How to Install Ice Maker on LG Refrigerator

How to Install Ice Maker on LG Refrigerator?

Modern kitchens are defined by the kind of appliances they are packed with. There are no modern kitchens without modern appliances, and that’s a fact everybody is well aware of. Many years ago, we could have only imagined having appliances that would ease the domestic pressure on us and give us the chance to focus on other aspects of our lives. To have those imaginations become realities is a big deal, albeit, many people saw the possibilities, and brands like LG have helped take technology to a different level, especially with the home appliances that are in production now. There are lots of benefits that come with modern appliances.

People are now leaning over convenience and comfort, and these are the things you will get to enjoy with modern appliances. We now have refrigerators that can let you stream TV shows, and make the time spent in your kitchen more fun-filled; nobody could have thought that was achievable many years ago. These things are no longer a dream as we have had the opportunity to enjoy these appliances consistently for the past few years. The convenience that comes with modern appliances makes them great options for modern-day homes and families. They even help you keep your family more organized just like we’ve seen with modern LG refrigerators over the years. They come with a large LCD screen that allows you to create profiles for each family member, leaving them with notes of what’s expected of them for the day, week, or the rest of the month.

Smart refrigerators are also compatible with other smart appliances in the house. For example, if you own a smart refrigerator, you can conveniently connect it with your smart TV and whatever your TV is showing wherever it is placed cannot also be shown on the refrigerator screen wherever it is also placed. Many of these modern appliances come with smartphone applications that let you control things directly from your smartphones even if you’re miles away from where these appliances are. One of the modern features that consumers have found most amazing is the ice maker. The ice maker produces a certain amount of ice cubes each day, depending on its size. If you’re replacing your refrigerator, the process of installing a new ice maker in your LG refrigerator might be easier than if you’re installing a refrigerator for the first time in your space. The reason is that the latter already has a water line installed in your space, and that makes the process a whole lot easier.

A supply line is necessary for the installation of an icemaker, and when you don’t have one, the process becomes more challenging but not impossible. LG refrigerator water line connect is what makes the process easier in the installation of an icemaker on your LG refrigerator. Knowing how to remove the ice maker from your LG refrigerator is very important and will come in handy in the process. Before we get into how to install an ice maker on your LG refrigerator, let’s take a quick look at some of the things you need to consider when purchasing a new LG refrigerator, or any refrigerator from other brands.

5 Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A New Refrigerator

Purchasing a refrigerator is considered a significant investment, and such investment needs utmost carefulness. An average modern refrigerator costs not less than a thousand dollars, which in the world today is a whole lot. Nobody purchases a refrigerator for that amount of money without thinking of how it can best serve them in the long term. One of the advantages of a modern refrigerator is that it is built to last for many years. So, there are some important factors you need to seriously consider to make sure you’re getting the right refrigerator. Purchasing the right refrigerator doesn’t necessarily mean a refrigerator that can last long. It means that you’re getting a refrigerator that matches your needs, and exactly what you need in your home.

Today, there are lots of options on the appliance market. If you don’t go with a clear idea of what you want, you might end up purchasing the wrong refrigerator, and considering that you’re purchasing for the long term, you might have to stick with the wrong product, especially if you’re purchasing with no refund policy or guarantee. If you’re looking to purchase a new refrigerator, below are the 5 most important factors to consider to make sure you get the right refrigerator for yourself and your family.


In the modern world that we live in today, everybody wants convenience and comfort in everything they do. Modern refrigerators come with features that promote both convenience and comfort. There are certain features we love and we’d like to see them in any refrigerator we purchase. Features like ice makers and water dispensers are now considered very necessary (Check here for our reviews of the best French door refrigerators with or without water dispensers.) If you want certain features in your refrigerator, you should definitely opt for a refrigerator that is packed with at least 80% of those features. However, you might be forced to settle for less if you’re on a budget that you’re not willing to compromise. Undeniably, the more the features, the more money you have to pay to land the refrigerator of your choice. According to Energy Star, you might have to consider the features that you find most important.



Modern refrigerators come in different styles and designs. From side-by-side refrigerators to French doors, top-freezer refrigerators to counter-depths; the options are numerous. Your needs will mostly determine the style of refrigerator you should be getting. What we do know is that there are so many styles and designs you can consider. It doesn’t matter the style you settle for, you will always find your choice incredibly perfect because every refrigerator style comes with its benefits. French door refrigerators mostly feature freezer compartments at the bottom of the units. This might be a problem for those who would not like to bend their backs or older people. If you fall into any of these categories, a side-by-side might be the best option for you.



