How to Use Kenmore Washing Machines

How to Use Kenmore Washing Machines?

The significance of technological innovation is not only seen in its disruptiveness, it is also manifested in its relevance. There isn’t a doubt that the constant thing in life is change. Times and eras change and so innovations have to constantly improve too, to cater for developing trends. Kenmore washing machines have been famous over the years not only for their disruptiveness but also for their relevance with changing times. A proof of this is how  Kenmore has optimized broadband technology(the internet) in their recent washing machines. It may surprise you to know that you can go as far as to download new cycles in the recent Kenmore washing machines and this is just one of its other amazing features.

However, Washing machines are not cheap, especially Kenmore with these new fascinating features and this is why good use is advised. The minimum projection for the Kenmore washing machine’s durability is 14 years, although the machine rarely used may last much longer. Thus, it is important to treat your washing machine with the care that it deserves so that you do not have to fork out on a new appliance only for it to break down a few years later. Even If you only have to repair one, that is not cheap either and can end up costing almost as much as the machine itself. Hence, some knowledge of the use of your machine is indispensable if it is to last long enough.

Kenmore washers are a top brand that has been delivering excellently for about 100 years now, Kenmore is indeed the most awarded in the appliance industry because it brings a new level of performance with appliances that save time, brings convenience, and excellent results. Despite this lofty performance ability of the Kenmore washer, it is not short of defects but most of these defects have occurred from a relatively below standard maintenance routine. However, the good news is most of these defects are easy to resolve as long as they are salvaged from early stages. We will discuss in detail some popular problems with Kenmore washers but before we do that, it is important to know a bit about Kenmore as a brand.

About Kenmore

The Kenmore brand is an industry leader that has so far delivered a trusted performance in home appliances. Through their production of innovative and incredibly stylish products, they have been able to maintain their status as a leading washing machine brand both among Americans and the rest of the world.  According to Investopedia the Kenmore Appliances brand is owned by Sears but manufactured by various appliance makers. The brand has existed for about 100 years now since it launched in 1913. The Kenmore brand started as a drop feed sewing machine brand which sold from 1913 to 1919. Not long after, the first Kenmore sewing machine was introduced in 1927. Shortly after this period too, Kenmore Vacuum cleaners were manufactured and it was only a matter of time till we saw Kenmore Refrigerators and freezers. In recent times, Kenmore’s high-definition and ultra-high-definition televisions, refrigerators, and laundry machines are some of its top-selling products. The Kenmore washing machine brand is indeed trying to move at the pace of recently discovered technological innovations, notable amongst them is an integration with Amazon’s Alexa platform.

Features and benefits of Kenmore Washers

Detergent Dispenser

Just like every other washing machine, you need soap to wash with a Kenmore washer. In a Kenmore washing machine, there are about four compartments for soap storage and each of these compartments store different kinds of soaps. These compartments include; the pre-wash, main wash containers, there are also containers for liquid bleach and liquid fabric softener.

Control Panel with Led Display

A Kenmore like many other washers also has an easy-to-read LED display that displays cycle options and cycle status, washing machine settings, the time estimate for running each cycle, and the time remaining when a cycle has already begun.

Note: Some washer sensors have been designated to automatically detect the size of wash loads, the time to be spent for each workload is then calculated based on selected cycle options and the level of load washed at once.

The Motor Drive

The motor drive is a device built in a Kenmore washing machine to improve energy efficiency consequently promoting the performance and reliability of your washing machine.

The Large Capacity Stainless Drum

The stainless drum of a Kenmore washing machine guarantees durability while the large capacity on the other hand affords the opportunity to large-size loads, thus, it may not be necessary to wash in sets.

Filter Access Panel

Provides easy access to the drain pump filter, which allows you to clean the filter or retrieve lost items without a service call

High-Efficiency Steam Cycle

When the high-efficiency steam cycle is activated, hot steam is released on fabrics to soften fabrics and remove tough stains.

Door Magnet

Safely and conveniently keeps the door hanging over the washer’s drum. There are two-door closed positions, fully closed and slightly ajar. In the latter position, the door is not completely locked, it is left slightly open and left to hang over the drum but suspended. This will promote air circulation and allow the interior of the machine to dry. To use this feature, close the door just until it contacts the door magnet.

The Kenmore Washing Machine Cycle

The washing cycle of a washing machine is essentially its laundry process. There are several washing options available for every desired end. Although, understandably, doing the laundry with a machine isn’t necessarily a difficult task, however, knowing how to use your washing machine with the proper understanding of its washing cycle/stages doesn’t only help guarantee the longevity of your fabrics, it also significantly prevents the abuse of your washing machine. This part of washing machine usage is crucial, especially because washing machines vary in capacity, efficiency, and features.

