How to crush ice in a blender

How to Crush Ice in a Blender

Indeed, technology has changed the way we live, and that’s a fact that is backed by the things we do and see every day. Gone are the days when appliances were not user-friendly, and people would spend a lot of money on their electricity bills because manufacturers couldn’t get a hold of the perfect way to design these appliances to be energy-efficient. Living in the tech-inspired world that we live in today, we can tell the huge difference between now and 5 or 10 decades ago when we watch some old movies; that’s how far technology has brought us.

When Stephen Poplawski invented the blender in 1922 with the hope of getting it to mix up drinks like malts and milkshakes which had become popular at many restaurants at the time, only a few could have guessed the blender would have gone on to become a major success of that generation. Not only has his invention changed a lot of things about how life was viewed then, but it has also changed a lot about how we live now without putting our health at risk. Today, many manufacturers have improved Poplawski’s ideas, and we now have many tech-inspired options to help us get through each day.

Times have changed, and Poplawski’s invention has gone on to become one of the greatest inventions of all time. Today, there are now lots of options on the market, especially in the world of online shopping when sales have greatly improved. The United States has always been a huge market for appliances, and that’s why brands like Samsung, LG, Bosch, and other international powerhouses have focused heavily on the biggest appliance market in the world.

The U.S. household appliances market is so big that many manufacturers have taken great advantage of people’s appreciation for modern appliances in the country, making it the biggest appliance market in the world today. According to a new study by Grand View Research, the market value of the appliance market in the United States will be $59.76 billion by 2025, and when you compared that to the market value of $37.8 billion the country had in 2018, you’ll realize how much progress has been made in the past few years, and how much progress will be made in the next few years. That shows how much people in the country appreciate the importance of having household appliances around the house.

Just like with every other major household appliance, blenders come at different types and prices; so many options on the market that you can find the one that fits perfectly in your budget. On the market today, there are high-powered blenders that are priced as high as $1000, and there are also budget-friendly, portable blenders you can get for less than $100 or even $50. In the world of online shopping, you need to ensure that you put the important factors into consideration before going on the market for your ideal product to make the right purchase.

To crush ice for frozen drinks, there are lots of methods involved, including using a high-powered blender that has enough power blades and motor to perform this task. Learning the perfect crushed ice hack will set you free to conveniently crush your ice in the comfort of your home without having to go through stress. Before we explore how to crush ice in a blender, and using other different methods, let’s take a quick look at some of the things you can do with your blender in a bid to maximize its functionality.

10 Things You Can Do With Your Blender

Over the past few years, people have been actively searching for ways to maximize the functionalities of their blenders, and that’s why topics like “how to crush ice in a blender” and other related topics have trended heavily over the past few years. For those who don’t know, there are lots of things you can do with your blender other than making smoothies. If you fall in the category of people who only use their blenders for a single purpose, below are some of the things you can do with your blender.

  • To prepare breadcrumbs
  • To make salad dressing flavors
  • To prepare hummus and salsa
  • To crush ice
  • To make silky soups
  • To puree baby food
  • To prepare scrambled eggs
  • To make pancake batters and waffle
  • To make smoothies
  • To prepare a fresh lemonade

How To Make Crushed Ice

Ice crusher blenders are not hard to come by because there are lots of options on the market right now. Making crushed ice is something people have made to look very difficult, but it’s a straightforward process when you have the right tools at your disposal. There are other ways to crush ice apart from using a blender, and we’ll be exploring some of them below.

Using A Blender

Using a blender to crush ice is one of the easiest ways to make crushed ice, and thankfully, manufacturers are now producing high-powered blenders that are capable of crushing ice. To know if your blender can crush ice, try and read the product description properly.

STEP 1: The first step to take when you’re using your blender to crush ice is to take out ice cubes from your freezer and put them into your blender. According to a WikiHow post, it’ll be great if you can put ice cubes that are approximately the same size into your blender to ensure that you get a perfect consistency.

