Best blender for hummus

Best Blender For Hummus And You

Jumping In The Mix

Looking for the best blender for hummus can be a challenge made simple with some easy guidelines and tips.  Some say that ‘proper’ hummus must be concocted in a food processor but more and more chefs – yes, culinary experts – say that a regular kitchen blender can do the trick. 

Make a smoothie for breakfast, grind your veggies for lunch and make hummus dip for your carrot snack. Dinner? Think of ways to utilize this equipment for all your food, including your hummus! The blender’s multifaceted nature has made it a staple in most kitchens.

Now, for those who aren’t already aware, hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made of garbanzos. Yum! It is very healthy, offering significant nutritional value.  It is also delicious, and best of all, easy to make!

So, which blender is right for you? Let’s jump in.

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Smeg 50s Retro Style BLF01PGUS Blender and Smoothie MakerWaring BB300S Commercial Blender Black, bb300s waring food bar blender main preview

Blender Brand and Model







600 watts

500 watts

2 HP

700 watts

1800 watts


48 oz.

64 oz.

48 oz.

48 oz.





4 + Pulse

2 + Pulse



Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel
Copolyester Jar


Glass Jar



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Best Blender For Hummus


This particular model is a user favorite when making hummus as well. Chefs even consider the BLF01PGUS to be really powerful equipment for expert use but it truly is simple enough to be operated by those who have little experience (or talent!) for cooking. The blender features 4 speeds and 3 reset programs that both make the blender effective when making smoothies, or crushing ice.

Fast Facts:

  • Makes purees
  • Makes soups
  • Makes hummus
  • Makes smoothies
  • Highly rated

It does provide 6 cups since this is a huge kitchen appliance which is intended for mass preparation. The capacity of the pitcher is about 48 oz while the processing bowl is 40 ounces. It measures 6.35 inches by 15.48 inches by 7.68 inches. It is very light 7lbs which is surprising because it’s deceivingly large in pictures.


Some prefer this blender to make their favorite dip. If any blender deserves the best blender for hummus award it is potentially this one. Users love that they have full control while using the Cuisinart CSB-79 smart stick. The grip is very comfortable to maneuver and has a very comfortable grip as well. This is actually a blender set, and all the necessary inclusions are favorable, especially in making your favorite dip.

Set Inclusions:

  • Blending tool
  • Whisking tool
  • Grinder tool
  • 16-oz beaker with measuring option
  • Power cord

If you want to use the whisk, here is a little-known secret: chill the bowl and the whisking tool as well before using it. It will make the best crepe batters and omelets! 


One of the more expensive blenders on our list, but for good reason. This blender is not just for hummus-making (though it is in the conversation regarding the best blender for hummus) but for every type of food.  Anything that you want blended to perfection you can magically create in the Vitamix 1363. This is a very high-end blender and is typically labeled as being for professional chefs and cooks.

On a side note:

  • Endorsed by Culinary Institute of America
  • Free shipping
  • Many color themes and options

The master chefs trust the Vitamix 1363 and you can too, even if you have little experience.


Among the Hamilton Beach brand, this is definitely their best blender for hummus. Most consumers are thrilled to have a functional blender at a cost of less than $50 and the conversation stops there. If that’s you, then this may be for you.

The box also contains a 3-cup chopper which is impeccable for small preparations. You can use it for big or small amounts and is a very nice piece of equipment to have for social occasions.

Fast Facts:

  • Shatterproof Jar
  • Great Consumer Reviews
  • Low Price

This is one of the cheapest and most popular options available on the market today.


This is one of the most multi-faceted blenders on the market, capable of making hummus, cold drinks, smoothies, and any other kind of chopping or blending required.

Waring promises these to all its customers:

  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Durability

This is a Blade Series 1hp Blender with 2-speed, and a host of powerful features including the easy-to-use toggle switch controls.



Absolutely, you can! Most people always have the fear of not getting the end result they desire from when making hummus with a blender instead of a food processor. However, it has been proved that high-powered blenders can do the job faster and even better than most food processors.


It might be hard to decide what the best blenders for hummus are but we have taken our time to research some of the highly-rated blenders for hummus. Every blender featured in this article is loved by consumers who have bought and used them, so it’s just a matter of which one you’d like to opt for.


Although both use motors and blades to perform their duties, they can’t be considered the same as they both have what also differentiate them from each other. A food processor – unlike a blender which is mainly used to blend – is used for harder kitchen tasks like slicing the vegetables and mixing dough.

Final Blend

So what is the best blender for hummus?  All of these blenders can make hummus beautifully – it is a matter of choice on your part which is the blender for you. Identify your needs, scrutinize these five amazing products as well as others you find online and match a product with your needs to ensure the most satisfaction with your purchase.  Happy blending!

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