Best Cleaner for Electric Stovetop

  • Electric stovetops are often built with materials that can get stained easily and if not properly maintained, might cause the stovetops not to work efficiently, and even get damaged. To prevent this, we’re going to be discussing the best cleaners for your electric stovetop.

No matter how exciting and adventurous cooking might be, embracing that spills will always be part of it is the first step to embracing the whole cleaning process. As much as cooking might be something that excites a lot of people; some have even chosen it as their favorite hobby, it is still one of the things we have to be most careful with as humans. It’s a huge deciding factor for our overall health status. Electric stovetop, like every other cooktop, is not immune to stains and spills. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when cooking, you can’t protect food from spilling on the stovetop sometimes. This brings us to the best cleaners for an electric stovetop which is a very important thing to have at home.

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Magic Professional Home Kitchen Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish

Weiman Complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit with Cooktop Cleaner, Scrubbing Pad and Razor Scraper

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit with Cleaning Pads and Scrapper

Zep ZUCIT32 32 Ounces Heavy-duty Citrus Degreaser

MiracleWipes for Microwaves and Cooktops




Cerama Bryte


Miracle Brands


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Having what to use to clean your electric stovetop is not only important in making sure that your stovetop is kept spotless. It also means that you have the safest environment for cooking healthy meals. The truth is that no matter how careful you are when cooking, it’s not just guaranteed that there won’t be spills. It doesn’t have to be your fault; it’s just how it is sometimes but what’s most important is not leaving the spilling for a couple of days. It’s best to tackle it right there on the spot. You all will agree with me that the longer you leave a spill on your stovetop, the more difficult it’ll be to get rid of. Matter of fact, it is more ideal to do a little bit of cleaning every time you cook and that’s where these stovetop cleaning products come into play.

Finding the best cleaner for an electric stovetop might be daunting sometimes. There are too many of them and it’s hard to know the best one for your stovetop but that’s why we’ve done our research well to make this article just to help you solve the mystery. Some electric stovetop cleaners can also clean other cooktops while some are just particularly designed for stovetops. Even stovetop cleaners function differently, depending on the cooking surface of your stovetop. Some are made for ceramic surfaces while some are made for porcelain enamel. If you’ve been looking for the best cleaner for your electric stovetop, read this article to the end as we’ll be taking you through the best-rated stovetops money can get you.


Magic Professional Home Kitchen Glass Cooktop Cleaner and Polish

There’s a reason why this glass cooktop cleaner is ranked as one of the best selling cleaners. Its effectiveness justifies the brand’s name ‘Magic’. It helps clean off different stains like grease, burnt stains, baked stains, grimes, and many more. The only downside might be that it only works for major glass cooktops and stovetops. Apart from that, this is a close-to-perfect product that is compatible with glass surfaces produced by different top manufacturers including Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and many more.

The cleaner features the Stay Clean Technology that leaves your glass stovetops sparkling clean, with an additional transparent protective coating that even makes it stay useful for long.

Another thing you’ll love about this stovetop cleaner is that it features a non-abrasive formula that works gently on your stovetop. This makes you easily remove dirt and stains from your stovetop without leaving a scratch on the ceramic surface. Since glass surfaces are delicate and need to be treated with utmost carefulness, this cleaner will help you achieve just that. The overall rating of this product is enough proof that it’s the best cleaner for a glass stovetop.

Weiman Complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit with Cooktop Cleaner, Scrubbing Pad, and Razor Scraper

This Weiman cleaner is also specially designed for ceramic stovetops and induction smooth top ranges but what sets it apart from the other options is that it is a complete cleaning kit. The kit also comes with a scrubbing pad, a cooktop razor scraper, and a cleaning tool. Just like its counterpart from Magic, this Weiman cleaner is also one of the highest-rated stovetop cleaners you can get in the market today. The cleaner is in cream form, so it is easy to spread the right quantity over your ceramic stovetop before wiping clean with the cleaning tool that comes with it. There will always be some stubborn grimes and stains, and that’s why a razor scraper is included in the kit. The good thing about this kit is that it is made to work on ceramic surfaces so you don’t have to worry about scratches; although, you also have to be very careful when handling the cleaning tools.

Then we have the revitalized micro-bead technology that makes scrubbing so easy that there won’t have to be a single scratch on your stovetop once you’re done cleaning. It can leave your stovetop sparkling clean as well as offering it full protection.