Imagine purchasing a refrigerator that can’t even go through the doorways in your house. This can be very annoying, which is why you need to measure not just your doorways but also the space meant for the refrigerator before settling for an option. Purchasing the right size refrigerator will do you a lot of good. Measure your space properly and ensure that you get a refrigerator that can fit perfectly into your space. That’s why space consideration is key when you’re purchasing a new refrigerator because you don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing a refrigerator that won’t fit into your space. It is very annoying when you purchase a refrigerator and it doesn’t fit right into your space. To avoid this, ensure you take the correct measurements of your space and the doorways.


Another important factor you need to seriously consider when purchasing a new refrigerator is how much you’re willing to spend on it. Different people have different approaches regarding this factor. For people who are financially buoyant and won’t let prices get in the way of the refrigerator with their dream features, the budget won’t be much of an issue. However, some will be strictly limited by their budgets, and will only purchase a refrigerator that fits right within their budgets. Modern refrigerators’ prices can range from $1000 up to $7000. Thankfully, brands like LG always manage to manufacture refrigerators that are within everyone’s budgets.


Lastly, another important thing you need to seriously consider is how efficient the refrigerator is when it comes to energy consumption. Modern refrigerators don’t consume as much energy as traditional refrigerators, but you still need to look out for refrigerators that have energy star ratings. The sticker will display the amount of energy the refrigerator will display over a period. Older refrigerators consume more energy, so when you’re making a purchase, you should look to purchase a modern refrigerator. Another thing you should look into is that the more features you have in the refrigerator, the more energy the refrigerator consumes.

How To Install Ice Maker On Your LG Refrigerator

The icemaker is one of the refrigerator’s most exciting features. It’s common in most modern refrigerators, and the convenience that comes with using it makes it an ideal feature for many consumers. During hot summer days, it’s always great to have ice cubes that are readily available to cool off. Having an in-door refrigerator to do that is considered a plus for many. According to LG, whose icemaker we’ve been discussing in this article, the ice maker can produce up to 3 pounds of ice daily. However, the ice bin can only hold up to 8 glasses of ice at a time, which means that the ice maker won’t produce more ice cubes as long as the ice bin is still holding up to that amount of ice.


Connecting the ice maker to the water supply is the most important step in the whole installation process. A Den Garden article written by Parker Knight further explains that the process is particularly harder if you don’t have an existing supply line for the ice maker. This article will serve as a step-by-step guide on how to install an icemaker in your LG refrigerator which includes the popular solenoid valve. The job of a solenoid valve is to automatically bring water to the ice maker so you don’t have to fill it manually.

Before we begin discussing the different steps involved in installing an ice maker in your LG refrigerator, we’re assuming there’s no water line, and you’re going to be making a new one.


STEP 1: The first step of this installation process is to run a water line that the refrigerator will be connected to.

STEP 2: After running the waterline, the next thing is to install the new valve that comes with the ice maker kit.

STEP 3: Remember we talked about a solenoid valve earlier? This is where it comes into play. It is the first part of the icemaker kit, and its job is to automatically fill the ice maker with water such that you don’t have to manually fill it. Install it by connecting it to the 2-pin solenoid connector which is usually located under the refrigerator.

STEP 4: It’s time to connect the water supply line to the solenoid valve.

STEP 5: The final step of the whole process is to install the ice maker. Plug it into a power source which is usually located at the back of the freezer wall. Check your manual for how the screws should be screwed, and exactly where they should be in and around the ice maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my LG refrigerator not making ice?

Not all LG refrigerators come with ice makers. To know if your LG refrigerator comes with an ice maker, read a detailed review of the refrigerator online. You will find out the different features it is packed with, and if an ice maker is one of them. However, if you’re convinced that your refrigerator comes with an ice maker but it’s not working, you might have to get someone to check it out for you. If it’s a new refrigerator, there should be a guarantee on it, and a brand like LG will send people out from their company to help you get the ice maker checked out.

  • Where is the reset button on the LG ice maker?

The reset button of an LG ice maker is usually right under the tray where you’ll see the test/fill button.

Final Thoughts

Modern refrigerators are ideal for so many reasons. One of the most exciting features of a modern refrigerator is the ice maker. We’ve discussed the different steps involved in the installation of an icemaker. If you’re looking to purchase a new LG refrigerator with this feature, it is important for you to know how to install an ice maker in your LG refrigerator as the knowledge will do you a lot of good.





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