How to Soak Clothes in a Front Load Washer

How to Soak Clothes in a Front Load Washer?

The washing machine has always played a vital role in every modern home because we can’t just think of a better, faster, and more efficient way to do our laundry. When you compare how easy it is to do a lot of things around the house now to how they used to be many years ago, you’ll realize how much improvement has been made globally over the years because we now have the best of everything available to us now. This is evident in all the appliances in production today because they come with the best features you can find on the market at the moment.

Every time the washing machine gets mentioned, it always garners enough attention because not only has the versatile machine been around for a while, it has also managed to win over many people all across the globe, increasing ownership rates in many countries across the world. The washer’s efficiency is a good reason why its popularity has skyrocketed across many countries in the world over the past few years, especially now that technology has advanced to the highest level in history. According to Hunker, a reliable washing machine is one of the most important appliances to have around the house, and you can only imagine how much convenience you’ll get to enjoy with one sitting pretty in your laundry room.

If there was ever a time you lived without a washing machine, you should compare how hard laundry was to how easy it is now with a washing machine in a laundry room; there’s just a clear difference between those two instances. Without a washing machine, doing your laundry might as well be the hardest task you’ll ever have to go through, and on top of that, it’s also very time-consuming, so imagine doing something that is not so easy for a long time all because you don’t have a washing machine available to you. Our ancestors made this switch because they found a better way in the washing machine, so it was the perfect way to escape from the laborious exercise of washing clothes by hand.

There’s a host of benefits you can enjoy merely by having a washing machine in your laundry room, and a lot of people understand this perfectly, which is why they won’t mind spending hundreds of dollars, or even thousands in some cases, just to have a washing machine in their laundry room. The thing is, there’s no amount of money spent on acquiring a washing machine, as long as you make the right choice and you maintain it regularly, you’ll always get your money’s worth because the washer will give you everything you want and more. They even come with high-end features that make washing your clothes easier and more convenient, so if you have one in your laundry room, we bet you understand what we’re trying to say already.

Take a minute to imagine a washing machine with high-end features like voice commands that can make you explore some of the washer’s best features even if you’re nowhere near it. “Start a cycle,” you can say from your phone and the washer will indeed start a cycle as long as it’s loaded with clothes, the right detergent, and perhaps fabric softener if you want some in your load. It’s just cool to know you can now do things with ease without having to go through a lot just to get your clothes washed efficiently these days.

When buying a washing machine, you have two options to choose from as far as washing machine types are concerned – top load and front load washing machines, which are mainly classified by how they’re loaded and the components you can find in them. The front-load washing machine is the more popular washing machine type of the two available, and that’s because it’s been around for a long time and people have grown accustomed to it and its operations. Top-loading washing machines are now playing catch-up to garner the attention their front-loading counterparts have, which can be quite hard but not impossible.

Getting the right washing machine for your laundry room will come in handy a lot because it means that you can attend to your laundry needs seamlessly and without stress. What makes a washing machine right for you? There are always important factors to consider, and, of course, your needs most importantly, which will help you tick all other boxes with the rest of these technical factors. Some of these factors include your budget, the size of your laundry room, the capacity of the washing machine, the number of features the washer has, the wash cycles, energy efficiency, and many others.

Knowing how to soak clothes in a front loader washing machine will always help you get the best results, especially if you have the right methods at your disposal, which we’ll be exploring later in this article. People who know how to soak clothes in a high-efficiency washer are reaping all the benefits because they’ll always get clean clothes after every cycle because there are only a few better ways to clean your clothes efficiently. Activating a washing machine soak cycle will help soak your clothes in the washer tub with the right detergent so the tough stains can be removed after which a wash cycle will be activated immediately the time for the soak cycle elapses.

Before we get into things like LG front load washer soak cycle, how to soak clothes in Samsung top load washing machine, and how to pre-soak on Samsung washing machines, we’ll be taking a quick look at the benefits of a front load washer and the drawbacks that come with it.

Pros and Cons of a Front Load Washer

The world experienced the greatest change ever to be experienced just after World War II, but perhaps the greatest change was the invention of the washing machine which would go on to improve many households forever. You’ll actually never know how valuable something is until you start to use it and see how much convenience it can bring to your household, and that’s the kind of invention the washing machine is to several people today. For companies to make a breakthrough with the production of domestic washing machines after many people had tried so hard before came as a surprise, but here we are in the 21st century, enjoying the greatest post-world war invention of all time.

Over the years, front load washers have grown so popular, and if you were born before 2000, you probably grew up with them because almost every household across the United States had them before the competition started growing with top load washers which are still not quite as popular. However, just like every appliance, a front load washer also comes with its own downsides, which can be very overwhelming, but there are enough reasons to want to have them in your laundry room. We’ll be exploring the pros and cons of a front load washer below.

Benefits of Front Load Washers

Front-load washers are eco-friendly

There’s a reason why front load washers have survived many years and still manage to be very popular even in the 21st century, so many years after they were first introduced. It’s safe to say that many years ago, front load washers were not all that eco-friendly because they consumed more power and used more water as well as other resources, but things have improved greatly in the past years, thanks to the technological advancements we’re enjoying in the world today. If you’re investing in a front-loading washer, it means you’re getting your hands on an energy-efficient washer, which, from all indications, usually turns out to be eco-friendly because it’s just better for the environment.

Front-load washers use the popular tumbling motion to move the washer tub, which consumes less water and power from both the washer and any dryer connected to it. This means that the carbon footprint in your household will be reduced, and what’s a better way to put an eco-friendly machine like the front-loading washing to good use than that? Because front load washers also use less detergent, you don’t have to worry about the number of chemicals that are released into the soil or groundwater around your home.

