5 Best Dishwasher Detergent For Sparkling Dishes

5 Best Dishwasher Detergent For Sparkling Dishes

Dishwasher Cleaning


It is quite understandable why a dishwasher is one of the appliances that is most frequently used at home. Dishwashers are very easy to use as long as one understands some necessary precautions to take, while using a dishwasher. A dishwasher is a common appliance because it makes dishwashing significantly easier to do- there no doubt about this.


However, it is quite unfortunate that dishwasher cleaning is not a prority in the home because most people assume errorneously that a dishwasher is a self-cleaning appliance. In fact, it is not!. A dishwasher  can not clean itself, just because it cleans dishes- it does not work that way. Just like it is wrong to assume that a washing machine will clean itself because water costantly flows through is while it washes laundry; it is also wrong to conclude that a dishwasher cleans itself. Hence, because of the frequency in which a dishwasher is used, it is important that basic maintenace is performed on a regular basis. 


Take preventive measures to avoid some dishwasher faults by knowing what to and not to put in your dishwasher

Regularly Clean Dishwasher Filter


All the parts of a dishwasher are needed for optimum performance but the filter is arguably the most important. It is clear that water used for washing will not be completely rid of food particles and other debris if the dishwasher filter is not present. Hence, the filter’s function is to filter out dirt, which implies that the filter will be dirty after almost every wash. Therefore regular cleaning of the filter is necessary to prevent unnecessary dishwasher odor or unclean dishes after washing. 


The filter is located on the floor of the unit most likely below the lower spray arm. In some models, the filtration system consists of a lower flat filter and an upper cylindrical filter. Remove the filter (the flat one as well) and gently hand wash with soap and warm running water. Follow the steps below to clean your dishwasher filter; 


  • Locate the filter below the spray arm on the bottom of the dishwasher, then unlock and remove it. 


  • Wash the filter with warm, soapy water and use a soft toothbrush to remove any stuck-on food particles on the mesh and plastic components. 


  • Rinse the filter and lock it back into place.

Avoid the following mistakes


Overloading: Overloading your dishwasher simply means, adding toom many dishes at once; overloading can create an unnecessary congestion in your dishwasher unit, hence making extremely difficult for those spray jets to do their job. This is so because dishes stacked together may not have all its part touched by detergent or washing water. When there are fewer dishes, they will be easily saturated in warm water and detergent discharged by your dishwasher. More importantly, complete air circulation is more feasible with fewer dishes in your dishwasher. Hence, your dishes dry faster.


Too much or wrong detergent: First and foremost, it is important that you use the best powder dishwasher detergent and Best dishwasher detergent pods to not only get the best results from your dishwasher but also keep your dishwasher working for a very long time. You may be wondering- ‘what is the best dishwasher detergent?; rest assured, this will be treated in subsequent sections.


On the other hand, if you use too much or the wrong one, this may cause excessive suds and eventual streaks on your dishes. Detergent residue may even end up clogging the dishwasher itself. Hence, it is highly advisable to always advisable to apply the least recommended amount of detergent to your dishwasher.


Placing items incorrectly: Each rack in a dishwasher has its specific functions. Use each rack for the items they are designed to hold and position them properly to optimize access to water and detergent. If, after all these attempts, items do not fit, you can adjust the racks by removing the removable parts.

Reduce Buildup With Vinegar


You probably know this already but it is crucial to reiterate that white vinegar can help remove stuck  food particles or residual detergent. In the case of stuck food particles, this usually happens when the dishwasher filter collects food particles and debris from water used for washing. Some particles get stuck on, and filter helps take care of it. However, in the case of residual detergent, detergent buildup is an innevitable situation when one uses the wrong dishwasher detergent for washing. 


However, You can use vinegar to clean out your dishwasher to remove any stuck food particles or residual detergent left behind. To do this, place a dishwasher-safe container on the center of the top or bottom rack and pour a cup of vinegar into it — then run your dishwasher on a hot water cycle. The vinegar will disinfect the dishwasher and break down any residue stuck inside.

Properly Load Your Dishes


This may not seem so important but believe me, it is!, because if you dont do this properly, you may have to have to get a dishwasher replacement. The arrangement of your dishes in your dishwasher will go a long way to determine whether or not your wahing will be done without any damage to your dishes and whether or not your dishes will be properly cleaned. The arrangement for plastics and other rubber or meltable kitchenware should be in the top rack; the top rack is some distance away from the bottom of the dishwasher where the heating element lies. On the other hand, dishes should be arranged strategically in your dishwasher to allow for easy contact of water, coming from them spray jets; if this is not done, some parts of your dishes will not be touched and they’ll be left uncleaned.


