How To Clean a GE Stainless Steel Gas Stove Top

How To Clean a GE Stainless Steel Gas Stove Top?

Cooking means different things to people and that’s a fact that has been backed by experts over the past few years. For some, it’s something they have to do because it’s necessary since food is needed to keep the body functioning properly after all. For others, cooking is an art that has to be expressed in the best way possible, which is why we see people exploring careers in this industry because that’s what they love to do and would love to make as many people as possible enjoy what they stand for.

In the professional cooking industry, this is referred to as culinary arts which has to be explored and learned further as basic cooking skills are never enough to truly express this professionalism. According to Northern Art Prize, a UK organization that focuses on different forms of art, the kind of discipline needed to thrive as a chef in any commercial industry goes beyond just knowing how to cook, which is the most basic skill. To get to this level, you’ll have to go through some “rigorous training and practice”, which is why cooking is more than just what a lot of people believe it to be.

Cooking requires you to have a proper interaction with every element involved in bringing your idea to life. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, there are always cooking recipes to help you out, and when you are finally able to get a grip of what you want, you’ll need other things like cookware, cooker, your cooking ingredients, and the likes to make the process a successful one. If you miss out on properly handling any of these important elements, you might not get the result you want, not to even talk about eating healthily.

Eating healthily is very important, and you can’t even afford not to if you prioritize your health and that of those around you. According to America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 Americans (about 48 million people) gets sick from poisoning every year while about 128,000 are hospitalized within that time frame. Sadly, about 3,000 people die from food poisoning or foodborne diseases every year, which is sad considering how we can’t do without food yet we still don’t make an effort to eat healthily.

The same study shows that one of the four basic ways to prevent food poisoning is a thorough cleaning. We’re always advised to wash our hands and work surface before, during, and after preparing food. Some of the best places for germs to survive in your cooking area include cutting boards, hands, utensils, cookware, and, unsurprisingly, countertops and stovetops. The other ways to prevent food poisoning include cooking your food to the right internal temperature to eliminate harmful bacteria, separating your food, using separate cutting boards, and, lastly, keeping your refrigerator below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since cleaning is an important part of healthy cooking and eating, it’s no surprise that people have been looking for ways to get everything involved in their cooking cleaned properly, which is why topics like Cleaning GE Gas Oven, Cleaning GE Gas Stove Burners, and How to Clean GE Stove Top Grates have all become trendy in the past few years. Apart from health reasons, which are the most basic and crucial, you should also look to clean your stove top properly because it’ll help prolong the lifespan of the cooker in question.

While other people don’t mind buying stove tops because, for reasons best known to them, they can’t regularly clean these devices, some people are big on longevity and they would rather have their stove tops cleaned regularly than having to change them every year.

GE has left a lasting impression on its American consumers and folks from other parts of the world because the company strongly believes in producing quality products, which is why it’s been at the top of the American appliances industry for many years. GE is highly regarded in the United States, and the people are proud that an American brand, co-founded by one of the greatest inventors of all time, Thomas Edison, is taking the country to new heights as GE is heavily competing with the likes of LG and Samsung on the global scale, two of the world’s best appliances manufacturers.

When a reputable brand like GE puts appliances on the market for people’s consumption, it is usually believed that the appliances are reliable, strong, and will last for many years, a sentiment most Americans have shared for the past 10 decades. Some of the company’s most popular appliances include major household machines like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. The company also produces some of the best small kitchen appliances like cooktops, portable cooking ranges, ice makers, blenders, food processors, microwave ovens, espresso machines, stand mixers, and kettles.

Before we get into how to clean a GE stainless steel stove top properly, let’s quickly look at some of the important things you need to pay attention to when cleaning your stainless steel stove top.

Important Tips

We all know that cleaning is a very crucial part of maintenance and has to be done regularly to ensure that your cooker continues to function at the highest level. People don’t often pay attention to this because they don’t see how cleaning can impact how their cooktop functions or the role it plays in ensuring its longevity, and that’s the mistake most folks are making. Below are some of the tips that can help you through the process and get you the result you want when cleaning your stainless steel gas cooktop.

Acting Fast

What usually causes tough stains is when you allow simple stains like oil and grease stains last longer on your cooktop than they’re supposed to and you will find them very difficult to clean whenever you now feel ready.  According to FW Black Appliances, grease and oil stains can be cleaned easily when they’re wet, and this means that you need to take action as soon as you can to avoid these stains lingering on your cooktop so long that they now become tough to get rid of. A lot of people wait for these stains to build up before they make a move to clean their stove top, which can cause the stove top to start rusting if not cleaned properly.

Tackling tough stains can be tough, and what we’re saying is that you don’t have to let it get to the point where you have to deal with tough stains when you can take things one step at a time by moving to clean as soon as you notice any little stain on your stove top. When you act fast, you’ll be saving yourself from a lot of trouble because those tough stains can be hard to get rid of, and when you leave them on the stove top without cleaning them, they’ll most definitely cause the stove top to start rusting and we’re sure you don’t want to be on the market soon for a new stove top because you’ve refused to clean the one you’re using.