They are energy-efficient

If you put front-loading and top-loading washing machines side-by-side, compare and contrast how much power and water each washer type consumes, you’ll realize that you can save a lot of money from using a front-loading washing machine because it doesn’t consume as much power and water compared to a top loader. According to New York Times’ Wire Cutter, a standard front load washer consumes 5 fewer gallons of water per load compared to what a standard top-loader would consume, and that’s about 2,000 gallons you’ll be saving per year. A front-loading washing machine moves clothes around a shallower pool of water while a top loader uses more water because of the presence of the agitator and impeller.

Also, you can save yourself a lot of drying time when you use a front load washing machine because it drains out clothes more efficiently. And when you save yourself some drying time, you can simply air-dry your clothes, which means that you may not even have to run the drying machine. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of money in the process because the drying machine isn’t consuming any power, which won’t reflect on your electricity bills.

Front-loaders are perfect for large loads

It’s a no-brainer that people with a large family or wash large loads usually opt for a front-loading washing machine because that’s the machine you buy when you need something that can handle large loads. Here’s the kicker: top-load washers are usually built with a central axis because there has to be one of the agitator or impeller, which will definitely take up space in the washing machine tub. A front load washer, on the other hand, is not built like this, which means you’ll have more space at the center of the washing machine drum for more clothes to fit in.

If you have a large family or you always wash large loads, your best bet would be a large-capacity front-loading washing machine because it has all the space you need to wash large loads all at once.

They are perfect for compact spaces

Even if you want to have your washing machine and dryer in your kitchen because you have limited space, you can stack the washer on top of your dryer without worrying about how to load it. You can save as much space in your laundry room as you want, thanks to the compactness of front-loading washing machines. People with smaller homes and apartments can bet on front-loading washing machines to help them save the space they want without worrying about loading and unloading your laundry from the washer.

Drawbacks of Front Load Washers

Bending your back to load and unload

If you don’t have any idea of how you can use a pedestal to raise your front-loading washing machine and it’s only placed on a plain floor in your laundry room like it’s supposed to be, loading and unloading the washer can be quite hard as you will have to squat or bend down to do this. Front-loading washing machines are usually not recommended for older people or anyone with back problems, except they’re introduced to pedestals that will help lift the machine such that they won’t have to bend their backs to load and unload it. If you have back problems, you might want to reconsider before putting your money on a front loader.

Prone to damage as a result of overloading

One of any front-loading washing machine’s greatest strengths is its ability to accommodate large loads of clothes because its washer tub is usually built like this. However, that strength can quickly turn to weakness because a washing machine that gets loaded with a lot has a very high chance of breaking down due to overloading. The good thing about this is that you can always prevent overloading by not abusing the washer’s strength, which will in turn make the washer serve you for a very long time.

How To Soak Clothes in a Front Load Washer

The reason why anyone would struggle to get a washing machine in their laundry room is to help clean clothes efficiently while also making sure convenience and comfort are added to the procedure, which means that this can be done with ease and without any stress whatsoever. However, it can be hard for your washer to efficiently clean some clothes with tough stains such as mud, blood, grass stains, or food – without pre-soaking them in the washer. Any washer with soaking tub will get this job as long as there’s a feature in the washer that allows you to pre-soak your clothes, which is what a standard front-loader will offer you.

Some will argue that since front-loading washing machines use a smaller amount of water, how can they efficiently soak soiled clothes in them? You should not forget that a front-load washing machine’s door is usually on the front side of the machine rather than at the top, which means that the clothes are washed in a barrel drum, making it a perfect choice to pre-soak your clothes before running a proper wash cycle for them. In some easy steps, we’ll be discussing how to use a Samsung washing machine soak function or the soak function of any washing machine.

Step 1

The first step to take when pre-soaking your clothes in a front load washing machine is to place the stained items in your washer and lock the door properly.

Step 2

If you’re only soaking one garment, you should use a smaller amount of detergent to avoid the washer providing too many detergent foams when you start running a wash cycle. For more than one garment, add about one-eighth to one-quarter cup of detergent to the detergent dispenser at the top of the washer.

Step 3

The next thing to do is choose the load size, type, and the perfect water temperature, all depending on the material of the clothes you’re soaking. If the clothes are heavily stained, you should set the washer to medium to heavy soil with a cold water temperature.

Step 4

Push the button to power the washing machine and let just a small amount of water enter the tub, but stop after you hear a click and a red light because it means the door has been locked and you can no longer add any clothes.

Step 5

The washing machine will now automatically fill the remaining portion of water. The washer will move just like it wants to run a wash cycle, but once the clothes start moving, press the “Stop” button. This way, the water will remain in the tub and the clothes will begin to soak. You can wait for some 45 minutes before you now run a proper wash cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you soak clothes in a front-load washer?

Absolutely! You can conveniently soak clothes in a front load washer as long as your washer has the option.

2. How does the Whirlpool duet soak cycle work?

The Whirlpool duet soak cycle comes with Whirlpool duet front-load washers and it helps to remove small spots of stains on your fabrics.


One of the best ways to combat tough stains in a front-loading washing machine is to pre-soak the clothes before you finally run a wash cycle for them. Pre-soaking clothes is one thing people have had problems with over the years as people have divided opinions about them. However, it might as well be the easiest thing you can ever do in your washing machine because the process is very straightforward. If you’re using a modern front-loading washer with tech-inspired features, you can pre-soak your clothes and have the washer automatically run a wash cycle immediately after the pre-soak time elapses.





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