Electric stoves for sale

State of the Art Electric Stoves For Sale

Electric stoves today offer the consumer the chance to cook on a sleek and stylish stove at an affordable price while still being kind to the environment. They are safe and simply the best type of stove to use. If you are upgrading your kitchen appliances then think about investing in a modern stove which will meet all your needs. With so many electric stoves on the market today it can be confusing about which one you want to buy. Presented to you we have gathered all the important info and done all the research for you so you can browse, choose and buy the right stove which will meet your personal needs.

Comparison Table of the Best Electric Stoves


Samsung Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range With Convection NE59R4321SGWhirlpool WGE745C0FS Freestanding Electric Range Stainless Steel30-Inch 5-Element Electric Convection RangeLG LREL6323S Freestanding Electric Range Stainless Steel, LREL6323SSamsung NE59T4311SG Freestanding Electric Range Black Stainless Steel


Samsung NE59R4321SG/AA 30-inch Smart Freestanding Range with 5 Elements

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range with 6.7 cu. ft. Oven Capacity

KitchenAid KFEG500EBS 30-Inch 5-Element Electric Convection Range

LG LREL6323S 30-Inch Smart Freestanding Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Mode

Samsung NE59T4311SG 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range with Glass Ceramic Surface





LG Electronics



Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel


47 x 26 x 29 inches

47 x 26 x 29.93 inches


47 x 28.9 x 29.8 inches

46.5 x 28.4 x 29.87 inches







Product Weight

156 lbs

225 lbs


198 lbs

166 lbs

Special Feature

Child Safety Lock

Frozen Bake Technology

Hidden Bake Element

Stainless Trim Cooktop

Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Editor’s Rating






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Samsung NE59R4321SG/AA 30-inch Smart Freestanding Range with Elements

This state of the art electric stove by Samsung is the best yet. It has reached the top of our list for many reasons including its amazing customer reviews, price, quality and features. To top it all off Samsung are known to have great customer service when it comes to warranty items. This particular model features a ceramic glass surface with soft close door technology. (This is secretly why we love this model). The soft close door technology helps keep the kitchen as quiet as it can be with its whisper-quiet close.

This stove is great for any kitchen because it simply slides in between the counters. It is stainless steel making it incredibly durable and easy to clean. Some of its great features include Broiler, Built-In Clock, Built-In Timer, Control Lockout, Convection Oven, Digital Display, Food Temperature Probe, Gliding/Roll-Out Racks, Hidden Bake Element, Interior Light, LED Display, Lower Storage Drawer, Oven Window, Safety Lock and a Warming Drawer. So as overall it is easy to use, easy to install and super-easy to show off to guests. Make cooking simple with the Samsung Chef Oven!



With this Wide View Window, it is now easier for you to check the progress of whatever you’re making in your oven without having to open the door and losing heat in the process.


The range features two cleaning options; Steam Clean – used for quick cleaning – and the Self-Clean which saves you the stress of having to clean the oven yourself.


  • Storage Drawer
  • Digital LED Display
  • Flexible Cooktop
  • Flex Duo with Dual Door
  • Dual Fan Convection

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range with 6.7 cu. ft. Oven Capacity

The next best electric stove on our list has to be the unique self-cleaning double oven electric range by Whirlpool. This is an oven that is designed to deliver simply delicious results and with its sleek design, you can’t go wrong when choosing to purchase this one. The cooking system has been designed so that cooking is actually done quicker than ever before. The convection fan makes it simple to seal in the juices when cooking meat and the rapid boil elements on the top make it perfect for all your boiling, frying and searing needs! This freestanding stove has the capacity to work well when cooking for large groups of people or for those dinners which need cooking at Christmas!

The upper oven includes features such as a Broiler, Built-In Clock, Built-In Timer, Control Lockout, Digital Display, Hidden Bake Element and an Oven Window. The lower oven also features the same elements. The top cooking stove includes features such as an Indicator Light- Heating Element On, Indicator Light- Hot Surface Indicator Light and an additional warming Zone. Overall this is a stove which is loved by customers all over the world and that for many reasons. You can even go on a spender and buy a matching fridge in ice white as well!



This oven offers you everything you need to feel relaxed while it’s in operation. It automatically temperatures and cooking times to what your recipe really needs so you don’t have to be monitoring it every time.


Would you be happy to know you can now beat time meant for preheating? With this technology, foods like chicken nuggets, fries, and pizza do not need to be preheated before being cooked, even if they’re frozen.


The range comes with a built-in sensor that helps monitor the temperature in the oven and adjust when necessary. This way, you’re able to get the best baking results from your oven.


  • FlexHeat Triple Radiant Element
  • SteamClean Option
  • Hidden Bake Element
  • Rapid Preheat

KitchenAid KFEG500EBS 30-Inch 5-Element Electric Convection Range

Kitchen aids double oven comes third on our list because of its appearance. Some people like black and stainless steel ovens but harder to combine them in every kitchen style. Saying that this model has another load of great features which will come in handy for any avid cook. The one thing we loved about this model is that it offers a steam option which adds moisture to the oven which enhances cooking results. Every time your dishes come out flawlessly looking and amazingly tasty! This specific oven is a larger capacity suiting the cooks that feed an army of children every day! Again it has the feature which allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures and we all love the self-cleaning system which we believe every stove should have!

