How Does a Cold Press Juicer Work?

  • Cold press juicer is one of the most efficient juicing machines and also arguably the most popular juicer. In this article, we’ll be talking about the cold press juicer and what sets it apart from the other juicing machines.
  • Also, we’ll be looking at the benefits of juicing with a cold press juicer, its shortcomings, how it works, and what makes it the best juicing machine you can get in the market today.

For different reasons, juicing has gone from being industrial to being domestic. The most obvious reason, though, is the several health benefits that come with juicing, as well as the convenience. With the help of juicing machines, you can now make your juice from the comfort of your home exactly the way you like it, especially with a cold press juicer. This is the most efficient juicer but a lot of people have been left wondering how this machine is always able to produce the best juicing results; birthing the question, ‘How does a cold press juicer work?’

Ever imagined trying different recipes or just getting so creative that you might even have to do some mashups? One of the good things about juicing is that it allows you to express your creativity in a good way. The perk that comes with it is that you’ll also be able to enjoy great health benefits; taking full advantage of the different nutrients and vitamins in the combination of fruits and vegetables you’re juicing.

Technology has paved the way for a new world of possibilities and that’s the world we live in now. Everything is easy and clear. For this reason, we do not need giant industrial machines to make quality fruit juices again. The invention of juicing machines has improved the concept of juicing and has made exercise more popular in most parts of the world. Knowing that you can now conveniently make juice of any kind from the comfort of your home gives you peace of mind. However, how effective the exercise will be, depends on the type of juicer you’re opting to use which brings us to the juicer in the spotlight today; cold press juicer.

With a cold press juicer regarded as one of the most efficient juicing machines you can lay your hands on, a lot of people have turned to it for several different reasons. Firstly, it’s one of those juicers that have 100% nutrients and vitamins retention, giving you the full health benefits that come with each juice you make. Secondly, people have found out that a cold press juicer gives the purest juicing results because it doesn’t work with any form of heat or high-powered blades that are common in the other juicers. Despite being the people’s obvious choice, a lot of things are not clear about this juicer and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article.


A cold press juicer is a portable juicing machine that earned widespread recognition in the early 2000s. It is popular for being a simple machine that can get fruit and vegetable extract in the most natural way possible. It is also known as ‘masticating juicer’ and the reason why people are so into this juicer is its level of nutrients and vitamins retention. When you compare a cold press juicer to other juicing machines, you’ll realize that it doesn’t produce as much heat, thereby keeping the nutrients and vitamins from your fruits and vegetables. Despite the usual high price tags, a lot of people still think getting a cold press juicer is a great investment; one that will prove worthwhile in the long run. Its quiet operation, as well as its efficiency when it comes to producing quality juice, makes it a great choice for anyone who loves to juice. It is the perfect choice for those who intend to juice very often without compromising on the quality of juice they get in the end.


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We are all well aware of how popular this juicer is and how much people love to use it despite being costlier than the other juicers. What do people see in this juicer that makes them love it so much? What are the benefits of a cold press juicer? Let’s find out below;


Juice made from a cold press juicer is naturally more nutritious than any other juicer. According to Food Matters, a cold press juicer retains 42% more vitamin C; 60% more vitamin A; and 35-50% more juice quantity than a centrifugal juicer. Other conventional juicers are capable of oxidizing the nutrients or vitamins due to the heat generated from the high-speed spinning of the machines. But with a cold press juicer, your nutrients and vitamins are kept intact because it doesn’t produce as much heat as in other juicers. This way, you can enjoy a fuller quantity of juice as well as more nutrients, resulting in more effective results.



This doesn’t apply to every cold press juicer, but for the high-end ones; they can also serve as food processors due to their versatile nature. When you get yourself a cold press juicer, just know you’re getting yourself a machine that can also stand in as a food processor. From pasta to nut milk; dips to baby foods; a cold press juicer can get the job done for you. It can even juice wheatgrass, as well as a leafy green vegetable; something that can’t be done with a centrifugal juicer. So, you definitely can’t be wrong choosing a cold press juicer over the other juicer types because it is almost the perfect juicer for every purpose!



