Best Blender for Peanut Butter

Best Blender for Peanut Butter


Nothing beats the sight and taste of Peanut Butter spread to the edges of a slice of bread. When peanut butter is now sandwiched between two slices of bread, I’m knocked straight into the moon. If you have experienced a peanut butter sandwich, I’m sure you can relate to my excitement and ecstasy to write about Peanut butter. Perhaps you have not had this experience yet. I hope to whet your appetite in this introductory paragraph by educating you on some benefits of peanut butter consumption and, later on, some of the best blenders you suitable for making Peanut Butter.

According to Wikipedia, Peanut butter is a food paste or spread made from ground, dry-roasted peanuts. However, this is not to say that it doesn’t contain other ingredients that modify its taste and texture. Peanut butter is indeed rich in nutrients, serving a lot of health benefits, and this is why it is popular in many countries of the world and especially in the United States. The United States is a leading exporter of peanut butter and one of the largest peanut butter consumers annually. The immense love Americans have for peanut butter is demonstrated by the dedication of the 24th day of January to celebrate the peanut butter invention.

The Benefits of Peanut Butter Consumption

Peanut Butter is quite famous for being a very nutrient-rich food, little wonder why it is worshipped by Americans and several other countries of the world. It has high levels of protein, Vitamins, and dietary minerals. Much more than the above-mentioned benefits, peanut butter provides other health benefits that will be discussed below.

Weight Loss

Several studies have shown that eating peanuts and other nuts can help people maintain their weight or even help with weight loss. Some believe that this is because peanuts give you the illusion that you are satisfied, that feeling of fullness that comes from the consumption of proteinous substances or foods rich in fat.

According to a study by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), habitual consumption of nuts, including peanuts, reduces the relative risk of Obesity. Hence, you may want to consider consuming more peanuts or peanut butter if you want to get that summer body up.

Boosting heart health

Peanut butter contains many nutrients that can improve heart health. They are;

  1. Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs)
  2. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs)
  3. Niacin
  4. Magnesium
  5. Vitamin E

Pardon the jargon, but you need to understand that peanut butter embodies the features that will keep your heart beating for several years to come.  Research by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) supports the previous assertion. They have repeatedly said that a high intake of nuts is linked to a reduced risk of mortality from heart disease. Precisely, at least 46 g of peanuts or peanut butter per day could significantly benefit the heart and control your weight.

Alright, I must sound a warning here. Please take caution not to consume too many nuts per day because they can be very high in calories. High calories could also mean obesity, and obesity is the last thing your heart needs.


Guess who else needs peanut butter. Yes, you guessed right, bodybuilders. You need some calories when building your body, depending on your stature, activity level, and metabolic rate. The good news is you don’t need to consume several varieties trying to get those calories. Peanut butter is there for you because it contains many calories and unsaturated fat.

Bodybuilders are usually advised to consume protein-filled substances such as protein shakes for effective bodybuilding and muscle repair. Good thing peanut butter also contains a high level of protein. Hence, as you consume it for some calories, you also get some protein as a bonus nutrient.

Managing blood sugar levels

As mentioned above, peanut butter contains a sizable chunk of protein and fats but is significantly low in carbohydrates, and this is a good thing because this means that it adds little or no sugar and has no impact on blood glucose levels. Hence, for diabetic individuals, this is an ideal spread.

According to the ADA, people are expected to encourage replacing fat with monounsaturated fats in their diets, and peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut oil are good sources of monounsaturated fat.

The Making of Peanut butter

Homemade peanut butter is considered the best because while making it, you get to add the ingredients of your choice to mix up flavor combinations.

A discussion on the making of peanut butter is necessary because it significantly revolves around using a blender. A blender is used to blend roasted peanut that gradually turns sticky and creamy after some minutes of blending. The blender used here is expected to be at least an 8-cup sized and high-speed to help create the right effect.

Roast the peanuts

The first step to getting your peanut butter ready is to roast the peanut itself. Roasting is necessary to warm the oils in the legume, making the peanuts easier to process and providing them with the aroma you need. Roast for at most 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer to have raw peanut butter, you may skip this stage and proceed to process the nuts.

Process the peanuts

You can either use a food processor or a blender to process the peanuts. But a blender is preferable, especially if it is a high-speed type. Starting at the lowest level is important when you process or blend the peanuts. This phase should be aimed only at chopping the nuts into smaller particles. After this first phase of breaking the buts down, you may proceed with another 1-minute high-speed grind. Continue this way for a while till you notice that the peanut solids have started to clump together into a mas with peanuts oil mixing it all up.

Time for peanut Add-ins

This is the time to add your ingredients. You can add salt, or any other flavoring ingredients like sweeteners (honey or maple syrup), cocoa powder for chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon or oils (vegetable oil or coconut oil). If you’re adding honey or maple syrup, you must add some oils to keep the peanut butter smooth and spreadable; otherwise, it will seize up and clump together immediately.

The Best Blenders for Peanut Butter

Here are powerful blenders such as Ninja blenders and Smeg blenders for making the perfect smoothie and peanut butter for your consumption.

The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, 1500W

The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, 1500W, is a rather bulky blender with reasonable height and width. It measures 17.9 inches in height, 8.3 inches in width, 9.4 inches in depth, and 9.1 4.1 Kg in Weight. Hence, a paramount consideration for buying this blender is a spacious Kitchen or Cupboard to house it. The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, 1500W, has a solid build with a strong plastic container and transmission gear. The blades are also very sharp, and they can be easily removed. This blender also has extra blades for pitcher, Dough, chopping, and food processor attachment.

