Top 6 Best Portable Washing Machines For RV

Top 6 Best Portable Washing Machines For Second Floor Comparison Table


Giantex Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine with 17.6 lbs Capacity

Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Comfee Top Load Portable Washing Machine with 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity

Costway Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dryer and 6.6 pounds Total Capacity

Giantex Full-automatic Portable Washing Machine with 1.34 cu. ft. Capacity

Lavario 1214 Manual Non-Electric Clothes Washer For Camping and RVs









17.6 lbs

4.5 cu. ft.

1.6 cu. ft.

6.6 lbs

1.34 cu. ft.

1.34 cu. ft.



Black Stainless Steel






Top Load

Front Load

Top Load

Front Load

Top Load

Top Load

Product Dimension

19 x 19 x 33.5 inches

41.75 x 31.5 x 29.5 inches

20 x 19 x 34 inches

25.5 x 24 x 33.5 inches

19 x 19 x 33.5 inches

19 x 19 x 33.5 inches


51 lbs

236 lbs

51 lbs

150 lbs

51 lbs

51 lbs

Editor’s Rating







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RV living comes with many benefits ranging from not having to pack and unpack to saving a lot of money, but most people disagree with this because they believe RV living is only ideal for travelers. According to Togo RV in an article published by Britta Brown, a beneficiary of stationary RV living, many people in the United States think people living in an RV are either retirees traveling, exploring every state possible, or digital maniacs. While this may be true to a point, many people don’t know that you can maintain a traditional life while living in an RV as you can do things people living the supposed “traditional life” would do such as driving to your job, taking weekend trips, and having a mailbox.

If you opt for stationary RV living, you’ll be forced to invest in more household appliances that you couldn’t have thought you needed because you’ll have to treat the RV as your home. Britta Brown defines stationary RV living as living in your RV for an extended period as you’ll pay a monthly rent as though you were living in a standard apartment, albeit it’s just an RV park. As a stationary RVer, you may not travel as the usual RVers would because you’re treating it as your permanent home, while others are known to only take an occasional trip to their RVs to relax.

Typically, making your RV a permanent home almost goes against everything RVing ever stands for. However, take a minute to look into the benefits of stationary RVing. You’ll realize this lifestyle also comes with many benefits, some of which we mentioned earlier. Even if you’re not going to make your RV your permanent home, there’s no denying you need equipment that’ll make your occasional trips very successful. A great example of a crucial appliance you need in the RV is the washing machine.

It doesn’t matter how much time you plan to spend in an RV; some appliances are essential to have around because they make your stay in the RV very worthwhile. Having somewhere you can conveniently do your laundry is more than necessary when you’re in your RV. It eliminates the need to pay frequent visits to the laundry whenever you find yourself in and around your RV because that alone will cost you a lot of money which can be reduced when you have a portable washing machine in your RV.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to get a quality portable washer, we’ve highlighted some of the best washing machines under $200.

Having an RV is vital no matter the RV’s purpose, but you need to have it packed with the right equipment to maximize the space and your time and effort. If you have an RV, however long you plan on staying there, you’ll need a small washing machine for an RV to help you bring the convenience you need along whenever you need to do your laundry. Purchasing a small washer for an RV means you don’t have to go to the laundromat next to strangers in an unfamiliar place to get your laundry done.

While a laundromat might be a fantastic option for most people, you don’t know how clean or well-maintained the laundromat washing machines are. Hence, you can’t fully commit to trusting them to get your clothes cleaned one hundred percent. Having a portable washer for an RV will also help you reduce the cost of a laundromat which can be up to $10-20 per laundry day. When you put all these factors together, you’ll realize that having a portable washing machine for an RV might be the best decision you’ll ever make as far as getting an appliance for your RV is concerned.

You’ll benefit more from having an RV with a washing machine when you’re staying full-time in your RV, or you’re going with a large family. Purchasing a camper washing machine is ideal for RVers that are self-sufficient and budget-conscious because most of these portable clothes washers for RVs are very affordable and straightforward to operate. Let’s quickly explore some of RVs’ best portable washing machines without further ado.

Top 6 Best Portable Washing Machines For An RV

1. Giantex Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine with 17.6 lbs Capacity

The Giantex brand is changing how the general portable washing machine market is being viewed by continuously manufacturing some of the most affordable portable washing machines. This is a perfect mini clothes washer for those looking for the best portable washer and dryer for an RV. Some experts claim that the washer was designed with RV living in mind, and it’s hard not to share that sentiment with them because this is just the washer an RVer needs in their RV. With how people are raving about the washer on the internet and in-store, it’s straightforward to tell that this is a fantastic choice for every RVer.