A new product this season has features in the lower oven such as a Broiler, Convection Oven, Gliding/Roll-Out Racks, Hidden Bake Element, Interior Light and an oven Window. The upper oven has Delay Bake/Delay Start, Keep Warm and Sabbath Mode. KitchenAid really creates products which are an aid to your kitchen. Start to enjoy cooking and make it less of a duty with this amazing appliance.



To get the best baking results and to make cleaning easier, a hidden bake element has been integrated into this oven. Now, you can easily wipe away spills without the fear of some of the spills getting stuck on the surface of your oven.


You can now have enough space to cook multiple dishes with these two cooking elements with dual zones each. The first element has two cooking zones of 12 and 9 inches respectively while the second features two cooking zones of about 9 and 6 inches respectively.


The range features a storage drawer that provides you with more space to store your cookware like pots, pans, and many others.


  • 5 cooking elements including a warm zone
  • 6.4 cu. ft. oven capacity

LG LREL6323S 30-Inch Smart Freestanding Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Mode

If you aren’t up for the double oven options then check out the single stoves which are on sale. LG Electronics has designed a self-cleaning stove in a unique design that has customers over the globe raging and giving five-star reviews. We have to admit that the pro styling makes this even more unique than other models. This oven will accommodate all your cooking needs with its convection system, hidden bake element, storage drawer and lockout feature! What more do you need than an oven which does the hard work of cooking and cleaning for you and one which is slim and sleek in style.

The features on this oven are Built-In Clock, Control Lockout, Convection Oven, Digital Display, Hidden Bake Element, Interior Light, Oven Window and Sabbath Mode. The cooktop features Control Lockout, Digital Display, Indicator Light- Heating Element On and Indicator Light- Hot Surface Indicator Light. This electric stove is great for families and even bachelors.



This feature was built to provide you with a quick method of preparing snacks like fries without having to add oil to them.


Cleaning is an integral part of the maintenance of any product, so over the years, it has become a chore. However, lately, with technology gaining more popularity than ever, different brands are beginning to solve the problem of cleaning in their products and LG has not been an exception. The LG EasyClean allows you to get your oven sparkling clean in just 10 minutes without having to use chemicals.


  • Dual elements
  • Self-clean
  • Stainless steel trim cooktop
  • Heavy-duty metal knobs
  • Large oven capacity

Samsung NE59T4311SG 30-inch Freestanding Electric Range with Glass Ceramic Surface

For another great single oven option, we come back to the trustworthy Samsung. We love this model because it comes in white, stainless steel and black meaning it will go with any interior design. This oven also comes baby-proof because the knobs are at the top of the stove above the stovetop making it impossible for little fingers to turn the oven on and burn the house down! With five burners and two dual burners on the top, you can make dinner efficiently and then clean the oven with its self-cleaning option! We really don’t love a stove without this option. Extra spacious and ceramic tops make it practical and of course, pretty. The oven itself has some great features such as Broiler, Built-In Clock, Built-In Timer, Convection Oven, Digital Display, Hidden Bake Element, Interior Light, LP Convertible, Oven Window and a Safety Lock. The cooktop features a Built-In Timer, Indicator Light- Hot Surface Indicator Light and a warming Zone.

Samsung has designed yet another top product and this one really gives you a run for your money. They make cooking enjoyable and safe and along with their other amazing kitchen appliances their ovens are really among the best yet! Professional and practical you can’t go wrong with Samsung stoves.



When buying yourself an electric stove, or any kind of stove whatsoever, you always look to get one which will always allow you to cook as many foods as you like. With this range, greater flexibility is guaranteed and you can use more than one pan and pot of different sizes all at a time.


We talked about this hidden bake element in the other electric range and it seems to be featured in this range too. What this element does is to make cleaning your oven so easy that it won’t have to become a chore.


Save yourself some space in the kitchen as this storage drawer serves as a storage option for things like your baking sheets, pots, pans, and other cookware.


  • Fan convection
  • Steam and self-clean
  • Flexible cooktop
  • Dual ring elements
  • Large capacity


1. My electric range has a ceramic glass top. How do I clean it?

Without doubt, your electric range will come with a sample bottle of the special cleaner recommended to clean your glass top so always try to get the same cleaner, or another recommended alternative.

2. The light on my glass top stays on for a few minutes even when I put my electric range off. Is this normal?

This is absolutely normal. With safety in mind, the light doesn’t go off unless the surface temperature drops to below 120 degrees which makes the surface safe to touch. With the light on, you’ll know that the surface is still not safe for touching.

Cooking it All Together

From piecing all the info together we highly recommend Samsung for your electric stove, whether it is double or single. Double ovens are great if you have a large family to cook for or if you like to cook meals with variety. They make it possible to look at a pasta bake and a roast all at once. Single ovens are great for the smaller kitchens, they have just as many equal features and are slim in design meaning they take up less room. They provide amazing results every time and create beautiful, classical designs which will give an elegant finish to any kitchen. Customer reviews all claim that they are satisfied with these specific ovens in particular and you couldn’t ask for more when it comes to a state of the art stove – especially when it comes with a self-cleaning mode – because everyone wants one of these! Browse around to find the best prices and you will be guaranteed the best customer service as well with these brands. With these ovens, it is possible to create an amazing variety of gourmet meals at home. We hope you find the right oven for you! Happy Cooking Everyone!

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