Getting Started

Kitchen appliance package deals are great when you are a new homeowner and need new appliances to fit your home. These kind of package deals are also good for those who need replacements for older appliances that may be breaking down or just no longer doing the job. The prices can range from generally affordable to pretty expensive but if you know where and when to shop, you’ll be sure to nab the best deals.

Which Kitchen Appliance Package Deals are Right for Me?

Everyone’s house or apartment has a certain style that reflects the interests and values of the owner. When buying appliances, you don’t want to get a set of appliances with a classic, white finish if your personal style is more modern (then perhaps stainless steel would be a better fit).

However, it’s not just about style.  You also don’t want to spend save on your kitchen appliance package deal now only for the rest of the money to be wasted on energy bills.  Sometimes the energy cost of poor efficiency appliances can overshadow the one time cost of the product! This is another reason why it’s always best to give yourself as much time to plan ahead and research as possible.

Below are five different kitchen appliance package deals for any homeowner.

Kitchen Appliance Package Deals

NameFrigidaire Stainless Steel Appliance Package With Gas Slide In Range # 204
Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel 4 Piece Appliance Package #205
Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel 4 Piece Appliance Package #208
Frigidaire Gallery Appliance Package with French Door Refrigerator, Double Oven Convection Range, Integrated Dishwasher and Over-the-Range Microwave (FGEF306TMF, FGHB2866PF, FGEF306TMF, FGHD2465NF, FGMV174KF) PKG #LD02
NEW Electrolux Stainless Steel 4 Piece Appliance Package with French Door Refrigerator #12
Item Model Number204205208174Elux12

The Next Step

Buying new appliances can be daunting for any new or old homeowner. However, there are some great ways to keep yourself on track when thinking about making a major purchase.  Here are some helpful things to ask yourself when trying to decide which of these package deals could be right for you.

Things to consider:

  • What is my budget?
  • What are the deals/sales right now?
  • What do I need?
  • What does my house/apartment already have in it so I know what not to buy?
  • What finish do I want? (white, stainless steel, black)
  • What are my appliance standards?
  • Are they energy savers? Is it worth it to have ones that are not energy savers?
  • Do the sellers deliver to my home?
  • Do I have to assemble anything?

What’s Next?

Once you’ve answered all those questions and have a pretty good idea of what you want, it’s time to “window shopping”.  View all your options online (not just the ones we’ve provided) to make sure that you’re making the best choice possible for you.  

You can also call manufacturer representatives if you’re still having trouble answering some of the questions from the last step. This way, you can ask all of your questions to the sales representative and not feel pressured to make a purchase just yet until you are satisfied with your research on each package deal.

Other Tips

According to Consumer Reports, a great thing to do when shopping for appliance deals is to register on manufacturer websites. They don’t sell directly to customers, but they do give mail-in rebates or appliance upgrades. This is a great way to stay on top of deals and promotions so you’re never left out of a great opportunity to save!

According to Andrea Woroch of Clark Howard, you should always track, compare and save before you buy. You can track the prices of the appliances you want, compare different prices and perks, and save money by getting the best out your deal.

Woroch says, “The cost of an appliance isn’t limited to its price tag; you should also consider the amount of energy it uses and how much the appliance will add to your monthly gas or electric bill. It will save you money in the long run to pay more for an energy-efficient appliance instead of buying the lowest-cost option.”

Also, when purchasing a kitchen appliance package deal, be sure to prioritize the things you utilize the most and are going to be using often. Don’t be swayed by low prices if you don’t need any of it. Make sure to look for a package deal that serves all of your needs at once to avoid having to make any messy second purchases.

Best Times To Buy In Store

Now that you’ve seen some great kitchen appliance package deals, you should know the best time to look for more!  The best times to shop depend on when stores are getting new inventory because old inventory is typically sold at a discount. 

  • September, October and January are the best times to buy appliances in general with the exception of refrigerators because the best time for those is in the spring.
  • At the end of month is a great time to shop because stores are trying to meet their quotas and will offer the appliances for lower as a result.
  • Thursday is a great day to browse because the aisles in stores are statistically the most empty and will provide you with the time you need to review your options.
  • Major holidays, such as Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc., are great because stores take advantage of your day off (as well as “holiday spirit” and offer great deals.
  • Fall and winter are the best times to buy air conditioners and gas grills because seasonal items tend to be cheaper during off seaons

Buying Online

Buying online is a different story because you can’t haggle prices online or even ask employees about daily deals and discounts. According to Lisa Kaplan Gordon of House Logic, the best times to buy kitchen appliance package deals online is during these times:

  • November
  • Thursdays
  • The 4th or 5th of every month because people get paid
  • The 23rd to 29th of every month is when retailers need to meet their quotas
  • 3 p.m

Final Thoughts

Using all the resources we’ve provided, as well as doing additional research on your own, will ensure that you find the best kitchen appliance package deals for you.  Happy shopping!