How to Vacuum Seal Mason Jars without FoodSaver

How to Vacuum Seal Mason Jars without FoodSaver?

The Evolution of Food Preservation: From Traditional Methods to Modern Advancements


Over the years, the concept of food preservation has improved greatly, thanks to technology. People always want quick methods, and that’s not a bad thing, after all, we now live in an age where we tend to pay little to no time to our domestic lives. Those who lived back then had a way of preserving their food, and it paid off greatly because they worked as efficiently as they could. Some of those methods have survived many years unscathed because they are ideal, work effectively, and the cost of operation is fair enough.

People used glass jars to preserve their food without vacuum sealing them, although looking back at those times now, we can imagine how the tools we have today could have helped improve the old methods. This is why many people believe we now live in the best time in history because we now have access to things that we could never have thought were possible.

The Innovative Brands:


Thanks to the innovative minds of great brands like Foodsaver, NutriChef, Nesco, and Ziploc, we now have access to great vacuum sealers which can be used for different purposes like sealing clothes, sealing meats, wet and dry food, and many more. These machines have undoubtedly improved the way we live as families, individuals, travelers, campers, hunters, and many other categories. This can be credited to technology, which has done more good than otherwise since it became a global thing.

People Admire These Appliances:


Appreciation for these appliances has also increased, with people in the United States paying special attention to these appliances, making the country one of the biggest appliances markets in the world, with a market value of $37.8 billion as of 2018.

Vacuum Sealing Canning Jars: Essential Steps and Methods without a Foods



To vacuum seal canning jars effectively and provide additional protection against issues like freezer burn, spoilage, and waste, it’s crucial to follow the necessary steps. While Foodsaver is a popular brand for vacuum sealers, it’s possible to vacuum seal mason jars without it or any other vacuum sealer. This is good news for those who prefer not to purchase a dedicated vacuum sealer. Learning the most effective methods for vacuum sealing mason jars without a Foodsaver or other vacuum sealers can yield great results.

Modern appliances, such as vacuum sealers, have become indispensable in our lives, offering convenience and saving us time. Imagine a life without essentials like refrigerators or cooking ranges. Technology has brought significant changes, and we should embrace and enjoy these advancements in our daily lives.

unit shipments of core major household appliances in the U.S. from 2000 to 2017

The chart above was created using the information provided by the Statista Research Department, and it shows the unit shipments in millions of the major household and kitchen appliances in the United States from 2000 to 2017. The United States has always been one of the biggest markets for appliances, and the country has been able to achieve that feat because people greatly appreciate the importance of those appliances.

38.4 million appliances were shipped into the United States in 2000, but that number dipped in 2001 when only 38.2 appliances were shipped into the country. Consistency was achieved up until 2005 when the number managed to grow consistently. From 2006 up until 2012, the numbers dropped greatly but managed to be on the rise again. In 2017, 46.44 major household and kitchen appliances were shipped into the United States.

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing


Vacuum sealing has taken the world by storm, and now it’s regarded as the most effective food preservation method. Many people have different concepts of food preservation, but the common goal is to keep food fresher for longer without compromising freshness, taste, quality, and, of course, its nutrients, which benefit our overall health. Despite the popularity of this effective method, many people are still not convinced because they have yet to see the good in the method.

Generally, the human mind operates on a “seeing is believing” basis, which is great because, literally, seeing is believing. People will only invest their money or time in something they are confident will provide them value for those aforementioned elements. If you’re considering adopting the vacuum sealing method but are a little skeptical, the benefits discussed below may help you have a change of heart.

Promotes Proper Cabinet Organization


One of the many advantages of vacuum sealing is that it keeps your kitchen neatly organized. Having all your food items sealed in food containers such as vacuum bags, freezer bags, and mason jars, will help you keep them preserved for a longer period, and keeps your space in good shape and in order because you’ll have everything neatly placed in its place. Whether you’re putting the food containers in the freezer or your cabinet, you can be confident of the effective organization as well as safety. This leaves your house looking great because those packed won’t be lying around the house, making it messy in the process.

Saves You Money


If you love to purchase in bulk to avoid the stress of having to visit the stores more times than necessary, you should try adopting the vacuum sealing method. Without a proper method of preserving your food, bulk purchasing will only leave you with spoilage, and ultimately, waste. This means you’re not just losing the food, but also every dime spent on purchasing it.

