Cheap washing machines under $200

Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 – Our Top 4 Picks

Cheap Washing Machines Under $200 Comparison Table


Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Densors Portable Single Tub Washer for Small Clothes

Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine with 10 Wash Programs

Gizmos Portable Washing Machine with Drainage Pump and Twin Tub






Standard Cycles






3.6 kilograms

1.2 kilograms

1.34 cu. ft.

2 kilograms

Installation Type





Product Dimension

24.7 x 23.15 x 16.4 inches

23 x 15 x 15 inches

20 x 19 x 34 inches

23.62 x 14.96 x 27.17 inches

Maximum Spin Speed

1300 RPM


800 RPM



5 pounds

14.47 pounds

51 pounds

24.2 pounds

Editor’s Rating





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People have come to understand how vital major household appliances are in the world we live in today. The growth has been immense so far, with people now purchasing these major household appliances because they find them quite helpful and convenient to use. The truth is, in the world we live in now, with all the things we need to do, our domestic obligations are what we barely pay attention to, but having these appliances will help fill that void by getting those tasks done for us.

When purchasing appliances, it’s safe to say that the primary objective is to get the ones that can help get the job done. Every other perk like design, type, and many others, is secondary. This is why many folks are big on efficiency – can this machine get the job done? Can it reduce the manual workload so there’ll be enough time to focus on other things? These are the fundamental questions that need to be answered, and they turn out to be essential for every buyer.

The washing machine is one of those significant household appliances that have experienced growth in sales and popularity in the past few years. Many manufacturers have looked deeply into the market for what people want and would spend their money on, hence why there are so many options on the market at the moment. If you’re going to purchase a washing machine without a clear idea of what you want and the features you want in the device, you’ll end up with just any product because the numbers are high.

Suppose we take the primary consideration (functionality) out of the picture. In that case, we are left with many secondary factors to consider, which are always down to personal preferences most of the time. The types and several other factors like budget, features, size, and others come into play. Apart from high performance, some people are big on quietness, so if the washing machine is not as quiet as they want, they may never even consider it as a possible option.

We have a detailed guide on the quietest washing machines you can invest in at the moment. Read the full article here.

Gone are the days when people considered washers and dryers a luxury that the elites could only afford. They’re now viewed as a necessity, which means if you compare their operations to manual operations, you can tell the vast difference between the two methods. According to Hunker, a washing machine will help you save a lot of time because you don’t have to sit and monitor the whole washing process as the device only requires a few manual inputs.

The convenience the washer brings along is why most folks don’t mind spending a tremendous amount of money on acquiring it. As long as you load the machine correctly and there’s an adequate water supply, you can turn your back and focus on other things while the engine handles itself. You will even be notified when a wash cycle has been completed so you can hang the clothes or put them away in the dryer.

Having a washing machine helps you eliminate any need to wash your clothes with hands as you can just them in the machine, fill it with detergent, and the device takes care of them. If you have tough stains on your clothes, you must use enough physical effort to clean the clothes when washing manually. However, you don’t need to go through that process with a washing machine as the device can handle everything conveniently.

With the washing machine, budget is always a significant factor. While some people don’t mind spending a massive amount of money on these versatile machines, some are only on the lookout for the best deals, which is why we’ve brought you a list of cheap washing machines under $200. If you’re looking for the best washers under $200, check below for the best options you can get on the market right now.

Top 4 Cheapest Washing Machines Under $200

1. Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

If you’re looking for washing machine prices under $200, you’ll be disappointed not to find many options online. Not too many options come as brand new that also manage to fall under that price tag. However, as difficult as it can be to find these affordable machines, they do exist, and they also get the job done, as opposed to what most folks think. This Garatic portable compact mini twin tub washing machine is ideal for camping, college rooms, apartments, and dorms. Its versatility is a good reason why many people don’t mind investing in it, and, of course, it’s very affordable.


Twin Tub Design

If you see a washer machine under $200 that comes with a twin tub design, you should grab it with both hands. The twin tub design is dedicated to washing while the other is dedicated to spinning. You can save yourself some drying time as the machine is packed with a powerful maximum spin speed of 1300 RPM.

Powerful Performance

One of the things you’ll love about this portable washing machine is its 1300 RPM powerful motor coupled with a maximum frequency of 60Hz. There are also rotary controls to keep you in total control of your washer.


It would be unreasonable to get your hands on an affordable washer but spend most of your money on electricity because the machine is not energy efficient. This machine won’t need to worry about energy efficiency because it doesn’t consume much energy and still gives you top-notch performance.


