Best Blender For Green Smoothies

Best Blender For Green Smoothies

The one question asked all the time is what are the best kitchen appliances to buy? When it comes to choosing a blender which makes silky, smooth smoothies it can be a difficult choice. There are hundreds of models to choose from with prices ranging from affordable to really expensive. There are many factors you need to consider if you want to make mostly ‘green smoothies’.

Key Points to Consider before Choosing:

Regardless of your budget if you are looking for a blender which is perfect for smoothies then you need to consider a few key points. The good thing about purchasing and choosing a blender is it is easier than buying a juicer. 

Putting some time and research into finding the right blender is worth the effort in the end because it will make your smoothie all that more enjoyable. Here is what you need to consider when buying a blender for smoothies and this is what we have thought about when choosing the top rated blenders for smoothies.

What Watts of Power you should go with?

Here is one rule – the higher the power, the better the blender. Most everyday blenders available on the market today are between 500 watts in power and 800 watts in power but you can get the more powerful ones at 1200 watts. The higher wattage blenders will do a better job when making smoothies because they will smoothly blend things like frozen fruit, chunkier veggies and ice. 

They will also manage a thicker consistency so you don’t have to water your smoothies down as much as you would do with a lower wattage blender. Our recommendations are to look at blenders with a wattage around or above 750 watts to get the best performance when making smoothies.

Check how stable it is:

The next thing to look for is a wider base for stability. When blenders are blending they work hard and tend to move and the vibrations they make can make them topple over if they aren’t stable and wide at the bottom. Blenders also either come with a plastic or a glass jug. Both have equal advantages and the choice is down to personal specifications. 

Plastic jugs are lighter and easier to handle but can be quite prone to scratches and you need to make sure that they are dishwasher safe as well. Glass pitchers are heavier to lift but are in general more durable and resistant to scratches but you need to be careful about dropping it. You can also store glass in the fridge whereas plastic isn’t highly recommended when storing smoothies. Again this choice is down to personal preferences.

Must Consider the pitcher size:

Don’t forget that the size of the pitcher is something else that matters too. If you are considering making large batches of smoothies or you want to make more than one serving at a time then consider a larger sized pitcher. We recommend the larger ones even if you aren’t considering using it on a daily basis because it can come in handy for a number of things. Don’t forget to look for a wide based pitcher which is always easier to clean and is proven to blend to a better standard.

Check the controls 

Always make sure you look at the control. When you consider a blender you probably don’t consider this but the controls are also vitally important when making the correct decision. Smoothies can be messy so touchpads can be so much easier to clean than the buttons. Residue and dirt can also build up around knobs and buttons making it difficult to keep clean which is why we prefer the touchpad designs.

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Comparison Table of the Best Blender For Green Smoothies



Vitamix Series 750 Professional-Grade Blender in Pear Grey

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with BPA-Free WildSide Jar

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Professional-Grade Blender






Pearl Grey







Product Weight

8.34 lbs

16.2 lbs

14.92 lbs

Special Feature

Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades

Super quiet operations

Self-detect technology

Button AFL1Button AFL1Button AFL1

Vitamix Series 750 Professional-Grade Blender in Pear Grey

At the top of our list we have the Vitamix model 750 with a 64-Oz. container. We haven’t just chosen this as the number one blender for smoothies because of its popularity but we have chosen it because it really gets the job done. Vitamix has designed this model to a unique quality making sure consumers get the most out of their product. Although a little more on the expensive side it really is worth paying a little extra. 

A professional blender with a 2.2 horsepower motor, a removable plug for adding more ingredients while blending, stainless steel blades making chopping quick and five blending settings for smoothies, soups, purees and desserts you couldn’t ask for more. As a little plus it even comes with a self cleaning setting making the process of blending all that more enticing and enjoyable!

This is a blending machine which anyone can rely on to make rich smoothies day after day.



You’ll be surprised to find out that the featured stainless-steel blades are aircraft-grade and that explains why this blender is highly coveted in the market. These blades are designed to deal with even the toughest ingredients in order to get the desired results from your blend.


Everybody wants that machine which they can operate with convenience and ease. Cleaning, being an essential part in the maintenance of every machine, people always look to get one that will save them both time and efforts as long as cleaning is concerned. This blender features a self-cleaning option that only requires you to put warm water and a drop of dish soap after which it’ll self-clean for about 30 to 60 seconds.


With 5 different pre-programmed settings, this blender is the ideal choice for anyone who loves high-end blenders. The blender will give you maximum results for your soup, dessert, and especially, smoothie.


  • Low profile 64-ounce container
  • Cookbook
  • Low profile tamper

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with BPA-Free WildSide Jar and Blending 101 Quick-Start Guide

We really couldn’t choose between Blendtec and Vitamix, they both run the same on the star scale and are both really professional, durable machines. This particular model we love even more because it comes with two jar sizes, has 6 different pre-programmed settings for various blending options, blends up to eight speeds, has touch controls, is easy to clean and provides outstanding results every single time.

Their innovative designers have created this powerful blender with a 3.8 horsepower motor and they offer eight years warranty on all parts. Make cleaning easy with its self cleaning mode and enjoy making smoothie after smoothie with whatever veggies you wish. Blendtec claims to use only the sturdiest materials and their stainless steel blades make chopping easy and stress free. 

Customers around the globe state that this is superior quality and it is worth paying a little extra for something a little extra special. The price is higher than the Vitamix and they both get the job done but if you want to blend to a new level then the Blendtec is for you.



Blendtec claims that this Professional 800 blender is the world’s quietest blender because it features one of the most advanced proprietary sound innovations which makes it operate at a very quiet sound level. The sound enclosure is sealed and sleek, and it has proved to the world that perhaps an industry-type machine doesn’t have to make huge noise.


