How to Use a Maytag Front Loader and Top Loader Washing Machines

How to Use a Maytag Front Loader and Top Loader Washing Machines?

It is undoubtedly so that a washing machine is an indispensable household appliance. Its importance is almost equal to the need for the clothing itself. A washing machine does not only make laundering an easier endeavor, but it also helps us effectively manage our time. In history, laundering was done by hand washing, soaking, beating, scrubbing, and rinsing dirty textiles, and this process, unfortunately, made time management a dream, one cannot say, I will use the bathroom while I wash my clothes because that style of laundering is apparently manually engaging. Hence, multitasking to save time was impossible but with the advent of modern washing machines. Washing machines have immeasurably made

our lives easier, but they may work in reverse without proper management. Proper management of washing machines, which includes timely maintenance and fair use, is a responsibility that should never be taken lightly.

Unit of sales vs Years

The chart above depicts the astronomical growth in the use of washing machines around the world. In addition, the chart shows the market potential of washing machines in years to come.

Laundering in ancient times was done through a process called fulling. In a fulling mill, clothes were beaten with a wooden hammer to remove oil stains and dirt from a piece of clothing. Very much later, Bendix Home Appliances, a subsidiary of Avco, introduced the first automatic washing machine in 1937, and that same year, it was patented. These automatic washing machines were significantly different from those in modern times. These automatic washing machines didn’t have suspended drums, and they had to be fastened to a spot to prevent it from ‘walking.’ Much worse was the fact that they were really expensive machines. Modern washing machines were introduced to reduce buying these older washing machines. In addition to cost reduction, recent washing machines have added interesting technologies like water jets for spraying water and soap dispensers to apply soap right before washing. 

About Maytag 

According to the company history Index, published by Reference for Business, the Maytag washing machine company is a subsidiary of the whirlpool cooperation and has been around for at least 129 years now. The existence of Maytag dates back to the 19th or early 20th century. At this period, Maytag was one of the first few businesses to start producing and improving wooden tub machines. Maytag is one of the few companies that can still proudly bear the homegrown tag. It is so indigenous to the American people that its products still carry the coveted ‘Made in the USA’ stickers. This is special, especially when very few home appliances are truly made in the USA anymore. It is common knowledge that during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Maytag washing machine company was one of the few to stay afloat. This fact and others like their top quality front and top loader washing machines have made them popular among Americans. 

Maytag laundry has indeed become a popular choice for customers who know and wish to have durable and dependable washers, even though this durability and dependability largely depend upon the knowledge of how to use the Maytag front loader and top loader machines. 

Why Maytag Washing Machines 

Several benefits come with the use of Maytag washing machines. These benefits range from its apparent sleek designs to its relative affordability as it won’t increase your electrical and water bills to astronomical amounts. Maytag top loaders especially have Large and extra-large capacities to accommodate the toughest messes. Furthermore, Maytag top loaders offer a variety of interesting features such as agitator or impeller options, deep clean options, optimal dispensers, steam-enhanced cycles, and stainless steel wash baskets. 

Hence, Maytag top-loaders aren’t only designed for efficient washing operation. They are also designed to sit pretty while they do it. In the same vein, Maytag front loaders also have a lot of attractive features, maybe even more than their counterpart, which is why many people prefer it to ‘top loader washing machine.

A Maytag is conveniently stackable, hence, easy to load and unload. As long as one knows how to use a Maytag Front loader and top loader washing machines, its ability to get your clothes sparkling clean will not be impaired in any way. 

Maytag washing machine cycles explained. 

The washing cycle of a washing machine is essentially its laundry process. There are several washing options available for every desired end. Although, understandably, doing the laundry with a machine isn’t necessarily a difficult task, however, knowing how to use your washing machine with the proper understanding of its washing cycle/stages doesn’t only help guarantee the longevity of your fabrics, it also significantly prevents the abuse of your washing machine. This part of washing machine usage is crucial, especially because washing machines vary in capacity, efficiency, and features.  

Hence, to achieve more efficiency and derive much more satisfaction from using your Maytag washing machine, we have discussed the respective Maytag washing machine cycles below. Note that the cycle discussed below applies to both Front loaders and Top loaders. 

The Normal Cycle 

The normal cycle is the most frequently used, and this is why it is the regular go-to for daily loads. Hence, there may not be any need to use other processes as they are only useful in some special conditions explained in subsequent paragraphs. The normal wash cycle provides high spin speed and warm water like some different cycles. It is designed to deliver optimally for normal washing conditions. This cycle is most suited for cotton, linens, and other fabrics that are averagely soiled. 

Coldwater Wash 

This wash cycle uses cold water and is best suited for lifting mild stains. 