Unlike other conventional juicers that operate at high speeds, a cold press juicer operates at a lower speed which causes it not to produce as much noise as the other juicing machines. This is not to say the other juicers produce unbearable noises. People just seem to prefer machines that they can operate quietly without having to disturb other people in the house.

A lot of people would also argue that quietness comes at a price; yeah, it does. This is due to the slow speed as we mentioned earlier which might result in longer processing time, but if you can cope with the slow operation, then you’re getting yourself an all-rounder.



A cold press juicer usually comes with a reverse-action motor that prevents blockages to a point that cleaning might be easier. Cold press juicers are also easier to clean than centrifugal juicers because they do not have as many parts as the latter. Usually, a cold press juicer can be washed under running water without stress. However, if there’s a little blockage which is unlikely, you can just scrub with a cleaning brush that mostly comes with every cold press juicer.



There are always two sides to almost everything in life and the same principle applies to home appliances. As perfect as a cold press juicer might seem, there are still things that people do not appreciate about the juicer. Below are the most obvious cons of a cold press juicer;


This might as well be the most talked-about downside of a cold press juicer. The initial cost of a cold press juicer is what puts most people off but for those who can see beyond the price tag, it is worth all the money spent on it. There’s no real reason as to why it is priced higher than the other juicers but it is only natural to think all the features that make it easier to operate than the other juicers is why it is always costlier.


Although if you look at the running cost compared to when you’re using a centrifugal juicer, you’ll realize you might be saving yourself a few bucks per product considering the whopping 35-50% juice content you’ll be saving. The accumulation of what you save each time you juice with a cold press juicer is enough to cover the initial cost of purchase.


This is the reason why this juicer makes less noise compared to other conventional juicers and people who always want a quick fix might not like this about the juicer. For those who have witnessed the efficiency of this juicer first-hand, they can boldly say they are always able to get the best results out of the juicer due to this slow process of working.

Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of a cold press juicer, let’s take a look at how it works.



The method of juice extraction used by a cold press juicer has been described as perhaps, best. When you use a cold press juicer, you’ll have all your nutrients and vitamins intact, and that’s why a lot of people prefer this method of juicing.

Naturally, a cold press juicer gets the job done by separating the juice from the fiber of the juice while retaining the necessary nutrients as well as the healthy enzymes. This is made achievable by the low amount of heat produced in the whole process; unlike a centrifugal juicer which produces so much heat that even the nutrients can be retained entirely.

Here’s the kicker; the slow operation of a slow juicer paves a way for gentle pressing of the fruits and vegetables, turning them to a pulp for juice extraction. The slow pressing reduces the amount of heat that can enter into the pulp which is why there’s a possibility of 100% nutrients retention.

After the fruits or vegetables might have been turned into a pulp, the next process, which is known as the hydraulic press, kicks in. This process involves the fruits and vegetables being pressed hard against two plates, causing them to drop water content. The whole process is very natural and one of the reasons why it is regarded as the best is that you do not need to add any ingredients to your juice before consuming it. You can consume your juice straight from the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a juicer used for?

A juicer has only one job, and that’s to extract juice content mostly from fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, some juicers can also serve as a food processor and process foods like pasta, dips, and many more. Another name for a juicer is a juice extractor.

2. Is it worth it to buy a cold press juicer?

Cold press juicers are costly; no doubt. They cost more than any other juice extractor but the difference in result in terms of quality of juice produced is always bigger by a country mile. In other words, cold press juicers are worth every penny spent on them and people now consider them worthy of the price tags slashed on them.

3. What is the most obvious benefit of cold-pressed juice?

The most popular benefit of a cold-pressed juice is that no nutrient is lost during the juicing process, leaving you with the full nutrients and vitamins to enjoy in the juice. This is because of the slow juicing process that produces less heat, making it possible for 100% nutrients retention.

Wrapping up

We can go on and on to rave about cold press juicer but that doesn’t make the go-to juice extractor for everybody. Even if you’re choosing a cold press juicer, you might still be put off by the high price tag slashed on it. However, if you can look just beyond the price tag, you’ll realize it is just the right investment to make. We mentioned earlier in this article that the initial cost of a cold press juicer might be the only downside. It might not be all that costly after all if you put the running cost into consideration as well.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re making the right choice. A little bit more research on the different types of juice extractors will go a long way to help you make the best decision.





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