Kitchen organization ideas

61 Effective Kitchen Organization Ideas

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house, and a lot of people spend so much time in there that they think packing it with enough appliances, such as the refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking range, and many more; and kitchen items will help them make their daily tasks easier.

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Having the best kitchen organization ideas at your disposal will not only make accessing your kitchen items easier for you. They will also make your kitchen space look more beautiful and organized than ever, making you motivated to do more every time you step in it.

Every corner, every space in your kitchen is important, but you may never know until you begin to pack the kitchen with more appliances and kitchen items in a bid to make your kitchen more efficient. However, having more kitchen items and appliances in your kitchen space will begin to limit or clutter your space, and the only thing you can do when this happens is learn to live with the mess or acquire some ideas on how to organize your kitchen. Luckily, since you’re reading this article, you’ll pick up 60+ ideas that you can implement right away.

Your kitchen space is a perfect reflection of how you work in it, and in the long run, your attitude. The quality of your space will greatly affect your productivity as far as cooking activities are concerned, and things will get a little tricky when you have a small kitchen space or you have too many appliances. This is where kitchen organizers come into play.

The greatest misconception people have when it comes to organizing kitchen appliances and every other thing they have in it is that they often prioritize utility over styling. When it comes to organizing your kitchen, you need to prioritize styling as much as utilizing your kitchen space because both factors work together to make your kitchen a great place.

Exploring many ways to style your kitchen involves putting your drawers, pantries, cabinets, and countertops to good use.

Large kitchen space is a luxury that is not available to everybody, and while some people have access to a large storage space in their kitchens, others only have access to small kitchen space. This makes kitchen storage organization a big deal for those who don’t enjoy the luxury of large kitchen space.

If you’re looking for the best kitchen organization ideas to implement in your kitchen, below are 61 effective kitchen organization ideas to try in 2021.

61 Effective Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Hang Your Pot Rack

Hang Your Pot Rack

Your pots can take a lot of space in your kitchen, especially when your kitchen is packed with a lot of them, so having the best kitchen organization ideas to work with will help you a lot. To make the most of your kitchen storage, you can invest in a hanging rack to display your pots. The good thing about this hanging rack for your pots is that it is functional as much as it helps make your kitchen look more beautiful, so it’s safe to say that it serves two purposes.

2. Charging Pull-out Drawer

Charging Pull-out Drawer

There’s nothing good about tangled cords; they don’t just add any value to your space. You can create that special smart drawer for all your chargers so your devices don’t have to be at risk of getting damaged as a result of a lack of proper organization.

3. Steel & Wood Magnetic Refrigerator Rack

Steel & Wood Magnetic Refrigerator Rack

The concept of organizing your kitchen should be built around maximizing your kitchen space, which means putting every single space you use to good use. This inexpensive kitchen organization idea features a steel and wood magnetic refrigerator rack where you can keep all your essentials.

4. Over-sink Dish Drying Rack

Over-sink Dish Drying Rack

Dishwashing can be daunting, but you need to make sure it’s done right to keep your dishes safe. To better maximize your space, you can invest in this over-sink dish drying rack that serves double purposes; space-saving and drying your dishes in no time. Since the rack is over the sink, it’ll drain the extra fluid straight into the sink.

5. Add Drawers To Your Cabinets

Add Drawers To Your Cabinets

If you don’t have orderliness in your cabinets, it’ll be hard to achieve effective organization of your cabinets. To help put things in order, you can add drawers that can house light items to your cabinets.

6. Invest in Pants Hangers

Invest in Pants Hangers

This is one of the most creative kitchen organization ideas as it involves creating space out of what seems to be nothing. The good thing about these pants hangers is that they’re largely fairly priced. It helps you protect your food bags from laying everywhere in your cabinets, helping you create enough space for other things in the process.

7. Kitchen Window Plant Perch

Kitchen Window Plant Perch

Some people feel more relaxed when they have plants or fresh herbs in their kitchen. If you’re one of those people but you don’t have the luxury of large kitchen space, you should try a wire shelf between two cabinets in your kitchen, especially if they’re flanking your window. This is where your fresh herbs should be placed rather than having them take up extra space on your countertop.

