The Best Burner Grates for Whirlpool Gas Stoves

The Best Burner Grates for Whirlpool Gas Stoves

Burner Grates for Whirlpool Gas Stoves Comparison Table


Whirlpool W10180089 Range Surface Burner Grate

Kitchen Basics 101 Replacement Oven Stove Range Burner Grates Compatible with Whirlpool Stoves

GRP Stove Burner Grate Replacement for Maytag and Whirlpool



Kitchen Basics 101


Part Number





6 x 4 x 6 inches

8.25 x 8.8 x 1.7 inches

9.75 X 8.75 X 1.75


1 Pound

12 Pounds

1.5 Pounds

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When we think of a burner grate, we picture a large, flat piece of metal that heats up and produces all of the kitchen fire stove stew. There are two different types of burner grate. One sort of grate has a large flat surface of the metal that heats up, while the other has a circular section with a series of ridges that meet at a central point – where the heat is dispersed evenly over the grate.

The first cast iron burner grates were manufactured in the 1940s. The V-shaped grate, which is constructed of iron, cast iron, and stainless steel, is the most popular type of burner grate. The grating is used to regulate the gas flow. The V-shaped grate is designed to keep the gas from expanding too quickly.

Burner grates are essential because each kitchen has its unique set of requirements and does not need to be built in the same way. The most crucial thing is that the grates are the correct size for the burner. Burners are the most important feature of a gas stove for most households.

The most typical appliances are burner grates. They boost efficiency by ensuring the gas is as hot as possible. They also reduce the amount of time spent on the stove, reducing the number of dishes scorched. The biggest advantage is being able to focus on the subject at hand without having to clear up the ashes.

Whirlpool has introduced the first single-grate burner grate in a commercial kitchen to eliminate the possibility of food sticking to the burners while cooking. The innovative technology allows many burners to be used simultaneously, reducing the likelihood of food getting stuck on the burners.

The Whirlpool gas stove is a portable charcoal-fired cooktop that allows you to quickly and simply heat your food. Internally, the furnace includes a liquid-fuel burner that burns either gas or propane. The mixture is heated and smoked on the stove before being transferred to your cooking pot. Any sort of ceramic pot, such as Pyrex, enamel, enamel-glazed, or cast-iron, can be used with this burner. You can cook your food well and save a lot of time using Whirlpool gas stoves. This is a very efficient cooking method, and it may also be quite cost-effective.

Whirlpool’s gas stoves are the easiest to use and the most cost-effective type of stove available. Whirlpool gas stoves are designed to be simple to use and produce a lot of smoke. Whirlpool gas stoves are expensive primarily because they are composed of solid metal and do not contain any filler material, making them far more robust. These gas stoves are composed of non-toxic materials as well.

For nearly two centuries, gas burners have been in use. However, technological advancements and increased reliability have made them substantially more efficient. When you consider that gas stoves are much less expensive to operate than wood stoves, you have a significant advantage over the competition.

According to a 2007 New York Times article by William H. Schaefer, gas stoves are better for cooking than home heating oil burners because “whirlpool gas stoves operate better, and they are more reliable.” A gas stove and a water heater can be coupled to form a totally self-contained energy center. The gas tank is the most significant component of a gas stove, and the water tank is the most important component of a water heater.

The Whirlpool brand has been one of the most popular appliance brands in the United States for the past few decades, and the brand’s stocks have risen in the last couple of years because it won’t stop producing the best appliances for its consumers, not just in the United States, but across the globe. As gas stoves continue to see their stock rise on the market, Whirlpool is making more effort to ensure its consumers have access to the best gas stoves, beating off competition from other powerful brands like Frigidaire and GE.

If you’re looking for the perfect replacement grates for Whirlpool gas stoves, it may be difficult because most of them are hard to find, and they may not be available in your local store, which means you have to depend on online purchases to get what you want. To help you solve that problem, we’ll be looking at some of the best Whirlpool stove grates, so choosing won’t be that hard when you’re finally ready to make a decision on the ideal Whirlpool gas burner grates for your gas stove.

Whether you’re looking for Whirlpool gas stove cast iron grates or the popular Whirlpool 5-burner gas cooktop grates, we’ll be reviewing the best of them later in this article, but before then, we want to quickly explore some of the things you should consider before putting your money on gas stoves. As good as gas stoves are, you may be making a huge mistake if you go on the market to purchase one without considering the necessary factors.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Gas Stove

Please remember to consider the following criteria before purchasing an electric stove: How much does it cost to buy a gas stove? How much does it cost to buy a wood stove? Is it possible to save money by purchasing an electric stove instead? How much does it cost to run a gas stove? Is it true that a gas stove is easier to clean than the other options?

Going on the market to purchase a gas stove without considering any of the factors mentioned earlier may result in you getting your hands on the wrong choice or not justifying the purchase in your mind, which is the worst thing that can happen to you, especially when you’re investing a lot of money on the stove. Considering these factors will help you avoid getting your hands on the wrong product, so if you’re on the market for a new gas stove, below are some of the things you should seriously consider.

Material and Heat Controls

Purchasing a new gas stove, one of the things you have to consider seriously is the material the gas stove is made with. On the market today, the most popular option is stainless steel, but that doesn’t mean other materials such as steel, metal, and black stainless steel don’t exist. Most folks prefer stainless steel gas stoves despite being very expensive, but they know they’re getting a real coup because it’s always worth the price.