To avoid that, you can turn to vacuum sealing as one of those effective methods because it helps remove the air from the food container, keeping the food fresh and tasty for as long as you want (the shelf life depends on the type of food you’re preserving).

Prevents Freezer Burn


Freezer burn may not be dangerous to your health, but it’s not a chance you should take as it will change the taste of the affected food. Freezer burn happens when the refrigerator starts to take moisture from the naked food in the freezer, leaving it dehydrated. This can be avoided when you put your food in a quality food container such as a mason jar, vacuum, or freezer bag, before putting it in the freezer.

Other benefits of vacuum sealing include;

  • Protects your food against bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms
  • Extends the shelf life of your food
  • Saves you time
  • Protect the taste of your food

How To Vacuum Seal Mason Jars Without Vacuum Sealers


To seal mason jars for canning, you need to be getting all the steps right. Naturally, glass jars give your wet, dry, and non-perishable goods the protection they need to stay fresher for longer. Vacuum sealing them will even make them last longer than without vacuum sealing, and rightly so. However, many people have often wondered if this could be achieved without a vacuum sealer.

Thankfully, there are many methods to achieve this feat. One of the best things is to know how to vacuum seal a mason jar with boiling water, which is one of the simplest, yet effective ways to get this done. The other method is sealing with wax, which is also super effective.

Sealing With Boiling Water


Vacuum sealing liquids in mason jars is more effective with this method because it is perfect for both wet and dry food items.



The first step in this method is to prepare your jars. Firstly, inspect your mason jars for cracks, nicks, or uneven edges, as these things can hinder the success of the whole process. Ensure that your mason jar rubber gaskets are in their proper place, and check that the rubber seals for the glass canister are intact as well. If you find a defective jar, you cannot use it because it just won’t take you anywhere. That’s why it is advisable to check the jar’s status before embarking on this process. This way, you’ll know what you’re up against, whether to continue or replace the jar before the process begins.



Once you’ve confirmed the status of the jar you’re using, proceed to wash it thoroughly under running water and clean it with a dishtowel.



Once the jar is dry, fill a large pot with water, and place the jar in it. The water should be warm but not enough for boiling to start. This step is where you sterilize the jar. Once you have the jar fully immersed in the water, bring the pot to a simmer. A WikiHow post advises getting a bath canner if you’re going to frequently turn to this method whenever you want to seal your jars. This bath canner is a specially designed device that helps you submerge jars in water for sterilization.

Important note: If you’re going to stick to this method, you need to make sure the foods you’re preserving with it are naturally acidic. Examples of high-acid foods are fruit juices, tomatoes, sauces, vinegar, and jams to mention but a few. This is to ensure that bacteria won’t build up in the jar.



Take your sterilized pot out of the pot before placing it in a drying rack to dry. Once the jar is out of the pot, bring the pot to a low boil.



Use a jar funnel to fill your jar with whatever you want to store in it. The jar funnel is mostly for transferring liquid substances into a jar. When filling the jar with jams, soft spreads, or jellies, always leave about ¼ inch of air space. However, if you’re filling the jar with fruits, leave about ½ inch of air space. Prepare the lid for the jar and screw on the ring. Also, remember to remove bubbles from the jar with a wooden spoon. Always ensure that you don’t screw the ring too tightly because doing so may not allow excess air to escape, compromising the whole process.



The next step is to load your jar onto a canning rack which is a divide that protects the glass jar from touching the bottom of the pot or the water bath canner you’re using to seal your jar. To avoid breaking the jar, avoid letting the jar touch the bottom of the rack.



After placing your jar into the canning rack, lower the jar into the boiling water, but make sure that’s always an inch or two above covering the lid of the jar.



Once you’re done with the whole process, store your jar in a cool place, but before that, always check for cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you seal a mason jar without Foodsaver?


Vacuum sealing mason jars without vacuum sealers is possible. There are several methods to get this done, but the most effective way is the boiling water method.

2. How do you vacuum seal a mason jar with boiling water?


We’ve discussed the steps to take when vacuum sealing your mason jar with boiling water, which has proved to be an effective method over the years.



Vacuum sealing is an effective method that has worked for many years. Technology has even made things better because there are now high-end machines that can help suck the air out of your food containers. For those who don’t see the need to purchase a vacuum sealer, there’s always a way to still vacuum seal their food items. Mason jar is also an effective food container that offers additional protection against microorganisms that can destroy your food.

If you’re trying to vacuum seal your mason jars without investing in a vacuum sealer, we’ve highlighted the best method, which is using boiling water.





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