Under The Counter Microwaves

All About Under The Counter Microwaves

Microwaves were invented to make reheating and cooking a simple pleasure in life. Under the counter microwaves are designed to keep your kitchen as modern and simple looking as possible while still being practical. There are many reasons why you should think about putting your microwave under the counter or built into a cabinet, but there are also many things you need to consider beforehand. It is not as simple as just slotting it into the wall. You have to think about ventilation and other aspects before installing your microwave.

Why You Should Integrate Your Microwave

Having a microwave in your kitchen is a necessary appliance that most people once used can’t do without. Microwaves in general are bulky and not very nice looking if they are sitting on the counter top. They also take up valuable space in your kitchen and let’s be honest, it is just another appliance which will need dusting and wiping down. Today with custom built kitchens being affordable it is possible to integrate all your appliances into practical and compact spaces giving your kitchen a clean and streamlined look.

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Sharp SMC2242DS Countertop Microwave Stainless SteelGE Profile PES7227DLBB Countertop Microwave BlackSamsung MC12J8035CT Countertop Microwave Black, MC12J8035CT AA 001 Front SilverPanasonic 1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave - NN-SD775S


Sharp SMC2242DS Countertop Microwave with 1200 Cooking Watts

GE Profile PES7227DLBB 25-inch Countertop Microwave with Sensor Cooking Controls

Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu. ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave

Panasonic NNSD775S Countertop Microwave with Popcorn Button


Stainless Steel



Stainless Steel



GE Profile




1200 Watts

1100 Watts

900 Watts

1250 Watts


51 lbs

29 lbs

74 lbs

50 lbs

Standout Feature

Carousel Turntable

Sensor Cooking Controls

Glass Touch Controls

Interactive Menu Screen

Editor’s rating





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We love all these options but we like the look of a built in microwave where it is flush with the wall or cabinets. When you are planning your kitchen make sure to think of the safest and most practical place to put your microwave and then work from there. Following on, we have picked the best microwaves for under the counters and we have also included some from under our list of The Best Microwaves Under 100.

Sharp SMC2242DS Countertop Microwave with 1200 Cooking Watts

Probably one of the cheapest options but one we love is the drawer type microwave which really merges well into any kitchen. This model is available in 24 inch size and a 30 inch size. This push to open technology makes it easy to use and has an auto touch control panel as well. It has a sleek look and comes with a one year warranty. Also available in black and white you can choose which one suits your style and install into your kitchen accordingly. This particular microwave although costly offers safety, convenience, versatility and durability when it comes to heating appliances and we give this product a five star review.



Everybody wants a microwave that won’t make cleaning more of a chore for them and thankfully, Sharp has designed this microwave in brushed stainless steel just so cleaning might be very easy.


With a powerful 1200 Watts, you can be rest assured of fast cooking and quick reheating with your microwave. Customers rave about this particular cooking power because it stands out among other countertop microwaves.


These days, different top appliances brands pack their products with amazing features and that’s what Sharp has done with this microwave too. This oven has amazing features like Sensor Cooking Technology, Carousel Turntable System, Auto Defrost, and many more.


  • Blue LED display
  • Melt function

GE Profile PES7227DLBB 25-inch Countertop Microwave with Sensor Cooking Controls

This company is a well known appliances brand and they have some awesome microwaves with some unique styles. This specific model comes in black and has a slimline look about it. It features sensor cooking controls and ten power levels. If you want then you can also buy the hanging kit which goes with it. This microwave is one of the simplest yet but is very reliable and customers have very rarely complained. The size of the microwave makes it perfect to be fitted into cabinets either above or below the counter tops.



Safety features have become integral parts of every kitchen appliance and this GE countertop microwave features a control lockout that helps you prevent your microwave from being accidentally activated.


This countertop microwave features a large turntable that is built to accommodate even large cookware. It helps rotate your food throughout the reheating cycle.


These sensor cooking controls automatically adjust both time and cooking power to get the perfect cooking results.


  • Weight and time defrost
  • Add 30 seconds’ button
  • Instant on controls

Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu. ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave

Coming back to our well known and trustworthy brand for appliances, we set on Samsung. They are known to create inexpensive but really good quality appliances and we love this well-rounded convection oven which can literally do everything. Of course they do a normal microwave at half the price but this has some great features which we think every kitchen should have, however big or small! Literally this has everything a cook needs in one neat, compact space. It includes a convection oven for cooking, a toaster oven, a broiler and microwave oven. It has Slim Fry which allows you to prepare great-tasting and healthier foods without the use of oil; and works so that your favorite foods, like french fries and chicken nuggets are cooked to crispy perfection in minutes. It also has a grilling Element with a ceramic plate for preparing crispy foods including foods like pizza. Aside from this we love that it has an LED display and is scratch resistant! This is a great microwave to own and if you have a smaller stove then using this as an alternative when cooking large meals is great.