If you’re buying a gas stove for a supposed modern kitchen, you should consider investing in stainless steel because that’s what you will find in most modern kitchens. On the other hand, you might also want to opt for a material that complements the other appliances in your kitchen. If the other appliances in your kitchen spot another material other than stainless steel, you may want to keep the trend and opt for a gas stove with the same material as the other appliances in your kitchen.

Another thing you may also want to make sure you’re right on top of is the heat control because as much as gas stoves are popular for their precise heat controls, you also need to opt for the one that will mostly cater to your needs. You need to be able to decide on the heat controls you want on your gas stove. Always ensure that the gas stove you’re opting for has all the heat controls you need to cook different foods at different temperatures.

Decide on the Brand

This factor doesn’t get enough attention, yet, it has proven to be one of the driving forces behind people’s decision to opt for a particular gas stove. People don’t pay enough attention to this factor because there’s a brand that has already captured their heart, perhaps through referrals or personal experiences. Someone that has been using Samsung appliances for a long time and knows the brand offers durable appliances is more likely to stick with Samsung appliances because they’re sure of the quality they’re getting from the brand rather than take a chance on a brand they know nothing about.

On the other hand, if you’re not loyal to any brand or you would like to try something different from what you’ve always been used to, it’s always okay to conduct thorough research to know which brands offer the most durable gas stoves that are also affordable, so you can enjoy quality without breaking the bank. You need to get yourself familiar with what the brand is offering you before you make any financial commitment, so this also requires you to give it a lot of thought before finally making a decision.

Your Cooking Needs

Before you make any decision, no matter how tempting it may be, don’t ever forget to evaluate your cooking needs because this practice helps you get the gas stove you truly need in your kitchen and not just any option. Gas stoves are mostly classified by the number of burners they have, but you won’t truly know how many burners you need your gas stove to have if you don’t take your time to evaluate your cooking needs properly. If you’re a bachelor, there’s no point getting a gas stove with up to four burners, except you plan to get married soon, and those burners will come in handy sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your money if you opt for such a gas stove, especially if you won’t cook too often.

The most common gas stoves on the market at the moment have two or three burners, and even if you wish to have a gas stove with more burners, you may be limited by your budget. If you have a family of four, you’ll benefit from a gas stove with two or three burners, and it’ll be sufficient for your cooking needs and everyday use. According to the breakdown by Times of India, bachelors/singles only need 1 or 2 burners; married couples only need 2 or 3 burners, nuclear families with 4 members need about 3 to 4 burners, while joint families with more than 5 members need 4 or more burners for their everyday cooking needs.

Get a Gas Stove That’s Easy to Clean

This is another factor people overlook, but it plays a huge role in the durability of the gas stove in the long term. Even if the gas stove is very durable, cleaning will always determine how long you can use it, so if the gas stove is not easy to clean, you’ll only find yourself in the market for a new gas stove before you know it. Thankfully, most gas stove models are very easy to clean because they come with grates that can easily be taken off, leaving you with easy access to the stovetop.

This is where the material these stoves are built from comes in. A stainless steel gas stove will hardly show scratches or grease stains because it resists stains, even if it’s almost impossible to completely stain-proof. You should also prioritize digital controls over the convention knob style because the former is easier to clean. Ensure that the controls are where you can conveniently access them and will not turn on the gas accidentally because that’s also a possibility.

The Best Burner Grates for Whirlpool Gas Stoves

Whirlpool W10180089 Range Surface Burner Grate

One thing about replacement parts is that they can be hard to find, especially if the appliance that needs them is not very common on the market. This highly-rated range surface burner grate from Whirlpool is compatible with many Whirlpool gas range/stove models, including AGR4422VDS0, AGP200VDW0, FGP314TQ0, AGR4422VDW0, AGG222VDB1, AGG222VDB0, and many more. Whirlpool has clearly instructed that this burner grate is a manufacturer substitution, so don’t be surprised if it’s different in appearance. The goal is to have it function as the old part, and this is exactly what this burner grate will do.

Kitchen Basics 101 Replacement Oven Stove Range Burner Grates Compatible with Whirlpool Stoves

These are not burner grates by Whirlpool, but they’re perfect for Whirlpool gas stove models. The package features four packs of matte black burner grates that are strong enough and durable to last for many years if the reviews by confirmed buyers are anything to go by. If you’re investing in these burner grates, you should know they’re compatible with Whirlpool stove models such as WP8522858, WPW10165803, AP6021539, WP8522858, WP8053455, 8522850, AND PS117454863 to mention but a few.

GRP Stove Burner Grate Replacement for Maytag and Whirlpool

We all know replacement parts can be hard to find, especially when the major appliances are not common on the market. Brands like GRP have taken things a step further by manufacturing replacement parts that can work with gas stoves from different brands, so you don’t feel stuck when you finally need a replacement burner grate. It is one of the best-selling replacement parts online, and people leaving positive comments about it only shows how good the burner grate is.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there Whirlpool gold stove top replacement grates?

They may be rare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you look hard enough, you’ll always find these replacement grates, but you also want to make sure you’re not making a panic purchase by taking your time to assess different options before making a decision.

  • Whirlpool gas cooktop grates too high – what can I do?

If you buy cooktop grates that are too high, you should expect to encounter some problems if you want to continue using these grates rather than returning them and having them changed.


The effectiveness of gas stoves is critical. The more efficient they are, the less money you’ll spend on fuel and the fewer carbon emissions your kitchen will produce, and this is where burner grates come into play. Burner grates have three main applications. They’re utilized to restrict the flue gases from getting too close to the burner. They are also used to control the temperature of the heat. They’re also used to keep the flue gas pressure in check.





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