STEP 2: Once the ice cubes are in your blender, lock the lid on the blender securely, and hold the pulse button until there are no longer large pieces. If your blender doesn’t have the pulse button, you can blend on the highest speed setting to get the best result.

STEP 3: Once the ice has been crushed, you’ll want to get rid of the excess water in it to ensure that everything is in order. The heat coming out of the blender’s motor can, and will meet some of the ice if you don’t pour the crushed ice into a strainer to quickly prevent this. Pour the ice into a strainer so that the water can be pushed down. In case you don’t have a strainer, holding something over the top of the blender to block the ice while you slowly pour the water out will also work.

STEP 4: If you’re using the crushed ice, it’ll be great, but if you’re not, it will be better to store it in a bag and put it in the freezer. It is good to know that crushed ice will melt faster than the bigger pieces, so if you’re making your drinks, try to make them as fast as possible. Also, storing the crushed ice in a bag and putting it away in the freezer will make the crushed ice freezer back together. However, once you hit the inside of the bag, the crushed ice will start falling apart again.

Using The Lewis Bag

Apart from the blender, the Lewis bag is another great way to make crushed ice, and the good thing about this method is that it is also an effective method. People have also adopted it as a great alternative to blenders because it has proved to be a whole lot cheaper than the blender.

STEP 1: The thing about using a Lewis bag to make crushed ice is that you have to take the ice out of the freezer immediately just before you crush it because the ice needs to be as dry as possible to get the best result. Unlike the blender, any shape of ice will work, but it’ll be more ideal to make all the ice cubes almost the same size when you’re trying to crush it.

STEP 2: Since the basic function of a Lewis bag is to crush ice, all you need to do is to place them inside the bag immediately you take the ice out of the freezer so it doesn’t melt.

STEP 3: Put the Lewis bag on a hard surface, but ensure that the surface won’t get damaged when you start to hammer the ice in the bag. The process is to be completed as soon as possible to prevent the ice from melting once you take it out of the freezer.

STEP 4: When you purchase a Lewis bag, a wooden mallet always comes with it. Use the wooden mallet to smash the ice inside the bag. Alternatively, you can use a regular hammer or a rubber mallet.

STEP 5: As soon as it becomes obvious that there are no big pieces left, stop the process. It may need a little more practice to perfect using this method, but as soon as you get a good grip on it, you can comfortably use the method anytime you want.

Using A Cocktail Shaker

This method is the least effective of the three methods we’ve discussed in this article, but it is great when all you’re making is a single drink. If you’re making a cocktail, you can just add the ice directly into the cocktail shaker to process everything without much stress.

STEP 1: Take the ice out of the freezer and put it immediately in the cocktail shaker halfway through the jar.

STEP 2: Hold the cocktail shaker with a non-dominant hand on a hard surface.

STEP 3: If you have a sturdy muddler, use it to smash the ice until you get a perfect consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Ninja Nutri Pro crush ice?

Ninja is famous for producing some of the best high-powered blenders on the market right now, and the Ninja Nutri Pro is one of those blenders that can comfortably crush ice.

2. Will my blender crush ice?

It’s not good to assume that all blenders can crush ice because the truth is that not all of them can. Read the product description or the user manual that comes with your blender to know if it has enough powerful blades and motor to make crushed ice.

3. Can you crush ice in a Ninja blender?

Most Ninja blenders can crush ice, but to be sure, try to read the product description properly to confirm if the Ninja blender you own can crush ice.


The blender is the most underrated kitchen appliance at the moment, and the versatile machine has held that title for a while now. People don’t always seem to have enough confidence to explore the possibilities of using the blender for purposes other than the one they purchased it for, and that’s why the versatility of the blender seems to be a fairytale. The reality is that one of the things you can do with a blender is to make crushed ice, and in this article, we’ve highlighted how to crush ice in a blender, and other effective methods you can use to crush ice. Ice blender machines are the ones that can conveniently crush ice, so if you’re purchasing a blender, ensure that you get the one that has powerful blades and motors.





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