Best Vacuum Sealers for Clothes

When it comes to product packaging, only a few machines can match the prowess of a vacuum sealer which has become the go-to machine for food preservation and packaging of products in the world today. It has become an ideal method for packaging products, and that’s one of the best things technology has brought to existence in this modern age. Gone are the days when people would struggle to preserve their food items due to a lack of effective preservation methods. A long time ago, people counted on the traditional ways of preserving important things like their food, clothes, documents, and other important things. Only a few people would have believed that a time would come when technology will play a huge role in making sure important measures are provided for food preservation and product packaging.

Vacuum sealers have taken the center stage in the world of food preservation and product packaging. This explains the increased popularity of vacuum sealers over the past few years. It also further proves that people are beginning to see the importance of these machines, hence feeling the need to have one in their homes. Technology has ushered in a new wave of several methods that are very helpful when it comes to product packing and food preservation. We mentioned earlier that vacuum sealers have been chosen over every other method of packaging, and that’s because the machines help keep your products, and in this case, clothes, safe for a long time. Today, you can find vacuum sealers in many homes across the United States. According to Andrew Aaronson of Medium, vacuum sealers have been around since the Second World War. The same article points out that vacuum sealers were created to provide food for soldiers who would be away for a very long time.

Karl Busch, a German inventor, is credited for introducing the first home vacuum sealers, which most of us enjoy today. The machines were pushed into the market in 1963, and that was the beginning of the machines we have at our disposal today. Back then, the machines were made to have basic functions, but as times passed, people’s needs for something more effective and with more functionalities began to grow, and calls for more sophisticated vacuum sealers were made. Those who lived to witness the evolution can tell the difference between the machines that existed then and the ones that do now. That is not to say the modern vacuum sealers have different functionality from the ones that existed back then. While the concept remains the same (the goal is to help preserve and package well), the models have changed and the newer ones look more sophisticated than ever.

The importance of vacuum sealers in the world we live in today cannot be overemphasized, considering their popularity over the past few years. The truth is that you can’t just head into the market in search of a portable vacuum sealer for clothes or the best vacuum sealer for clothes for camping without having proper knowledge of what you want or what you should look out for. Without paying proper attention to these things or putting them into serious consideration, you’ll find yourself purchasing the wrong product, and there’s nothing more painful than that. Below are some of the things we think you should put into consideration before opting for your ideal travel-size clothes vacuum sealer for clothing.

Things to look for in a vacuum sealer before purchasing it

One of the greatest mistakes people make when purchasing a new appliance is not going through their needs properly before purchasing the product. Firstly, if you’re getting a product, you need to be sure it ticks almost all of the boxes. You don’t want to fall into this trap of purchasing a product you won’t end up using. This is a common mistake and we always try to make our readers avoid it at all costs. There are lots of consequences to bear when this single mistake is made. From having to dig into your pocket to make another purchase to having to settle for a machine you know won’t serve you because that’s not what’s needed in your space. As a result of that, we have put together the following things to look for in a vacuum sealer before deciding if it’s the best portable vacuum sealer for clothes for you.


When you’re looking for the best vacuum packing machine for clothes, one thing you need to prioritize is power. Power is one thing you can’t afford to miss out on because you want your clothing vacuum sealer to be working at the highest level possible. Power means how efficiently the machine can work, and your supposed “best portable vacuum sealer for clothes” should at least have that. One of the greatest misconceptions about a vacuum sealer is that it’s only used for food. Vacuum sealers do so much more than just helping preserve food, although that is its primary objective. However, vacuum sealers in the modern age now do more than that as we must have realized over the years. With that in mind, you need a powerful vacuum sealer to help you carry out a successful packing process as far as your clothes are concerned.

You won’t always have how powerful a vacuum sealer is indicated on the machine, although some manufacturers always ensure to do that. However, you need to also get used to not being able to tell how powerful a clothes vacuum sealer or commercial vacuum sealer for clothes is by having it indicated on it. Most times, most manufacturers believe in not adding that as they think it could help change people’s minds about the product. One of the best ways to figure this out is the price of the product. Naturally, a vacuum sealer that has a powerful motor will be priced higher than another one in the same category but with a slightly less powerful motor.


Another important thing you should consider when purchasing a mini automatic vacuum sealer for clothes is your budget. If you have other things you want to focus on and you can’t afford to spend carelessly, you need to do your research well before concluding on a product that best fits into your budget, albeit without having to compromise on key qualities in the machine. You need to be able to put many products together, compare and contrast to know which one best fits into your budget before making your big move. Budget is a very important thing to know because as much as you want a quality handheld vacuum sealer, you shouldn’t be forced more than you’re prepared all in the name of trying to fit in, especially when you also have to spend on other things at the same time. You can check out a detailed guide on the best home vacuum sealers here.


You want all the assurances you can get when you’re purchasing a new portable vacuum sealer for clothes, and there’s where a warranty comes in. Manufacturers should trust the quality of their products enough to give a warranty on them, leaving customers with a rest of mind on the quality of the product they’re getting. When checking a vacuum sealer out, you need to make sure it comes with a warranty that you can put up with. It is safe to know that the warranty that comes with vacuum sealers depends on the brand producing the machines.