This helps distribute heat all across the microwave oven to ensure faster cooking than a normal convection microwave.


With this ceramic cover, it is easier to remove oil from the surface of the microwave and also protect it from scratches. You can as well describe it as a scratch-resistant microwave.


With the complications that are attached to fat and oil, Samsung has integrated a slim fry system into this microwave to help prepare food without adding oil. This promotes healthy eating.


  • PowerGrill Duo
  • Rack with ceramic plate
  • Glass touch controls
  • LED display
  • Cooking preset

Panasonic NNSD775S Countertop Microwave with Popcorn Button

If you are looking for an inexpensive but professional and high quality microwave then check out Panasonic. They are a well known brand who are noted for their affordable but luxury appliances. This model is really slick and comes in black stainless steel. Some of its features include 18 preset auto cook menu items, powerful turntable; delay start and timer; more/less control; quick minute, popcorn key, a membrane keypad and 5 menu buttons for easy programming, 10 power levels and a push-button door release. This model is also compatible with a trim kit for a 27 inch cabinet opening.

The Panasonic ranges are great value for money and with their sleek controls, keep-warm feature and turbo defrost option cooking can become enjoyable for the whole family.



It doesn’t matter if your microwave operates on low settings, this inverter technology will ensure that a much stronger cooking power will still be delivered. With this technology, you can be rest assured that your foods will be cooked to perfection.


This turbo defrost helps you prepare your food faster and more efficiently than the previous models of Panasonic microwave ovens. It uses a sequencing-based system to deliver continuous power to get your food done faster and more evenly.


The countertop microwave features a sleek stainless steel finish that adds a different concept to your kitchen to make it more beautiful. There are also 19 preset menu options that help provide automatic convenience when you’re making different types of food.


  • Keep-warm feature
  • 1250 watt cooking power
  • Sensor reheat
  • More/less control

How and Where You Can Integrate Your Microwave in the Kitchen

Build your microwave around your cabinets. An affordable and easy solution for integrating your microwave involves creating a shelf or a space opening into which to slot your microwave. For safety reasons it is recommended to find somewhere with counter space below so you can remove the heated items quickly without burning yourself. This is an easy and inexpensive option but the only downfall to doing this is you won’t get a perfect fit meaning you might have gaps in between the microwave and the cabinet.

Add a trim or custom kit. This option is similar to building your cabinets around your microwave but to be able to get a flush look either side and above and below a trim kit is used to fill in the gaps. A trim kit will add to the expense and requires a more difficult installation but it finishes off the kitchen with a professional and expensive look. Most trim kits can be purchased online or in stores for your specific microwave.

Install into a drawer. If you are looking for a more discreet look then installing it under the counter in a drawer is a perfect option. This option although can be expensive is the safest because it offers reliable space above for food coming out the microwave. There are only certain types of microwaves made for this variant though which is why it is not seen that often. The prices jump up a little with this type of microwave and we have found one which we have listed below which we think is great value for money and is a reliable appliance.

Hide it behind a door. This works well because it can be hidden when not in use and is perfect if you don’t use your microwave all that often. Tambour doors work great for this option because they lift up won’t get in your way when the microwave is in use. If you want to hide your appliances then this can work well but can add up in costs because of extra doors and installation costs.


What size of countertop microwave do I need in my kitchen?

There are so many things that determine the size of microwave you should get for yourself. Your kitchen space is a very important factor you should put into consideration. The size of your kitchen, the size of your cookware, and also your budget are some of the things you should seriously consider when purchasing a countertop microwave.

What’s the recommended wattage?

Power is a very important thing in every microwave and the more the wattage, the more powerful your microwave is. A microwave with 1000 Watt will do a great and better job than microwaves that have 700 watts and less. However, microwaves with higher wattages are often more costlier than the ones with lesser wattages; although they perform more efficiently.

Heat it All Up

Overall we really think that built in microwaves offer kitchens a convenience like never before. Keep out from the children’s way, add up on your counter space and create a modern look that is fresh and clean. The models chosen on our list were hand-picked by our expert team. After reading tried and tested testimonials on them we can’t find any better ones. We love all the models and brands listed above but Samsung has to be our favorite out of them all. If you are going to use a space for a microwave then invest a little more money into it and buy a multi-functional microwave that can do a heap of tasks. It can be really handy to have somewhere to cook your chicken while you are boiling the potatoes, especially if the stove is already jam-packed with food. For all your toasting, grilling, defrosting and heating needs we think a conventional oven is the best way to go.

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