LG Refrigerator French Door Flap Problems

LG Refrigerator French Door Flap Problems

As technology continues to advance, we see new models of refrigerators every model year, and brands like LG are always in the middle of introducing their newest productions to their consumers as soon as they are ready to go on sale. The importance of modern appliances in the world we live in today cannot be overemphasized. A lot is going on in our world, with people splitting their time between many important things from family to work, being stuck on domestic activities is the last thing people want, and that’s where these appliances come in. For many years, the refrigerator has played an important role in helping people preserve their food items. As a result, it has now become a common appliance in every household across the United States, making the refrigerator one of the most important appliances in the house. The fact is proved by statistics provided by Statista which claim that as of 2015, the number of people who owned at least one refrigerating unit stood at 118.2 million.

With demands for refrigerators increasing drastically, you can understand why prices have also skyrocketed, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find an LG refrigerator that will still be within your budget. One of the things the LG brand is famous for is making high-end appliances with sophisticated features. The brand has been a driving force in changing the concept of appliances from traditional to modern, and that’s why it remains one of the most renowned appliances brands in the world today. Making appliances is one thing; making quality appliances is another thing in its entirety.

Check out our review of this LG LMXS28626S French door refrigerator here.

French door refrigerator is one of the most popular refrigerator types in the appliance market today, alongside a side-by-side refrigerator. A lot of questions have been asked about the two refrigerator styles, being the two most popular refrigerator types in the appliance industry. Although side-by-side refrigerators have been around for a long time, they don’t enjoy the same attention and sales record as their French door counterparts, despite only having little differences. French door refrigerators were first introduced in the mid-90, claims Jake Stone of Bray and Scarff, and despite being introduced over three decades after side-by-side refrigerators, they still manage to outsell the latter.

Don’t get this wrong; both refrigerator types are amazing, and when you consider the other refrigerator types, you’ll realize just how much refrigerators have evolved since the time of iceboxes back in the late 19th century and early 20th century. From having over 200 models back in the 1920s to now having thousands of options is nothing but a huge improvement, and even that would be an understatement. All refrigerator types are built to fit into any kitchen style, and that’s what these top brands have done by making every bit of the refrigerator types we have today from top-freezer refrigerators to bottom-freezers. If you have any of these refrigerator types in your space, you’ll realize they function just like the modern refrigerators that they are, and that’s one of the many advantages of every modern refrigerator, regardless of what brand is making it.

LG refrigerator door gasket problems are common among LG French door refrigerators. If your LG refrigerator door or ice maker flap is not closing tight, it could be a result of so many things which are mostly gasket problems. Most of the time, these problems are easy to solve and before we explore the LG refrigerator French door flap problems, let’s take a quick look at the concept of French door refrigerators, as well as some of their benefits and drawbacks.

What are French door refrigerators?

French door refrigerators have that name because inspiration was taken from the actual French doors. The concept of French doors is to create a clear view of wherever they are placed, providing easy access to every corner of the space. The same concept was then introduced as a refrigerator type, but what was most amazing about this big change was the big embrace from consumers. French door refrigerators became an instant hit in the appliance industry across many states in the United States and the rest of the world. What makes this refrigerator type an amazing choice is that it manages to combine the different features of other refrigerator types. You would agree that its two refrigerator doors are identical to the usual side-by-side refrigerator doors, although they serve different purposes.

The big idea with French door refrigerators is to provide you with clear access to the inside of the refrigerator compartment by featuring two doors that can be opened outwardly. The two refrigerator doors are accompanied by a pull-out bottom freezer. We mentioned earlier that one of the most likable things about the French door refrigerator is taking a bit from this and two bits from that. It has managed to become the latest trend of refrigerators which people love dearly, and wouldn’t mind spending their money on.

Despite being a great option, the French door refrigerator doesn’t come without its drawbacks. We always say that good refrigerators are determined by the number of benefits as well as the number of drawbacks. If an appliance has more pros than cons, then there’s no denying how good of a product it is. Just like every other refrigerator type, French door refrigerators come with their pros and cons, some of which we’ll be exploring below.


Make your kitchen look modern

Almost all the refrigerators in production now are modern refrigerators, and their job is n only not to perform their basic tasks, but also to make your kitchen look modern. French door refrigerators have a way of making your kitchen modern. Its double-door design is one of the things that add style to your look, making it look more like a side-by-side refrigerator, albeit, in its unique way. In this case, the size of your kitchen doesn’t matter because you’ll always find a French door refrigerator that’ll perfectly fit into your space. Having a French door refrigerator grace your kitchen space is considered a modern move, and what more? All you have to do is enjoy the refrigerator in all its shades of beauty as long as you maintain it properly.

Easy access to what’s in the refrigerator compartment

This is what French door refrigerators are most popular for, and that’s why they have a “French door” attached to them. The refrigerator compartment has two doors attached to it, and they can be opened outwardly together. Opening the doors together will give you a clear view of what’s inside the refrigerator, making it very easy for you to locate whatever you have in there, no matter how small they look. Another thing that gives easy access to the refrigerator compartment is the crisper drawer. The French door refrigerator is designed with a great layout, making it one of the most convenient refrigerator styles available today.