8. Clear Your Cabinets of Expired or Unused Items

Clear Your Cabinets of Expired or Unused Items

This rule is important to keep your kitchen free of unused items. If you haven’t touched an item in over 6 months, you should look to get rid of it by throwing it out, recycling it, giving it away, or donating it. If there’s ever a need for it in the future, you can always get another one.

9. Creative Shelf Storage

Creative Shelf Storage

If you don’t have large kitchen space, one of the best ways to maximize the little space you have is to maximize your wall space. Once the cabinets and drawers are full, you can opt for wall shelves that can serve as an efficient storage space for your kitchen items and other essentials on the wall.

10. Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Rack

Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Rack

Having a paper towel holder sitting on your counter is great, but the counter space may be used for something more important than housing a paper towel holder. Get your hands on a magnetic stainless steel paper towel rack that can stick to your magnetic refrigerator. This has proved to be one of the best kitchen organization ideas of recent years, and there’s no harm in implementing it in your kitchen. This magnetic stainless steel paper towel rack is one of the best kitchen organizer products.

Leading kitchen styles after kitchen renovation in the United States in 2020

The chart above was created using the information provided by Koen van Gelder of Statista, and it shows the top kitchen styles and how each of them was adopted in the United States in 2020.

11. Install A Slide-out Prep Board

Install A Slide-out Prep Board

Having limited kitchen space doesn’t include the counter space. Designer Jenn Feldman invented this slide-out prep station that features a hole that is placed over the trash can below. Preparing yours is now easier than ever, and the good thing is that as soon as you’re done with the prep station, you can roll it back under your countertop.

12. Divide Your Big Shelf Using Wire Shelf Risers

Divide Your Big Shelf Using Wire Shelf Risers

You may never realize how much space you have in your kitchen until you begin to explore. Low storage space will limit how beautiful you can make your kitchen, but with wire shelf risers, you can now increase your storage space. Using wire shelf risers will help keep your drawers clean and also reduce sound when putting your dishes away.

13. Tag Every Spot

Tag Every Spot

If you have a large family, you may need other members of the family to have easy access to some items in the kitchen, and the best way to help them achieve that is to stick chalkboard contact paper on every cabinet in the kitchen, informing everyone where to look where they’re trying to find a particular thing in the kitchen. Tagging every important spot remains an effective kitchen organization idea, and, in fact, one of the most popular ones that exist today.

14. Maximize Your Wall Space

Maximize Your Wall Space

One of the best ways to properly organize your kitchen is to make good use of your wall space by installing a double-duty shelf to help you create more countertop, cabinet, and drawer space.

15. Food Container Lid Organizer

Food Container Lid Organizer

This tray may be the smallest kitchen organizer product on this list, but you’d be wrong to discard its importance. It doesn’t cost much to get, and it can be used to organize correctly sized food containers.

16. K-Cup Pods Carousel

K-Cup Pods Carousel

Messy drawers can be annoying, and one of the best ways to curb that is to invest in this carousel. If you have K-cups in your drawers, having this K-cup pods carousel that can hold up to 36 K-cups is another way to utilize your kitchen space.

17. Gravity Can Feeder

Gravity Can Feeder

Your refrigerator may be full, or you may not wish to put some canned items in the refrigerator, and that’s where this gravity can feeder comes in handy. It can be placed on your refrigerator rather than having it take up counter space. It is also not priced outlandishly so it’s very affordable.

18. Six-Pack Holder For Proper Organization of Your Refrigerator

Six-Pack Holder For Proper Organization of Your Refrigerator

The best kitchen organization ideas are not necessarily the ones that make you spend a lot of money. Sometimes, an idea may not cost much and still manage to be effective. Small bottles in your refrigerator can tip after opening or closing the refrigerator door, and you can find that very annoying. Using a six-pack holder will help you organize these small bottles, keeping kitchen storage under control.

19. Shelf Liner

Shelf Liner

Who says you have to break the bank to adopt the best kitchen organization ideas trying to make your kitchen look more organized and beautiful? Sometimes, the most effective methods are the ones that don’t involve you spending any money. You can recycle an old shade to make a great drawer liner.