This wash cycle uses a combination of gentle wash and low spin speed for relatively delicate garments like lingerie, pants, blouses, and even woolly sweaters. This cycle is best suited for garments of this sort because of its gentle washing using cold water. 

Rinse and Spin 

This is the washing cycle for loads that need extra rinse without detergents. This is the most suitable washing cycle for this kind of washing because it uses doesn’t only use cold water. It also combines a rinse and a high-speed spin. This process is necessary because some items are extremely delicate and can’t handle any spin, otherwise, they’ll tear and that’ll be the end.

The PowerWash cycle 

This title is almost self-explanatory. The PowerWash cycle was designed to handle intense loads and turn crimson stains into snowy white fabrics. Whether it is an indelible oil stain or smelly odors, this feature is designed to turn terrible conditions of this sort around. This feature is more effective in a Maytag because it uses warm water for rinsing. By using warm water, every grime is effortlessly eradicated. In a nutshell, always remember that this is the best feature for a heap of laundry with seemingly indelible stains. 

Optimal Dispensers 

While we do our laundry, we need to add just the right amount of soap or detergent for washing too little or insufficient soap may jeopardize the effectiveness of our Maytag washing machine and consequently leave some tough stains on our fabrics. Too much soap or detergent can also damage some delicate fabrics and result in waste. Hence, often, it is a struggle figuring the right amount of soap to apply, but with the optimal dispenser cycle, this difficulty can be avoided as your Maytag washer will automatically release the right amount of detergent, just what your load needs for an effective wash and in addition store up remnant for subsequent washing. 

Sanitize Cycle 

Germs can be pretty stubborn, so even when you have done everything you think is necessary to make your clothes germ-free, you may still discover some of them lurking in there. However, using the Sanitise Cycle on your Maytag Washer will help remove 99.9% of household bacteria. 

Rapid Wash Cycle 

Desperate situations certainly require some desperate measures. There are times you have to demand that your washer does some magic by getting your laundry done in no time, surely without jeopardizing its effectiveness.

Fortunately, the Maytag washing machine manufacturers have envisaged these extreme situations and have thus provided the Rapid Wash Cycle Feature. This feature expedites the washing process by cutting down on wash and spin time with no apparent implications on the washer’s effectiveness. It’s almost difficult to picture the feasibility of this feature, but it does work magic. This cycle guarantees the cleanliness of your fabrics by boosting the motion and temperature of your washing machine.

Overnight Wash & Dry Cycle

After the hustling and bustling of the day, it is now difficult for you to muster the strength to monitor your laundry while the washer runs. At every attempt to do this, you drift off completely in sleep, and you have to repeat the process all over again. The Maytag washer has a fix for you.

The overnight wash & Dry Cycle feature is designed to work for you while you sleep, with this feature, your clothes will be washed clean and dried. And after the wash cycle is complete, the load will be automatically programmed to tumble and ventilated simultaneously.

The abuse of your washing machine appliance is inevitable if not properly maintained. Hence, it is advisable to practice routine safety tips to avoid damage to your Maytag washers. Maintenance methods may vary according to products; hence, there may be a need to refer to your product manual for detailed and specific instructions as they concern your product. However, the general maintenance procedure provided below will still significantly guide you towards ensuring the safety of your Maytag washing machine.

How to maintain your Maytag washing machine 


It is important to clean the washing machine tub regularly, this cleaning may not have to occur after every use, but it is important to get it done as much as possible. The reason is that, very often, detergent residue produces suds, and if left to remain, it builds up the film on the drum and hoses over time. The implication is that your washing machine drum and hoses become a breeding ground for mold, which may damage the machine if you do not adequately invest on a washing machine mold remover gel or a mold cleaner for washing machines. Below are some steps to follow to keep the tub clean

  • Empty the tub after use, and ensure that damp clothes do not sit in the machine
  • You may add a Washing Machine Cleaner tablet recommended by Maytag to the bottom of the tub, or you may apply liquid chlorine bleach instead as they both serve the same function. Note that the owner’s manual contains detailed information on how to use the bleach so that you may refer to the manual. 
  • Close the tub door and select the washer’s cleaning cycle. 
  • For top load washers, when the process ends, run a rinse and spin cycle for top load washers to clear away any excess cleansers. 
  • Leave your washer door open to let the tub dry. 

NOTE: It is always important to use the appropriate amount of detergent to avoid studs


  • Take out your dispenser drawers and clean thoroughly. If you can not completely remove them, pull till you feel some restraint and clean the visible parts.
  • You may use a damp towel to wipe all visible surfaces first, but be sure to towel dry immediately afterward.


