Best 26-inch Wide Washing Machines

Top 3 Best 26-inch Wide Washing Machines

People have different secondary reasons for purchasing washing machines, but as different as these reasons are, there’s only one fundamental reason and that’s to get a machine that can clean their clothes automatically. With people now learning the importance of having a washing machine in the house, washing machine manufacturers have taken advantage of this to produce more washing machine units, leaving people with more options to choose from. The truth is, we all know how useful washing machines are and how much convenience they bring to our homes, which is why we don’t mind spending a lot of money on them.

Regardless of your budget, you’ll always find a washing machine that fits perfectly in, although you may have to make some little compromises, it’s all for the better. The washing machine market has become so big that you can always get whatever you want as long as you have a clear idea of what you want as well as the financial prowess to pull it off. Unlike before when washing machines were considered a luxury rather than a necessity, many people now embrace the fact that having a washing machine in their homes can help them achieve a lot in such a little time, which explains why over 85% of American households own a washing machine.

As a washing machine user, opting for a budget-friendly machine is not a crime; after all, the goal is to get the convenience the machine brings not minding how much you spend acquiring it. Perhaps the greatest misconception people have about budget-friendly washing machines is that most of them can’t get the job done as efficiently as the more sophisticated ones. As true as that may seem, you’ll be making a big mistake if you judge a machine’s efficiency by how costly it is.

It is generally believed that the higher the price of a washer or any other appliance, the more efficient operation you’ll get from it. Most of the time, this always turns out to be true because if you’re purchasing a washing machine under $300, you can’t compare its operation with the one that costs over $1000. However, you should not totally write the former off because it costs lesser than the latter as it can successfully achieve the primary objective of a washing machine, which is to wash.

It’s amazing how we’ve gone from bulky washing machines to the sophisticated ones we have available to us these days, some of which are packed with smart features that allow you to control them even when you’re not close. It only shows how much technology is positively affecting the world now, and to have washing machines that can be controlled through smartphones and voice commands is truly a blessing; something people from decades ago didn’t get to enjoy. You just have to make sure you do your homework by putting all the important factors into consideration before going on the market to get a new washer; otherwise, you’ll end up with the wrong washer for your home.

A 26-inch washer, as expected, is not all that wide compared to the ones with 27 inches and even 28 inches, and rightly so. If you’re buying a 26-inch washing machine, you know the width is not much, and it will perfectly fit into your little laundry room space. Whether it’s a 26-inch top load washer or a 26-inch front load washer, you’ll always find the one that fits into your budget as long as you’re willing to make the little compromises that come with being on a budget.

You’ll even enjoy the machine more when you manage to invest in a 26-inch wide washer and dryer combo as both machines will be stacked side-by-side and since they have the same width, you can always be confident of saving enough space in your laundry room for other things to fit in. The 26-inch stackable washer and dryer is what most people invest in when they want to save space, although this does not mean they will have to compromise on the capacity or other features that will make them enjoy their machines at the highest level. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best 26-inch wide washing machines so you can have enough options to choose from when it’s time to purchase a compact and efficient washing machine for your laundry room.

Top 3 Best 26-inch Wide Washing Machines

Electrolux ELFW4222AW 2.4 cu. ft. White Compact Front Load Washer with LuxCare Wash System

As a washing machine user, one thing you should understand about the washing machine market is that the fact that a washing machine is compact or portable doesn’t mean that it’ll come cheap. This mistake most people make when purchasing a portable washing machine is to think that because it’s small in size, it shouldn’t be expensive, neglecting all the high-end features that come with it or whatever design it also sports. It’s easy to mistake this compact washer for one of those machines that cost less than $500 but taking a closer look, you’ll realize it’s worth every penny, and maybe more. The washer uses the brand’s special Perfect Steam Technology to gently lift stains and dirt from fibers, leaving you with clean clothes at the end of each wash cycle.


LuxCare Wash System

If you’re wondering why this highly-rated Electrolux front load washer costs more than $1000, you should wait until you see it in action. One of the machine’s most important features is the LuxCare Wash System that helps clean your clothes thoroughly with the perfect temperature control and wash actions. The technology also uses bottom-vent steam options to efficiently clean your clothes, which means you can always be confident of perfect results whenever you activate this option.

Steam Refresh Cycle

If anybody had told you that you could remove light stains from your clothes without having to use any of the wash cycles available to you in your washing machine, we bet you wouldn’t have believed it. With this steam refresh cycle, you can now remove wrinkles and soiled items without washing them. This is one of the most unique features of this Electrolux washer, so we guess you now have a proper understanding of why it’s that expensive.