Other instructions for proper loading of your dishes includes; 


  • Look through your owner’s manual to select the right cycle for the items you are cleaning. Heavy cycles are for pots and pans, and lighter cycles are for more fragile items.


  • If there is a lot of grease on your plates and dishes, take a few seconds to dump the grease and gunk out to prevent a clogged drain.


  • Don’t overload your dishwasher by putting all your dishes, pots, and pans in every corner of the appliance. Be strategic and load it correctly by putting items in the right places.

Clean The Gasket


The dishwasher’s seal or gasket is vital to keeping the water from leaking out on your floor, hence, it is important to keep it in perfect working condition. Residue buildup on your dishwasher’s gasket or seal can lead to odors as well as mold. Once a month, use a solution made of 3 cups of water and half a cup of vinegar to clean up the seal.

Cleaning Out the Spray Arms


The spray arms spin within the dishwasher, to supply  hot water to your dishes through a form of pressurized spray. These spray arms, also called spray jets have holes in them and these holes get clogged. 

The Best Dishwasher Detergents 


The three major components that guarantee effective dish-washing are hot water, ddishwasher detergent and spray action. Without hot water and detergent solution, your dishes can never be a properly done. Seeing how crucial it is, to have the detergent present, in a dish-washing process, it is important to pay special attention to not getting top-quality detergent, but also procuring a detergent, specifically made for dishwashing, in a dishwasher. 


Modern dishwashers are designed to clean the grime from kitchenware and cookware without rinsing them in the sink, prior to cleaning!. To good to be true, right?. That implies that a prewash cycle is totally unnecessary, if you got the right dishwasher detergent because, it will completely neutralise the grime found on your dishes.  And we know this quite well that Skipping this pre-wash can actually save a lot of time, effort, water, and energy.


It’s also been proven that enzymatic detergents work better when they can cling to food residues, and you don’t have to worry about these particles of food blocking the dishwasher as filters will catch any food that would potentially clog the system. The combination of the water pressure and enzymes in the detergent eventually wears down the remnants of food to enable passage through the filter and out of the drain.

Dishwasher detergents in detail 


Basically, dishwasher detergents come in four forms: powder, liquid, tablets or gel. And each of these forms has its use cases, advantages and disavantages. However, the two primary ingredients in dishwasher detergent are enzymes and bleach. The job of detergent enzymes is to speed up the rate of chemical reactions between stains and water solutions, hence, breaking down food particles. Enzymes present in detergents for breaking down food particles include; protease, amylase, subtilisin, or simply generic enzymes.

Liquid Dishwasher 


Dishwashing liquids are the most common amongst the forms of detergent and are available in a range of sizes to cover any dish load. They also tend to have a higher PH level which enables getting a more thorough clean.


Some liquid detergents generate excess suds and it’s important that you use the recommended amount in your wash. Overflows can happen due to excess sudding creating problems with leakage. Only liquid detergents that are formulated for dishwashers should be used in your appliance.

Dishwasher Tablets 


Dishwasher tablets are a lot easier to use. All you need to do with them is insert them into the designated compartment. This ease of use and its combined with its high performance at removing stubborn stains is why it is quite preferred to other detergents. Dishwasher tablets also offer less flexibility as they can’t be precisely measured for different sizes of dishwasher load.


Tablets can also contain active ingredients that perform a range of additional functions such as degreasing or cleaning your dishwasher. 3 in 1 tablets may have a salt-action to soften the water but doesn’t replenish the water softener.

Dishwasher Gel


As mentioned above, detergents in their different forms have their different roles and designations. Dishwasher Gel is specially formulated and it has unique benefits over powder and tablets. This special feature is that it is liquid based and it is not abrasive on embroidered tableware and glasses. 


Gel packs can deliver an overall package of cleaning, reliability and convenience. They’re small and come in dosages which means easy storage and measurements that don’t have to be estimated.

Dishwasher Powder 


The spcialty of a dishwasher powder is the effective removal of hard water. When it comes to getting rid of hard water mark on your stainless steel dishes or your dihwasher even, the liquid and gel detergents have nothing on the powder detergent. Hard water typically causes limescale deposits that create cloudiness, white spots, and streaks on glassware. The hardness of the water directly impacts the performance of your dishwasher and powder can make an improvement with adjusted amounts used. The abrasive nature of the powder also makes it a suitable option when dealing with burnt-on stains on cookware, giving great results.