Major kitchen features being upgraded in houses in the United States in 2020

The chart above shows the major kitchen features being upgraded in different houses across the United States in 2022. As seen in the chart above, 88% of those who upgraded their kitchen features replaced their countertops. The chart was created using the information provided by Statista’s research expert covering furniture, garden, and patio, Koen van Gelder.

20. Minimalist Cabinet

Minimalist Cabinet

This minimalist cabinet is one of the most effective kitchen organization ideas, and it will help create extra space for you to store those generic bottles and other kitchen utensils neatly.

21. Invest in Drawers

Invest in Drawers

Drawers are naturally made for organization and storage, and that hasn’t changed, even in this modern world. Thankfully, drawers can also serve as great storage options for your cutleries and bowls. If you’re looking for the most effective kitchen organization ideas, this should be one of the first options on your list. Even if you don’t have many of them and you have no plans to remodel any time soon, you should consider purchasing something like moving cabinets.

22. File Your Baking Sheets

File Your Baking Sheets

Most people are fond of putting their baking sheets where they’ll have to bend so low before accessing them. You can store them vertically rather than putting them on each other, making them easy to access in the process. It may not be the most sophisticated idea, but it remains one of the most effective kitchen organization ideas in the world today.

23. Cooking Caddy

Cooking Caddy

A cooking caddy is a great choice to store your cooking oils, salt, and spices for easy access whenever you want to cook. This will help you free up some space on your countertop.

24. Utensil Tray

Utensil Tray

If you’re short on drawer space, you can invest in this tray specially made for kitchen utensils. It is always a perfect fit for your narrow drawers, and it helps utilize your space. The good thing about this amazing kitchen organization idea is that it is inexpensive.

Leading kitchen appliance upgrades in the United States in 2020. Source:

Leading kitchen appliance upgrades in the United States in 2020

25. High and Low Baskets

High and Low Baskets

To make things easier for your kids to access, you can install high and low baskets, with the lower baskets housing things that’ll be easily accessible to the kids, and the higher baskets holding other gadgets.

26. Turntable In Your Cabinets

Turntable In Your Cabinets

If you’re trying to make any dead space in your kitchen functional, the secret is a turntable. You can use it to organize bottles and also make your spices more accessible so you don’t have to go through a lot trying to get a hold of them.

27. Tension Rod Storage

Tension Rod Storage

Your kitchen can get very messy when spray bottles keep falling over. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you should adopt this tension rod to help you keep your cleaning supplies uptight such as dish-drying towels, spray bottles, gloves, and many others.

28. Fill Up Empty Canisters

Fill Up Empty Canisters

Empty canisters do not add any value to your kitchen space, instead, they take up countertop or drawer space. Fill them up with your pasta, nuts, cereals, salt, spices, and other ingredients around the kitchen before labeling each one with a custom chalkboard label.

29. Built-in Storage Block

Built-in Storage Block

Apart from denying you a chance to fully utilize your kitchen space, having your knives lying around your kitchen is not safe for anyone, especially the kids. You can invest in a knife block to conveniently store your knives, keeping them sharp in the process.

30. Pegboard Wall

Pegboard Wall

We discussed the importance of utilizing your wall space earlier, and one of the best ways to do that is to adopt pegboards. They also make a great center of attraction in your kitchen, especially when they are painted in a bold color. This makes them function as a storage option as well as a focal point.

31. Roll-out Cabinet Drawers

Roll-out Cabinet Drawers

Storing small appliances can be very daunting. With a roll-out cabinet drawer, all you have to do is pull it out to get your appliance rather than having to dig through your cabinets before getting your hands on your appliance. This pull-out cabinet drawer is great for small appliances.

32. Expandable Cookware Organizer

Expandable Cookware Organizer

Without denying the truth, keeping cookware is a very difficult task around the kitchen when you’re also trying to keep your space in great shape. However, having this special cookware organizer around your kitchen will help you keep your pots, pans, lids, and others in check.

