• Rangetop and cooktop are two different cooking options but a lot of people mistake one for the other due to some certain similarities. In this article, we’ll be looking at what makes a rangetop different from a cooktop, as well as their similarities which often make people assume they’re the same.
  • We’ll also be looking at the pros and cons of each type while also discussing the factors you should put into consideration when getting any of these cooking options.

You can’t talk about a proper home setup without mentioning the kitchen as it is one of the most essential places in the house. A lot of people even see the kitchen as one section of the house that requires a lot of monetary investments; that’s to show how important a kitchen is to every home. Have you ever wondered why some people invest thousands of dollars in their kitchen? Is the kitchen not just an ordinary place where people cook? Is it worth all the efforts and money spent on getting high-end appliances in it? If your answer is; yes, it is worth all the investment, you’ll be right. What’s also right is that the kitchen means more than just a place where cooking activities go down to some people.

People don’t just spend all that money on appliances that are not needed in their kitchen space. It’s why knowing what is needed in your kitchen is very important and you need to do your homework so you won’t spend your money on things you’ll end up not using. The discussion of a rangetop vs. cooktop is one that has been going on for a while and we guess it’s not going to go away anytime soon as long as both ‘tops’ remain relevant in the appliances market. It is ideal to figure out the differences between cooktop and rangetop, although the similarities are very glaring, so are the differences. Once you’re able to know the differences, it’ll be clear to you which one you need in your space and that’ll make the purchase a great one.

One of the most obvious similarities a rangetop and cooktop both share is that they both run on gas. When you invest in a gas cooktop or rangetop, just know you’re getting yourself something durable that can also accommodate different types of cookware. Maybe you’ve been wondering which of the two options is the best one for you, we’ll help you solve that mystery in this article. We’ll be looking at the differences between a cooktop and rangetop but before we delve into that, how do both of them work?


Just like a cooktop, a rangetop is designed to save space in your kitchen because it doesn’t also come with an oven. However, unlike a cooktop that has its knobs featured right on top of it, a rangetop has its knobs located at the front side, making it easy for the user to reach them. The installation process of a rangetop is also one of the things that set it apart from the cooktop. A rangetop takes up more space on the cabinet as it stretches from the backspace of the counter to the front of it. Some people prefer it because it leaves them with enough space to cook due to its large size, which some people see as a con. Generally, a rangetop is always packed with more BTU output than a cooktop and that means it cooks faster and more efficiently. This explains why it’s the most common choice among chefs and professionals because it always comes with pro features that are rarely found on cooktops.



We mentioned earlier that if you’re looking for something that can offer professional features, you should look to get a rangetop. This explains why a lot of chefs and professionals often choose it over a cooktop. Its front controls always leave people in awe of it because they are designed in such a way that makes them very accessible, although this could pose a slight problem to those that have kids in the house. The professional features that come with rangetops always give them an edge over other options in the market.


Rangetops are not only large. They are also built to handle heavy use, which is something others might not be able to do. This is the best option for people who do a lot of cooking in the house, as well as for commercial purposes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a built-in rangetop, drop-in or counter rangetop; you’re sure to get the best value for your money if you ever invest heavily in rangetops.


Rangetops are built with front controls which means their knobs are located at the front section of the panel. This gives easy access to users and it’s even better for people who cook multiple meals on different burners all at a time. This is one of the professional features we mentioned earlier and it’s the most preferred when compared to cooktops that have their knobs and controls at the top. That is not considered safe, especially when one has to be careful when moving hands around the burners just to reach the controls.


If you cook a lot, then we recommend a rangetop for you because it does the job better than any other options you might have in mind. We recommend this Bosch 36-inch gas rangetop for all its professional features and its affordability.



People with small kitchen space always look to get appliances that’ll fit into their little space without problems and a rangetop might not be the best choice in this case. An average rangetop is larger than a conventional cooktop and this might pose a problem if your kitchen space is not as big.


As much as having the controls at the front section of the rangetop is an advantage for some people, it is also a disadvantage for those with kids in the house. Matter of fact, if one is opting for a rangetop in a home full of kids, one will have to take some extra precautions to make sure things don’t go wrong in the house. Older children might understand better but it’s not a risk worth taking except you have a strong measure to prevent them from interacting with the rangetop.


If you don’t look so deep, you might never know the difference between a cooktop and a rangetop because they’re built almost the same way. A cooktop is installed in a cutout opening on a countertop with an oven located down below in a cabinet and it has its touch controls and knobs at the top of the counter, unlike a rangetop that has its own placed at the front section. People with kids might see this as a safety precaution because kids can easily play with the controls located at the front section of a rangetop and it might go out of hands if proper care is not taken.

