How to change air filter in LG refrigerator

How to Change Air Filter in LG Refrigerator

In a modern world like the one we live in now, modern appliances are also needed to help us keep up with the pace which technology has set for us all. It’d have been quite unfortunate if these appliances hadn’t been brought to life. We’d have been living in the modern age without the necessary things to help us keep up with time. Why is this age modern, anyways? It might not have been possible if the appliances, birthed by advanced technology, hadn’t been put in place. Thankfully, we live in an age where these things are considered “the norm”, and we have them available to us to help us achieve our daily goals as different families with different domestic tasks.

Technology is rising, and so is the need for humans to keep up. Companies like LG (a South Korean electronics company) have contributed greatly to the human cause through immense innovations that have birthed different electronic machines that we enjoy today. The brand has lived up to its name “Life’s Good” by consistently producing appliances that have improved lives over the years. These appliances have only made life better for everyone because they reduced the number of manual efforts that used to go into making sure domestic tasks were successfully executed.

The air filter is an important part of the refrigerator like we pointed out earlier. Its job is to filter air that moves inside the refrigerator to make sure things are fresh in there. According to Ars Repair, the air filter needs to be changed every six months to ensure your refrigerator is working with a fresh smell. Thanks to technology, most LG refrigerators come with several alert systems that notify you anytime something in the refrigerators needs to be fixed or replaced. In the case of an air filter, “Change Filter” will be displayed on the screen to remind you that it’s high time the air filter was changed. An LG fridge/refrigerator air filter replacement is a simple DIY process that could save you a few bucks if the right steps are taken.

The function of the air filter

When replacing your LG refrigerator air filter, there are certain things you need to know so you can be fully aware of the situation around you. A lot of people have even wondered if air filters are necessary. Agnes Shafer of Smart Kitchen Improvement doesn’t think they’re not; neither do we. According to her, many foods, vegetables, and fruits in the refrigerator always manage to stay fresh because air filters are present to keep them that way, and also safe for consumption. Its function is to filter the air coming into the refrigerator, thereby making sure your fresh food items stay fresh and safe for consumption. Primarily, air filters that come with refrigerators are there to keep bacteria away from contaminating your food items. This makes them a very important part of the refrigerator.

If you want the air filter to function as it should, proper maintenance is what you need to prioritize, not just for the air filter, but for the refrigerator itself. If the air filter in your LG refrigerator is functioning properly, bad odor won’t have the chance to stay in the refrigerator, not to talk of contaminating your food items. The idea behind the air filter is when the refrigerator door is closed, it helps circulate clean air on the inside to prevent your food items from getting damaged. The air filter is built with the ability to turn bad odor into the fresh air that will help make the inside of the refrigerator smell nice and fresh. It’s safe to say that all modern refrigerators come with air filters because they’re greatly needed.

Sometimes, the quality of the air filter largely depends on the manufacturer. In this case, it is very important to opt for a known brand that is quite famous for producing quality refrigerators. LG is one of the most reputable appliance brands in the world, so you can be confident that their refrigerators are packed with enough qualities.

Why you need to regularly replace your LG refrigerator air filter

The air filter plays a huge role in the functionality of your LG refrigerator, thereby making its proper maintenance a priority. We stated earlier that the recommended interval between air filter replacements should be 6 months. Having a good air filter will improve the overall well-being of everyone in the home because nobody’s a fan of bad smells, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get if you don’t look after those air filters properly. Below are some of the reasons why you need to regularly replace your LG air filters;

A bad air filter will cause the refrigerator to be less effective

When the air filter in your LG refrigerator is bad, bad smells begin to build up, and this causes the refrigerator to work harder to produce more cool air. This means that the refrigerator will consume more energy trying to keep up with what could have been avoided if the air filter had been functioning properly. Apart from risking the effectiveness of the refrigerator, this will also have an effect on your electricity bills because the harder the refrigerator tries to work, the more energy it consumes in the process. Heavy workloads can cause excessive heat as a result of the refrigerator working harder to produce cold air.