Lastly, you need to know what people are saying about the product before deciding to invest your money. We know that every product has its pros and cons, but if you’re checking the reviews of a product and it has more negative remarks than positive, then you should know it’s not the one for you. No matter how ideal you think a product is for you, lots of people can’t be giving negative reviews of a product just because they naturally hate it. They must have used the product and never got what they wanted out of it, hence the negative reviews.

10 general benefits of vacuum sealers

We know vacuum sealers do more than just helping you preserve your food, but what are the general benefits of vacuum sealers?

  • They save you money
  • They protect your food
  • They promote a proper organization
  • They prevent freezer burn
  • They help protect your documents
  • They help preserve the freshness of your food
  • Bulk meat and cheese storage
  • Preservation of ingredients
  • Resealing bags
  • Preserve your non-food stuff like car tiles, clothes, and many more.

Best portable vacuum sealers for clothes

Lordson Handheld Vacuum Sealer for Food and Clothes

If you’re looking for an ideal vacuum sealer, this is one of the best travel vacuum sealers you’ll get out there. Designed with an upgraded electric pump and a rechargeable battery, you’ll be blown away by how efficient this portable machine is in getting the job done. The pump speed stands at 5L/min, and this perfectly complements its highest degree of 60 Kpa, which means that it only takes 10 seconds for the portable vacuum sealer machine for clothes to produce air.


A replacement vacuum silicone head

Everybody loves a handheld vacuum sealer that comes with other valuable accessories like the vacuum silicone head. The job of the vacuum silicone head is to vacuum the storage bags of pillows and clothes. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to save space while also protecting your clothes from dirt and moisture.

Other valuable accessories

Apart from the vacuum silicone head that comes with this vacuum sealer machine, it also comes with 5 storage bags, a manual, a USB cable, 2 sealing clips, and 5 air valves. The good thing about the bags is that they provide a good cover for your clothes, and help promote a great organization of your items.

Foodsaver 31161370 Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer

Everybody knows Foodsaver as one of the best manufacturers of vacuum sealers, and they’ve done themselves some good here with the production of this handheld food vacuum sealer that can also be used for clothes. With this cordless food vacuum sealer, you can seal up to 60 1-quart bags with a full 24-hour charge. Whether you’re using it for clothes or food, you’re sure to get the best results out of it, because this is one of the most versatile cordless vacuum sealers you can get your hands on the market right now.


Compatible with other Foodsaver vacuum bags

You’ll love this machine’s compatibility with other Foodsaver vacuum bags. This means that if you had previously used a Foodsaver vacuum machine, the bags can still be used with this new Foodsaver vacuum sealer. This helps you save a lot of money on having to purchase new vacuum bags

Powerful vacuum technology

The good thing about modern vacuum sealers is that they come with the latest tech-inspired features like this powerful vacuum technology that helps you remove excess air from your vacuum bags as quickly as possible.

Asani 8-pack Vacuum Sealer Bags with Travel Hand Pump

This may have only been a pack of vacuum sealer bags but its functionality makes it one of the fairest deals you can get as far as vacuum sealing for clothes is involved. The bags are meant for clothes, towels, blankets, and plush toys. It comes with a double-zipper seal that has a triple-seal turbo valve to help you get the air out of the bags completely. This way, you can have your wardrobe super organized without leaving any stone unturned.


2-layer composite material

Each bag in this pack is made from a 2-layer composite material that is so strong but doesn’t leave spaces for leaks and does not change even at low temperatures. That’s a commendable feat.

Promotes long-term storage

If your goal is to help keep your clothes and other materials for as long as possible, then you should invest in these vacuum sealer bags that have a hand pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a vacuum sealer for clothes?

Prices do vary for every vacuum sealer you see online. We’ve tried our best to review the ones we think would fit right into your budget. These products are fairly inexpensive, and on top of that, you will find them very useful because they serve their purpose well.

2. Can you use a vacuum sealer for clothes?

We can’t stress enough that vacuum sealers do more than just helping you to preserve your food. Vacuum sealers are used to protect the quality of many things including clothes, blankets, towels, and many more. All the vacuum sealers we’ve reviewed in this article are ideal for vacuum sealing clothes.

3. Do vacuum bags for clothes work?

Yes, they do. One of the products we discussed in this article is a pack of vacuum bags that also comes with a hand pump which is ideal for helping you keep the air out of the vacuum bags to ensure long-term protection.

Wrapping up

When you’re looking for the best portable vacuum sealer for clothes, you need to make sure you’re putting every factor into consideration. A lot of folks make the mistake of going on the market without having a clear idea of the type of vacuum sealer they want to buy, especially when the search has only been narrowed down to the one that also works for clothes. The process of finding yourself the best portable vacuum sealer for clothes or a portable vacuum pump for space bags doesn’t have to be a complicated one. We’ve made that simple for you because we’ve helped you highlight the best portable vacuum sealers for clothes in this article, with the features of each product.





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