Popping The Hood

Are you looking to purchase a new ventless range hood?  Although the wide variety of options can seem daunting, this process doesn’t need to be difficult.  Understanding the differences between each ventless range hood is crucial to making a purchase that’s right for you, but so is knowing what you want ahead of time.  That’s where we come in!  Here are 5 of the top ventless range hood options on the market:

Which Ventless Range Hood Is Right For Me?

If you’re still unsure after looking at the table which type of ventless range hoods might be for you, don’t worry.  We have plenty more information to help you narrow down your search.  Making a personal pros and cons list for each option can be a helpful tool when trying to make a decision.  Let’s jump in!

AKDY 30″ Ventless Range Hood

This ventless range hood by AKDY is one of the highest rated in its class.  This stainless steel hood runs at about the same noise level as a typical bathroom fan according to customer reviews.  It comes with a 3 year warranty, so for those of you who value peace of mind above all else when it comes to their purchase, this hood may be for you just based on that alone.

AKDY also has a glowing customer service reputation, and typically couples that excellent service with  mid quality items at affordable prices.

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED

Another 5 star ventless range hood, this appliance from  Kitchen Bath Collection can’t be beat at this price point.  Users rave about the quality/price ratio, and complaints tend to be minor like the unit arriving with tiny dents (easily fixable) or the unit being rather noisy on the highest (loudest) setting.  Despite these minor issues, customers rave about how effective this ventless range hood is.

Broan QS130SS

This range hood is completely different than the first two hoods on this list.  Known for being extremely quiet in comparison to its competitors, the Broan QS130SS is for those thinking outside the box when it comes to their purchase.  This hood also has nothing but good reviews regarding functionality, but has drawn some complaints with its lighting.  Replacement bulbs can also be a bit pricey as well at 7 dollars a bulb.

Fire Bird 36″ Ventless Range Hood

This is a newer model from Fire Bird, and is perfect for those who want to manually install but aren’t 100% confident in their skills.  This range hood comes from every single part (as well as directions on how to put them together) all the way up to the ceiling.  Priced fairly modestly, this is the largest range hood on our list.  Fire Bird offers a 3 year warranty on this hood making it another great option for those valuing peace of mind above all else.



Golden Vantage 30″ Ventless Range Hood

Our final entry on the list, this range hood from Golden Vantage is the smaller stainless steel colored cousin of the Fire Bird.  Same easy installation, same 3 year warranty, and the same great functionality but in a significantly smaller size.  This range is more expensive for this reason.  The sole consistent complaint with this range hood seems to be the excessive noise level, so if you’re heavily concerned about the noise, this range may not be for you.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you have the information, it’s time to go put it to good use!  Understanding the difference between each range hood is essential for making a purchase that you’re happy with long term.  It’s worth remembering that while these are some of the absolute best options for ventless range hoods on the market, they aren’t the only options.  Do as much research as you’re comfortable with until you’re sure that you’ve found a ventless range hood that’s right for you!