How to Use a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

When you’re preserving your food, a lot has to be taken into consideration, and that’s why topics like “How to use a Foodsaver vacuum sealer” have trended over the past few years. Food preservation is a big issue that bothers people, especially those who either have no access to modern equipment or simply don’t know the important role vacuum sealers, refrigerators, and vacuum bags play in keeping food items fresh. Back in those days, people had ways of preserving their foods, but comparing those methods to what we have today, we can see the huge differences between the methods from different eras in history. The truth, however it may sound, remains that it’s hard to get food fresh for a longer period, especially for those with larger families. However, things don’t have to be that complicated in the world we live in today because there are now ways you can get this done. After all, things like refrigerators and vacuum sealers have been invented to make things easier.

The methods of preserving food in the world we live in today have been largely effective. Refrigerators combine well with the efficiency of vacuum sealers to provide great results, and that combination is something we’ve enjoyed for years. That’s not to say the traditional methods are now obsolete or not relevant in the world we live in now, after all, Mylar bags are still very popular because they get the job done. However, modern methods have taken over, and it’s hard to think about food preservation without thinking about these methods first. Thanks to technology, these modern methods have become so effective that they’ve become so popular all across the United States.

The United States is a huge market for major appliances, and that’s a claim that is backed by facts. As of 2018, the market value for the appliance market in the United States stood at $37.8 billion, making it the largest appliance market in the world despite the likes of China, South Korea, and Germany providing a huge competition. This shows how much people in the country are willing to invest in modern appliances. With people having little to no time to dedicate to their domestic lives, at least not as much as they would have loved to, modern appliances are taking over, and that explains how much popularity they’ve gained over the past few years. People in the United States love things that can help improve their lives, and that’s an amazing thing. With different things from different aspects of life bringing one thing or the other to the table, spending time fulfilling domestic obligations is something a lot of folks don’t have the time for, hence the investment in modern appliances is justified.

unit shipments of core major household appliances in the U.S. from 2000 to 2017

The chart above indicates the unit shipments of major home appliances into the United States from 2000 to 2017. Using information provided by the Statista Research Department, we were able to arrive at this conclusion that the country might just be the biggest player in the appliance market at the moment. The first of the two decades included in this chart saw a steady rise in shipments from 2001 up until 2007 before dropping in 2008 and didn’t maintain enough consistency through 2012. From 2012 up until 2017, the figures managed to be on a consistent rise having recorded $35.82 million, $39.2 million, $41.5 million, $42.94 million, $44.66 million, and $46.44 million in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 respectively. This further proves that the United States is the biggest player, unarguably, in the market, beating off competition from South Korea and Germany.

A brief history of Foodsaver

If anyone is familiar with small appliances, especially vacuum sealers in the United States, then they should be familiar with the Foodsaver brand. It is perhaps the most reliable manufacturer of vacuum sealers both home and abroad, and the brand’s taste for excellence has made it very popular even outside the United States. The brand is a subsidiary of Newell Brands, formerly known as Newell Company, and most recently, Newell Rubbermaid. The company operated under the name Newell Company from 1903 up until 1999 when it rebranded into Newell Rubbermaid. The 118-year old company was founded by Edgar Newell in Ogdensburg, New York, and it is responsible for some of the country’s greatest productions as far as commercial and consumer products are concerned.

The company has branches across different categories in several industries across the country including baby products, connected home & security, home fragrance, food, appliances & cookware, commercial solutions, and outdoor & recreation. Some of the company’s most notable brands include Foodsaver, Mr. Coffee, First Alert, NUK, Sunbeam, Yankee Candle, Rubbermaid, Sistema Plastics, Coleman, Marmot, Sevylor, and Campingaz to mention but a few.

Whether you’re purchasing Foodsaver vacuum sealer rolls, Foodsaver vacuum sealer parts, Foodsaver vacuum sealer gasket, Foodsaver vacuum sealer hose, Foodsaver vacuum sealer tube, or Foodsaver vacuum sealer cutter blade replacements, you are guaranteed quality because that’s what the Foodsaver brand stands for; that’s why the brand has survived so many years at the top of the industry, and still regarded as one of the best. If you check topics like ‘The best vacuum sealers under $100’, ‘The best vacuum sealers for wet food’,  or ‘The best vacuum sealers for hunters’, you’ll always find Foodsaver vacuum sealers listed, and that’s to show how reliable Foodsaver vacuum sealers are, and how respected they are throughout the country and the rest of the world. This means that no matter the primary objective of getting a vacuum sealer, you’ll always find a Foodsaver vacuum sealer that’ll fit right into the description, and get the job done just as you want it.