The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, a 1500W blender, may not have a fine-tuning speed dial like the Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System, but it still allows you to choose from four different preset speeds. The recorded speeds are measured with the main jar. You reach the lowest speed with the ‘Dough’ setting and the maximum speed with the ‘Crush’ setting. It fully utilizes 1500 watts of performance power to customize your drink-making experience. Although this blender takes a few minutes to process, it is excellent at processing peanut butter and almond butter. This is why it is our first choice in this review, and you can further inform yourself on how to use a Ninja blender by reading this linked article.

Let’s look at this blender’s crushing and chopping power. The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, 1500W, crushes and chops ice into snowy fragments in seconds because it uses 1500 watts of performance power and a 2-plus horsepower motor. This blender also has an excellent chopping ability.

This blender is quite easy to clean because it has Dishwasher safe and BPA-free parts. Hand washing is even possible. You can wash the containers, lids, and blade assemblies in warm, soapy water. However, when washing the blade assemblies and blade discs, use the provided cleaning brush or a dishwashing utensil with a handle to avoid direct hand contact with blades. While you do your washing, ensure to handle these blades carefully so that your fingers are not caught in their sharp edges. When the washing is done, rinse and air-dry thoroughly.


  1. It comes with additional bowls for different kinds of blending
  2. It comes with washing tools
  3. It is large enough to accommodate all several recipes at once
  4. Its crushing ability is great
  5. It also comes with extra blades


  1. The manufacturers of this blender boast of one year warranty only
  2. It requires a spacious environment

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender measures 8.5 Inches in Length, 17.25 Inches in Width, and 8.5 Inches in Height.

If you are looking for a multipurpose blender that will crush every recipe, including peanuts, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender is the best option. It is a good option because it has two variable speeds and is incredibly powerful that it can pulverize whole nuts into thick, smooth peanut butter.

This blender also has hardened stainless-Steel Blades designed to conveniently crush the hardest ingredients. It maintains this high speed from the beginning to the end of its use without any reduced or weakened performance. It has five pre-programmed settings that ensure effortless cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes.

Cleaning is very easy with the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender and every other Vitamix blender. This is so because they can wash. All you need to do is drop a piece of dish soap and warm water and in 50 seconds, give or take, your blender will be clean.


  1. This blender has a powerful Motor.
  2. It is properly built and has a straight-forward design
  3. It is quite strong and sturdy
  4. It has incredibly strong blades that blend through any ingredients smoothly and easily.


  1. This blender is relatively expensive.
  2. It is a large-sized blender. Hence, takes space and may be difficult to move around.

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

If you are looking for an easy way to make peanut butter and Smoothies, the Vitamix a2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender is good. It is one of the most popular creations of Vitamix, and it delivers great results. Indeed Vitamix blenders do their tasks effortlessly.

This Vitamix blender is relatively different from the rest in amazing tech features. It has smart tech features for ease of operation. This ease in operation is further assisted by a complementing easy-to-use interface. Its beautiful and relatable interface makes it the best option for those who are new to the use of blenders and are getting their peanut butter and smoothies done.

Although in general functionality, this Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender is no different from other blenders in the Ascent series; however, its Smart Detect Software feature is new to the Ascent Series. The Smart Detect Software responds according to what is being blended and adjusts accordingly, allowing it to blend for a longer time and thoroughly. Since peanut blending is done in stages and this machine adjusts accordingly without any manual control, then it has to be your best bet for peanut blending.

While the Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender has a powerful vortex action designed to blend through all ingredients smoothly, it also has smart presets for making smoothies and frozen drinks.

Lastly, this awesome blender is backed by a whopping 5-year warranty and total ease of use. Its touchpad controls make it easy to use, and its preset features automatically get you the most out of your ingredients.


  1. This blender has a touchpad control for easy control
  2. Automated control settings that adjust based on what it is blending
  3. It has a powerful motor that blends through almost any recipe
  4. It has wireless control
  5. It is easy to clean


  1. It is quite noisy at very high speeds. If you fancy a quieter blender. You may check out this link.

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender measures approximately 8 Inches in Length, 6 Inches in Width, and 17 Inches in Height. The Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender is the best choice for you if you are on a budget and looking for a blender that does the job. It is also easy and simple to use, and it effectively blends peanuts and makes smoothies.

Perhaps, one of the best advantages of this blender is that it features an auto-iQ one-touch operation for ease of use. The pitcher is also large and shatterproof, making it easy to blend drinks for the whole family. It does large quantity blending effortlessly no matter how tough the recipe may be because it is an 1100-watt motor and uses stainless-steel blades.

If you’re looking for a blender that can make peanut butter, the Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender is great. It does an excellent job of blending nuts into a creamy consistency, and it’s easy to clean, too. It features a professional performance of 3 manual speeds, pulse, and the single-serve function for to-go cups, and it is indeed your best bet if you are looking for an affordable blender.


  1. It is affordable and high quality at the same time
  2. It is excellent at blending, regardless of their toughness
  3. It is made of stainless steel blades
  4. It has large enough for large quantity blending
  5. It features an auto-iQ one-touch operation for ease of use.


  1. It is considered too large for some users
  2. The cord doesn’t store well in the base


Is peanut butter good for my health?

The consumption of peanuts, the major peanut butter component, has been a good source of protein and fat. Hence, it is good for heart disease, weight control, and the prevention of breast diseases. However, excessive consumption of Peanut Butter could lead to excessive weight gain, which could be catastrophic to the heat.

How do I identify the best blenders for making Peanut butter?

The best blenders for making peanut butter are made of very powerful motors. Their blades are usually stainless steel, and they absorb a lot of power.

How do I clean my blender?

Most blenders have a self-cleaning feature. Well, Not technically built into the blender, but dropping a little dishwashing soap into the blender container with warm water and leaving the blender to work for at least 30 seconds could make the blender thoroughly clean.

How do I store my Homemade peanut butter?

Transfer to an airtight container or glass jar with a lid and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks





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