This blender features an illuminated display that keeps you updated on necessary information like the feedback on different commands and timing.


The 6 different pre-programmed cycles featured in this blender include Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, Batters, Mixed Drinks, Hot Soup, and Smoothie.


  • 11 speed-touch sliders
  • Blending 101 Quick Start Guide and Recipes
  • Stealth motor base

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Professional-Grade Blender with Low-Profile Container in Graphite

Another Vitamix electric blender on this list to further highlight the brand’s importance, relevance and reputation in the industry. The price is slightly off what you would normally pay for the Blendtec blender featured above (although it would cost an additional $100 to get it with a scale). 

It has a powerful 120 volts, a 64 ounce jar, hardened stainless steel blades and other high-end features which fit all the important things to look for in a blender. It also has five program settings to choose from – Smoothies, Dips, Frozen Desserts, Self Cleaning, and Hot Soups – and a speed dial so you can change the speed manually when needed.



With these touchscreen controls, you can now control your blender in the most convenient way possible. Another good thing is that they can easily be cleaned when they get dirty.


The blender is packed with a motor base that is able to read the blender’s container size and automatically adjust the program settings when needed to help you get the best results.


To avoid overprocessing and even underprocessing, a built-in timer has been integrated into this blender to keep you posted on the time left to get your mixture ready. You can also set your blender to work with a particular time and once this time elapses, it turns off automatically.

What To Look For When Shopping for A Green Smoothie Blender

Look for a powerful motor. When buying a blender go for one that has a motor size of 1000 watts or higher. When making green veggie smoothies the trick to making them smooth is a powerful motor which will chew its way through all those hard veggies like carrots. Liquify all those good nutrients that you need and forget the smoothies where you ‘sip and chew’.


Look for a durable blender that is built for use every day. If you go for a cheaper option then it will probably break after a short amount of time and you will probably end up spending more money over time than you would have done if you had bought a more expensive one in the first place. You need a blender that is durable and one that you can use on a frequent basis. Make sure you look for one that offers a warranty for more than a year if you are investing in a more expensive model.

Pitcher Size:

Find a blender with a large pitcher. If you are going to make green smoothies then then you will need a large blender to be able to fit all those healthy veggies in. If you are going to make smoothies that replace meals then look at the blenders which are at least forty ounces. 

A sixty four ounce blender is even better. Ultra compact blenders are great for other uses but won’t do the job of making pitches of smoothies for you and your family. Think practical when it comes to the size of the blender and imagine how much time you will save if you buy one with a bigger capacity. If you are single then you can easily make a large batch full of greeny goodness and then easily grab it from the fridge when you fancy it.

What to Invest In

If you really want to invest in something high-end and professional then we highly recommend either the Vitamix range or the Blendtec blenders. These are expensive but well worth your money and range from $600 upwards. Optimum blenders come slightly lower in the price range at about $400 but are also well worth the investment. These blenders are durable and made for daily use from soups to smoothies and will offer you a unique blending experience. 

The Nutribullet is also very popular this year because it has high speed rotating blades which enable you to blend difficult foods like nuts and skins. If you are paying the price then get something which is sturdy, durable, powerful and practical and will have all the functions you need in one compact blender. Here are our recommendations on what we consider to be the top rated blenders for smoothies.

How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Once you have bought the perfect blender, it is time to make the perfect smoothie. When gathering all the ingredients make sure you follow the 60/40 rule. Don’t just throw anything in the blender but try to keep it 60% fruits and 40% veggies. Here is one tasty recipe to try in your new blender.

2 Cups of Leafy Greens – Spinach, kale, romaine, bok choy, swiss chard, collards, dandelion

2 Cups of Liquids – Water, coconut water, almond milk, coconut milk

3 Cups of Ripe Fruit – Banana, mango, berries, orange, avocado, peach, pear, apple, pineapple, grapes

The secret to making it smooth and tasty is to blend the greens with the liquid and then once mixed and blended together add the fruits and blend again. The ingredients above are for 32 ounces of smoothie so double up if you have a 64 ounce smoothie. If you want an extra boost to your green smoothie then you can add flax seeds, coconut oil, almond butter or hemp seeds. All great healthy nutrients which your body will be grateful for.

Make sure you blend everything in stages to avoid getting chunky bits in your smoothie and when done try using some frozen fruits rather than ice to chill your drink. Try freezing pineapple and grapes which add a little extra zing to your smoothie without watering it down. Don’t forget you can store your smoothie in the fridge for up to two days so blend ahead if you are in a rush meaning you will always have a smoothie to take with you ‘on the go’. If you are not a green smoothie fan yet, you soon will be with all the delicious options you can try.


What’s the best blender for me?

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when you’re about to invest in an electric blender because only you can provide the right answer. You always want to work within a budget and even if you have to stretch it, the product has to be worth the money so, affordability should be one of the things you should mostly consider. Also, you need to consider the power if it matches with the one needed in your home.

Is there any difference between a Juicer and a Blender?

Although you can use a blender to make your juice, it operates differently from how a juicer operates. What a juicer does is to separate the liquid from the rest of your vegetables or fruits. However, a blender processes all of your vegetables and fruits, giving you thicker liquid than when you use a juicer.

Blending it All Together

We hope we have inspired you to take on a healthy lifestyle, we also hope we have convinced you that blenders are good for you and to switch the fast food for green smoothies. Blending can be fun with the right blender and with our three top options you won’t be disappointed. 

Get creative and be inspired with the hundreds of recipes you can choose from meaning you won’t get bored with making smoothies anytime soon. Add different tastes and invite your friends and family to try something tasty and something healthy. Vitamix and Blendtec are professional, high quality, durable blenders which will blend to perfection giving you smooth results every single time! What are you waiting for, be brave and blend away today!

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