The Delicate cycle:

The delicate cycle uses either warm or cold water to wash thin, lacy, silky, and other woven materials. Washing machine manufacturers understand that there are situations where gentleness on fabrics is required. The effect this washing style provides is very similar to the effect of handwashing because the machine at this stage limits or completely eliminates spinning and agitation. Note that cold water is always advisable for this cycle however the discretion is yours.

Normal Cycle:

The normal cycle uses a heavy amount of spinning and agitation. It is the most frequently used, and this is why it is the regular go-to for daily loads. The normal Cycle is often preferred for washing Cotton, Linens, and durable synthesis, and fabrics that are averagely soiled. It is designed to deliver optimally for normal washing conditions. This cycle can use any water temperature depending on the fabrics being washed. However if you are confused about which temperature would suit your fabrics, you may consult the Kenmore washer instructions or Kenmore washer guide

Permanent Press:

The water temperature most suitable for the permanent press cycle is warm and it uses a lower spin than the normal cycle making it relatively more delicate than the normal cycle. The implication of this is that it is less efficient than even the normal cycle and thus rarely used for washing. The permanent press cycle is most suitable for synthetics and wrinkle-free clothing.

How To Resolve Problems With a Kenmore Washer

As previously mentioned, Kenmore washers possess a global reputation of being are very high-performing Home Appliance, they’ll reliably provide top-level service when they are managed properly as they should. However, they are not beyond infallible as any of their operating systems could fail at any moment, but the fortunate thing is, even when these machines give way, there are ways to bring them back to the best they once were. You can even get replacement parts in Kenmore stores or better still Amazon, which is relatively more accessible. Going for new parts becomes necessary when these parts are no longer functional but before it ever gets to this irreversible point, measures can be taken to solve some of the problems that often confront Kenmore washers.

Kenmore Washer Won’t Start-Up

One of the reasons why your Kenmore machine won’t start may be because your line fuse may be dysfunctional. The line fuse ensures that power flows through the entire washer’s electrical system.

Sudden surges may be avoidable with a properly working fuse, most electrical appliances experience a shot or long term damage due to electric surge but with the presence of a fuse, electrical surges instead of damaging the appliance in question fuses blow up and this may render the washer useless for that period but as soon as the fuse is replaced, the issue is resolved.

According to Eric from, If you need to replace your washer’s fuse, try the Line Fuse Replacement Kit by BTNTVEN. It’s an all-in-one kit that contains everything you’ll need to replace washer fuses. Plus, the fuses it comes with are very durable. They won’t fail you no matter what power surge attacks your appliance.

This advice is really helpful but in addition to that, the inspection of that electrical source should be done first and foremost, so as to confirm why the surge happened in the first place rather than purchasing a new fuse that will eventually blow up anyway.

With a durable fuse, your washer may be able to escape sudden surges without any long- or short-term damage. This security is impressive since power surges can destroy most electrical appliances. The only trade-off is your washer will blow a fuse. Once the fuse blows, you won’t be able to use the washer until you replace it.

Kenmore Washer Won’t Cycle or Is Stuck

A washer’s timer helps it transition from one cycle to the other, now imagine what happens when the timer is faulty. Whether your washer is stuck on the wash, spin, or rinse cycle, there is a great possibility that the timing of each cycle has been tampered with, hence a faulty timer. If the timer is then not fixed or replaced you can only expect that your appliance will malfunction at different stages of its washing process.

The common reason for the malfunction of a washer’s timer is the accumulation of soot and carbon. Washer timers send electrical impulses to the camshaft which in turn causes a transition from one cycle to another to occur. The process of this transition also produces heat which consequently generates carbon and soot. Over time, this carbon and soot accumulate on the timer’s electrical wiring and eventually become so thick that the timer can no longer connect with the camshaft.

The way to fix this problem is to get rid of soot and carbon buildup, wipe off grease and grime coating on the washer timer’s electrical wiring system with cloth, and subsequently re-install the timer to see if anything changes, if not, you can get a permanent fix by replacing the washers timer and its wiring.

Kenmore Washer Keeps Sensing/Sensing Light Keeps Blinking

The wash cycle does not start working without being notified to do so and it is the job of the sensing cycle to issue this notification. The sensing cycle does this notification by first, sensing the amount of load that has been deposited in the washer’s tub and thus supplies commensurate water for washing. Without the supply of sufficient water, the washing cycle will never begin operation, and this is why the sensing cycle is so crucial to the working of a washing machine.

If you notice that the sensing lights of your Kenmore does not stop blinking, your washer may be experiencing troubles shifting to the wash cycle. And this issue usually stems from the water inlet valve. If the valve is closed, the sensing cycle keeps believing that water supplied to the tub for washing isn’t sufficient, hence it keeps blinking to signal that more supply is needed, whereas, the problem to be fixed here is the water inlet valve.