Daily Maintenance

The key to prolonging the lifespan of any machine or appliance is regular maintenance, but how regularly you perform these tasks depends on what you’re trying to achieve and the nature of the appliance or machine in question. Keeping a messy cooktop will not only cost you the stovetop in the long run; you’ll also be putting yourself at risk of contracting some foodborne diseases that can pose a great threat to your health at the end of the day. To avoid that, we advise that you perform routine maintenance on your stove top daily so that whatever food buildup you have sitting around the stove top can be eliminated as soon as possible.

Thankfully, this process is not hard in any way. All you need to do is to wipe any visible stain from your stove top down to avoid food buildup that can cause some harm to your health as well as the stove top itself. All you need is to take those little steps that lead to one big process at the end of the day. With this, you can keep your health and the condition of your stove top at its peak.

Start Simple

Some folks, as soon as they see some stains on their stove top regardless of whether or not they’re tough, they’ll start using substances that are meant to combat tough stains, which can damage the condition of their stove top, especially when the stove top is stainless steel. As a matter of fact, most cooktop stains (not the extraordinarily tough ones) can be cleaned using simple substances like water and soap, so you can just start by removing the grates over the burners. However, if the stains are very tough, you can use hot and soapy water to soak them for a few minutes before you begin to attempt to get rid of them.

The idea here is to start in the simplest way possible, especially when the stain you’re dealing with is not so tough. This also helps you protect the quality of your stove top because the more you use hard cleaning substances like vinegar and baking soda on it, the more likely you are to lose the stove top’s quality.

How To Clean GE Gas Stove Burner Caps

There are many appliances manufacturers in the U.S. appliances market today, but only a few can match GE’s prowess in terms of producing high-quality cooking and household appliances. The brand’s appliances are regarded as some of the best in the world, and its stainless steel gas stove tops are not an exception as they’re very popular on the market. We all know there’s something unique about stainless steel when you compare it with other materials most appliances are made of.

As you would expect, stainless steel appliances are usually more expensive than other materials because introducing the material into household appliances in the first place took a lot of guts and other industries are shying away from it because of the financial restraint that comes with it. Cleaning GE Profile gas stove top is not as hard as people think, and we’ll be exploring helpful instructions we extracted from GE’s official website to put you through how to get your GE stainless steel cleaned properly such that it can look new.

Dish Soap and Water

Remember we said earlier that if you’re cleaning your GE stove top or any stainless steel, you should always start simple. If you’re going to be cleaning your GE stainless steel stove top regularly, using dish soap and water is your best bet because that’s what you need for regular daily maintenance.

Baking Soda and Water

If you’ve tried dish soap and water and this mixture doesn’t work, you need to take it to the next level by using a tougher approach for stubborn stains. Baking soda is one of the powerful cleaning substances as it works perfectly on stainless steel and other materials with tough stains on them. If you’re cleaning GE stainless steel stove top, mix your baking water with water and rub a soft cloth through the paste onto your stove top, let it sit for a while before you clean it off with another clean towel.

Cerama Bryte Stainless Steel Wipes

Again, if the combination of water and dish soap is not working for you, you may opt for one of the many commercial products available for stainless steel stove tops, one of which is the Cerama Bryte stainless steel wipes package. You can use the wipes to polish and protect many stainless steel surfaces, not just your GE stainless steel gas stove top.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean a GE oven?

With your GE oven, you have two options; you can choose to activate the self-clean option that comes with it (if it’s a modern GE oven that comes with the feature) or manually clean the oven. To clean your GE gas stove manually, you can use a scouring pad, soap, and water, but that’s when the oven is lightly soiled. However, if you’re dealing with tougher stains, you may need something tougher like ½ cup of household ammonia. Pour the substance into your cold oven and let it rest in there all night. The fumes produced by the ammonia will help loosen the stains in the oven.

2. What are the best GE gas range self-cleaning instructions?

If your GE gas range comes with this self-cleaning feature, there will be clear instructions on how to use the feature in the user manual. There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to this self-cleaning feature because it may function differently on different models.


GE household appliances are gaining a lot of popularity, not just in the United States now, but in other parts of the world because the brand is known for its taste for excellence and quality. GE’s stainless steel gas cooktops are highly regarded among consumers, thanks to their durability and how efficient they are. The thing about stainless steel is despite carrying “stainless” at the back, you’d be wrong to think it could never be stained because that’s just very unrealistic. It’s better than other materials because it is very easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to stains as other materials do. However, if you leave these stains to rest on it for too long, it might as well be the beginning of the end of the cooktop. In this article, we’ve discussed how to clean a GE stainless steel stove top so you can have the right instructions on how to properly take care of your stove top.





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