When should I buy my new appliance?

Time to upgrade.  Just like you might choose to buy your snowboarding gear in the middle of the spring to save money, choosing to buy or replace your kitchen appliances at the right time could save you thousands. So, when are the best appliance sales?

The best time to buy your new appliances revolves entirely around market demand and product updates by the biggest brands. As every new innovation causes more and more products to be considered “outdated”, prices on relatively new products can drop quickly.  Those who are comfortable not having the newest technologies can save any time of year by simply looking at former models.  However,  what if you want to buy the newest products and still save money on a good kitchen appliances sale?

While this is a little trickier, it is not impossible.  There’s no routine “off-season” for kitchen appliances, due to the manufacturer-oriented yearly promotional sales as well as their rebate schedules and various discounts.  Basically, kitchen appliances aren’t seasonal, so consumers don’t drive enough of the market on a regular schedule to have a corresponding schedule for deals, discounts, or rebates.

Kitchen appliances are typically a need-driven purchase, as they are well outside of most people’s’ budget for a typical gift.  Any time a product is mostly need-given, manufacturers instantly have the power to raise prices.  Again, this makes seasonal rebates virtually non-existent.

The way around this is to take the power out of the hands of the manufacturer.  Start shopping for your new appliances before they stop working.  Doing this allows you to pounce on the sporadic, unpredictable deals and rebates that do exist, and trust us, they do.

Although the deals are sporadic and never a sure thing, there are some noticeable trends, or a range of time, in which they tend to crop up.  For example:


As stores change their inventory while transitioning from the older models of the previous year to the newly presented ones, the remaining appliance’s price must be discounted competitively to still move these older products..

Although the pricing deals might seem incredible at times,it is typically a result of a very limited selection of products that the store is specifically trying to move out of their inventory.  This may not be the best option for those who like a plethora of options.


It is most common for kitchen appliance brands to unveil their newest products in January, the lone exception being refrigerators. Due to lower heating control system durability, most major appliance manufacturers come out with their newest products in summer. This results in last year’s models getting discounted and added to different sales and bundles during spring.

September (continues through early October)

September and early October are also cheaper options for those looking to replace their appliances. During these two months, kitchen appliance brands unveil their autumn line of products, inevitably outdating others that get discounted.  

Holiday Weekends

Retailers sometimes have strategical sales corresponding to holidays. Whether it’s Memorial Day, Labor Day or Columbus Day, retailers are always offering discounts in the spirit of the holiday.  Some of these are deceiving and feature prices barely discounted from the normal ones, however there are exceptions.  A big one is  “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving), when deals on a wide variety of products can be had.  Note:  These sales are almost always for a predetermined quantity and sometimes require serious commitment to obtain.

Emergency Options

Now, an unlucky few may be asking: what options do you have when you need your appliance now?

Unfortunately, your options are most likely limited unless your appliance needs to be replaced at precisely the right time.  However, you should absolutely try and get your new appliance during the…


Appliance stores are one of the many selling facilities getting swarmed by shopping-hungry people on the weekends. Not only it is uncomfortable, but retailers price higher on weekends when the most consumers will be in the store with pressing needs.

In order for you to get the best customer service, individual salesperson attention and possibly also a better deal – especially when purchasing kitchen appliance bundles – make time for your appliance shopping during the week. Even if you have to adjust your schedule by taking half a day off the work or simply by going shopping in the evening, prices are going to be more competitive if you avoid the weekend rush.

Wrap Up

Many people will use their kitchen appliances – whether it’s the big ones such as refrigerator or ranges, or the small ones such as microwave ovens – to the very end of their functionality. While this schema ensures the maximum possible usage of the product, it does very little in the way of planning and cost-effectiveness.

We recommend always to check the estimated lifespan of your product, as most appliance brands tend to give you the idea of how long you might be using your brand new appliance. It is important to keep track of the information of this kind, as your appliance may start miss-performing when getting closer to it’s maximum estimated lifespan. This can also drastically raise your water and electric bills, another reason to shop before you’re forced to.

Speaking of raised bills, new appliances are much more energy efficient, especially dishwashers.  Look for the best energy efficiency stats to save money now and in the future!