Hence, the valve may need changing. However, to further confirm that the valve functions properly you may use a multimeter to check continuity. If the results read zero or infinity, that means your water inlet valve can no longer send electrical signals to the various parts of the washer, consequently, no water can enter the tub.

Kenmore washer stuck on pause

If you have ever had your washer stuck on pause in the middle of a cycle, that may be because your washer has a broken door latch. How so?. Most Kenmore washers have this built-in safety measure that makes them pause in the middle of a cycle when the door to the machine is either slightly or completely open.

A broken door latch makes it impossible for the drum to close completely. Unfortunately,  unless your washer door latches onto the lacks properly, the washer won’t start sensing the wash cycle and it stops midway after it the cycle must have begun. Good thing is, this issue isn’t unsolvable, all that the machine needs is a door replacement and any washing machine door that perfectly fits will do just fine.

Examples of Kenmore washing machines

Kenmore front-loaders

Kenmore front-load washers are a combination of innovative technology and amazing features at top-tier level of performance. They are best known for their low water usage and energy saving ability. Another important perk of a Kenmore front-load washer is that it can be stacked with a front-load dryer, saving tons of space. There are quite a few of these machines out there, some examples will be discussed below for you to make a right purchase option.

Kenmore 41562

You will agree that the best way to describe a product is to explain its features. Hece, here are some fantastic features of the Kenmore 41562

Steam Out Stains

With the Kenmore 41562 you can easily steam out the stains on your fabrics 

More Loads in Less Time

The Kenmore 41562 saves time by cleaning full-sized loads in as little as 29 minutes.

Fast, and Effective Rinsing

The Kenmore 41562 active Rinse provides fast, effective rinsing during high spin speeds.

Smart Technology

Wherever you are, the Kenmore Smart app with Amazon’s Alexa lets you monitor your laundry from your smartphone.

Takes Care of Extra Large Loads

4.5 cu. ft. capacity cleans an entire queen-size bed set in one load

Save Energy and Money

Save Energy helps save up to 30% more energy, when compared to Normal cycle alone†.

Activewear Gets a Wash Workout

Workout Wear cares for high-tech fabrics by using cooler temperatures and gentle wash motions.

Handles Kids Messes

Kids Wear tackles everyday dirt with special wash actions and higher temperatures.

The Kenmore Elite 41072

The Kenmore Elite 41072 has a massive 5.2-cubic-foot interior, this is the largest front-load washing machine so it can be hardly expected to be energy efficient but it is totally worth it if you wash in bulk.

Despite its large size, It still earns an Energy Star certification from the EPA, though, hence it is at least more efficient than older generations washing machines

With the Kenmore Elite 41072, you also get 14 wash cycles, eight wash options and five soil levels, along with a powerful sanitize cycle certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. The Kenmore Elite 41072 also offers a SteamTreat function that can steam away set-in stains. However, to completely unlock all these benefits you may need to get Kenmore elite washer instructions

Examples Kenmore top-load washers

The Kenmore 20362 3.8 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer

 Deep Cleaning

With 9 spray jets and 12 wash cycles, the Kenmore 20362 will effectively cleanse seemingly indelible stains. This washer can handle just about anything you throw in it.

Fit It All Inside

With a 3.8 cu. ft. capacity, this white Kenmore top-load washer can fit big loads without having to force them in. You will be able to clean up to 17 towels at once.

A Worry-Free Cleaning

Uses 9 powerful spray jets to attack stains from every angle with a more concentrated mix of detergent and unique wash actions. It cleans with these three processes

  1. Spraying Action
  2. Wash Basket Action
  3. Agitator Action

Stay Efficient

Need more water for your next load? The Deep Fill option lets you increase the water level on select cycles so your clothes will get the cleaning they need when they need it.


How do I clean my Kenmore front-load washer?

Cleaning Kenmore front load washers is an indispensable exercise to guarantee the longevity of your washing machine. Front-load washers generally are prone to smell and some of the ways to prevent a smell Kenmore washer is to do the following

  1. Use Baking soda and vinegar: Add a pinch of baking soda to your empty drum while supplying a maximum of two cups of vinegar to the detergent suspenders then run a regular wash cycle with hot water.
  2. Bleach:  As an alternative to baking soda and Vinegar, you may also add a cup of bleach to the bleach dispenser and run a regular cycle with hot water.

How to start a Kenmore washer?

Press the “Start” button to begin washing or “Delay Start” if you want to   start later. As soon as you hit the start button, the timer displays, time remaining for the wash cycle to be completed.

How do I reset a Kenmore Elite High Efficiency Washer?

  1. Hit the “Stop” button twice, then press the “Power” button once.
  2. Select any cycle (e.g. “Normal”), and then select your wash options (e.g. “Hot/Cold”)
  3. Press the “Start” button to complete the reset process and restart the washing machine.





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