What’s the point of purchasing a washer if you can’t quickly move it in and around your RV every time you pay a visit. Even if you’re a permanent RVer, you still need a lightweight washer that won’t put a whole load of pressure on the RV. The portable washing machine for an RV only weighs 28 pounds, so you can quickly move it around your RV without much effort.

Compact Twin Tub Design

It’s only a matter of time before the Giantex brand takes center stage in the portable washing machine industry. You can tell how great this washer is by only looking at its twin tub design. The machine has a filter net on the side of the washing barrel to help filter when it’s washing.

Other Features

  • 300 watts wash power
  • 110 watts spin power
  • Powerful motor
  • Cover plate
  • Spin tube
  • Inlet hose
  • Wash timer that you can set to 15 minutes
  • Spin timer that you can set to 5 minutes per load


  • The washer is easy to operate
  • It is extremely affordable
  • It is versatile, thanks to its compact design
  • It has an enormous capacity for a washer in its price range
  • The washer comes with many features


  • The washer may make some noise when spinning

2. Garatic Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

The mistake most folks make is to think the price of a product determines the quality. Most of the time, this always turns out to be accurate, but we can’t deny that being affordable doesn’t mean less quality, and that’s the case with this Garatic portable washer. While it may not be the best portable washer and dryer for campers, it offers something close to the same functionality as most residential washers and dryers. What we love most about the portable washer is its twin tub design that will save you a lot of time as you can start another wash cycle while the first cycle is spinning dry. The washer also has a single cycle option for washing, while the secondary timer is meant for the dryer. Altogether, this is a fantastic option for those looking for a beautiful washing machine for a travel trailer.


Short Wash and Dry Cycles

If you’re using a washer in your RV, it needs to be a washer that can get things ready as quickly as possible, especially when you’re there with a large family. Garatic understands this, and the brand has made the maxim wash timer run for up to 15 minutes while you can set the drying timer to a maximum of 5 minutes per cycle.

Plastic Body

You’ll be expecting too much if you want a washer that doesn’t cost up to $200 to come with a stainless steel design. Garatic has built this washer with complete plastic that helps eliminate corrosion or rust over time to make up for the lack of stainless steel in the washer.

Other Features

  • Compact design
  • 1300 RPM maximum spin speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Powerful performance
  • Drainage tube


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Short cycle times that help save water
  • Plastic design that protects the machine against rust and corrosion.
  • Dual functionality


  • It doesn’t come with an inlet hose. You have to purchase it differently.
  • The outlet hose is very short.

3. Comfee Top Load Portable Washing Machine with 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity

As good as this Comfee washer is, it is on the heavier side when talking about the best portable washing machines for RVs at a whopping 70.5 pounds. If you’re opting for this washer, you need to be prepared to deal with the weight because it’s not the most compact of washers. However, the washer makes up for its lack of lightweight with its space-saving design, multiple washing programs, and robust motor. With these wash programs, you can get your laundry done quickly, which is perfect if you’re investing in a washer for your RV.


6 Standard Wash Cycles

Many people love this Comfee washer because although it is a compact washer, it still manages to have some of the things mostly seen on high-end washing machines. Investing in this washing machine will give you access to 6 wash cycles, including Normal, Spin Only, Quick, Delicate, Bulky, and Heavy.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big deal for many people, so when an appliance is not energy-efficient, it just makes them start considering other options. If you purchase this washer, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on your electricity bills because you have an energy-efficient compact washer that does not consume much energy.

Other Features

  • Extra rinse button
  • 3 water temperatures
  • See-through lid
  • Perfect for rooms and dorms
  • Stainless steel inner tub
  • Child lock
  • Delay start


  • Energy efficiency
  • High-end features
  • Child lock features, which is not common among most compact washing machines.
  • Space-saving design
  • The washer is very straightforward to operate


  • It is heavy

4. Costway Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dryer and 6.6 pounds Total Capacity

People shy away from purchasing portable washing machines because they believe these washers can’t get the job done compared to their high-end counterparts. If you’re buying a washing machine for your RV, you don’t need a $2000-rated washer machine because you don’t need, unless you’re prepared to lose a lot of money as these high-end machines are always bulky, and you may not have a place for it in your RV. This Costway washer is the most affordable washer on this list as it is one of those few washers that cost less than $200. If you’re going to pay occasional visits to your RV, this is the washer you need because it is designed for smaller loads. You’ll also enjoy a high-speed spin cycle that will ensure you don’t have to deal with wet laundry whenever the washer has completed a wash cycle.