33. Over-cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer

Over-cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer

When you have a small kitchen space, every space in your kitchen should matter and must be utilized. This budget-friendly over-the-cabinet kitchen storage organizer is a great choice to keep the kitchen in good shape by putting the cabinet top to good use.

34. Using Drawer Dividers

Using Drawer Dividers

Rather than having your utensil lay around the drawer helplessly, and you’ll have to go through a difficult search process to get your hands on the one you need at that particular time, having drawer dividers to keep everything where they belong is a great way to also organize your kitchen space.

35. Toe-kick Drawers

Toe-kick Drawers

Old is gold, isn’t it? This storage method may be deemed obsolete by many, but you’ll be surprised by how functional it still is. It is mostly implemented when your kitchen cabinets are too full, and there seems to be an extra space for one more to maximize cabinet space. The drawer is usually very close to the kitchen floor.

36. Don’t Overcrowd Your Cabinets

Don’t Overcrowd Your Cabinets

The advantage of having a great kitchen arrangement is that it helps you not to overcrowd a particular area in your kitchen whether the cabinets, drawers, or the countertop. Once you realize your cabinet space is getting filled up, take the items elsewhere to avoid overcrowding it.

37. Integrate Your Appliances Into A Kitchen Island

Integrate Your Appliances Into A Kitchen Island

If you have the luxury of having a large kitchen space, there’s no point playing small. You can integrate your appliances like the dishwasher, microwave oven, and wine refrigerators into a kitchen island to save you space and leave your kitchen properly organized. Having appliances on your kitchen island is great, but don’t forget to run electricity to it so that it’s easy to run your appliances.

38. Hang Your Kitchen Towels Right

Hang Your Kitchen Towels Right

Putting your kitchen towels anywhere in the kitchen without a proper arrangement will make the whole place look messy. If you don’t have a dedicated tool to store them, the best improvisation you can make is to make good use of your oven door or even dishwasher door to securely hang them. Your clean towels should always be stored in a cool, dry place like one of the drawers in your cabinet.

39. Hang A Metal Bar Over The Sink

Hang A Metal Bar Over The Sink

When cooking, you’ll always want your most used kitchen tools to be within your reach, and the best way to do that is to have them placed where you can easily access them. Your soup spoons, graters, ingredients, and every other important thing can be hung on a metal bar just over and behind the sink such that the sink can still be used even with the metal bar over it.

40. Invest in Inserts

Invest in Inserts

You may think stacking platters and dishes on top of one another is a great idea until you realize it takes so much space. You can invest in wood customizable inserts (drawer dividers) to maximize your kitchen space.

41. Expandable Cabinet Shelf

Expandable Cabinet Shelf

Maximizing the space in your kitchen and keeping it in shape doesn’t have to be an expensive process. This budget-friendly expandable cabinet shelf is another great way to arrange your kitchen cabinets.

42. Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Some people wait until their pantry becomes so messy before they start to think of the right solution. With airtight bins, you will make every cooking process easy for you especially when you put into consideration that these bins can be labeled. Once these bins are running out of food supplies, you will refill them immediately.

43. Create A Little Coffee Bar

Create A Little Coffee Bar

If you own an espresso machine, the first place of storage you’ll think of is your countertop, and while that may be a good idea initially, it may not be very ideal. You can set up a little coffee bar in one of those empty corners in your kitchen with a freestanding cabinet. This will even inspire you to think of coffee more whenever you wake up knowing you have that little dedicated space for coffee in your kitchen. We just can’t get enough of these kitchen organization ideas, can we?

44. Invest In Cutting Boards

Invest In Cutting Boards

While many people think cutting boards are no longer functional, they still play a huge role for those who do not have enough kitchen space and are looking to make use of every available space. Apart from freeing up space in your kitchen cabinets for other items, it’ll also help you organize your most important tools so you can easily access them whenever you want. Ideally, 1-3 is enough.

45. Store Your Dry Foods In Jars

Store Your Dry Foods In Jars

Maybe you don’t have to store your food items away in some containers and lock them in the cabinet. You can create some uniformity in your pantry storage by storing your food items in jars and putting them on display on an open shelf to give a different styling to your kitchen.