That said, an eco-friendly option to getting rid of hard water is the dishwasher powder. In conclusion, you must bear in mind that the proper storage of your dishwasher is very crucial as it can not be allowed anywhere near water. If this happens, the powder will activate and go to waste.

Dishwasher salt and rinse aid


Dishwasher salt is a particular grade of sodium chloride that helps the regeneration of water softener in a dishwasher and this can help with better cleaning . 


On the other hand, the rinse aid helps water rinse off dishes and glasses by reducing the surface tension to allow water to drain away. It may need filling up every few weeks to reach the maximum line in the compartment.

The Best Dishwasher Detergents of 2022

Finish Powerball Quantum Dishwasher Detergent Tabs


When we speak of dishwaher detergents with an excellent performance, the Finish Quantum detergent is in a league of its own. The Finish Quantum comes with a bag of single-use tabs, each of which has threee chambers for different types of dishwasher detergents; one has powder, another has gel while the last has liquid. It is one of the best dishwasher detergent of 2022

Because the powder contains some necessary enzymes, the powder scrub effectively breaks down stuck-on food, its gel component effectively neutralises grease and gets rid of residues. While the powerhouse liquid helps your dishes dry quickly and deliver a sparkling shine. It has the Liquid Power Ball feature, filled With Power Actions That Dry and Deliver a Finishing Boost of Shine

Cascade Complete Dishwasher Gel Detergent


The Cascade Complete is another excellent dishwasher detergent. It dissolves quickly when is added to water, it is fluid enough and easy to pour  and it removes hard stuck-on messes. This dishwasher detergent option is the best for you, if you are on a budget but looking for something efficient. Formulated with tried-and-true Dawn soap, this dishwasher gel effectively removes food that’s been stuck on for 24 hours, including baked-on messes and greasy residues. It’s easy to pour, dissolves quickly, rinses totally clean, and leaves your dishes with a fresh scent.


With the Cascade Complete, you get to skip pre-washing dishes, saving up to 15 gallons of water with each load and it is not as expensive as others.

Better Life Naturally Crumb-Crushing Dishwasher Gel


This dishwasher gel is also quite affordable as its costs about 13$. The container is measured 5.5 by 3.75 by 10.25 in Length, Width and Height. It is indeed Eco-friendly and sustainable as it is formulated with natural cleaning agents like soap bark, corn, and coconut. It combines plant-based power, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and smelling fresh, naturally!. It Perfect for dishes, glasses, utensils, pots, and pans splattered with anything your kitchen can cook up!


This washing agent also cuts through grime and grease almost easily. Now, the detergent can leave a light film on some dishes. Additionally, it can produce a good amount of foam in your dishwasher when working its magic. However, you’ll likely enjoy how it doesn’t leave behind a scent and is a greener addition to your home.

Palmolive Eco Dishwasher Gel Detergent 


Palmolive is best known for its liquid dish soaps, but the brand makes an impressive dishwasher formula, too. This sizable jug contains enough detergent for almost 100 loads, and the squeeze spout makes it easy to pour. The phosphate-free formula is a great option for the environment as well, since detergents are one cause of nutrient pollution in lakes and rivers


However, note that this dishwasher detergent contains bleach. Because of this bleach, it may leave stains on your dishes and may cause bleach stains to you  fabrics. Hence it should be used with care, bearing in mind that it can not come in contact with the hand.

Ecover Dishwasher Powder


If you prefer powder detergent, your best bet is Ecover Dishwasher Powder. The 48-ounce, recycled cardboard box contains enough detergent to wash up to 50 loads of dishes. Containing a blend of minerals and plant-based ingredients, the phosphate-free formula is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, too. It is one of the best dishwasher cleaner for hard water.


As for its effectiveness, you can count on this powder detergent to remove stuck-on food and leave your dishes sparkling. Plus, your plates, bowls, and mugs won’t have a lingering smell on them. The only “downside” to this product is you are paying quite a bit more per load.



Can you use dishwasher detergent to hand-wash dishes?


Generally, using dishwasher detergent is not exactly advisable because it has some chemical components that may irritate the skin. Similarly, you should never put liquid dish soap in a dishwasher. It won’t work as effectively as proper detergent, and you will likely end up flooding your kitchen floor with water and foam.


Do dishwashers need special detergent?


Dishwashers require specially formulated detergents that are made to work without suds. Other cleaning products, including hand dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and other household soaps and liquid detergents may cause the dishwasher to overflow with foamy suds and are not appropriate to use in the dishwasher. If you run out of dishwasher detergent and need to run a load, there are some ingredients that you may have around the house that you can use to make emergency dishwasher detergent at home.





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