Wash and Spin Cycle Timer

If you’re spending some time in your RV, you won’t always have the luxury of everything like water. Washers like this Costway mini washer are designed to help you save enough water by including short timers so you can do your laundry as quickly as possible. You can set the wash cycle timer to a maximum of 10 minutes, while you can only set the spin cycle timer to a maximum of 5 minutes.

See-through Lid

To make monitoring your loads very easy, Costway has included a see-through lid in this washer, so you don’t have to open the washer door to monitor the condition of your loads. Most portable washing machines below $200 don’t often have this feature, so this is a big one from Costway.

Other Features

  • Draining tube
  • Compact design
  • Sleek handle
  • Rubber foot caps
  • Spin-dry tub


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around
  • Extremely affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • Doesn’t vibrate a lot when spinning


  • It takes a long time to wash and spin because of the short cycle timer
  • You’ll have to fill the water level by hand

5. Giantex Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine

Saving the best for last? That might just be the case here. It’ll take a lot of convincing to know this is not a regular top-load washer and that it costs less than $300 for all the perks that come with it. We mentioned earlier that it’s only a matter of time before the Giantex brand becomes a famous washing machine globally because it knows how to create what people want and can easily afford. Using the washer in your RV will be a great decision because the washer has adjustable feet at the bottom. Your rig will most like be slightly slanted in a different direction whenever you move or wherever there’s more weight. As a result, you need a washer that is firm on the floor, and that’s what this Giantex washer provides.


Adjustable Feet

There are essential criteria the best portable washing machines for RVs have to meet, and one of them is the adjustable feet. Things are never quite balanced in an RV, so you need all the help you can get from your appliances to stand firm on the ground. To make sure the washer doesn’t slide around the room, Giantex has included adjustable feet in the washer.

39.4-inch Water Inlet Pipe and 78.8-inch Water Outlet Pipe

With these pipes, you can conveniently put this washer anywhere in your RV because they provide flexibility. Most folks don’t always have the luck with easy installation whenever they purchase a washer. That’s not the case with this Giantex portable washing machine.

Other Features

  • 8 water level selections
  • LED display
  • Child lock
  • 10 wash programs
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Honeycomb-shaped inner tub
  • Delay function
  • Water level control
  • Automatic imbalance adjustment


  • The washer is easy to move around
  • You will enjoy 10 wash programs and 8 water level selections
  • It is a top-loading machine, so it eliminates door swing
  • The machine comes with a built-in drain pump that automatically drains water.


  • It’s heavier than most portable washers
  • There’s no heated dry feature

6. Lavario 1214 Manual Non-Electric Clothes Washer For Camping and RVs

This is a non-electric washer, but if you’re going to be using it in your RV, it is a perfect choice to consider. We know you need a constant power supply in your RV, but this won’t always be the case, and you may even want to cut down the cost sometimes, so this non-electric washer comes in handy a lot. If you’re familiar with a top-loading machine, you’ll not find it hard to operate this machine. It has a top-loading design, only that you’ll have to handle it manually because it is a non-electric washer. Although if you’re opting for this option, you have to be prepared to use about 10 gallons of water per cycle – that’s a lot of water.


Manual Operations

The idea behind creating this manual top-load washer is to put an end to taking frequent trips to the laundromat. Using this machine means there’s no electricity involved, and that’s very eco-friendly, considering how much people are pushing for more battery-powered machines to be made. It helps bring the effect of handwashing you can only get in high-end appliances with agitators.

Other Features

  • Top-load design
  • Tan & Black cover
  • 5 gallons of capacity
  • 1 standard cycle


  • You don’t need the power to get it running
  • Simple operation
  • Rubberized feet on the bottom
  • The machine has a drain plug
  • The wash process is very straightforward


  • You’ll need 10 gallons of water per cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best dryers and washers for RV living?

If you’re considering purchasing dryers and washers for your RV, you might consider trusting LG for the best products. Check some of the LG washer and dryer combos here.

2. What is the best washer and dryer combo for an RV?

LG is always the brand people trust to create portable washer and dryer combos compact enough to fit into an RV. You can surf the web for some of the best deals on LG washer and dryer combos. You can also find some here.


RV living is fantastic if the necessary appliances needed to make it a tremendous experience for you are available. If you’re considering RV living as a permanent option, there’s a lot you need to consider, some of which we’ve discussed in this article. One of the most critical appliances in an RV is the washing machine. The convenience the washing machine brings to the table is very fantastic. However, you don’t need a high-end washer that may not fit into your RV properly or the one that will take up a lot of space. This article has explored some of the best portable washing machines for RVs.





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