Leading materials for upgraded kitchen floors in the United States in 2020

Kitchen remodeling is a big deal in the United States, and in 2020, most people opted for ceramic or porcelain tile for their kitchens (24%). 23% of respondents also opted for hardwood flooring, making that style one of the most popular styles of 2020 in the United States.

46. Pullout Chopping Board

Pullout Chopping Board

This is another great option for small kitchens. If you want that decent extra counter space, you can invest in a pullout chopping board that allows you to prepare your food in a little time.

47. Create A Special Drawer For Dishes

Create A Special Drawer For Dishes

Your dishes are very delicate, so you have to try to keep them protected all the time. One of the best ways to do that is to adopt adjustable plate holders that are perfect for deeper drawers. Ensure the special drawer you’re opting for has a carrying handle that can help you lift it easily out of the drawer.

48. Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Open shelving system has become very integral in every modern kitchen, but when you’re opting for that, you should think of installing sliding doors. This farmhouse-like barn door can help you conceal the mess.

49. Keep Your Pots Close

Keep Your Pots Close

The greatest favor you can do to yourself as someone who loves to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking is to have your pots and pans as close as possible. You can hang a rod on the wall close to your cooking range so you can easily access the pots and pans when you need them. You can also keep your kitchen items such as knives, cooking spoons, and those other things close for easy access.

50. 6-Piece Buffet Caddy

6-Piece Buffet Caddy

Caddies are great when you’re thinking of organizing your kitchen properly, and that’s what this 6-piece buffet caddy will also offer you. The 6-piece buffet caddy has 6 different compartments that can hold plates, napkins, towels, and utensils. It adds more value to your kitchen by making it more beautiful, so it’s safe to say the caddy serves two purposes.

51. Wall-mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

Wall-mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

The concept of storing plastic grocery bags has always been a difficult one because what people are mostly used to is reusing them. And rather than storing these bags where they are not easily accessible, you can just invest in this wall-mount grocery bag dispenser. You can mount it to the wall to save yourself some cabinet space and easily access your grocery bags whenever you need them.

52. Utilizing The Sides of Your Cabinets

Utilizing The Sides of Your Cabinets

There are always little spaces you can explore in your kitchen, only that people don’t pay too much attention to them. The sides of your cabinets can serve as a great storage option for your most important utensils. The idea is to maximize your kitchen space. You can create additional storage space on the sides of your cabinets using a rail and hooks.

53. Store Your Food Mixer Attachments in its Bowl

Store Your Food Mixer Attachments in its Bowl

Creating a solution from a problem is a great test of one’s creativity. Naturally, mixer attachments such as the whisk usually take up a lot of countertop space, or wherever you decide to store them. However, you can create the perfect storage for these attachments using the mixing bowl. You may be scared of the attachments scratching the bowl, but you can line it with a towel to avoid this.

54. Make A Pantry Out of Your Pegboard

Make A Pantry Out of Your Pegboard

Making something out of nothing is a great test of your creativity, and that’s what this kitchen organization idea is about. Your cabinet space may not be enough for your dry goods, and in this case, you can create the additional storage space on your pegboard by turning it into a great pantry scheme. This will allow you to conveniently store your dry goods in jars, fruits, and other important items.

Leading new kitchen backsplash materials in the United States in 2020

The chart above depicts the leading backsplash materials for kitchens among homeowners who planned or had installed a new backsplash in their kitchen in the United States in 2020. The chart shows that the leading backsplash materials for kitchens in the United States in 2020 were ceramic and porcelain tile with 54%, putting marble, quartz, granite, and quartzite behind.

55. Mobile Organization Cart

Mobile Organization Cart

Once you’ve exhausted your cabinet and countertop space, you can consider installing a rolling kitchen cart that will house your food items, utensils, and other important kitchen items. A lot of people have tried this rolling kitchen cart, and it has proved to be an effective kitchen organization idea.

56. Diagonal Drawer Inserts

Diagonal Drawer Inserts

This may not be the most effective kitchen organization idea on the list, but it’ll be wrong not to list it amongst the best. They can be used to make your drawer more organized by creating a special effect with the storage of your kitchen items.