  • Before carrying out this cleaning, be sure to remove all clothing items from     the tub 
  • Open the washer door and wipe down the inside glass or metal with a damp cloth and for front load, Maytag washers, wipe out the rubber seal on the washer doors thoroughly. According to Kristi Kelogg of Achitectural digest, an effective substance for cleaning your washing machine is a half-half solution of water and vinegar as often as possible.



Maytag washing machines have become a favorite choice for washing machine shoppers. This phenomenon can be attributed partly to the convenience in Maytag washing machine usage and the decades of manufacturing experience that the Maytag brand has under its belt. However, despite general interest in Maytag washers, customers have given marked preference to a certain few. Hence, Some of the best Maytag washers will be discussed in the paragraph below. If you wonder what standards are used to ascertain the quality of a washing machine, an insight will be provided into this before we review some of these Maytag washers. 

Stain removal:

The Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers (AHAM) has published a strip of approved stains which include cocoa stain, sweat, red wine, oil, and pig’s bloodstain. These stains are considered the toughest and somewhat indelible; hence, a washing machine with the ability to completely remove these stains is deemed top quality. 

Wear and tear:

It is important to regularly assess the effects that the mechanical actions of a washing machine may have on your fabrics. If discovered that the rate of wear and tear has been accelerated, that machine may not be top quality. 

Water retention:

It is also important to pay attention to how much water a washer spins out at the end of a particular cycle as it may provide an insight into the quality or otherwise of the machine. 

It is however crucial to know how much water a washing machine will hold to be able to ascertain how much it spins out at the end of every circle. Old washing machines used about 150 liters of water per cycle, which is as much as many people use the entire day today. Recent technologies have however changed this position and now a regular front-load washing machine does not take more than an average of 125 liters. 

Cycle time:

Although cycle time is a factor of load or stain toughness, a cycle time should not take too long. In a nutshell, quality washers do not damage your clothing materials, they retain little water, they are excellent in removing stains, and they have shorter cycle times. 


The Maytag corporation, in their product reviews on the Maytag MHW8630HC, stated that the Maytag MHW8630HC possesses excellent stain removal ability, it has a relatively large drum for stacking loads of clothes, and it is believed to have aced all of the above cleaning tests. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about how much detergent to use in Maytag washing machine as it dispenses just the right amount for your load. 

You also do not need to bother about how to work a Maytag washing machine sanitize cycle as the MHW8630HC’s internal water heater system already has that covered. With this internal heater system, the Sanitize cycle is discovered to have achieved temperatures of about 130°F, enabling the eradication of some disease-causing germs.

In addition to its excellent washing abilities, the Maytag MHW8630HC also makes washing totally convenient. It supports soap retention for subsequent loads, not to mention its overnight wash and dry feature. It is fascinating! 


This version of the Maytag is more of the washer for the Maytag long-time ‘faithful’. It has been discovered to have heavy, speedy, and normal cycles with very decent cleaning performances. Although this washer is less gentle with clothes, it still passes the STAIN TEST considerably. In addition to this, it has some interesting features like a steam option and an extended tumble cycle to keep washed and spun clothes from wrinkling. The ‘Extra power’ option, the Maytag MHW6630HC is also fascinating as it helps remove seemingly indelible stains both on fabrics and even shoes; therefore, you do not need to bother about how to wash shoes in a Maytag washer. 


Should I get a Maytag front-load or top-load washing machine? 

The answer to this is quite simple, and you best answer it because this majorly depends on your personal preference and specifically the reason you are shopping for a washing machine. If the device is used in a small space, a front-loader would be a perfect buy because this technology is a combination of a dryer and a washer. Hence you get to save space. 

If you are also looking to use less water, a front-loader is best suited for this purpose. With a front loader, an average of 21 gallons is needed for a cycle, while a top loader needs an average of 25 gallons. Furthermore, a top-loader tends to save more time than its counterpart, and they even allow you to stop a cycle from adding more load. 

How do I know how much detergent to use in a Maytag washing machine? 

You should only use about a tablespoon of laundry detergent per regular load size as a general rule. Hence, it only makes sense that a load double that normal size will require more detergent. Also, remember never to pour liquid detergent into your machine without first measuring. 

Should I add my detergent before or after clothes? 

It is best to fill a regular top-loading machine with water first, then laundry detergent, and lastly, clothes to be washed. This practice helps with the even distribution of these washing elements. In the case of a front-loader, it may be loaded with clothes first and subsequently laundry detergent and water.

What features of a Maytag washer will make my washing experience most comfortable? 

A Maytag washer is embedded with several interesting features, depending on the kind of Maytag product in question. Truthfully, we have varying perspectives of ‘interesting,’ but several Maytag washers have the following features; sanitizer, overnight wash, dry, Optimal Dispenser, etc., so have your pick.





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