  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Impressive performance
  • It is surprisingly quiet
  • Ideal for small loads
  • It is lightweight


  • It doesn’t have a comprehensive user manual
  • The hose that comes with it may not fit in your faucets.

2. Densors Portable Single Tub Washer for Small Clothes

Reviews are critical when purchasing a new washer because you learn more about the product you’re buying by simply reading them. With a 1.2 kg capacity, it’s hard to tell the difference between this portable washer and some high-end options, although the design will give it away. People call it a mini washing machine because it is an excellent alternative to sending your clothes to expensive laundry every other weekend. The fact that it only takes up a little space in your room makes it an ideal option if you’re looking for something very compact and inexpensive.


User Friendly

The machine features user-friendly controls to help you set the wash and pin timing correctly. There’s a clear lid on the device that allows you to keep tabs on the condition of the water well.

Powerful Motor

If you think the machine’s small size means it doesn’t come with enough power to operate at the highest level possible, you’re mistaken. The engine is powerful enough to clean your clothes efficiently.


We would be surprised if this product weren’t portable, making it very easy to move around. As a lightweight machine, you can quickly move the appliance around the house, giving you enough options when it’s time to install.


  • Perfect for all fabrics
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Short washing time
  • Energy-efficient.


  • The directions in the user manual are horrible
  • The manufacturer can make a twin-tub machine

3. Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine with 10 Wash Programs

Unlike the other brands featured on this list, Panda is a known brand. Its exploits in the industry have earned it some cult-hero status, and we’re not surprised that the product has the most reviews of all the products featured on this list. The only thing that makes this washer different from most standard washers is that it only has one drum, which you can use to wash and spin, which can take a little more time. Everything about the washer, from controls to design, is very plausible. Its simple and compact design makes laundry very simple.


Space-saving Design

The machine’s compactness is a good reason to love this washing machine. The machine compactness has been cited so many times as one reason people see this Panda washer as a good investment. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, dorm, or camping; you’ll always get the best value for your investment in this Panda washer.

Built-in Casters/Rollers

It’s rare to see washing machines in this price range come with rollers/casters, but that’s precisely what you’ll get when you invest in this Panda washing machine. The built-in rollers help increase mobility so you can quickly move the washer around.

Electronic Controls

This Panda washer is different from every other washer because it has almost all the features you need in an ideal washing machine. You’ll get to enjoy 10 washing programs, stainless steel drum, and 5 water levels with an LED display.


  • Ideal washing machine for small spaces
  • Automatic operations
  • It is somewhat quiet
  • Works very efficiently
  • It comes with multiple settings


  • You have to be careful; else it’ll start leaking from the bottom.

4. Gizmos Portable Washing Machine with Drainage Pump and Twin Tub

This Gizmos portable washing machine is one of the two washers on this list that have twin tubs, with one serving as the washer while you can use the other tub to spin. The top load portable washer comes with a built-in water pump that enhances maximum performance so your washer can perform at the highest level possible.


Built-in Water Pump

When a washer comes with a built-in water pump, you should know it’ll deliver the performance you need to get the results you want at the end of the day. The water pump will help drain water through the attached drain pipe, especially if you place the machine without gravity draining.

Two Tubs

Most washing machines within this price range always come with just one tub, but the same can’t be said of this Gizmos washer as it comes with two tubs. One of the tubs serves as the washer, while you use the other to spin clothes to help reduce drying time.

Compact Design

People looking for cheap washing machines under $200 are always either limited by their budget or are looking for the ones that can fit in their small space. If you fall in the latter category, this may be the perfect washer for you as its compact design makes it an ideal option for where space is limited.


  • The “little guy” does the job perfectly
  • Best value for your money
  • It is extremely affordable
  • Perfect for smaller spaces


  • Longer spinning time
  • It may struggle to drain if the water pump is not connected properly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of a washing machine?

The primary function of a washing machine is to eliminate the need to use your hands to wash your clothes. All you have to do is put your clothes in the washing machine, fill it with detergent, and run the washer.

2. Are washing machines effective?

Yes, they are very effective. If you compare a washing machine to using your hands, you’ll realize that the former will save you a lot of time and effort. You can focus on other things while the washer washes your clothes.


Washing machines are taking the central stage in the appliance industry because people are beginning to pay attention to how important these machines are. They’re now considered a necessity, which is suitable for the market because manufacturers can now bring their consumers high-end washers that will serve them for a very long time if maintained properly. In this article, we’ve discussed some cheap washing machines under $200 you can consider when you’re looking for inexpensive options at the moment.





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