Other Features

  • Deep clean sanitization cycle that helps remove 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Enough capacity in a slim design
  • Energy Star certification
  • Stackable design
  • Perfect Balance System
  • Second-floor guarantee
  • 12 wash cycles
  • Perfect Steam Technology


  • People love that the washer comes with 14 preset options with the chance to customize your own options.
  • It can be stacked easily with the dryer of the same model
  • It has some of the best tech-inspired features you can see in any washing machine.
  • The Electrolux washer operates quietly


  • It may be too small for families with kids
  • It’s expensive

GE GTW465ASNWW 4.5. cu. ft. White Top Load Washer with Stainless Steel Basket

GE has been at the top of the washing machine industry for many years and the reputable American brand is not showing any sign of slowing down now or in the future as it continues to bless its consumers with some of the best budget-friendly washing machines on the market. The GTW464ASNWW is one of the products that keep putting the GE brand on the global map because it’s one of the most-loved washing machines in the world today. People who have bought and used the washing machine rate it very highly, and the fact that it’s one of those washing machines that don’t cost up to $1000 makes it a great choice for folks who are working with a budget.


Deep Fill

Top load washers don’t consume as much washer, but if it doesn’t have an agitator, you’ll need as much water as you can get to get your clothes to be thoroughly washed. The Deep Fill feature gives you total control over the water levels that can be activated with the touch of a button. You can add that little extra water into the washer tub to get a thorough wash.

Speed Wash

Many years ago, it wasn’t possible that even the lightest stains could be cleaned without running a wash cycle for it. Technology has since been introduced and we’ve been blessed with many features that make washing with our washers very easy for us. One of these features is the speed wash that saves you a lot of time when you’re in a hurry. You can put your lightly soiled items in the washer for a quick wash.

Other Features

  • Auto soak
  • Deep clean cycle
  • Deep rinse
  • Precise Fill
  • Dual-action agitator
  • 6 water temperatures
  • 14 wash cycles
  • 700 RPM spin speed
  • 2nd rinse


  • The washer has enough wash cycles
  • The 6 water temperatures are enough to choose from
  • You can customize washing profiles
  • You’ll get great value for your money
  • It operates quietly
  • The deep clean feature is also appreciated by many


  • It doesn’t have the Auto Balance feature, which is very important for modern washing machines.

Maytag MVWC565FW 4.2 cu. ft. White Top Load Washer with Deep Water Wash Option and PowerWash Cycle

If a washer’s width is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean the machine can’t have a large capacity. This is one of the miscalculations people make when purchasing a new washer and it often makes them opt for washers with large widths, not knowing they can actually have their dream large-capacity washer. People love this Maytag 4.2 cu. ft. washer for many reasons, one of which is its PowerWash cycle that offers the most powerful cleaning you’ll ever get on the market. It also comes with an agitator to help combat tough stains.


PowerWash Agitator

If you deal with tough stains a lot, investing in a washer with an agitator is one of the best ways to combat those tough stains. The PowerWash agitator in this Maytag washer helps tackle the toughest stains you can think of as it breaks up the stains to give you clean clothes at the end of each cycle. With this feature, you can take on any load size because you’re confident you can get the best result at the end of the day.

Auto Sensing Option

The good thing about the washing machines in production now is the tech integration that comes with most of them. This Maytag washer has an auto-sensing option that automatically senses and adjusts the water level for each load you put into the washing to provide efficient cleaning.

Other Features

  • Deep rinse option
  • Deep water wash option
  • PowerWash cycle
  • Maytag commercial technology


  • The washer cleans very efficiently
  • The machine is easy to operate
  • You’ll be quick to fall in love with its quiet operation
  • It comes with features that’ll make washing very convenient for you.


  • The washer tub may develop an issue 2 to 3 years after you start using it if you don’t maintain it properly.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get 26-inch width washing machines?

The best time to get anything on the appliance market is now because there are now lots of options on the market. However, you need to be very careful because, with the size of the market, it’s easy to get your hands on the wrong product, so you need to consider the most important factors before making the decision to settle for a washer.

  • Are there 26-inch depth washing machines?

Yes, there are washing machines on the market that are 26 inches deep. You can get them online or at the closest appliance store to you.


Buying a washing machine on the market can be daunting because there are lots of options and it’s very easy to opt for the wrong choice if you don’t do your homework properly. Washing machines are available in different types, sizes, and prices. You only need to look for the one that fits into your space and your budget properly before you make the decision to put your money on the machine. If you’re looking for a compact design without compromising on capacity, you’ll most likely find our 26-inch wide washing machine review very helpful. We’ve highlighted the top 3 best 26-inch wide washing machines to help you make the best choice.





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