In an article published by Kane Dane for Twin Stripe, it is claimed that regular change of the air filter can save you up to 15% of your annual utility expenses; that’s not the only perk. It is also regarded as a cost-effective way to improve the lifespan of your refrigerator by 5-1o years.

Can cause complications for those who live with allergies

Imagine a scenario where the first thing you notice when you open your refrigerator is a bad smell. You will always feel uncomfortable in situations like this, and that shouldn’t be the cause because your home is supposed to make you feel as comfortable as you can be. If you, or any other person in the house, live with an allergy, you will find this particularly dreadful and it poses a great threat to your overall well-being. Polluted air in the household is not a good thing, especially if that’s where you spend a big part of your day. So, if you care about yourself enough, you should always strive to get the air filter in your refrigerator replaced as soon as you can, within the recommended period of six months.

How do you know if your refrigerator has an air filter?

Most modern refrigerators come with an air filter but that doesn’t mean that they all do. Some refrigerators do not have air filters, especially the older models, and that explains why they often produce unpleasant smells. However, if yours does come with an air filter, it is very easy to spot. If you own an LG refrigerator, the best place to find the air filter is at the back wall of the refrigerator where you’ll find something that looks like a square knob, with the words easily suggesting that it is an air filter.

LG fresh air filter replacement instructions

One thing you need to understand if you’re changing an old or damaged air filter is that you cannot get the one that is not compatible with your refrigerator. Not every air filter will fit into the back of your LG refrigerator, and to avoid wasting the extra bucks that can be spent on something else, it’s best to take your time when purchasing this air filter to know if it’s the right one for your refrigerator. The housing of the air filter is a unique housing that cannot accommodate any air filter. That is the first rule of thumb and the beginning of any successful air filter replacement process. For LG refrigerators, thanks to the several alarm systems that come with them, you’ll be notified once the air filter in your refrigerator is due for a change, as you will see clearly the words “Change Filter” on the refrigerator display panel.


STEP 1: After you must have purchased an air filter that is compatible with your LG refrigerator, the first big step in the replacement process is to remove the air filter cover which is located at the back wall of the refrigerator. Turn the filter cover to the left and detach it from the rest of the unit.

STEP 2: After detaching the filter cover from the rest of the unit, you’ll then proceed to locate and remove the old fresh air filter from the cover. This part is the simplest part of the whole process so it shouldn’t take much of your time.

STEP 3: Replace the old filter with a new fresh air filter but make sure it is properly placed in the cover. Where each side of the fresh air filter is facing matters a lot but to make things easier, the side that’s supposed to be placed outwardly will indicate it as you’ll see “Front.”

STEP 4: Once you’re sure the air filter has properly been fitted into the cover, the next thing is to return the air filter back into the unit. Remember when you were detaching, you turned left. To lock, you’re going to have to go the opposite way (right). Make sure the air filter cover is properly locked on the unit to avoid the alarm sounds, warning you that a part of the refrigerator has not yet been closed.

STEP 5: Go to the LG display panel, press and hold “Air Filter” for about 3 seconds until the air filter resets and turns off itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I remove an LG refrigerator air filter?

The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is to locate where the air filter cover is, usually at the back wall of the unit, turn the cover left to detach it from the rest of the unit.

  • Where is the air filter located on an LG refrigerator?

The air filter is located at the center of the back of the refrigerator, right above the top shelf.

  • How often should I change my LG refrigerator air filter?

It is recommended for you to change the air filter of your refrigerator every 6 months.


You purchase a good refrigerator only when you’re thinking of the long-term. Some LG refrigerators cost a lot, so you need to look after them as much as you can to ensure that they keep functioning at the highest level. Changing the air filter of your LG refrigerator is one of the best ways to properly maintain it. Its job is to deodorize your refrigerator and make it free from unpleasant smells. Replace it every 6 months just as recommended by LG, and the refrigerator will be fine.





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