57. Rolling Plant Stands

Rolling Plant Stands

Rolling plant stands are just perfect for your small appliances like your ice cream makers, blenders, and other small appliances. It helps turn your pantry floor into a functional appliance space you’ll get used to in no time.

58. Deep Kitchen Drawer As Wine Storage

Deep Kitchen Drawer As Wine Storage

Having no wine rack in your space may discourage you from buying different wines, but you shouldn’t allow the lack of a wine rack or wine cellar to stop you from filling your space with wines. You can create roll-out drawers within a spacious cupboard to create enough room for your wine supply.

59. C-Clamp Paper Towel Rack

C-Clamp Paper Towel Rack

A DIY invention is always amazing, and this C-clamp paper towel rack is what you need when you need to do something creative. By some C-clamps and install them in your kitchen to create that extra space that would have been used up by towel papers.

60. Adopt The Supermarket Style

Adopt The Supermarket Style

You don’t have to turn your kitchen upside down in a bid to try and make it look more organized. Sometimes, you should have to adopt some simple but effective methods like the supermarket-style. All you have to do is arrange your pantry using the “first in, first out” rule. This means that the newest supplies are placed at the back while the ones that are currently in use are placed at the front.

61. Invest In A Deep Drawer For Fruit Bowls

Invest In A Deep Drawer For Fruit Bowls

Your counter space always proves to be great for your fruits, but it doesn’t always prove to be the best decision. Rather than having your fruit bowls lay helplessly on your counter space, put them carefully in a deep drawer to create enough counter space. This can be used in either or both counter space or fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do you store food in the kitchen?

The food storage location depends on the type of food you’re storing. As we all know, there are different food types; dry and wet foods. Some wet foods are better stored in the refrigerator, with the help of the popular vacuum sealing process to help preserve them for a longer period. Dry foods like cereals, nuts, and others are stored in food containers.

2. What is the best way to organize a kitchen?

There are lots of kitchen organization ideas, but the most important factor involved in organizing a kitchen properly is creativity. You can have all the ideas in the world, but if you don’t put them to good use or see how they can help improve your kitchen space, you may not be able to utilize them properly.

3. How can I organize my kitchen cabinets efficiently?

According to OXO, there are lots of ways to organize your cabinets, and some of the best ways include keeping consumables together, wiping down cupboards and drawers, relocating items you don’t use often, and getting rid of broken or expired items.

4. What should be in kitchen drawers?

Your kitchen drawers should house things like baking pans, casserole dishes, heavy appliances you don’t use often, stacking pots, saucepans, heavy skillets, and many more.

5. What are the mistakes you can make when designing a kitchen?

According to Houzz, a website that helps with home-related information, some of the most common layout mistakes people make when designing a kitchen include not planning around the workflow, poor lighting placement, poor positioning of drawers and cabinet doors, forgetting about function, and inadequate circulation space.

6. Where should a microwave be placed in a new kitchen?

The location of a microwave depends on the type. On the market today, we have different types of microwaves ranging from over-the-range microwave, above stove microwave, and many others. If you have a countertop microwave, you should place it on your countertop.

7. Where do you put cutlery drawers in a kitchen?

According to Well and Good, the best place to place your cooking utensils is the drawer to the right of your stove.

8. What are the 7 types of kitchen layouts?

The basic types of kitchen layouts include U-Shape, Open, Island, Straight, Galley, L-Shape, and Parallel.

9. What is the most efficient kitchen layout?

According to Cliq Studios, the most efficient layout if you have a narrow space is the Galley layout.

10. Where do you put a microwave in a tiny kitchen?

Again, it depends on the microwave type. Every microwave type has a special placement, so you should always look to put your kitchen space into consideration when purchasing a new microwave.

Final Thoughts

A messy kitchen is nothing to be proud of, and that’s why people have actively been looking for the best kitchen organization ideas to help them keep their kitchen in order. In this article, we’ve discussed 61 effective kitchen organization ideas to help you put your kitchen in good shape.





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