Important safety tips

Operating a vacuum sealer, or any appliance in the house requires you to be as careful as you can possibly be to avoid accidents. All safety precautions have to be carefully heeded to avoid accidents around the house whenever these appliances are in operation, and in this case, Foodsaver vacuum sealers. Using a Foodsaver user manual or a Foodsaver instruction manual as many people love to call it, we’ve highlighted the important tips and safeguards to help reduce the risk of injuries, electric shock, or fire.

1. Foodsaver strongly advises against letting your vacuum sealer, its power cord, or plugs get immersed in water or any other liquid to prevent electric shock.

2. You are also not advised to touch the seal strip of your bag sealer when using it to reduce the risk of burns.

3. Children are not meant to play around with this vacuum sealer as the appliance is not meant for children to use. Also, when you’re using this appliance around children, close supervision is highly recommended.

4. You have to always protect the power cord from hanging over the edge of a counter or hot surfaces to avoid damage.

5. If you realize the power cord or plug has been damaged, there’s no need to try to continue to operate the vacuum sealer. When this happens, all you have to do is get a new power cord as recommended by the manufacturer. Foodsaver strongly warns against operating your vacuum sealer with a damaged cord.

6. If the vacuum sealer is designed for household use, you cannot use it for commercial purposes or in wet locations.

7. Foodsaver also strongly warns against the use of an accessory that is not recommended by Foodsaver with the appliances. This may result in injury to the person operating it, fire, or electric shock.

8. Before taking any parts of the vacuum sealer off to clean or fix, you have to unplug the vacuum sealer from an outlet. Also when the machine is not in use, it is not advisable to leave it plugged in.

9. People with reduced physical or mental capabilities are not meant to operate Foodsaver vacuum sealers or any vacuum sealer at all.

10. Lastly, always try to read all the instructions before you start using the vacuum sealer. The instructions will give you a heads-up on what to expect and what to avoid when dealing with the machine.

How to use a Foodsaver vacuum sealer

Making a bag with Foodsaver roll

STEP 1: To make a bag with your Foodsaver vacuum sealer roll, the first thing to do is to cut enough bag material from the roll to hold items an additional 3 inches with scissors. Always ensure you cut the bag material straight.

STEP 2: Open the lid of the vacuum sealer, insert the opened end of the bag material across the sealing strip.

STEP 3: Lock the lid on the machine, put the machine in the OPERATE  position, and watch the indicator light turn on after the latch has been pushed into an appropriate position.

STEP 4: Move the machine to start operating by pressing the SEAL button to seal the bag and make it usable.

STEP 5: Once the machine is done working, the indicator light will stop flashing. Slide the latch back to the OPEN position, lift the lid, and remove the bag.

Vacuum seal with Foodsaver vacuum bags

STEP 1: Put what you’re looking to seal in the bag, but give a 3-inch space between the top of the bag and the content of the bag.

STEP 2: Have your vacuum sealer in an appropriate position before opening the lid and placing the open end of the bag into the vacuum channel of the machine.

STEP 3: After inserting the bag into the machine, proceed to close the lid, and slide the lock latch to OPERATE position. The indicator lights will turn on immediately after the latch has been properly locked.

STEP 4: Press the vacuum button to have the machine start sealing the bag. The machine will work until the back has been sealed, and will stop immediately after the process ends.

STEP 5: Once the indicator lights go off, it means the machine has finished sealing the bag. Proceed to slide the latch to open, lift the lid, and get the bag out of the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Foodsaver vacuum sealer work?

The Foodsaver vacuum sealer works like every other vacuum sealer. However, Foodsaver brings extra convenience to the table, and that is one thing we’ve tried to point out throughout this article.

2. Why does my Foodsaver vacuum sealer vacuum but not seal?

A lot of things might be the cause, but most manufacturers always advise you to seek professional help whenever you run into a problem with your vacuum sealer.

3. Can I use a Ziploc freezer bag with my Foodsaver vacuum sealer?

Yes, you can.

4. Can I use Foodsaver canisters with a Ziploc vacuum sealer?

Most Foodsaver canisters can be used with vacuum sealers from different brands.

Final thoughts

Vacuum sealers have grown over the years to become, as a unit, one of the most important appliances around the house. Foodsaver has played a huge part in bringing vacuum sealers to the limelight because the brand has been manufacturing high-end vacuum sealers for many years. We’ve discussed how to use a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, the important safeguards to observe whenever you’re using the appliance, and a brief history of the Foodsaver brand.





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