They help you conserve energy

Another big benefit of having a French door refrigerator is that you’re saving a lot of energy anytime you open only one of the two refrigerator doors. This is considered energy-saving because anytime you open your refrigerator door, the unit loses cold air, causing it to work extra hard to regain the lost cold air. Having the option to open one refrigerator door instead of two at a time will help you conserve some energy such that your electricity bill doesn’t have to be huge at the end of the day. Newer French door models come with a middle drawer where you can store some of the things you use very often. This way, even if you access the drawer, the amount of cold air that will be lost in the process won’t be as much as opening the refrigerator doors.

More storage options

Side-by-side refrigerators have limited storage options, and that’s why they are not always recommended for people with large families because those are people who are most likely to store lots of food items. Flexible storage options are one of the advantages of a French door refrigerator over the other refrigerator types. Despite featuring two doors, the refrigerator compartment is not separated, unlike side-by-side refrigerators. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the full width of the refrigerator compartment, making good use of every corner of the unit. French door refrigerators also come with adjustable shelves and drawers. The bottom-freezer style is another big storage option. The freezer compartment is separated from the refrigerator compartment, and this gives you the chance to store big bags of frozen veggies, and only access them whenever you need them.

Modern features

French door refrigerators are modern refrigerators, and it’s only normal that they come with modern features. Most French door refrigerators come with energy-saving features like door alarms. A lot of people unintentionally leave their refrigerator doors open or do not close them properly. When this happens, the refrigerator loses a lot of cold air and consumes more energy trying to regain the lost cold air. Having door alarms will notify you immediately that something is not right with the unit, and you can pay attention to it without wasting time. Other features include LED lighting, movable bins, an inside camera, and many more.


They are expensive

French door refrigerators, especially the smart ones, are usually priced higher than other refrigerator models. This might be a problem for people on a strict budget as they might have to be forced to settle for a product that is not a French door. Budget is always a big thing when making a purchase, but that’s not to say French door refrigerators are not affordable. Brands like LG make affordable French door refrigerators. In the end, investing in one of them will always prove to be the right decision because they are durable and last longer. So, if you’re not under any financial constraints, investing in one of these French door refrigerators might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

LG refrigerator French door flap problems

LG refrigerator door flap repair is not as complicated as people have made it seem sometimes. These refrigerator French door flap problems are detected when your LG French door refrigerator flap stays open or your LG refrigerator flap is not opening. The first thing to do when such problems come up is to get to the source. Detecting the problem is always the first step of any successful troubleshooting process. Knowing the problem will set you on a cause to find the right solution. Some of the reasons your refrigerator doors are not functioning properly include;

Faulty or dirty gaskets

Door gaskets are an important part of every refrigerator unit, and if something is wrong with them, it might cause the refrigerator doors not to close properly. And we all know the implications when the refrigerator doors do not close properly. It will not only affect the temperatures as a result of not being able to retain cold air but will impact your electricity bill negatively because, during this period, the refrigerator will be working extra hard to keep your food items fresh and cool.

Sometimes, you don’t need to go as far as replacing the gaskets if they are not damaged yet. Dirty gaskets can also cause your refrigerator doors not to close properly.


If the gaskets are not torn or damaged, cleaning them will be the best solution. You can clean using a mild detergent and warm water. When doing this, ensure the gaskets are free of debris. LG advises against using abrasive or harsh cleaners to clean the gaskets because these cleaners can destroy them totally.

The only thing you can do to the damaged gaskets is to replace them because the unit will not prevent the loss of cold air when the doors are not properly closed.

Door mullion

The door mullion is what comes with most LG French door models, and it can affect the sealing and opening of the doors. Sometimes, the mullion might lose its grip on the door, especially when the doors are open. Losing its grip on the door will cause the door not to close or open properly.


The solution to this problem is easy. You’ll only be required to fold the mullion around the door so you can shut it properly.

Food arrangement

Sometimes, the problems are not always technical. The arrangement of your food items can cause the door not to shut properly. It is normal to get your arrangements wrong by placing big items closer to the door. This will interfere with the functionality of the doors. Bins and shelves might also not be arranged properly.


The solution to the problem is just as easy as the problem itself. Double-check your arrangement, and if you find anything obstructing the functionality of the doors, do not hesitate to take them away, and rearrange the unit such that nothing is interfering with the doors anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes the refrigerator flap not to work?

We have discussed the likeliest causes of your refrigerator flap not working properly. Sometimes, the problem is not as technical as it might appear to be. It might be due to the wrong arrangement of your food items, or even worse than that is when the refrigerator flap is damaged. While it might come off as a big problem, refrigerator flap replacement is always very easy, although it’ll cost you some money to purchase a new one and have a technician, preferably from LG, come help you fix it.

2. How do you fix a flap that won’t close on an LG refrigerator?

We mentioned earlier that LG refrigerator French door flap problems might be so common that you may not need to involve anybody to help you fix them. The gaskets are a good place to start. Check them if they are dirty or torn and they need to either be cleaned or replaced.

Wrapping up

LG refrigerator French door flap problems are common in almost all LG French door refrigerators. Thankfully, some of these problems might not be all that complicated and only require simple steps to fix them. Some of the causes for these problems have been discussed in this article, and so have the solutions.





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