

Adding a bookshelf to your kitchen will give room for other items to fit in and give a different look to your kitchen. These little things can add extra effect to your kitchen and you’ll be surprised by how great and well-organized your kitchen space will look after all.


Sometimes, the solutions to our problems are just right within our reach but we don’t always see them because we think they’re too simple. Need an extra space for other kitchen items in your kitchen? Then maybe you should organize your counter space properly and see how much space you can get from that. You can decide to install a sizable shelf on your countertop to serve as a double storage space and that leaves you with more than enough space to store things like your cooking ingredients, cookware, and many more.

You’ll be left with an amazing space design and all this will even make more sense if you decide to add a picture frame of your choice. It will leave you not just with a space-saving setting, but also an amazing style to your kitchen space which is an added advantage.


Your food items are delicate and they should be treated with utmost carefulness. You don’t just want them lying around the kitchen without proper attention. Matter of fact, if they are not properly preserved or organized, some of them might get spoilt and that’s extra expenses replacing them. To avoid this, you need to make sure they are properly organized in a safe section and one of the best things you can trust to do the job for you is a food basket.

If what you have in your house is a small kitchen without cabinets, you might want to invest in food baskets because they offer the protection that’s closest to what you can get when you store your food items in kitchen cabinets. Things like fruits will really thrive in food baskets. Apart from protecting them from getting spoiled, the display will give your kitchen a different look, especially if you choose to invest in stylish baskets that are clothed in a nice interior.


Your spices need as much arrangement as any other thing in your kitchen adding a spice rack to your kitchen will provide that awesome arrangement as well as extra space for other things to fit in. You would argue that spices can fit right into drawers; maybe. However, they can also roll back and forth, and they can end up spilling. Keeping them where they best fit will not only make the arrangement an awesome one. It’ll also make them more accessible, keeping them within arm’s reach for easy access whenever you need them.

The good thing is that these racks are always priced fairly, so you can easily get one for your kitchen without having to break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should food be stored in a small kitchen?

If your kitchen is small and without a pantry, you might be bothered about where your food might be stored without getting spoilt. You can install a floating shelf on your wall and make it a smart food storage space. You can also invest in food baskets as they have also proved to be effective. All you’ll need to do is to place them on your countertop and carefully arrange your food items in them.

2. Where do I put a microwave in a tiny kitchen?

If your kitchen is small, you can easily install your microwave in a cabinet. There are some microwaves that are meant to be installed in or under a cabinet, so getting one of them will solve the problem.

Wrapping up

Having a small kitchen can cause a little headache on its own. Not having a pantry to create more space and make the arrangement nice is another issue entirely, and getting that fixed can be daunting, at least that’s what most people think. However, there are some basic ways to get this done and organizing a small kitchen without a pantry might not be as hard as they’ve made it look like. Matter of fact, simple solutions like maximizing your wall and countertop spaces have proved to be the most effective.

Investing in these methods can prove to be the best decision you’ll ever make as long as the arrangement of your kitchen is concerned. In the end, it’s always of extreme importance to know how to arrange a kitchen without cabinets.

The size of your kitchen shouldn’t be an excuse any longer and neither should pantry. Get to these methods today and give your kitchen the look it deserves!





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