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit with Cleaning Pads and Scrapper

Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning kit – unlike the two previously reviewed cleaners that can only work on certain types of cooktops – can work on all smooth tops including induction, ceramic, radiant, and halogen surfaces. The cleaner features heavy-duty cleaning that works well to remove tough stains without giving the slightest scratch to your stovetop. The cleaner’s non-abrasiveness helps remove burnt-on foods while leaving your stovetop to sparkle like it’s brand new.

With safety in mind, this cleaner is silicone-free and other substances that are harmful to your stovetop’s surface are not included. This cleaning kit comes with a cleaner that helps to remove tough stains from your stovetop and the good thing is that it can be used on different cooktop surfaces. One of the reasons why it is rated as arguably the best cleaner is that it helps your cooktop maintain its newness as it leaves it to sparkle every time you clean.

Tough stains are almost unavoidable and that’s why a scraper is also included in this package. This scraper will help you remove tough stains from your cooktop while also leaving it unscathed.

Also included in the package is a pad tool that helps you wipe off tough stains from your stovetop after the application of the cleaner. This allows you to clean your stovetop thoroughly without getting your hands dirty.

Zep ZUCIT32 32 Ounces Heavy-duty Citrus Degreaser

Zep might not be as popular as every other brand featured on this list but this Zep cleaner is definitely worth a feature on this list. Apart from thoroughly cleaning grease and oil stains from your stovetop surface, it will also fill your kitchen with a sweet citrus scent. This will leave you with a perfect environment to cook your healthy meals. This cleaner does not only work on stovetops. It also works on kitchen surfaces, other kitchen appliances, stainless steel, grills, fiberglass, and many more. It is regarded as perhaps the best citrus degreaser you can find in the market and that’s why we’ve chosen to review it in this article.

This cleaner cannot be used on glass, leather, natural stone surfaces, and plastics. If you have plans to get this cleaner for any of those purposes, you can just opt against buying this Zep cleaner.

It doesn’t produce fumes so once you spray it on your stovetop, you’ll only have to wipe it clean using a clean towel and dry it off using another clean and dry towel. It is highly recommended for everyone who’s looking to get their stovetop (excluding ceramic/glass surfaces) to keep its new look.

MiracleWipes for Microwaves and Cooktops

This Miracle cleaner contains 60 cleaning wipes that can neatly clean off tough stains on your microwave and stovetop. Its multipurpose nature has made it a great choice for so many people as they won’t only be needing it for their stovetops. It can also be used on different surfaces in the house including chrome, granite, and many more. These wipes are used to clean off oil spills, oily residue, surface fingerprints, and other things that could cause your stovetop to change its look.

The wipes come with a streak-free shine integration that helps you clean more efficiently, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean without streaks after every round of cleaning. The container is also designed such that you can easily take out the wipes one by one and then dispose of them after use. This is also a great way to prevent food contamination when you’re cooking.

This Miracle cleaner is the best degreaser for kitchen stoves at the moment, and the fact that it comes in wipe units makes it even more usable and easier to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good degreaser for a stovetop?

All the cleaners featured on this list are perfect for stovetops. However, there are some exceptions, depending on the surface of your stovetop. Some of these cleaners are specifically designed for glass and ceramic stovetops, while others are designed for other surfaces. Some are also designed for all stovetop surfaces and other appliances in the home so whichever one you’re settling for, ensure it is the right choice for your stovetop.

2. Can an oven cleaner be used on a stovetop?

An oven cleaner can be used on a stovetop but this largely depends on whether the cleaner in question is safe to be used on the stovetop. Another factor is the surface of your stovetop. Glass or ceramic surfaces often have cleaners that are uniquely made for them. So, if you choose to use other cleaners on them, there might be consequences. If an oven cleaner is safe to be used on a stovetop, it will be indicated somewhere in the body of the product. Do well to read the carton of the oven cleaner to know if it’s safe to also use it to clean your stovetop.

3. How do you remove baked-on grease from an enamel stovetop?

Most of these cleaners can take on baked-on grease in just a matter of minutes. But in a case where you can’t find a cleaner meant for your enamel stovetop, you can just apply baking soda on the stovetop and scrub gently to break down the stain. Proceed to add vinegar to the stovetop before wiping clean with a neat and dry towel.

Final thoughts

Cleaning is an essential part of every home and your kitchen appliances are not exempted. Matter of fact, they are some of the most essential things that need to be cleaned regularly in the house. Cleaning your stovetop doesn’t have to be hard even if you clean every single day. Having the right cleaner to make the magic happen is what matters most and we’ve tried to list the very best you can get in the market for different stovetop surfaces you can think of.





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