Some advantages come with having a cooktop as well and that includes having more space for other things because of its small size compared to a rangetop that is always large and takes up more space on the countertop.

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With a cooktop, you have varieties because it comes in gas, electric or induction, and that leaves you with different options to choose from. With a cooktop, you can decide if you want to go for a gas, electric or induction cooktop, depending on your cooking needs and also your utilities. This is better when you compare it with a rangetop that only has the option of either gas or electric. Induction cooktops have proved to be one of the best you can bet on in terms of cost-effectiveness as well as efficiency.


Controls and knobs on cooktops are not always at the front unlike on rangetops. This way, it is safe for those with kids in the house and that is why a cooktop is always the best option in this sense. With the controls located up top, you don’t have to worry about kids reaching it and that way, safety is being promoted in the house. The location of the knobs makes it difficult for kids to reach and that’s one thing you should put into serious consideration if you have younger kids at home.


Due to its smaller size, a cooktop is easier to clean compared to a rangetop that’s always bulky. It doesn’t matter the type (gas, electric or induction), cleaning won’t be one of the things you’ll get beat up about because it is very easy to clean. It is advisable to clean up your cooktop after every cooking session to avoid debris causing major damage to it. There might be a problem if you leave the debris to build up to a point of damage, and you might have to replace or make a major change. To avoid this, always make sure you regularly clean your cooktop once you’re done using it. The good thing is that cleaning is not much of a task with cooktops.


A cooktop is smaller in size like we pointed out earlier and that means it won’t take as much space in your kitchen as a rangetop. This leaves you with more room for other things to fit in on your countertop and that even makes your kitchen look more organized.

Having discussed the advantages of a cooktop, let’s now look at some of its drawbacks because truly, they do have some.



You have to be very careful when handling a cooktop because of the location of the controls, especially with your cookware. The location of these controls requires you to stretch your hands to access them and this might not be so safe especially when you’re cooking. Also, depending on the cookware you’re cooking with, you might suffer burns if you’re not careful enough while trying to access the controls and knobs.


If you cook a lot and you always cook in large quantities, then we advise against getting a cooktop because it won’t properly get the job done for you. However, if you’re willing to cook in batches in a situation where you need to cool a large feast, then it might still be nice. But you don’t want to risk not getting your food to taste the same way if you try to cook in batches, not to talk of wasting extra LGP if you’re using a gas cooktop or higher electricity bills.


This has always been an interesting topic to discuss and we must admit that in the end, individual preference is what most likely will determine which one will edge the other. Both are great options for every home, depending on what every individual feels is needed in their kitchen space. Both options are built without built-in ovens, and this means you can always save extra space. Some houses are built with ovens in them and these (rangetop and cooktop) are great options in settings like that.

Then, you might want to look into the most obvious differences, which are the installation methods and the control locations. A rangetop has its control knobs located at the front section while a cooktop has its at the top. Both are indeed great options, and we urge you to make your research before settling for any of them. Furthermore, we discussed earlier that your choice might be down to some personal factors like how often you cook, the quantity of the meals you cook, whether or not you have younger kids around, and many more.

So, this is our verdict but before we conclude, we’d like to also bring your attention to the things you must consider before getting either of these two options.


There’s no doubt these two options are great but if you don’t do your homework well, you might not make the best purchase. If you have a huge kitchen space and you don’t have younger kids around the house, then a rangetop is the perfect choice for you. But people with smaller kitchen space often opt for a cooktop because it helps them save space for other things so the kitchen can look more organized.

Here are some of the questions you should try to find answers to when purchasing a rangetop or cooktop;

  • What is your kitchen space like?
  • Do you need professional features?
  • How often do you cook and do you often cook large meals?
  • Do you want gas, electric, or inductions?

Once you’re able to find answers to these questions, then it’ll be clear to you which of these two options is best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a rangetop mean?

A rangetop is always ideal for a space that already has a built-in oven in it because a rangetop doesn’t come with an oven. It is installed on a countertop just like a cooktop but has its control knobs located at the front section, unlike a cooktop which has its right up top.

2. What are the three basic types of cooktops?

We have electric cooktops, induction cooktops, and gas cooktops.

Final thoughts

It is always an exciting thing when you’re looking to purchase new appliances. Why shouldn’t you be excited? You’re getting something new that you believe will add value to your home. However, you shouldn’t get carried away and make the wrong purchase; it won’t be worth it in the end. Knowing the difference between a cooktop and a range will give you the knowledge you need to make the best purchase.

We have highlighted the major differences between a cooktop and range throughout this article and we hope you find it helpful and it helps you make the best purchase. Don’t forget to go through the pros and cons again if you can. This will remind you of what you need in your kitchen and how it can best serve you.